dis movie is gonna kill me doe

EXO reacting to their GF being into horror movies

Hey there ^^ here is your request! (your English is good though!) hope you like it~


Suho: “Very interesting y/n! I like them too!”

“I thought you get scared easily”

“HAHA!! I don’t know what you’re talking about…” *acts chill ends up sweating nervously as soon as you start talking about the ring. So he distract himself with food.* 

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Baekhyun: “Baekkie! Lets go watch insidious chapter 3! PLEASE? PRETTY PLEASE?” 

“Jagi. Why are you doing this to me?!” *facepalm*  

*Ends up going with you to the movies. But soon regrets it, because he couldn’t sleep of nightmares, meanwhile you’re sleeping perfectly like a baby* 

“How can she even sleep like that!? UGH!” 

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Chanyeol: *Sees you reading a horror novel alone in the middle of the night while the whole place was dark*

“J-Jagiya? Are you okay? What are you doing… all alone… in the dark… with that creepy book in your hand.” *Gulps nervously* 

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D.O: *You tell him you like horror movies and you have a huge collection back in your place*

“I love you. Lets get married. Right now right here.” *Pretend you’re Chanyeol*

jelly kai in the background LOL.

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Kai: “Wanna play hide and seek jagi?” … GIF.  THE GIF. THIS GIF. OMFG. 

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Sehunnie: “Sehunah! lets go watch a horror movie!” 

“Sure jagiya” 

*after the movie when you both are home, you hide behind the bathroom’s door to scare him.*



*You laugh trying to stop him from going but he’ll be dramatic about it, eventually you will win as you offer him some cookies* 

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Xiumin: *unfazed whatsoever, and when you two watch a horror movie together he’d laugh at how cute you’re reacting to the jump scares and hold you closer so you feel safe.” 

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Luhan: *You’re telling him the story of a horror novel*

“Okay? Then what happens? Does the baby kill his parents?” 

*Creepy Luhan mode activated*

Kris: *You start telling him about the movie you and your friend just watched in the theatre, he mentally plays a song in his head to not listen to you*

“Are you listening to me YiFan?” 

“Huh? Oh yeah I’m listening baobei, keep going…” 

*Continues to ignore you* 

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Lay: “How do you like the movie so far Yixing?” You ask with a mischievous grin on your face.


“Well that was unexpected.” Your smile dies. 

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Chen: “Listen here jagiya, you’re gonna have to put in more effort if you wanna scare me” 

*Completely ignorant to the fact that you put a spider on top on his head.*

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Tao: *Afte forcing him to watch a movie with you* 

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