Top House Republican Unveils Plan To Gut Social Security

A much higher age eligibility for retirement social security is a de facto elimination of social security retirement for the poor, most of whom die before the proposed age limits would allow them to collect benefits.

Also this is a very clear lead up to slashing disability which is already a significantly below poverty line level benefit for most disabled people.

russianspacegeckosexparty  asked:

In a solarpunk future, there should definitely be advancements in navigation technology for blind/vision impaired people because a seeing eye dog might not be an option for all of them. Some may be allergic to dogs, others night be afraid of them. So picture headgear with HUDs + GPS + logged into the navigation system of the city/town you're in at the time.

I’ve been working off-and-on for a while now on a story about a character who does indie reskinning of augmented reality systems – this is how I tend to envision this solution. The foundations of augmented reality are likely to be built with abled people in mind, but a vibrant hacker community can provide the extraordinary range of nuanced solutions that no top-down organization could ever anticipate or service.

I imagine blind or vision impaired people using technologies that are built on the foundations being laid by Sensebridge’s Northpaw project, which is an anklet that uses cell phone motors to tell its user where north is. Maybe a white cane that contains a haptic system simulating the movement of a guide dog? 

Others might use an audio system, using directional sound blips to provide or clarify information about their surroundings. (Like, maybe walls of white noise coming from the direction of actual walls? Or a rumble that plays whenever you’re standing on a space where potentially dangerous vehicles are authorized to drive, like the street?)
13 People With Disabilities Discuss Their Post-Election Concerns
"I just hope we all can survive the next four years.”
By Nora Whelan

“If Donald Trump does all of the things he says he is going to do, such as reducing access to health services and jeopardizing Medicaid and Medicare, a lot of people with disabilities (especially those with chronic health disabilities) will die. I hope that my son, who also has disabilities, will not suffer as a result of this presidency. I know the vast majority of those of us who are disabled will suffer, not because of our disabilities, but because of the archaic ableism Trump and his cabinet embody and represent. I just hope we all can survive the next four years.”

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cool concept: demons and monsters being defeated by disabilities

-a demon waits to scare a woman as she opens her eyes she doesn’t notice because she’s blind

-the boogeyman grabs the child’s ankle as they climb put of bed, it’s prosthetic the child doesn’t notice

-sirens fail to lure the deaf sailor for obvious reasons

-the schizophrenic doesn’t pay any attention to the demons telling them to do things because it’s the same shit as always

-the demon screams in frustration as the guy with ADHD he’s possessed keeps forgetting that he came into the kitchen to kill his family not wash the dishes

-the devil tries to create an unholy union to give birth to the anti-christ he is thwarted by the man’s severe anxiety disorder

-demons try to torture a person with chronic pain who just thinks they’re having a bad pain day


Bad news, y’all :(
The mobility scooter that I rely upon to work, travel, basically function outside my home, has suffered a catastrophic break. It happened just as I was getting off the bus on my way to work. I am ok, but the scooter is done. I will either have to replace 2/3 of it or get a new one.
I am permanently disabled and cannot support myself without a functioning mobility device. This was the worst thing that could have happened. I cannot miss work or I’ll lose my job. I had to spend all of my money on a temporary rental. I needed that money for rent, but it was an emergency. Now I’m trying to recover and rebuild.
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was thinking about this also: don’t hide your child’s disability from the child themself, or pretend it doesn’t exist

one of my best friends went to an autistic school for 7 years, but no one ever actually explained to him what autism actually was! parents never talked about it! so he thought that when he went to high school he’d ‘grown out of it,’ whatever it was.

we kept running into situations where, for example, we’re sitting together and someone asks me why I’m flapping and I say “I’m stimming, I’m autistic,” or this friend hears me explain accommodation stuff to a new teacher. and he kept responding with surprise: “that’s an autism thing? is autism the reason we do that?” “yeah!” “oh wow, I thought I was just weird!”

so i’ve been trying to convince my friend for most of this year now that all this ‘unusual’ stuff that we do and difficulties we have are just our natural way of being, because of our neurotype and disability… and the reaction has consistently been relief. like “oh, that’s why I’m like this! it’s not the wrong way, it’s just the autistic way!”

if you act like your child’s disability doesn’t exist, it won’t actually stop existing. they will still be a disabled child, only now they will have no understanding of what that means. they’re going to feel confused and out-of-place at best; have their needs ignored and most probably going to push themselves to able-bodied neurotypical standards of functioning when they just cannot handle that, which is extremely unhealthy!

disability is not a bad word! it is not shameful! you gain nothing from pretending a disabled person in your life is not disabled at all.