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MBTI types as history of the world

INTP: the sun is a deadly laser
ENFJ: you could make a religion out of this
ESTJ: well, blame them for something and go to war
INTJ: that’s bullshit. this whole thing is bullshit. that’s a scam. fuck the church
ENTP: wow, that worked?
INFP: china is whole again. and then it broke again
ESTP: whoops half of europe just died
ISTJ: fuck you obey the law
ISFP: will you get the hell out of here if i give you 500 elephants? ok, thanks, bye
ENFP: wait! said christopher columbus probably smoking crack
ESFJ: by the way, where the hell are we?
ESFP: ‘let’s overthrow the palace’
INFJ: error -125: out of destiny
ENTJ: they never got ethiopia
ISFJ: that’s just where he lives
ISTP: wanna print a brain?

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Block b Taeil smut scenario: You were teasing him while he was at work, sending nudes/sexting. You were having too much fun to care about how he would react, you made the dom side of him come out big time.

Naughty princess:

Snickering softly to yourself, you flopped back onto the bed your big shirt rising up to reveal your stomach and panties as you laid on the bed looking up at your phone screen. It was fun what you were doing, which was none other than teasing your boyfriend while he was at work. 

Lee Taeil. He was your boyfriend who was all of the above. Sweet kind and amazing. Since you both lived together seeing him was an always even though he got busy and got called into work at many different hours of the day. You just waited for him to come home and love you.

But today it was different because you were needy. You couldn’t stop thinking about how it felt to have him fucking you against the counter or against the wall. Anywhere honestly, you just wanted to feel him deep inside of you. Many people didn’t get to see Taeil be anything but cute. Yet you did. You got to see him when the glasses and the shirt came off. That inked body with those built muscles. He was just fucking sexy, fucking worth getting in trouble with because you dis obeyed. 

Sighing you rolled over on your stomach looking down at your phone. You had sent Taeil more than fifteen pictures. But he hadn’t responded to any of them. You let out a soft whine of frustration reaching out blindly to grab at a pillow you threw your phone towards the left side of your body. Your face burying in your pillow soon as you started to fall out into a deep sleep. 


You were so out of it, you slept past the opening and the slamming of the door. Your mind filled with dirty thoughts and mixed lewd moans. So loud that you didn’t hear the black practice bag being dropped harshly on the floor nor did you hear the footsteps making their way towards you. Quick hands grabbed at the back of your neck and your hair yanking you up from the bed. 

“WHAT THE HELL! YAH LET ME GO!” You screamed and flailed caught off guard. You tried to fight of the body that was gripping you but soon you were thrown over a lap, your shirt yanked up with one forearm bracing down against the middle of your back, the free hand running down to your ass rubbing over the plump flesh. 

“Count.” The rough voice commanded you. Your hazy mind couldn’t really process what was being said and before you could even ask what a harsh hand slap was delivered towards your ass causing you to yell out but not a number. Growling above you, the hand moved from your back around your neck gripping at the flesh and cutting off your ass supply. He slipped your panties to the side rubbing on your clit, causing you to whimper one of your legs falling from his lap to spread your legs wider as you bucked your hips back. 

“Oh so my dirty little teasing slut likes this?” Taeil asked leaning close to your ear and that was when you registered what was going on. He lets two fingers slip down your slit rubbing and playing with the flesh before he went back up to your clit. 

“I said fucking count, you’re not supposed to enjoy this. And if you don’t behave I won’t let you cum at all.” He threatened slapping your clit harder before he slipped two fingers deep inside of your pussy harshly fingering you causing your ass cheeks to jiggle your mouth falling open to choke out cries. His cologne hit your nose and you inhaled the sweet musky scent when you could, your hands gripping at the sheets beside his body. 

This was the Taeil you missed and wanted here. He slipped his fingers from your pussy letting your juices slip out, yanking your panties down to your ankles he leaned down to let his tongue glide against your plump ass cheeks before he pulled his mouth back to deliver another slap. 

“One!” You barely whispered out because he was choking you but fuck it felt so good. 

“Good slut. Half way there.” He commented giving you another rough slap on the same ass cheek. 

Your skin was heating up after the fifth slap, and instead of stopping he just rubbed the flush with his palm before he slapped it again causing a hiss and a cry of pain to leave your lips as you shouted out the six. 

Moving from your ass cheek he slipped those two fingers back inside of your wet dripping insides. He curled his thick fingers inside of you pounding them in and out at a rapid pace groaning. 

“Look at this nice ass all fat and round. Jiggling for daddy. Can’t wait to make it bounce on my dick.” He growled out a sadistic smirk spreading on his lips as he tightened his grip on your neck a little bit more making you gasp out and though you tried to squirm you knew it wouldn’t benefit you so you stayed still. 

Pulling his soaked fingers out of your pussy he went back to slapping your ass, the opposite this time turning it just as red as the other one. He gave you six more slaps before he slipped those same two fingers inside of you. He fucked so rapidly it caused you to squirt getting his pants leg wet with your juices. He groaned continuing to pound his fingers in and out, scissoring them and stretching you out. His thumb reaching your clit to tap it and rub in a circle before he let you go to pull out his fingers. He slipped them past his plump lip making a wet noise as he sucked off his fingers clean. 

He wiped the extra juices from his fingers before he delivered his last few slaps to both cheeks together making you count out twenty in total with a limited amount of air. He only let your neck go once he was done to throw you on your back. You squirmed around looking up at him and he smirked at you tilting his head. He had off his glasses, his black hair messy from practice. His shirt was off revealing his smooth skin inked by designs. He watched you as he pulled down his shorts and his boxers, his dick standing proud in the air. 

“You teased me a lot at work today. And I’ve told you countless times not to fuck with daddy while he was with his boys. Do you know how hard it is to dance while you’re hard? Unlike you it shows when I’m horny. But if you take this dick like I know you can, I may let you cum my little peach.” Winking he climbed on the bed hovering over you to spread your legs out wide. 

He lifted your right leg over his shoulder, bending you a bit. His hand gripping at his base trying to rub his tip up and down your entrance slowly wetting himself and coating himself with your juices. Lining himself up he wasted no time thrusting in and out of you. Pounding himself deep into your pussy the bed shook with each snap of his hips. His arms flexed, fists pressed against the sheets on each side of your body he thrust hard into you. 

He rolled his head back moaning in pleasure grunting as he fucked you deeply into the mattress. One hand came up trailing form your pussy up through the center of your breasts to wrap around your neck and he squeezed. Smirking he watched you take it this time laying under him your eyes stare up at him. Your hips stayed completely still as you enjoyed the feel of him pounding you into a state of oblivion.  

“Come on, cum for daddy.” He muttered out using his other hand to rub your clit at a rapid pace. His thick dick sliding in and out of your wet folds that wrapped around him like a vice. He grunted and gritted his teeth together as he watched you eyes lust blown and beckoning you to obey him. It didn’t take you long to have your walls sucking him in greedily as you came. Your wetness seeping out onto him.

He groaned out in pleasure releasing your neck to let you gulp in air as he spilled his warm seed inside of you thrusting in as deep as he could to make sure he was filling you up to the brim. 

“Fuck.. Naughty thing you.” He huffed pulling out of you rolling on his back with a pout. 

“I just wanted to make you feel good and just release yourself.” You reasoned moving very slowly to drape a leg over your waist and your head on his chest kissing the skin. 

“I don’t think my punishments are hard enough. Next time we are using orgasm denials.” He chuckled reaching a hand down to slap and cup your ass as you both cuddled.

Gandalf is a Feanor Fanboy and I Am Not Okay With This

Even now my heart desires to test my will upon it, to see if I could not wrench it from him and turn it where I would – to look across the wide seas of water and of time to Tirion the Fair, and perceive the unimaginable hand and mind of Feanor at their work, while both the White Tree and the Golden were in flower!’ He sighed and fell silent.

The Two Towers

Generally speaking, reading Lord of the Rings after you’ve read the Silmarillion is a very comforting experience. All the references make sense and the songs make you weep and the history lends the story depth instead of (I’ll admit I didn’t like LotR too much on my first read) weighing it down.

But then there are a few moments like this, which leave you wondering if Tolkien and I read the same Silmarillion.

When I think about Fëanor’s legacy in Valinor, I tend to imagine he was hated, mistrusted, maybe grieved for, probably avoided in polite conversation. I tend to assume it would be a little taboo to express a longing to return to the world he lived in, or a willingness to sacrifice anything to see him at work once more. I’m guessing sentences like ‘the unimaginable hand and mind of Fëanor at their work’, followed by longing sighs, were right out.

Part of the dissonance is just that we’re never given the chance to see, in canon, the Fëanor who was inspiring and admired, the Fëanor Manwë wept for, the Fëanor who created and distributed and shared and enhanced the Ñoldorin understanding of the world. We’re told secondhand that he existed, but by the time we see him he’s entirely absorbed in political intrigue, and that makes his admirableness something of an informed characteristic. It’s understandable that, for most readers of the Silmarillion, a throwaway reference to Fëanor’s great achievements leaves a weak impression and a detailed description of horrifying violence that results from his decisions leaves a very, very strong one.

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Stay obe­di­ent to Allâh, stay away from dis­obey­ing Allâh and com­mand your fam­i­lies to re­mem­ber Allâh, and He will save you from the Fire.
—  Ibn ‘Abbâs (Allah be pleased with them)