I just finished “Carry on” by Rainbow Rowell.

I have no idea why I was so sure Simon was ginger. After finishing the book I started to look up  fanarts and I was like “wait he is actually blond kkkkkk”.

As for Baz I think he is not handsome enough the way I drew him and I had trouble with his skin color because as a Mediterranean person he should have a chestnut tan but as a Vampyr he is described as withe/grey so yeah….. For the nose I just basically copied one of a greek statue.

I was very surprised  by this book, I brought it on the book store owner as a “Harry Potter like thingy”.

At first I was very disaponted because the first chapter looks like a weird rip-off of hp with a very fanfiction-like writting style  and having not read nor heard about “fangirl” I did not know it was intentional. But then as you enter the story it become a story on its own and does have very little in common with HP nor any book I have read for the matter. The writing style is very unique (as I am not a native speaker it might not be true but it felt surely different than what I have read in english so far).

Also, lots of things that made me unhappy with lots of stories of this kind are tackled very well: the mage is not this perfect father figure without any flaws, the characters are kind of “not good’“ in a they look like real people that makes bad choice way thus being well written-character way, there are diversity and cool female character (and several of them bless you my potatoes). I was also very surprised with the ending pairing to be honest, since the opening picture with Agatha seemed very  perfectly “what is usually seen is ya books”.