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Les Mis podcast pitch!

form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdvHGMzBHbWiIBlxio76g4c2O-9rJa_uWqG1xcb6MHo3bdWtw/viewform

Who am I:
Nemo Martin - (they/them) - British / Japanese
@zeus_japonicus on twitter
@bazemayonnaise on tumblr
@ninjaninaiii on Ao3
<I keep these accounts separate and will likely not share my ‘fan’ accounts on the podcast; though won’t hide them if they ‘come out’.>

-Content Head at Nine Worlds (London’s largest inclusive, intersectional fan convention)
-Scriptwriter/ Director / Producer
-Academic (focus on 19th century usage of Classical texts)
-Writer of articles (Whitewashing in Les Mis, Exeunt magazine)

I would like to moderate / co-host an accessible, intersectional Les Mis podcast that is part academic (educational for both fresh ears and those from fandom who have not the time/ability/desire to read the brick,) part comedy.

I am of the firm belief that academic topics need not be covered in inaccessible language to be discussed, and that fans without (relevant) degrees can still have conversations just as important as those with their BA/MA/PhD in Literature.

I also want to elevate the voice of people of color in particular, as while I was doing research for my own BA, I could find no historians / academics of colour talking about race (especially those with the ability to have nuanced discussions about Javert as Romani, or Valjean as Black.)

Though is will be my first podcast, I have experience in recording audio, editing footage and moderating (especially when guests are LGBTQIA+, PoC and/or have access needs.)

Basic premise:
-Possible titles: ‘Pod on High’, ‘Friends of the ABC’, ‘Bread & Barricades’, …a Les Mis podcast (open to suggestions)
-Genre: comedy/academic
-Similar shows: Fathoms Deep, Conversations with People who hate me, Box not Included
-Duration/schedule: 1x60 minutes every fortnight, with some special episodes in between.

Segment ideas:
-Summary of the brick in non-academic / comic form
-Academic essays (whitewashing, current similarities, gender, class, race, religion etc) —— these need to be accessible to a non-academic audience, but well researched.
-Interviews (fan/perhaps cast/academics) - giving no hierarchical of anyone over fan
-Character studies (with a focus on lesser-known characters to help ode trying to read brick fics).
-Discussions of fanfic/ reading group? With permission of author.

^Perhaps segments can be a mix between individual/group so that they can be monthly depending on host schedule.

What I’m looking for:

1 or 2 x permanent co-hosts - responsibility over each episode
-1) fan and 2) academic knowledge of the brick (can be self-taught)
-Preferably from minority group (BAME, LGBTQIA+, with disability)
-Dedicated to not just speaking, but organisational role
-Social media skills / presence
-Desire to make a difference
-Will listen when not speaking and not talk over fellow hosts/guests
-Can spend a minimum of 4 hours a week on the show (2x recording, 2x pre and post recording prep)
-Willing /capable of assisting with editing when I am busy (desirable but not necessary).

x guests - can be regular or one-off depending on interest
-EITHER 1) fan or 2) academic knowledge (can be self-taught)

x donors
-Help with hosting fees & website maintains

*none of the roles above necessitate the use of a legal name and can be applied for with a username/alias if that is more comfortable.

if interested, please fill out the form!