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E perché vieni a farmi una predica ipocrita su come ci si comporta con gli altri quando tu te ne vai in giro mandando al diavolo tutti perché hai paura di scoprire che anche tu hai dei sentimenti?
—  4 amiche e un paio di jeans
Tre fiammiferi accesi uno per uno nella notte
Il primo per vederti tutto il viso
Il secondo per vederti gli occhi
L’ultimo per vedere la tua bocca
E tutto il buio per ricordarmi queste cose
Mentre ti stringo fra le braccia.

Jacques Prévert, Tre fiammiferi accesi 

E va bene. Va bene anche se la prossima canzone di cui mi innamorerò non potrò fartela ascoltare, e magari la sentirai comunque, ma non sarò io a chiederti di farlo e allora sarà una canzone come tante altre.
I just want to make you feel loved

I’m a slut for Soulmate au’s, soooo if anyone has any recs for solangelo soulate au’s feel free to leave it down beloww Please

SOO as I said I LOVE Soulmate Au’s, so I am now trying to write one. Hope you guys like it ;) Ari xxx

The Au idea is that you get your soulmate’s last name appears on your wrist on a random point of time, but i changed it to a random part of your body

Will Solace was 14 when his soulmate’s last name appeared on his collarbone. He was bit of a late bloomer . All his friends gotten it at least a year ago. He was an imaptient kid. 

If he remembers correctly it was a Thursday and his mother discovered while fixing his collar for his uniform. He remembers sprinting to his room and staring at the name in the mirror. 

di Angelo

It was written in neat, slanted script. Will remembered he recited the name like a mantra. It sounded foreign.

Italian, maybe?

Will felt all absolutely giddy. He always fantisized about finding his soulmate. What he would say. How they would fall in love. 

His mother always warned him not get his hopes up. Will knew why she was so cautious. Father left her and Will, and it destroyed her. It left her humilated and alone.  

They were going to be different, he swore to himself. He was never going to make them feel so helpless. He was going to do anything to find this person and make them feel loved. 

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pssssssttt i am HEAD over heels in love with your art style!! totally optional request, but if you drew Cosima in a suit i'm not even joking when i say i'll reblog it a dozen times

thank u so much!!! plus how could i resist cosima in a suit tho amiright

Headcanon that Will loves all the annoying popular teenybopper music and everyone else in the squad hates it with a passion. So whenever they let Will pick the music the songs are always so awful (like Call Me Maybe awful), but whenever someone tries to change it, Nico stops them and is just like “let him be, please” bc Will is jamming out and its really cute even though the music sucks