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Went to my nephew’s track meet and did some sketching to pass the time.

I kept everything focused on the “Soulsborne” series. I started out only attempting silhouettes but added more detail as I drew other characters. I also tried my best to capture the characters without looking at reference. The pilgrim was my favorite to do.

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Genya, design for the causal tho. WHY DOES HE HAVE AN EYE PATCH. DIS BOTHERS ME. Cuz his eye isn't covered in his ninja outfit.

LOL, did you realize that he’s also dressed in Masamune’s clothes? Even the swords are identical. The only difference being that purple thingy Genya’s wearing.

So I suspect he might be Masamune’s kagemusha/body double. 

If he is, it’s gonna be iinteresting because his brother is an Oda ninja (yay for ODate friendship~)

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I swear to god your Horace and Anri art is killing me. Why would you do this. How am I supposed to handle this.

They’re sympathetic characters in a Souls game, you’re not meant to handle it 

My Reaction when Yū's eye was cut
  • <p> <b>Me:</b> OH MY GOD YU PLEASE BE ALL RIGHT!!<p/><b>Yu:</b> *starts screaming in pain*<p/><b>Me:</b> No, dude get a hold of yourself you can do it!<p/><b></b> Episode continues<p/><b>Me:</b> <p/><b>Me:</b> ...<p/><b>Me:</b> ......<p/><b>Me:</b> ...Is yu gonna wear an eye patch and become badass like people with eye patches?<p/></p>

only there, through the
eviscerals, would you enter: your
each feature, in its

mirrors, at
last, reflect. a

life-without, you’d
called it: the
seething granary of the heart, in

many meted sections, sieved, dis-

               the null: the null, at
last, ebullient. and
you, little

more than this body you’d
cajole—through the narrow stalk of

muttered syllable.

Poesis: a conceit, Gustaf Sorbin. 

from Breaths’ Burials: Poems.

Piccolo cambiamento nelle Competitive, fix nell’Ultimate di Genji per chi ha alta latenza ed altro nell’ultima patch di Overwatch

Piccolo cambiamento nelle Competitive, fix nell’Ultimate di Genji per chi ha alta latenza ed altro nell’ultima patch di Overwatch

La patch 2.11 è arrivata in queste ore sullo sparatutto Blizzard, andando a correggere miratamente anche ciò di cui avevamo anticipato qualche giorno fa, riguardo l’Ultimate di Genji. La letale Dragonblade, abilità con la quale Genji affetta ogni essere organico nei paraggi, andrà leggermente incontro ai giocatori che possiedono una latenza piuttosto alta, consentendo quindi una maneggevolezza e…

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How bad are the Amalgamtes? Is Gastor functional?

Well the Amalgamates, including Gaster, are all called “Patchworks”. The Patchworks are Puppets forced to continue to live with shattered souls that have been forced together. When their puppets finally collapsed and they died, Dr. Alphys started patching them up together, forcing them to combine and reanimate in some form of way that is far from living.

Dr. Gaster is a Special Patchwork. He is her most complex and successful patchwork. Gaster cannot speak, and can’t even sign things out in sign language due to his rather sharp appendages. He is always covered in a tarp-like gown that prevents others from seeing what Alphys has made him into.

Don’t be fooled by that drawn on mouth, he really can’t talk.

( Also yes this is everyone’s full colors, they are all basically black and white. )

Assassin’s Creed Fandom

When Desmond died: 

Playing Unity pre-patch: 

When Ezio gets three games but no else does: 

“50% Synchronisation - FULL SYNCHRONISATION FAILED”: 

Ezio fans knowing that Ubisoft loves him:

The ones who love everything about Unity but doesn’t listen to the horrible criticism it gets: