dis was last night


- Time can be rewritten!
- Not those times, not one line… don`t you dare!

I wanted to practice pencil drawings (and try out these nice cute patterned masking tape thingies I’d bought a while ago) so of course I needed to draw some fluffy Scorbus! Imagine them posing for a photo so they can add it to their scrapbook… :’)

That friend who never has a hangover and is ready to go out again even though last night you two almost died

Imagine when you are put on bed rest during your pregnancy, your boyfriend, Dean plays Words with friends with you in the mean time.

Ronald Gasser shot and killed former NFL player Joe McKnight yesterday. Joe was unarmed, shot several times and died on the scene. Police released him from custody last night. Not bail. He was RELEASED. With NO CHARGES against him. HOW DO YOU KILL SOMEONE AND GET TO GO AND SLEEP IN YOUR BED THAT SAME NIGHT?! How the fuck!!!!

@ashleythejohnson: Mad love and respect to my Dungeons & Dragons crew. This campaign has been going on for two years now and my character (which was a Gnome/Cleric), died last night. BUT out of sheer determination, they were able to fight and bring me back. Tears were shed, bonds were made stronger and anyone who tells me that D & D is lame can suck my big fat Staff of Courage. It’s crazy how much I love you guys and if it ever came down to it, I’d fight ‘til the death for each of you rapscallions. 😘👊💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚@matthewmercervo, @marisha_ray, @orionacaba, @laurabaileyvo, @willingblam, @voiceofobrien (not pictured) @executivegoth @ramsiegel

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45 w jikook please? (it fits them bc jungkook is whipped)

45: “i’m your lockscreen?!” - “you weren’t supposed to see that!”

a/n: a cool dialogue challenge

say it louder for the ppl in the back anon #whipped jungkook team

piano tiles is a good game.

that’s a fact nobody can deny, jugkook thinks. there’s just something about it that makes people’s pulses run quicker, makes eyes light up like bulbs. even jimin, who’s super picky about his phone games, who hates candy crush - the single most addicting gam eon the face of the planet - begs for a chance to play piano tiles.

for instance, now.

“jungkook, please?” jimin’s hair and makeup have just been done, paired with an oversized sweater for the slower song that they’ll be performing and puppy dog eyes, but jungkook still doesn’t fall for jimin’s cuteness. he’s focused on setting a new record. “please? please?”

“no, hyung.”




it continues for a while. since playing Nice Hyung gets jimin nowhere except to a pout, he ultimately decides to take a different approach.

jimin snatches the phone right out of jungkook’s hand.

“hey!” jungkook protests loudly, drawing the attention of some of the makeup artists who are working on the other members’ eyes and lips. he gets a scowl from the oldest hair stylist, and he ducks his head, lowering his volume but not his glare when he turns back to jimin and hisses, “give it back!”

jimin hops out of reach. “you can’t make me!”

“what are you, five?”

jungkook’s arm swings for the phone, but jimin ducks from it. he sticks out his tongue, which makes jungkook fume like a chimney. to that, jimin has the audacity to grin.

“older than you, at least, ” jimin retorts. he seems to be about to say something else, but then his eyes lock onto the phone and he gasps. “i’m your lockscreen?!”

jungkook’s heart reels to a stop in panic. “you weren’t supposed to see that!” he hisses, face resembling a traffic light.

jimin’s laugh tinkles, and in any other given situation - literally any other one - jungkook would admire it, the way his eyes curve and the sound bubbles, but right now is just not the time. jungkook snatches his phone back, but the deed has been done, and jimin is grinning from ear to ear. “jungkook, that’s so cute, really. you’re sweet.”

jungkook sighs, a scowl adorning his lips. “you’re never going to let this go, are you?”

jimin bops his nose. “nope.”

jungkook grumbles about it in not-so-much-there misery until next week when he finds that jimin’s desktop screensaver is his rainism performance. jungkook never lets that go.