dis ship is cute

  • The seven: *sitting around Nico at the Hades table*
  • Percy: So Nico ... you know we all just want to see you happy. And since I'm apparently not your type, what's, besides, totally unbelie-
  • Jason: So what's your type then?
  • Nico: Umm ... I like blonde hair ...
  • The seven: *turning their heads to stare at Jason*
  • Nico: ... blue eyes ...
  • The seven: *widening eyes while staring at Jason*
  • Jason: Like m-
  • Nico: No.
  • Nico: I like freckles, too.
  • Will: *jumps in*
  • Will: I KNEW IT
  • Will: *lifts Nico up and carries him away*
  • The seven: what.
  • Will: *sticks out his head* Was that enough of a coming out
  • Will: or do we need the sign?
  • Jason: What sign?
  • Will: *simply holds up sign saying "WE'RE DATING"*

1: Fan’s Pokeball for Pork Channieyeollie.

2: PuppyHyun discovers Pokeball with a letter inside it dedicated to *coughs*hishusband*coughs*

3: PuppyHyun realizes it’s in English.

4: Pouts because baby can’t get a word written in there.


it gets a bit confusing to me coz i have a male oc that looks like how i draw zarya orz I FORGOT ZARYA’S TATTOOS IM SORRY


My favourite ship in the entire Rick Riordan universe has to be Solangelo. We all see that as a child Nico was so energetic and vibrant, yet over time he became withdrawn and darker due to events that had a negative impact on his life. He’s lost so much that he couldn’t seem to find a reason to be happy. And then comes along Will. Will Solace was the person that breathed that breath of life back into him. It started with his friends from the Argo II yes, but Will Solace loved him even though Nico thought he was a monster. To me, Solangelo means so much. They’re such a pure ship that you can’t help but love. They’re like opposites and you know that opposites attract. Nico is like the dark and Will is the light and together they balance each other. And as a little gay myself (😁😂) this representation of a gay relationship from my favourite writer means the world. So what are your favourite ships from the Riordanverse guys? Canon and non-canon… I’d like to hear from you 💜😊 Also you can check out the mini Solangelo fanfic I posted on my tumblr a while back… 💙💜😊😁😁

I was going to post a long as text of my opinions about TOD but let me just tell you


That is all, thank you

I can definitely get behind this


Ok im the worst secret santa ever, and i’d like to thank you for your patience @loonysl !
So here’s a little solangelo drawing ! I dont really knew Will so it was kinda hard…but i tried my best !!!! I really hope that you like it and again im deeply sorry

(I put the sketch bc i like it, i also have a colored and ink version if you want, but im not really a fan of those)

P.S : i’d also like to thanks the @pjosecretsanta2016 for the patience and for organizing everything ! You did a great job!