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queer indigenous girl is a zine by and for queer, trans, 2-spirit, non-binary, disabled, neurodivergent, chronically ill black, indigenous, people of color.

QIG is now accepting submissions for issue 4 including art, poetry, photography, comics, short essays & fiction, etc.

QIG is a half-page zine; submissions should be 5.5x8.5, JPEG and no more than 2 pages per submission. Please include a short bio with pronouns and any social media links if wanted.

Submit to mysterygirl-moongirl.tumblr.com/submit. Deadline is Friday, March 10, 2017.

Romani Zine

Hey y'all, would anyone wanna contribute to a zine about Romani experiences?

I’m especially interested in hearing from American Roma, queer and trans Roma, black and brown Roma, immigrant Roma, disabled Roma, and mixed Roma. This would be an anti-oppressive zine seeking to discuss and present diverse Romani experiences.

Text, images, whatever you want. Short stories, poetry, etc. Various languages accepted.

Would anyone wanna help me organize it or contribute? First steps is making an official call for submissions. I hope to do that in a couple of weeks (gonna design a page, possibly the cover, with the call for submissions on it). Artists and zinester contributions appreciated!

Tonantzin Soy Yo
[Artist: Nancy Cardenas]

NANCY CARDENAS, born in Guadalajara, moved at a young age to San Diego with her family. She was born with Spina Bifida and has used a wheelchair for most of her life. She has an Art degree from SDSU and is currently working on her Masters in Chicanx Studies. She hopes to inspire & empower disabled brown women through art & activism.

Featured in queer indigenous girl issue 4, available to read for free at issuu.com/queerindigenousgirl.

Issue 5 zine submissions now open! DEADLINE IS IN 5 DAYS!

queer indigenous girl is a zine by and for black, indigenous, people of color (BIPoC) who are queer, trans, 2-spirit, non-binary, disabled, neurodivergent and chronically ill.

QIG is now accepting submissions including art, poetry, photography, comics, short essays & fiction, etc.

QIG is a half-page zine; submissions should be 5.5x8.5, JPEG, at least 300 dpi and no more than 2 pages per submission. Please include a short bio with pronouns and any social media links if wanted.

Submit to: mysterygirl-moongirl.tumblr.com/submit. Deadline is May 31.



Collide #4: Accessibility

A zine on physical and mental illness

Possible topics of discussion include:

-How do you wish the world was more accessible to you? What could those who don’t generally require accommodations do better?

-What is your experience in making requests for accessibility at events, in school, at work, in the home, or in your personal relationships?

-How have you had to rely on the others in your life to make up for a lack of accessibility in the world? How has this affected your relationships with those close to you, or with new people?

-How do mental health barriers play a part in your ability to request accommodations?

-If your illness manifests in a way that requires mobility aids, how has this helped you? How has it prevented you from accessing the spaces you want to frequent?  Are there aids that you could benefit from but haven’t taken advantage of, whether due to cost, availability, or social stigma?

-Have you been taken seriously when requesting accommodations for mental health issues? For physical health issues?

-Do you feel “othered” when having to deal with accessibility issues? What could others do to normalize this?

-How do you feel when confronted with a new accessibility concern?

DEADLINE: July 1, 2016

Email JC at jennyandthelibrarians AT gmail .com with questions and submissions

*Essays should generally not exceed 2,000 words. We are not accepting poetry for this issue.

*Note: Although your contribution can focus more heavily on either a physical or mental health condition, you must identify and address in some way that you are living with both.

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Collide #3- Family



Collide is a compilation zine on the intersection of physical and mental illness.

Seeking personal essays and relevant artwork for: 

Collide #3: Family

Possible topics include:

  • How your physical or mental health impacts your relationships with family- those you were born into, your spouses, partners, siblings, parents, children, or your chosen families and strongest support systems
  • Genetic inclinations- dealing with hereditary illnesses, family health issues, or concern over passing these things on
  • Family support or lack thereof in times of poor health or wellness
  • Other topics related to the topic of family (chosen or otherwise) as they relate to your illnesses


Collide is a zine on the intersection of physical and mental illness. Contributors will vary in experience and identities, but must have a history dealing with both a chronic physical illness or disability, and a mental health issue in some respect.

  • Essays may focus on one affliction over another, but should involve at least some mention of both, and may be rejected at the editor’s discretion because they do not apply to both categories, or for any perceived sexism, racism, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, or classism.
  • Essays should fall generally between 750-2,000 words. I may edit your submission for the purposes of grammar and clarity, but will clear any changes with you before publication.
  • I won’t be accepting any poetry submissions for this zine.
  • For those submitting relevant artwork, it will be half-sized and printed in black and white.

Deadline: November 15, 2014

Please submit your essay with a short bio to:

jennyandthelibrarians @ gmail .com

xo, jc

(ps- if you are not familiar with past issues, check out their overviews on etsy)

Calling For Submissions! Shaky Hands - on being physically disabled and in school

Shaky Hands will be a submission-based zine about experiences and struggles of navigating school with a physical disability. Currently accepting submissions from disabled people of all ages, with priority going toward POC, queer people, poor people, and other members of marginalized groups. (You do not have to currently be in school to submit.) It will be released in February 2016.

Please submit:

-artwork - drawings, pictures of sculpture, printmaking, digital works, etc.

-writing - excerpts and essays, poetry and other creative writing

-accounts of personal experiences

-any other exciting things you can think of!


-only your own original content!

-image files should be 300 dpi, sized to 5x8in (vertical), sent as .jpegs or tifs

-writing should be sent as word docs

Send submissions with “Shaky Hands” in the email subject to 

kait.c.sanchez@gmail.com by January 10, 2015.

Questions can be sent to the same email or messaged to me.

I look forward to seeing your work!


from the margins is an artistic collaboration between geoff and clementine morrigan.  this give away is a from the margins package including one book, nine zines and three prints. these items discuss addiction, substance use, recovery, intoxication culture, sobriety, trauma, ptsd, sexual violence, intimate partner violence, queerness, gender, femme, sexuality, spirituality, polyamory, mental health experiences, mixed race identity, community, hope and love. 

this package includes:

creature by clementine morrigan

fractured///enigmas by geoff

from the great above she set her mind on the great below #1 & 2 by clementine morrigan

make all good things fall apart by clementine morrigan & geoff

prints X 3 by geoff

seawitch #1, 2 & 3 by clementine morrigan

the dangerous powers of witches: spirituality, autonomy, community and literacy by clementine morrigan

rupture, a book by clementine morrigan


*REBLOG THIS POST TO ENTER.  likes do not count as entry.


*the winner will be chosen using a random number generator.

*this giveaway is open to all people with a mailing address.

*the winner will be notified via a message/ask on tumblr.  the winner must reply with their mailing address within 48 hours.  if the winner does not reply, another person will be selected.



Muchacha fanzine Issue #9 “Body Positivity” CALLS OUT TO POC, trans* folks, disabled badasses, women, curvy/voluptuous/fat/thick Goddesses/Gods/Genderqueers, and lesbians/gays/bis/queers to submit poetry, prose, art, comics, photography, quotes, scripts, musical lyrics, ramblings, etc. concerning body positivity. Submissions are very open to interpretation and can include but are not limited to discussions/art related to how race, gender, size, sexuality, able-bodiedness, age, and class intersect with ideas related to body positivity and/or embodiment.

Contact Riotgrrrl56@yahoo.com with submissions. The deadline is Tuesday, July 1st and all contributors will receive a free copy when this edition is released in mid-July. 

Note: *This edition of Muchacha aims to challenge the mainstream white/heterosexual/able-bodied/cisgender-centric feminist movement of “body positivity” that has and continues to exclude/ignore the fact that many marginalized people have distinct experiences with their bodies that are often underrepresented in our society. Another goal of this summer issue is to reclaim the term “body positivity” in a way that is inclusive of diverse voices and encourages reflectivity on how bodies can also be cause for pain, conflict, and/or healing.