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Llyn Ogwen.
This week saw me driving to Snowdonia National Park in North Wales. I’ve always loved it here and knew that having a drive around the park would inspire me. I decided to enter the park from the Anglesey side and make my way home down the A5, stopping when I could. Shortly after leaving Bethesda I saw a small weir on my right so pulled in at the first opportunity as water is my favourite subject. Upon grabbing my kit and leaving the car I saw the building (boathouse?) and tree and could not resist setting up a shot. Using my 10-18mm lens, I captured a series of images which would later be stitched in Photoshop. I experimented with using different strength filters and exposure times as I wanted to capture movement in the clouds but not too much in the tree which is always a challenge in windy conditions! After around 10 minutes I was very cold so decided to get back in the car and see what else I could find, although this subsequently ended up being nothing as the light had dipped too low behind the mountains. Once I was home, I stitched 6 images together in Photoshop to create the foreground and used a wider long exposure image to create an even sky and water surface. I used luminosity masks to achieve this along with the clone stamp. This was definitely one of my more edited shots as I never normally edit an image for longer than 5 minutes but I felt that to do the location justice, a more heavy processing technique was necessary. I chose this image to use as my entry into this weeks WPOTY competition due to the length of time I spent getting it perfect and am pleased to announce that it was shortlisted! This image has become my most popular on social media networks (especially #Instagram and #500px) in less than 24 hours!

I know I’ve told this story before but it’s so important to me and what I am

My dad is a (now retired due to disability) photographer and would often travel globally to film/photograph anyone and everyone, including (but not limited to) Miss Universe contestants and pageants, Shakira, Nick Carter, and other assorted celebrities, like Davy Jones of the Monkees, who he once photographed and gave the pictures to subsequently.

On the day of giving him said photos, Davy Jones of the Monkees actually visited our house and sat in our living room. I had a platinum-selling musical talent seated in our living room and he smelled fantastic.

And I, as a young tween, stood in front of him, and shook his gentlemanly hand, and watched as he tapped his forehead and said “What’s all this up here, then?” in regards to my Naruto headband.

I had to explain what Naruto was to platinum-selling musical star Davy Jones of the Monkeess. I did this. It was my fault. My doing.

And I have no proof and no one will believe that I told Davy Jones of the Monkeess what Naruto was.

This is quite a different subject for me as I have been quite poorly so haven’t been able to get out. I chose the dandelion seeds as a subject due to their softness and they also bring back childhood memories of blowing the seeds off the stem and making a wish. Finding a suitable specimen was quite straightforward and once I was happy that the dandelion was in focus and well lit, I took this picture. Simply desaturating the colours and cloning out a few blades of grass is all that was needed to finish off this image.
I am pleased to announce that this image was shortlisted in this weeks WPOTY competition!


[image description: a drawing of the head of a rat and a fly in black and white.. The words RAT KARKASS are in red. Other images are visual submission guidelines]

RAT KARKASS is looking for SUBMISSIONS - writing + art + photos

–> RAT KARKASS is an online zine inspired by computers, 80s and 90s, pixels, glitch, mild gore, skeletons, x-files, clean, digital, retro, remains, cats, rats, witch crafts
–> not for profit
–> LGBTQIA+ & PoC & Disabled writers + artists + photographers are encouraged to submit
–> run by an estonian graphic designer + artist ( randvares​ ) & an agender canadian creative writer ( beastheads )

–> the theme of the first issue is HORROR
–> submissions due Dec 15th 2015, release Jan 1st 2016
–> direct questions and submissions to ratkarkass@gmail.com
–> if you need clarification on submission guidelines please email or send an ask!
–> include the name you want to be published under (real name, pseudonym, username, etc) & a title (if the work has one)
–> you can submit as many pieces as you want
–> published via notlithouse

For Writing:
—-> 300 words max, can be poetry - prose - essay - review - critique - or just ramblings (if your essay uses quotes, you must have proper sources via footnotes)
—-> submissions in languages other than English are encouraged! but please include an English translation/interpretation
—-> submit writing in .rtf or .odt or .doc / .docx

For Images:
—-> full page images are 176 mm width by 250 mm height
—-> smaller images are MAX 106 mm width by 153 mm height (they can be smaller than that, but no bigger)

—-> 2 page spread A is 352 mm width by 250 mm height
—-> 2 page spread B is MAX 352 mm width by 180 mm height (they can be smaller than that, but no bigger)
—-> submit images in .png or .psd or .jpg or .tiff

I am pleased to announce that my image ‘Frosty Glow’ (above) has been Highly Commended by the Disabled Photographers Society in the Winter 2014 competition! This was my first entry into a competition so am very happy to gain a ranking award! It’s also very rare that I work in colour but this image just looked better this way :)

Calling people with disabilities!!

I am a photography student currently doing my last major project before graduating. 

I am working on a project called ‘I’m Fine’ which revolves around the world of disabilities and the struggles we face and the judgement put onto us. 

It’d be really really helpful for my research if people were willing to share their stories with me. I have an ask box and a submit box.

If you’d like to help me, please either submit photos and text or just text or just photos of yourself and then please write a bit for me including:

- What is your disability?
- What struggles does your disability cause?
- What are some comments you receive by people about your condition? For example, with my disability I get ‘you’re just being lazy’ a lot! 

Please reblog and spread the word <3

On December 1st last year, after taking my USTET, me and my dad decided to go to Quiapo. I was never hesitant in going because 1.) I’d never been there (yes, like, ever.) and; 2.) I wanted to do some street photography!

And yes, as expected, there was a passel of people inside and outside the ever-famous Quiapo Church or also known as The Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene. I went in to pray for a while. 

After that, my dad let me spend minutes in capturing photos of the beautiful Church, the people, including the vendors and their panindas. I felt so innocent because, hey, it’s my first time in one of the [religiously] famous places in the Philippines!

After a couple of minutes, my dad decided to walk to the narrowest places wherein there were really tons of vendors. Then, this man caught my attention.

He called me and was kind of like requesting me to take a picture of him. I was quite surprised and kind of thought that he was just joking around because there were giggles in between his talks, and the innocent me looked at my dad, who was telling me to go on with my stuff. Haha. So I eventually realized that maybe the man was really serious somehow, and I thought that taking a picture of him would actually be nice, too. So yes, I turned my DSLR on and captured a photo of this physically disabled man.

He laughed at some point and uttered, “artista na ako!” and I smiled at his hilarious expression. He finally gave me a heart-touching “thank you.”. 

I responded with a “thank you po.” as well. And yes, I was really grateful for making the man smile even just for a while through my passion. I salute him because he may be physically disabled, but his optimism and diligence in continuing with his life is far from disability.

My mom (the one with the blue-white helmet) works as a therapist for physically and mentally disabled children. I’m sometimes really impressed by the way she handles children like this boy… On the back of a horse! Thumbs up to you mom! …and to my sister’s horse wich did the job for the first time when this picture was taken.