So here’s my thought:

Every clothing store should have at least one mannequin in a wheelchair.

Here’s my reasoning:

  • Representation is important!
  • Clothes look different when you sit down? Especially on women? So people in wheelchairs and/or people who sit at desks all day and/or people who are going to a formal event where they’ll be sitting will have a better idea of what the clothes are going to look like.
  • In the event of a medical emergency, you’ll have a wheelchair on site.

Futurama actually did a really great episode that serves as criticism for the ‘cure-all’ effect that so many authors/writers like to use.

The episode starts with Leela going to a reunion at her old orphanage. She remembers how everyone used to pick on her because of her eye. It turns out that everyone’s still picking on her, even though she’s a successful captain and they’re all bums. One of the guys who used to pick on her when she was younger is the only one to stand up for her. The guy tells her that he’s a surgeon and can give her two eyes. Leela excitedly accepts the offer, saying that it’s her one chance to finally be normal. Fry is against the surgery and tells her that she’s already beautiful the way she is. Leela has the surgery anyway and soon dates the surgeon. The surgeon keeps reminding her that she is completely normal. When things get serious, the two decide to adopt a child. Leela’s heart goes out to a girl with an ear on her forehead. Yet the surgeon dismisses this and says that there are plenty of normal children that they can choose from. Leela’s insistent and then this conversation happens:

Adlai: Oh, alright. If you really want that one, I can give her an operation to make her acceptable.

Leela: She doesn’t need an operation! She’s fine the way she is!

Adlai: Oh, and I suppose you were fine the way you were?

Leela: Damn right I was!

Fry: Yay!

Leela: Shut up, Fry. Now look, Adlai. I’m proud to be different. And I just wished I’d realized that when I was her age.

She then has the surgeon put her eye back the way it was.

And this is so important to me!

So many abled authors, even great ones like J.K. Rowling, think that they’re doing something good when they say that the disabilities in their world would be cured. It’s so refreshing to actually see a show that points out that the character don’t have to be cured - that they’re fine the way they are!

fun fact!

as a disabled person, I can make jokes at my own expense in relation to my disability, and that’s fine, it’s kind of empowering to do so, like a coping mechanism

but aside from a few small exceptions (and those people know who they are)

other people should definitely NOT use my disability as a joke…

‘haha you’re disabled” feels a LOT different from “haha I’m disabled”

just because I make fun of myself doesn’t mean you can. 


Some disabilities aren’t exactly visible. They don’t require a wheelchair, a hearing aid or any other piece of equipment. Millions of Americans live with what’s commonly referred to as “invisible” or “non-appearing” disabilities like depression, epilepsy, chronic pain disorder or learning disabilities.  These facts help us better understand these disabilities — and how they can even be empowering.

Update: Helping Me Afford Hearing Aids

A few days ago, I started a fundraiser with the goal of helping me afford hearing aids. I’m hard of hearing, and I need them more than ever as I get ready to look for part-time employment and start my foreign language major. 

The response to my campaign has been overwhelmingly positive, and I’ve raised $90 through a combination of Indeigogo and PayPal so far. I want to thank everyone who helped me by donating, signal boosting, or both.

I’m still a long way off from being able to afford hearing aids, though. Hearing aids generally run thousands of dollars, which is why it’s so critical that I get as much help as I can. 

How you can help:

  • Donate to the Indiegogo fundraiser. The minimum donation is a dollar, and every dollar helps. I don’t say that lightly. If you’d prefer, you can also donate via PayPal, in which case, send me an ask and we can arrange that. I think the minimum amount you can send via PayPal is even less.
  • Signal boost this post! The more people who see this, the better.
  • Share the campaign to Facebook or Twitter (or whatever social media platform you’re fond of). If you do this, link directly to the Indiegogo campaign rather than this Tumblr post. It’s a lot more short and to the point that way.
  • Tell people you know who might have an interest or the ability to donate or get the word out. Some people have a situation that makes it easier for them to donate, or just have a particularly friendly Twitter following.

Thank you for all of your help in assisting me with this. I am so, so, so grateful to everyone who has helped me in any way and who will help me in the future. You guys are awesome.

I just really want to write a book (in fact, I think that I’m going to) where the protagonist is in a wheelchair. And they live in a city where there’s a group of superheroes. And there’s a big, magical, villain because of course there is.

And since they were a young child, this protagonist has wanted nothing more than to join the group of superheroes. Like they’re a huge fan of the group and they just know that it’s their destiny to join.

And one day, when wheeling through the city, they see the group of heroes fighting the villain. And they quickly wheel over and cry, “Let me help!”

But the ‘heroes’ laugh and instead make a whole bunch of ableist remarks.

And so the protagonist has to prove themselves.

And the villain is trying to warn them to stop.

But the protagonist ends up taking their footrest off of their wheelchair and they swing it. And it hits the villain in the side of the face and the villain collapses and groans in pain.

And so the protagonist proudly smiles and turns to the group of heroes.

Because they just proved that they are strong and worthy enough.

But the group of ‘heroes’ still keeps making ableist remarks.

And the protagonist is shocked.

And meanwhile, the 'villain’ staggers to their feet and is standing next to the protagonist’ wheelchair.

And one of the 'heroes’ goes too far when calling the protagonist the R word.

And the protagonist and the 'villain’ just sort of glance at one another.

And the 'villain’ is just like, “You know…I can zap them for you…if you want.”

And the protagonist hesitates and says, “Yeah, alright!”

One fried group of heroes later, the 'villain’ says, “Why do you think that I’m always fighting them? They’re all a bunch of assholes.”

And the protagonist sadly nods and starts to wheel away.


“Hey, do you want a job?”

The protagonist turns at the villain’s remark. And the protagonist mumbles something like, “Oh, come on. I don’t need your pity.”

And the 'villain’ is like, “Pity!? Do I look like someone who hands out pity!? I don’t pity you! I’m kind of afraid of you, to be honest! I mean…I’m going to have a giant bruise on my face because of you.”


“Water under the bridge! So, what do you say? Do you want a job?”

And the protagonist thinks about it for a minute before shrugging.

And the 'villain’ is all excited because they’ve wanted someone to work with them for years but no mortal is allowed to 'step into’ their lair.

And then the 'villain’ stops and is like, “Hang on…you can’t work with me in that.”

And they gesture to the protagonist’s wheelchair.

And the protagonist is all embarrassed.

And then the villain goes, “Because we can get you a much better wheelchair! It’ll look great! And it’ll be indestructible! And it’ll have all sorts of weapons and gadgets! Hey, how do you feel about flying…?”

And all of that is literally in the first chapter and then the rest of the story follows the two going around the city like BAMFs, forcing people to stop being ableist, one way or another. And maybe it’ll have some commentary on the scale of morality and what it truly means to be a hero and what it truly means to be a villain.

Would anyone be interested in this!?

Because I really want to write it!?

Dear Abled People (the majority of you)

I wish you’d stop treating the word “disability” like it’s a bad word and stop using the word “normal” as something we should all aspire towards instead.

I wish you’d stop forcing on us your opinion on what it means to be disabled when you have none to speak of from experience.

I wish you’d stop disagreeing with us when we share our experiences and choices that revolve around our disability. Disagreeing doesn’t make our disability any less real.

I wish you’d stop treating our disabilities as obstacles we’re all desperately trying to overcome, because some of us never saw them as obstacles until YOU said they were.

I wish you’d stop culturally appropriating us.

I wish you used real disabled people to represent us in your movies and creative projects.

I wish you’d stop pretending it’s something we don’t talk about, because your children internalize that there’s something wrong with them when you pretend it’s not there.

But most of all, I wish you’d listen to us. Without assumptions. Without judgment. Without romanticism. Without fear. But with love, patience, and understanding.

Yeah, I wish you would.

i dont like to look like im begging for things, but i figured i’d ask anyway.  if anybody wants more info on me and my families disabilities message me. my mom and i are both mentally and physically disabled. we both have chronic pain illnesses, and hers are ones that threaten her life (she also has life threatening conditions that are killing her over time, i will explain more in private). it is hard being poor and disabled, because she needs to be eating healthier foods and i don’t know what to do. my brother and sister are both mentally disabled and i think my sister may be physically disabled as well. none of us can afford doctors, and have not been in years, save for my mom after she begged for money from my grandmother. my mother means everything to me and seeing her go without the nutrition she needs and sad is too much for me. seriously any money will help.

we’re literally starving here and don’t know what to do. we’ve begged our relatives and have received no help…. we’re at the end here. we used to have food stamps but we no longer receive them as of this month. and we’ve tried local churches but nothing. my mom is so depressed she lies in bed a lot of the day and cries over that she can’t provide for us.  for my mother it’s even harder with her medical conditions for her to be hungry and downhearted. if you can’t help please signal boost this, cause i can’t think of a way out of this anytime soon. and on top of everything my mom now has to pay 65 dollars to her doctor or else and she was prescribed a new medicine that we can’t pay for, that she needs.

i don’t want to seem like a beggar, however, i have no talents for commissions. so if you could donate anything, it’d be a great paypal email is and this is my amazon wishlist

That really shitty thing doctors/therapists do
  • Person:*goes to their doctor/therapist about getting accommodations for school/work for their disability/illness*
  • Doc/Therapist:Hmmm. You definitely qualify for these accommodations and they would help you a lot...
  • Doc/Therapist:but...
  • Doc/Therapist:I'm not going to write you a letter/whatever to get those accommodations because do you really want to be a person who uses accommodations?/I think it would benefit you more to have to suffer/I think it would be better if no one knew you were sick/disabled/builds character/what about your future?/that sounds like a lot of work/etc.