my job is gonna b as an adult im addicted to acid and have a twitter thats tweets from me being addicted to acid and ppl think its wacky so wacky crazy and i become a persoanliyity bcus of my sick tripping tweets but then i disapear and when i come back its bcus i was tripping in my tirp i knew abt the government and its a meme

Story time. This is something I have been thinking about for the last couple days and I wanted to share it.

When I was in kindergarten I was friends with a girl who lived on my street  named Tori. She was super energetic and outgoing and just all around awesome to hang out with. Every day my mom would walk the two of us to school, and her mom would walk us home, until she just disappeared without warning.

It normal the day before. I played at her house after school and everything was where it had always been. I distinctly remember watching Brother Bear in her play room.

The next morning me and my mom walked over to her house so we could walk to school like always, but when we knocked on the door nobody answered. We stood around for a few minutes waiting, but still nothing. Finally my mom decided to try the door handle. It was unlocked. We looked around, but there was nothing and nobody in the house. All their furniture, belongings, everything, it was all gone.

I never saw her again.


he’s walking along the water, early in the morning, his feet leading the way dangerously close to the edge of the river bank. he had had quite a few glasses over the top of his head, his mind by now foggy and blurry. his friends had gone back home hours ago, some driving their own car, some had taken a bus or a tram, he told them he would walk. the walls in the streets were getting narrower and narrower, darker and darker as he moved on. there was no moon that night, streetlights fading into the late night - early morning glow. he stumbled onto a broken bottle of beer, fell to his knees and puked. as he was getting back up, he held the railing with one hand and pushed on the floor with the other one, he needed that extra thrust. the floor held strong but the metallic fence along the river walkway gave way. he fell without a sound and the splash of his body into the muddy waters didn’t reach any ears nearby. no one hear, no one saw a thing. he was twenty-four and drank too much too often. his body is feeding the fish, rolling with the tides coming from the ocean.

One day, I know you’ll run from me. You’ll disapear and I’ll understand that you reject me. You’ve no other choices if you want to stay who you’re. You’re too afraid of what you could be with me. I know, one day,  this will happen. But untill then, let’s find the beauty together.

FAH Ray Headcanon

When they first hire Brownman even the ever loving Gavin is sceptical. The sniper strolls through the doors with his sniper over his shoulder - his bright pink sniper with 4.20 drawn on the side in what looks like purple sharpie - messy hair covered with a purple beanie and DS in hand. But Geoff is adamant - he’s heard good things from several reliable sources - and the first heist is a complete success. Even Ryan seems impressed by the kid’s markmanship. Before Geoff can congratulate the kid, he’s gone.

Several days later, Gavin strolls into the kitchen and trips straight over Ray, who is sprawled out on the ground playing Pokemon. (Motherfucking Torchick bitches). This is how the crew discovers how fucking impossible it is to keep tabs of Ray Narvaez Jr.  The next time he disapears, Geoff spends countless amounts of money trying to track the sniper down, but is never able to locate him. Two weeks later Jack opens the door to his Jeep - it’s a piece of shit, but its his baby - and he finds Ray curled up in the passenger sheet, cuddling his Rifle like a teddy bear. Jack wastes way too much time examining the car - cause how the fuck did the motherfucker get in? - his keys had definitely been in his pocket.

Michael is just fucking pissed at how easily the sniper avoids chores such as grocery store runs or stake outs, but is always there for fucking pizza night.



You stepped into the building for Teen Wolf right behind Crystal, glad that everyone was too busy to notice you. Since Crystal didn’t have to be in today, Tyler had made the suggestion that the three of you go out to have some fun after his portion of shooting for today was over.

“How much longer are they going to be?” You asked, fiddling with the edge of your light jacket. “I thought we had to be at the restaurant by five. Its already five thirty.”

Crystal gave you a chastising look before turning her attention to the scene the cast was currently filming. “Well, sometimes plans change.”

You caught the sly smirk on her face just moments before it disapeared. After seeing that, you couldn’t help but think those two were up to something.

Just as you were about to say something, you heard the director shout. He said a few words to the cast before he dismissed them. Both of you watched as Tyler started walking in your guy’s direction, but not before he stopped to say something to Hoechlin. You felt a sudden burn flash up your throat as your eyes drank in all that was Tyler Hoechlin. You tried to hide your face as your cheeks turned red from the heat, but you were failing miserably.

“Hey, Y/N, Crystal.” Tyler said coming to a stop in front of you. “Are you guys ready to go?”

Crystal gave Tyler a sweet smile. “Of course. Y/N has been complaining about wanting to leave.”

Tyler looked at you and grinned. “Well, I don’t want to hear that whiny voice-” You scrunched your nose and stuck out your tongue. “-so let’s go.”

You let out a laugh before turning around and leading the way out of the building. It took you a few moments to register that your friends weren’t following you, but when you turned around they had already started moving towards you.

An hour later you were all sitting at one of the benches in the bowling alley, quiet as you all tied on your bowling shoes. Someone clearing their throat bwhind you startled you, causing you to whip around to look at the culprit.

Tyler Hoechlin stood there in all of his Hoechlin glory, hands stuck into the front pockets of his faded blue jeans. “Hey, guys,” he greeted, giving you a fleeting glance. “Are we ready to bowl?”

Crystal looked at me and grinned. “You know I am. By the way,” She stood up and beckoned for me to to the same. “Tyler, this is Y/N. Y/N, this is Tyler.” She grabbed your arm and tugged you towards him.

“Um, yeah, I know who you are,” you stuttered to Hoechlin, looking at Crystal with disbelief. When you glanced back at the man standing in front of you, he raised his eyebrows with a curious expression covering his features. You couldn’t do anything but smile and look down. “It’s nice to meet you, Tyler.”

“You two will be great together,” Crystal sighed, laughing when she saw the look on your face. “Oh no not great.” You and Hoechlin shared a baffled glance. “Perfect. You guys will be perfect together.

“So this was all just to get Tyler and I together? As in couple, dating, boyfriend-girlfriend type deal?” You asked your best friend, who was grinning so hard all she could do was nod. You narrowed your eyes into a playful glare. “You and Posey are literally the worst.”

“But you love us,” Tyler called from his spot on the bench.

“And sometimes I wonder why,” you mumbled under your breath.

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if all of those photos were taken on Saturday/Monday then l has been mia since... it kinda line up with the girl saying she was on a flight with him (the one with the sock pic who disapear) all so fucking fucked up...

He is totally mia and with Harry. I don’t see why he would benefit by being seen with D. Not fitting the current narrative.

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Last year, I was almost dropping out of uni. I was so stressed I couldn't sleep at night, nor eat. I was thinking that no one loved me or even cared if I disapeared because I'm a failure. And then, Dan&Phil posted A day in the life, and I just watched those two giant dorks, both single, with an unstable job, Dan never even graduated uni, simply enjoying christmas. And I realized I didn't need a plan. What if I fail ? If they can be happy, I'll be alright. And I am. I'm just so grateful for them

OHH MY GOD YES! thats honestly a really really good way to look at it because its true, graduating uni really isn’t everything and you will be alright <3

I’m sure that Ebony turned to eating people every so often, in order to control any frenzies she used to have. Don’t wanna destroy a city all over again. Nerv ou s laught er.

Winx Club: 30 Day Challenge

Day 4: Favorite Villain

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My favorite villains are the Wizards of the Black Circle.

To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of the villains in Winx Club. They all have the same formula, want to take over the universe and steal the Dragon Flame. Or something along those lines.

Like people often say, someone doesn’t just wake up evil. 

So, why are the Wizards of the Black Circle my favorite?
I liked the story in season 4 about the Earth Fairies, even though there were some plot holes here and there. (like Faragonda said the Earth Fairies disapeared centuries ago in the first season, but Morgana is Roxy’s mother and Roxy is like 16?????)

The Wizards of the Black Circle were really strong, especially the first few episodes. They almost seemed unbeatable. What I found annoying was that they were so easily beaten after the Winx got Believix.

What I like about the Wizards is that they are like brothers, even though they are evil they seem to care about each other, like when Duman was injured. 

My favorite out of the wizards was Duman, because his powers were so awesome in my eyes. I thought it was cool that he could shapeshift.

Even though I really like Bloom, I was happy that once it wasn’t all about her and the Dragon Flame.