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I figured I’d kick off this blog by posting my only truly successful cosplay attempt. My name is Kody, I’m 25 as of this posting, and I have Spina Bifida. The story behind this photo is that some Welcome to Night Vale fans decided to put together a meet-up at DragonCon 2014 (shoutout to radakias). I decided to cosplay Cecil Palmer, and the voice actor of Cecil’s brother-in-law Steve Carlsberg, Hal Lublin (hallublin), was nice enough to join in the fun. I’ve brought this cosplay back for a couple cons since then and I think I’m bringing it back for this year’s DragonCon because, honestly, I just don’t have time to put anything else together before con.

anonymous asked:

do you have any fanfics with disabled Erik? in wheelchair or limping maybe? and also cherik amnesia!fics?

Erik with a disability fics are quite rare but there’s:

In Shadow and Silence by Yahtzee [Cherik, NC-17]

Blind Erik, mute Charles, the love.

Theme and Variations by ninemoons42 [Cherik, NC-17]

Erik Lehnsherr is a musical prodigy and a man destined for great things and great stages. But his life is shattered by a terrible accident that leaves him blind and trying to find his way back to his life, his music, and his place in the world.

Sound of Silence by zimothy [Cherik, PG-17 but with a NSFW gif]

Sometimes it frightens Erik how much he loves Charles, but then he remembers how much Charles loves him, and it scares him a little less each time. [Deaf!Erik]

There are a LOT of amnesia fics though, so this selection doesn’t even pretend to be complete:

This is the First Day of my Life by waketosleep [PG-13, canon-compliant]

Life for Charles has become very confusing, but it continues nevertheless.

The First Enactment by CrayonsurPapier [Cherik, PG-13]

Erik awakes from a intensive surgery that leaves him with only his name and his mother’s face. Through the help of the young Dr. Xavier Erik begins the process of regaining his lost memories. As the days pass perhaps Erik is gaining back more than just his memories?

Snow in July by apolesen [Cherik, PG]

With no recollection of why he has ordered the Brotherhood to go deep into Russia during the winter months, Magneto is considered insane by his followers, but the unexplained presence of Charles Xavier leads Erik to think that there is something more than madness to his amnesia and to the haunting but impossible memory of a kiss in the snow…

Forgive Us Our Transgressions by PoorMedea [Cherik, R]

When Magneto comes down with a terrible illness, the Brotherhood turns to the only mutant they know who can help—Hank McCoy.   Unfortunately, this leaves Magneto at the doorstep of Charles Xavier: former friend, former lover, current adversary. When Charles discovers that the illness has left Erik with no memories of what came before, he is left with a choice:  To return Magneto to the Brotherhood, or to keep Erik for himself.

Lost and Then Found by gerec [Cherik, Charles/Steve Rogers, Mature]

Erik Lehnsherr is a detective in the NYPD, happily married for four years to Charles Xavier, Professor of Genetics at Columbia University. At least that’s what he thinks when he wakes up in a hospital bed, arm broken and head swathed in bandages, his mother Edie holding his hand. A lot of things happened that he doesn’t remember…the most important being the fact that he’s no longer married to Charles.

Another Day to Discard by glanmire [Cherik, NC-17]

Charles is truly and utterly happy. Hank the Scientist - who is perfect in all ways - is his boyfriend, and he has his radio show. It’s all he ever wanted. He’s happy. So very, very happy. Definitely happy.

Mod note: I’m not sure if this exactly fits but it’s a very interesting take on a Welcome To Nightvale crossover/AU and I love the idea.

Take me back to yesterday by Anon [Cherik, PG-13, abandoned WIP]

Erik gets amnesia and Raven brings him back to Charles where they realize for Erik, their divorce never happened.


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