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170224 BTS Mokdong Fansign

Q: Taehyung-ah
Taetae, you have a low alcohol tolerance, right? You usually drink coke. What alcohol and how much can you drink?

Taehyung: One bottle

Fan: Hansung is cute.
Taehyung: Ah, really? 
(He probably thought the response was bad) 
Taehyung: I want to try to act in Crows Zero~
Fan: Isn’t that going to be a scary role?
Taehyung: It doesn’t have to be a scary role, I want to wear uniform. 
Fan: Wow, that would be so cool.
Taehyung: I want to play Serizawa, he’s so cool. While acting in the drama, I’ll be the Taetae-san that speaks Japanese.

Q: Will we be able to see Agust D’s solo concert this year? I want to hear ‘So Far Away’ live on the concert.

Yoongi: I will think about it

Yoongi: Name?
Fan: I’m OO.
Yoongi: Ah, are you Japanese? (in Japanese)
Fan: Wah, (you’re speaking in) Japanese!?
Yoongi: Because I’ve studied Japanese.
(the fan heard him say ‘because I’m genius Suga’)
Fan: I’ll be going to the concert, the next one is at Tokyo Dome right~
Yoongi: Yes, Tokyo Dome.
Fan: I’ll be waiting in Tokyo.
Yoongi: Can’t wait!

Q: Namjoon ah
I’m looking forward to your mix tape! Please say something before the release! (When will it be released?)

Namjoon: Just getting ready ♡ 

Fan: Namjoon~
Namjoon: Ooh OO-san~ (in Japanese)
Fan: What language should we talk in? (in English)
Namjoon: I don’t mind. (in English) But your English is good. Where did you learn it? In Japan?
Fan: I studied in Japan~ I didn’t study abroad. (in English)
Namjoon: Not at all? (in English)
Fan: Yes. (in English)
Namjoon reads the post-it-note
Namjoon: That’s sweet. (in Japanese)
Fan: Sweet?
Namjoon: I’ll work hard preparing it~

Q: Hoseok ah~ 
I’m looking forward to your mix tape! Please say your resolution before the release! (When will it be released?)

Hoseok: I’m working hard on it, so please anticipate a lot 

Hoseok: Oh~ Mixtape~ Please look forward to it~
Fan: I can’t wait~ When will you release it?
Hoseok: Hmm~ I have a lot of work these days~
Fan: I think Hoseok-san is beautiful, what’s your secret?
Hoseok: I’ve received a lot of love, that’s why.
Fan: That’s difficult.
Hoseok: Because of everyone, I’m able to receive so much love.
Fan: I’m looking forward to your mixtape.

Q: Jimin-ah
Sniper Jimin-ah! Pierce my heart with 5 characters! (You can’t write ‘I love you’)

Jimin: I missed you (he wrote in Japanese because of the fan)

Fan: 5 characters?
Jimin: あいたかった…? (he counts with his hand)
Fan: … (in Japanese, it’s 6 characters…)
Fan: Since you have pink hair~ (passes something in pink to him)
Jimin: (laughs)
Fan: (dies of cuteness)
Fan: It’s a present~ (passes the bag)
Jimin seems to be the type to either concentrate on writing or speaking.

Q: You don’t upload cover songs these days, but will you upload (them)?

Jin: I will work hard and upload 

Fan: Are you still studying Japanese?
Jin: Yes, I’m studying diligently!
Fan: I went to the concert and your solo stage was so cool. AWAKE.
Jin: Ah, really?
Fan: If you can have solo activities, what would you like to do?
Jin: I want to try everything.
Fan: Next concert is at Tokyo Dome, right? I’ll be waiting in Tokyo!

Q: My Twitter icon is a sheep, can you draw a sheep?

Jungkook: *drawing*

Fan: You said you’ve learnt Japanese, so can we speak in Japanese?
Jungkook: Ok
Fan: English too?
Jungkook: Not in English, not yet ㅋㅋㅋ
Artist Jungkook draws a sheep
Fan: Isn’t that a lion…?
Jungkook: ㅋㅋㅋ


So This Happened

Two Months Ago:

Client: My friend wants a will. But she’s in the hospital. Can you come visit her and do the Will?

Me: Yes, we charge an additional fee for out-of-office appointments. The fee would be [$200 more than usual Wills rate]

Client: Oh no, that’s too much. Her affairs are simple.

Me: I understand if it’s too costly for you. Here is the lawyer referral service and perhaps there is someone you can be put in touch with who offers a rate more in your price range. 

Present Day: 

Client: So my friend died and had only done a handwritten will because she didn’t want to pay a lawyer. But apparently I have to probate this! What do I do? 

Me: You now pay me a premium of $1000 over my usual probate rate because your friend is an idiot. 

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Alex's CVS flare up in the lecture and throwing up in the plastic bag? ❤️

A/N: This prompt is an A++++ prompt and I wanted to do it justice so badly… Unfortunately I’m p sure that what I’ve written doesn’t quite live up to how I wanted it to be in my head, I’m really sorry. All the same, I hope it’s okay - I’d love any feedback on how to make stuff like this better. ❤️

“So: presentations…” Professor Scouse rubbed his hands together, enunciating every syllable of the word as though it brought him immense pleasure. A small groan rippled around the lecture theatre; everyone was hoping he’d forgotten that he’d set pair presentations over the next few Friday afternoons. They were all aggrieved by Professor Scouse’s relishment to suck any enjoyment out of their Friday.

They’d all been put into pairs the week prior, and pulled a specific topic out of a bed pan (that he’d purloined and no one wanted to know where from). Aleks and Damian had been fortunate in ending up as a pair, with their assigned topic being ‘adenoids’.

“Oh yes, boo hoo hoo…” He said mockingly. “The nasty mean Professor actually makes you do work on a Friday – what a hardship!”  The sound in the lecture hall died. Professor Scouse had no compunctions about keeping them all late if he hadn’t finished what he wanted to say. None of them wanted to be kept longer than they needed to be.

“Once you’ve finished your presentation, the floor will be opened to questions,” he carried on. “I expect questions – your inquiry and observations skills are being assessed as much as your presentation work.”

The atmosphere stiffened as the students realised this wasn’t a case of daydreaming while they were talking and clapping when they were done. They had to pay attention.

Aleks shrunk down in his seat a little more; he was hoping that he might avoid being picked first. He was wishing they’d double checked all of the sources they’d used, as that was exactly the sort of thing that Professor Scouse would pick up on and dig deep.

“There’s no better place to start than the back,” he announced, “Peter and David, you’re up!” Two boys from the very back row trudged down to the front, looking as though they were going to their deaths.

“Our topic was the cochlear,” the sandy haired boy began. Aleks leant forwards surreptitiously to fish in his bag for his notes; when he retrieved them he shuffled through them underneath the desk. He didn’t have any real reason to feel worried – Damian and himself had spent all Sunday afternoon surrounded by books, trawling for any information about adenoids that might be even remotely useful.

He realised he wasn’t actually focusing on Peter and David’s presentation – and that wouldn’t be good if he was called on to ask a question. He could feel his cheeks burning hot as he imagined the reaction if he was caught not listening.

His cheeks were still burning when Peter and David finished talking, and as he clapped his hands felt like they were forcing through treacle. He stopped clapping prematurely allowing his hands to rest on the desk in front of him. Although his face felt remarkably warm, a chill was creeping its way up his spine and spreading through the top of his shoulders. The cold caused a ripple of goose bumps to erupt all over his skin, and he recognised – a little too late – what was happening. His stomach gave a sudden squelching squeeze, and he took an involuntary intake of breath, straightening up in his seat to try and allow space in his abdomen.

His gasp had been louder than he’d realised, and a few surrounding students looked over at him; screwing up his face, he tried to pass it off like he’d been about to sneeze. Fortunately it looked like he’d pulled it off, except from with Damian and Zara who were sitting next to him. Damian eyed him warily, then, unable to talk properly, he picked up his pen and scrawled on the edge of his notebook.

‘You ok?’ Aleks read the question, then simultaneously nodded and shook his head, like a strange spasm had gripped him. The sudden confused movement of his head didn’t help, and he felt like he was trapped in a washing machine on spin cycle, tumbling head over heels. A strong wave of nausea washed over him like a wave climbing higher and higher up the shoreline. Aleks could feel the colour draining from his own cheeks and knew he’d appear grey very soon.
“Is it your… thing?” Zara hissed quietly across the row; Aleks gave a minute nod of the head, aware that Professor Scouse’s eyes had roved very close to where he was sitting.

Fear gripped Aleks’ chest, he hated having to disrupt a class to get out, and it was ten times worse when it was presentations. He knew that everyone’s eyes would be on him if he got up to leave, and that thought kept him firmly in his seat. He sucked in air through his nose and let it out slowly through his mouth, hoping that it might reverse how he was feeling.

“Thank you Peter and David,” Professor Scouse said from the front, allowing the two boys to return to their seats. “Zara, seeing as you have so much to say but no questions to ask, you and Joshua can go next.” Zara turned bright pink and quickly gathered her notes together; Joshua glared across at her furiously as she grinned sheepishly.

“Go now,” Zara said to Aleks as she left the tow, but Aleks had lost all the feeling in his legs and couldn’t move from the chair. He closed his eyes, everything around him felt like it was fading fuzzily, and his main concern at the moment was the gurgling sensation in his abdomen. He was gripping the armrests tightly, but slowly his mouth was filling with over liquidy saliva which he tried to swallow down.

When he opened his eyes Damian was staring at him worriedly; the saliva in Aleks’ mouth was becoming progressively more bitter and he felt his chest spasming.

“Can I help?” Damian whispered, but Aleks shook his head.

As a precaution he leant forward, trying not to crush his stomach as he did so, to fish in his bag for the plastic bags that he carried everywhere with him for emergencies. It rustled gently as he pulled one out with trembling fingers, but he didn’t care – his head was pounding as he opened the bag and held it open on his lap. He sat up straight for a few moments, breathing deeply, but there was a flux of acid that flowed into his mouth and he ducked his head down, bringing the bag closer to his face.

He should have gone when Zara told him to, but now he was stuck, knowing that he was about to vomit, but not able to do anything about it. He rolled himself forward so his forehead was touching the edge of the desk and the bag was held in between his legs.

Pfffuuuuussssh…” A mouthful of bile splashed into the bag, coating the inside of Aleks’ mouth with a sour bitterness, and that was it – the floodgate had opened. Hunched over the way he was, he could feel the sick travelling up his throat, and he squeezed his eyes shut as it got to his mouth: “Ksscccheeeew…”

He felt the bag get heavy in his hands, and then, he assumed, Damian’s hand rested on his back and patted gently. He could feel himself trembling as he tried to keep the heaving noises as quiet as he possibly could – though he was fairly sure that all those around him would be watching and cringing now. He wished he could disappear, curl into a ball and vanish from all of these people.

H’kllluuughhh!” The smell from holding the bag up to his face didn’t help with his queasiness, and another gush of sick fell into the bag, which was perilously close to being full. He forced himself to sit upright, closing the top of the plastic bag and desperately trying not to look at the contents, or feel the warmth coming through the bag.

“I need t’ get out…” Aleks whimpered softly, and Damian nodded.

“Go,” he agreed, “I’ll behind you with your bag.”

Giving up all care of interrupting, Aleks got to his feet, clutching the bag of sick tightly so he wouldn’t spill it, and made a beeline for the exit. He didn’t stop at all as he felt the start of another wave about to come up; the last thing he wanted was to decorate the floor with his stomach contents.

Damian had grabbed all of Aleks’ stuff and followed; to his relief Professor Scouse had given him a little nod to signal it okay for him to leave.

By the time Damian got out of the lecture theatre, Aleks was at the other end of the corridor, heaving into a waste bin. He caught up with him and began to rub his back soothingly.

“You’re fine Aleks,” he reassured as Aleks heaved harshly.

“That was – hulp – embarrassing…” Aleks gulped wetly. “In front of – urp – everyone.”

“Don’t worry about that,” Damian said, “but I think Zara will love you forever for distracting attention away from her presentation – it was awful!”

“Really?” Aleks looked up at Damian, who gave a weak chuckle.

“Oh, really!” He nodded.

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S4 is great because we get practically happy married Fraser’s throughout. That’s when we get the dialogue from bree about her having seen a marriage of convenience vs one of love, right?

Yes! Season four should really have Jamie and Claire building a life together and a home together. There’s some conflict and shananigans with Brianna and her arrival, but for the most part we have a unite Jamie and Claire. 

Here’s the passage you were thinking of. In this Brianna is talking to Lord John:

“I didn’t know Jamie Fraser was my father,” she said. “Not all the time I was growing up. After the Rising, my parents were separated; they each thought the other was dead. And so my mother married again. I thought Frank Randall was my father. I didn’t find out otherwise until after he died.” 

“Ah.” He viewed her with increased interest. “And was this Randall cruel to you?” 

“No! He was … wonderful.” Her voice broke slightly, and she cleared her throat, embarrassed. “No. He was the best father I could have had. It’s just that I thought my parents had a good marriage. They cared for each other, they respected each other, they—well, I thought everything was fine.” 

Lord John scratched at his bandages. The doctor had shaved his head, a condition which, in addition to affronting his vanity, itched abominably. 

“I fail to see the difficulty, as applied to your present situation.” 

She heaved a huge sigh. 

“Then my father died, and … we found out that Jamie Fraser was still alive. My mother went to join him, and then I came. And—it was different. I saw how they looked at each other. I never saw her look at Frank Randall that way—or him at her.” 

“Ah, yes.” A small gust of bleakness swept through him. He’d seen that look once or twice; the first time, he had wanted desperately to put a knife through Claire Randall’s heart. 

“Do you know how rare such a thing is?” he asked quietly. “That peculiar sort of mutual passion?” The one-sided kind was common enough. 

“Yes.” She had half turned, her arm along the back of the love seat, and was looking out through the French doors, over the burgeoning spread of the spring flower beds below. 

“The thing is—I think I had it,” she said, even more quietly. “For a little while. A very little while.” She turned her head and looked at him, with eyes that let him see clear through her. 

“If I’ve lost it—then I have. I can live with that—or without it. But I won’t live with an imitation of it. I couldn’t stand that.”


王子様のプロポーズ 2- Be My Princess 2 [Mobage]
(Ivan’s) Melty Birthday - Chibi Ivan Route

Since cg posting is not allowed, I am posting sneak peek.
“A rain of cherry blossoms falling in my heart”

Please get your tissues ready. This is a bittersweet but really beautiful birthday story. Happy birthday my valiant prince Ivan Chernenkov.

Once again, please do not share this route anywhere else other than using your reblog button to any other social media. This is a summary, all rights to the story goes to Voltage Inc. Thank you and enjoy!

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Can’t help falling in love (Part 7)

Summary: The reader has tried continuously to fall out of love with Sam, however just when she thinks that she’s got it under her belt Sam comes waltzing right back into her life again undoing all of the hard work that you’ve worked toward.

Warnings: Language, mild-violence

Word count: About 1900

Sam x Reader

Part Part Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

Originally posted by out-in-the-open

“What do you mean we need to talk about Y/N?” Sam said, still not inviting Castiel inside “and how do you know who we are?”

He hadn’t yet lowered the weapon but Castiel didn’t honestly seem all that bothered “I am an angel of the Lord, I know everyone but I could hear Y/N’s concern as to why she was bought back to life and I thought that I should explain.” He said letting himself in.

You could see Sam straining against pulling the trigger but you quickly stepped in “okay fine, tell us what happened then, oh and how do you know what I’m thinking?”

Castiel looked as though he would roll his eyes “I am an angel of the Lord, I can hear your thoughts if I wish to.”

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Mistletoe: a Josh Dun imagine part 11

Y/N: Wow okay, I did not know that you guys would like my poem that much. I got a lot of love, and a handful of hate, but it was insane to see that reaction. You guys are crazy! I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas, Hanukah, or just a happy holiday. You all deserve it. And if not, then there’s always next year. I love you all very much and hope you’re doing well. Here’s the popular request to continue the Mistletoe series…

part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5
part 6
part 7
part 8
part 9
part 10

“I thought I told you to stay off the couch!” a loud voice jolted both you and Josh awake. Wide eyed, scared, you looked around before resting your glare on Tyler, hands on his hips, staring down at the two of you. “What the heck is this?”

“Cuddles,” Josh mumbled, not giving a care in the world, curling up closer to you.

“Well cuddle time is over,” Tyler rolled his eyes. “It’s time to decorate our Christmas tree!”

“Come on, Josh,” you urged, nudging him slightly. Both of you were extremely exhausted, but agreed on getting up and helping Tyler decorate the tree.

“I got a couple ornaments,” Tyler chuckled, pouring a bag of contents onto the floor. On the table was a small Christmas tree, probably three feet tall at the most, and on the floor was scattered candy canes, cinnamon sticks, mini baubles, a strand of tinsel, and a small star.

“This is like an elf version or something,” Josh giggled. “It’s so tiny!”

“Does it work?” Tyler raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah definitely,” Josh nodded.

“Did you get me my present?” Tyler joked.

“Yup,” Josh reassured. You looked at him quizzically.

“You did?” you questioned.

“I did,” Josh narrowed his eyes.

“You sure?” Tyler cocked his head to the side. “Because when I got in the hotel room, it looks like you didn’t get much accomplished at all gift searching wise.”

“Don’t worry,” Josh laughed. “I got you a present.”

You couldn’t seem to figure out how or when this happened, but you just shrugged, deciding that Josh probably did think up something to give Tyler last minute. You on the other hand, were secretly panicking on the inside. You had nothing to give Josh or Tyler, and you hoped maybe things would work out. If you woke up early, you could probably draw little Christmas cards on the hotel room stationary, or make them morning coffee, or get a cab and pick something up, or get a small present from the gift shop. You decided not to worry about it. Instead, Tyler turned on his phone to a Christmas music station, and the three of you smiled, crouching down and picking up a handful of ornaments, preparing to decorate the tree. “I don’t think I’ve ever had a Christmas tree this small before,” Tyler commented, unwrapping a mini candy cane and sticking it in his mouth.

“I thought those were for decorating,” Josh gave him a playful shove.

“They were,” Tyler reminded with a grin.

“Doofus,” you smirked, tossing a bauble at his face, watching it bounce of his cheek and the candy cane fall out of his mouth and onto the floor.

“My candy cane!” Tyler cried, surprised, turning his attention towards you. He instantly picked up a cinnamon stick, throwing it at you and it hit your head, getting tangled in your hair.

“Oh, it’s on!” Josh decided, tossing the star ninja style at Tyler, making his eyes go wide.

It wasn’t but several minutes of us throwing Christmas ornaments until we heard a knock on the door and we all went silent, Tyler opening it and getting scolded by the hotel staff for being too loud, apologizing, and promising it wouldn’t happen again. When he closed the door he burst into laughter. “You know, I thought you two would be the ones getting in trouble for being loud, but I was proved wrong,” he teased.

“Hey!” Josh’s eyes lit up, throwing a candy cane at Tyler.

“Okay, okay,” his laughter died down. “I think that’s enough.”

“Tomorrow’s Christmas,” you reminded. “We’re supposed to be hugging and giving presents, not using ornaments as deadly weapons!”

“Fine,” Tyler chuckled, topping the Christmas tree with the star. “What do you want to do? We don’t have an oven so we can’t bake cookies, we’ve already decorated the tree, and it’s way too late to be singing carols.”

“How about a movie?” Josh wondered.

“Like Elf!” you suggested.

“Oh my gosh, yes!” Tyler exclaimed happily.

“I’ll get the popcorn,” Josh grinned.

“Wait. Are we allowed to sit on the couch or is that still forbidden?” you joked.

“As long as I get to sit beside Josh,” Tyler decided.

“Don’t fight over me,” Josh laughed, putting the popcorn in the microwave as you plopped on the couch and looked for the movie.

“You were mine first,” Tyler reminded.

“Shut up,” you giggled, picking up a blanket and easing into the couch cushions.

“You about ready, Josh? We’re going to start without you,” Tyler teased, picking up the remote.

“You wouldn’t dare,” Josh glared, taking the popcorn out of the microwave and pouring it into a bowl.

“Three,” Tyler began a countdown.

“Hold on! I need the salt!” Josh shouted, opening up the cabinets.

“Two!” Tyler continued.

“Give me a break!” Josh yelled, pouring salt into the bowl.

“One…” Tyler dared.

“Almost there!” Josh exclaimed, racing over to the couch and plopping down right between you and Tyler.

“Zero,” Tyler grinned. “You got lucky.”

“You almost got another candy cane thrown at you,” Josh warned playfully as Tyler started the movie.

“Be quiet and watch the film,” you hushed, leaning your head on Josh’s shoulder. Being with Josh and Tyler could be frustrating at times, especially seeing as childish, immature, playful, and crazy as the two boys often were, but it was definitely worth it. Their smiles, laughter, happiness, and adorable quirks seemed contagious, and there was absolutely nobody else you would ever want to spend the holiday with except for these two boys.

What Is and What Should Never Be - Part 2

Word Count: 4414 

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language

A/N: Italics are Dean’s dream

Series Rewrite Masterlist

Dean woke up on the couch listening to the sound of birds singing outside the window. He squinted his eyes trying to adjust to the brightness and remember where he was when he saw a photo on the table. It was a photo of the boys and you with John wearing a Santa hat. He instantly opened his eyes all the way and sat up, pulling his phone out and dialing Sam. Sam’s line went straight to voicemail and he sighed, shoving his phone back in his pocket, when he felt you move next to him.


“Shh shh shh…” He leaned down and brushed your hair back, kissing your forehead. “Go back to sleep, princess.”  

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anonymous asked:

Could you do the teenage AU, where like Cham finds out Hera likes Kanan/Caleb?

This assumes that Cham only “finds out” when they were teenagers. Cham has known since forever and has long made peace that he’ll (maybe) get splotchy little hybrid grandkids in the future.

A shaky holocam pans down to a much younger Hera. 

“Hera!” Cham’s voice is heard calling out. The girl turns around obediently, still clutching some festive pastry in her hands. “Are you having fun?”

“Yes!” the little twi’lek girl nods.

“Do you like Caleb?”

“Yes!” she announces without hesitation.

“Do you want to marry Caleb?”


“She can’t marry a human…” some distant relative mutters off-screen.

Hera immediately pouts, her eyes flashing furiously. “Yes I can! We’re going to get married on… Nar Shaddaa! And you won’t be invited!!” She takes a very deliberate bite out of her pastry.

“Oh ho ho! Looks like your daughter already has everything planned out, Syndulla,” someone chuckles off-screen.

Back in present day, Cham is showing the recording to a rather awkward Caleb while Hera dies of embarrassment, wailing that she was only ten and didn’t know any better.

The Neighbor Next Door 2/15

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, Chapter 14, Chapter 15, BONUS: XMAS Extra #1, XMAS Extra #2

Summary: (USUK) Arthur, an Omega has recently made the move to the US for a promising new job. He finds more than he bargained for when his loud Alpha neighbor won’t stop having sex at all hours of the night. Being sexually frustrated he declares war, but does Arthur want to be the victor when giving in feels so right?

Warnings: Fic is rated R ; traditional omegaverse

A/N: This story will be updated on Fridays. It was only supposed to be 5-6 chapters and I’m currently working on chapter 7 so original estimate completely out the window. /o/

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Because I need some Jamie x Brienne in my life: "Shit, are you bleeding?!"

SPOILERS FOR THE JAIME ADWD CHAPTER plus subsequent speculation

She should have noticed.

She should have. Fine, all things considered, it’s probably human that she doesn’t pay attention to his irregular breathing until they’re far from the brotherhood’s camp. And considering that she’s also worried about Pod and Hyle - they took the other horse and ran the other way, and she really hopes they had the same luck they had -, and that she had rode the horse to exhaustion and that she was worried trying not to get them killed, it’s… not surprising that she realizes that something’s wrong the moment she feels something warm and sticky on her back, pouring through her clothes.

Considering that he’s sitting behind her and holding on to her back -

“Shit, are you bleeding?”

“Wench, I didn’t know you finally succumbed to the joys of swearing like all of us do,” he croaks, and considering how he’s sounding -

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Do you think Stilinski could be Claudia's maiden name and the Sheriff took it when they got married? Stilinski is Polish and we know Claudia is canonically Polish but it's never said if the Sheriff is too. And then we have the Yukimura's were Ken did take Noshiko's last name. Also Melissa keeping McCall even after divorcing Rafael. I just think there's enough evidence pointing to it being Claudia's maiden name.

There is hardly any evidence at all concerning Claudia and certainly not her maiden name. All we know is that she died, that she was Polish and that Stiles is named after her dad, something the sheriff tells coach in episode 1x05.

I suppose it is possible, but it’s not really all that common. I think it’s more common to hyphenate than to choose the woman’s last name. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done, and the idea is presented to  us through the Yukimuras.

Scott: Yukimura is Japanese, right? 
Mrs Yukimura: Mmm-hmm. 
Mr Yukimura : Yes. Yes, but I’m actually Korean. When my wife and I married, I took her name, as she was the only surviving member of her family. 
Scott: You didn’t want to take both names? 
Mr Yukimura : We were married in Japan, where the law says that the couple must share the same name. To belong to the same koseki. My wife’s lineage is quite unique. I was actually going to discuss it in class. 
Kira: Please don’t. 
Mrs Yukimura : Kira. You should be proud of your heritage. It was a profound honor to join your mother’s family.

 If Claudia has links to the supernatural, names might be important and she might have insisted on keeping her surname, and also naming Stiles. The conversation with the Yukimuras alludes to them choosing her name because she was a Kitsune. Also Claudia could be the last surviving of her line as well. 

Coach did comment “You must really love you’re wife very much” when he say Stiles’ first name on the journal, which the sheriff confirmed that he did. Perhaps enough to give up his own surname. 

Scott did ask Melissa why she kept McCall after she got divorced, so the show has gone to great lengths to highlight the topic of surnames and choice - choosing the name that you want and not the name you should take according to tradition. 

Scott: Mom, can I ask you something? 
Melissa: Yeah. 
Scott: Why didn’t you How come you never changed your name back to Delgado? 
Melissa: Do you mean, why did I keep your father’s name? 
Scott: Yeah. 
Melissa: Yeah. Because it’s your name, too, honey. I gotta go, sweetheart, okay? I love you. 

The Yukimuras is one, the McCalls twice, we only need a third to confirm a pattern of three with regards to unconventional surname choices. Perhaps it is the Stilinskis?

Interesting idea, thanks for sharing. 

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Omg! I love your "can I kiss you" fic!!! Can you please do something like that to #23 “I’ll wait.”? You gave me so much feeeeellllssss!

send me a number from here (x) and i’ll write you a fic
#23. “I’ll wait.”
note: based off korean drama, answer me 1997, because i love that drama

sakura grabs her coat as she rushes down the stairs of her house. just as she was about to head to the front door, she stops and pauses in front of the kitchen doorway when she hears voices coming from the kitchen. the light was on and her parents were both still up instead of in bed.

“do you really have to pack so much food? why are you packing ketchup, for crying out loud?” kizashi exclaims as he picks up the bottle of ketchup from the box.

mebuki mumbles as she takes back the ketchup from her husband’s hands and packs it away in a corner of the box, surrounded by boxes of ramen and instant rice. “mebuki, they have ketchup in tokyo, you know?” kizashi states.

his wife only stares back at him. “food costs money. and this way, sakura will have everything she needs once she arrives there.” she sighs. “how can we send our baby off to the big city? her body is big but she still acts like a little child.”

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a thing about men i am afraid of in a world where no one dates anymore

I’m always paranoid men are going to think I’m falling in love with them. Because, I don’t know, isn’t that a thing they are always thinking? Aren’t they, at some point in their collective youths, imbued with this community fear? That women only want to love them in order to take something away from them. That there is freedom that exists only in the stark contrast of feminine love and that our wiles exist to woo you to the dark side.

The nightmare is that you wake up one day and you are middle aged and you are chained to cinderblocks in the form of a nagging wife and kids and a mortgage that means you really can’t do anything to save yourself.

Maybe I’m projecting.

Maybe I have just had a lot of arguments with men who have always thought I was falling in love with them. And there’s nothing that will make a mark on your psyche like arguing with someone about whether the way you feel is silly. Or that they know more than you do about the way that *you feel.*

I don’t know what other people expect from me, or what they want. I know the way my whole body feels when I appreciate someone for what they are without needing more than what is happening in the present. Isn’t that what every mystic, ever, says? Nothing good can come from wanting things to be other than they are. If you are wise you are supposed to love this moment for all the good parts that are making it up. And I think I can do that.

But there’s this voice in the background, this subtle dis-ease that the intensity of my enjoyment might be taken as a sign by others to be something else. Some kind of yearning for a future I don’t want to think about. I want my yes to mean yes and my no to mean no, but I also understand that we have all gotten so good at lying to each other, and to ourselves, that all of these things only mean maybe – and for the time being.

I don’t want to be pitted against people. I don’t want our happiness to be zero sum – the abundance of mine coming at the expense of yours. I want there to be some kind of prairie away from the obstruction all of other people’s ideas about how things should be where we can see that nothing is coming in the distance. And nothing is hiding, waiting to jump out.

Fiction: 'Routine' | Paige Keir

She has the same routine every morning,

She wakes up, sits on the edge of her bed and looks out the window to see what the weather is like. She believes she can always judge how a day is going to go by what color the sky is. Today it is a pale grey. She decides to be optimistic and call it silver, that would mean today would be okay.

She puts on her slippers and her dressing gown and shuffles towards the door. It occurred to her, as it does every morning, that there is really no need to close her door at night as there is nobody else in the house.

She shuffles to the kitchen and presses the switch on the kettle, when nothing happens she realizes she hasn’t turned it on at the wall. This is another thing she does every morning.

She makes herself a cup of tea, she dips the teabag three times for luck before she squeezes it with her spoon. She pays special attention to the way the tea flavoring spreads through the water, like smoke.

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