My Thoughts on the Ehlena Fry Supreme Court Case

Recently, a friend linked me to this article on Facebook, and asked me for my thoughts. As you can see by the headline, the article concerns the decision of the United States Supreme Court to hear the case of Ehlena Fry, a girl with cerebral palsy prohibited from utilizing her service dog at school. As I will begin training a service dog for myself shortly, and have a degree in special education, my friend stated that my reactions to this article were of particular interest for her.

I will be honest and say that this is very difficult for me to write, as I understand both points of view at war in the case, that of a disabled individual in need of accommodation, and that of a school district who feels the chosen accommodation is an undue burden on them. I will try to be as thorough and clear in my summation of my thoughts as I can, and I sincerely apologize for what I know will in fact be quite a lengthy read.

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“Why don’t you leave the house more often?”

When I go out in public

  • 100% of the time, I’m openly stared at. 
  • 75% of the time, someone comments on my mobility device.
  • 50% of the time, someone offers to help me when I’m not even doing anything.
  • 25% of the time, someone decides it’s perfectly acceptable to ask personal questions about my medical history. Most of these people touch me without my permission.
  • 25% of the time, someone directs questions at my partner when they should be talking to me.

Got this pencil case last year and I just wanted to say that I’m forever in love with it! I used to have a real hard time with my pens, pencils,etc because they would get lost inside a regular pencil case and drive me mad while searching for them with so many things messily displayed in it.
As a consequence of this, I would waste time and sometimes get overwhelmed by the situation…
Clearly the best thing of my stationery!

When you finally get a diagnosis 


Sometimes, a real shower really isn’t possible because of pain/exhaustion/medical devices /procedures, ect. My life hack?

External image



- Are (physically) strong enough to actually get dirt off you

- Are anti-bacterial

-Aren’t sticky

- Are specified okay for use on your body besides your hands and face

- Are hypoallergenic

- Have Vitamin E and natural Aloe Vera

- Smell like Lemons 

- Are easy to open (easier than Wet Ones,for sure)

- Are cheaper than Wet Ones for the same amount (and size) of wipes

They’re honestly the next best thing to bathing.

Hope this helped! Maybe I should do a series of these? Chronic Illness life hacks?

My Favourite Cripple Game

“Do I have time to have a shower before I go out? If I have a shower will I have the energy to go out? If I DON’T have a shower will I have a panic attack about being a disgusting filth monster while I’m out? If I just stay in bed & read comics instead of going out will I hate myself forever?”

It’s a fun guessing game!

I can’t wait until we move & I have a shower I can put a shower chair in. I hate being a disgusting filth monster.

Just a friendly reminder: if you’re gonna fucking stare at me because I’m using a cane or because I’m in a wheelchair, at least smile. If not, you will get a dirty look from me and I might even say “don’t fucking stare at me”. I get that I may be interesting to look at, but I’m not a fucking spectacle. Show me some god damn respect.

Disability problem solving adventure #14

I drop my charger cords a lot, and I have trouble leaning down to get them. It’s pretty much a daily issue and I’ve always had to wait to get them until I could ask somebody or help. Well, I just discovered how to do it myself.

So I was glaring down at the computer charger that I just dropped when my eye caught my iphone headphones. And an idea came to me. Flash forward 30 seconds and I’m successfully hooking my charger with the earbud of my headphones!! Finally I figured out how to get that done.

I mean idk what I’m going to do when it’s my headphones that I drop, but we’ll figure that out later.