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why do you not ship percabeth? sorry if you've already answered this in the past.

disclaimer, i do not Hate Them or anything i’m just a wee bit bored of having them shoved down my throat + much prefer reynabeth / annalypso and jercy / frankercy. the interest in them for me died as soon as the first series ended? like — that was their big moment, getting together after 5 books. 

every new book / new cast somehow includes characters who barely know them fawning over them like ‘omg couple goals!!!! theyre sooooo cute and in love!!!’ and 1) i find that really weird and 2) why was that necessary? like, the audience already knows they’re a couple, why does every other character need to comment on how In Love they are when it’s not……relevant in any way?

also uh. look i get that they’re fandom faves but their relationship, not just them as characters, but their relationship seems to overshadow huge chunks of the plot for no reason. i.e. in HoO, where they got a whole book devoted to just them being in tartarus pretty much, at the expense of the other characters being hugely sidelined / crammed into very jumpy and rushed scenes and plot. the only two characters in the HoO cast to get understandable and unrushed development in the second series, imo, were reyna and nico; they got a really sweet arc about friendship and trust, ft. backstory and resolving feelings and discussing some traumas. coincidentally, they were half the world away from percy/annabeth.

no hate to the characters or ppl who enjoy their relationship, i’m just……not into it anymore? there isn’t a single direction rick could take them in that would get any interest from me.

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Do you know of any trk-compliant fics where Ronan and Gansey talk about pynch? Or that focuses on their friendship at all? I have a mighty need and it seems relevant to your interests....

HMMM that’s certainly relevant to my interests :’) here are a few fics I remember having good ronan-gansey content in some capacity. they’re not all trk complaint, but they’re all canon-y, i.e. not aus. they are all ronan/adam, but i have a brief ronan/gansey fic rec here, if you’re interested. i’m working on a trc rarepair fic rec too which will have various non r/a ships/friendship fics/etc.

Innocence Died Screaming, Honey

How Lancelet and Guinevere Slew the Dragon

I Keep It To Myself; I Know What It Means

This Isn’t a Heist

Son of the Nuclear A-Bomb

We’ll Never Be Those Kids Again

One of my kids got the Star Wars Lego Freemaker Adventures DVD set for Christmas. We’re still working our way through it. 



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I saw this in the latest episode and thought it might interest you?

Pilot: yes youre right it super does hehe, specially since the moment where most of the class was being a hero Nino died somewhere in a dumpster fire no where to be seen? at least that boy actually got a dedicated scene like oh my gosh there was a scene that was just him and it was about him like holy crap im living, welcome to the future my lads. 

also the shot before with just his face like

this is relevant to my interests fuck yeah

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i'd just like to say thanks for posting koujaku in 2017. at this point i'm too ashamed to ever talk about it but i still love koujaku with my Whole Entire Heart and you give me my Koujaku Fill. thank u so mucb

I’m glad I can help make you happy! BUT EXCUSE ME TO GO ON A BIT OF A RANT HERE

This culture western fandom seems to have about outgrowing an older series is….. really annoying, honestly. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen “lol who still likes dmmd?” or “dmmd fandom is dead” when…. that’s really not the case at all. sure it’s not as active as it used to be when official content was being made left and right (drama cds, side stories, and all that) but the Japanese dmmd fandom hasn’t really stopped. Brain Breaker events are still going on, not to mention a new Aoba figure was shown at Wonfes just a few days ago (it’s beautiful by the way and you bet your ass I’m getting it). To add to that, there’s a LOT of older media that still makes itself relevant, because content as old as Gurren Lagann or NGE have fanbases big enough to still actively get figures. 

There’s this new trend I’ve been noticing within the past few years where western fandom, particularly younger members, contribute to this weird shaming and, dare I say, ‘cringe culture’ about anything that got very popular and then died down. It creates this really unhealthy atmosphere where people like you are ashamed to show interest in things that the rest of the western world has decided they’re, like, so totally over. god, dmmd is SO 2014.

My point is, ignore that bullshit. Enjoy what you want to enjoy. Life is too short to try to keep up with what is and isn’t considered uncool at this point. And let’s face it, we’re all losers. If you even know what dmmd is, you’re probably into some stuff that the general public would judge. So what? Why are we gonna act like we’re too good for something when in reality we’re all still a bunch of weirdos? It reminds me of when I was in my high school orchestra. Some of the band kids had this weird “we’re the cool band kids” clique that were pretty rude to the rest of us. I remember thinking….. dude, you’re still band kids. You’re not cool, none of us are. Shouldn’t we just be sticking together instead of forming weird subdivisions of uncool kids? It’s just exhausting to see that happening again some 7 years later. I guess it’s true that high school never ends.

So go, ashamed anon. Go and openly love Koujaku. If anyone tells you it’s embarrassing, feel sorry for them. Because they probably think they’re a lot cooler than they actually are. Never feel ashamed for what media you enjoy. There’s a lot of bad going on in the world right now, and if thinking about a character from a weird japanese gay porn game can make your days a little easier, then fuck anyone who tells you that it’s stupid.

Also I want Koujaku to fist me.

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Do you ever get bored of Pokemon Adventures? I've been trying to get back into it a lot, but I just can't connect with any of the newer stuff past Emerald. The writing for me just got stale I guess? I want to get back into it but I can't.

Oh, of course. Even as a 16 year long fan, I’ve taken breaks from Spe on occasion. I dropped the series when Diamond & Pearl arc started. Why? 

Because even though the writing was still top notch and characterization was all there, I felt somewhat betrayed? I was following a specific, intertwined group of characters, and then suddenly it felt like it was a hard reset button. And that’s not new, GSC and RS were hard reset buttons too, but they had a clear goal in mind. Diamond and Pearl felt really disconnected, and when I grew up with friends on Serebii and Pokecommunity, we all disliked how nonserious the characters were. It felt like it was a different series meant for a different audience. Sure now you have tumblr all loving Dia and calling him nice words like a “cinnamon roll,” but the rest of the fandom back in the day all loathed D/P to the point where all just died out. And for good reason too.

Diamond & Pearl, and later even the Platinum arc, make references to the past arcs, but it felt like it was a “hard reset” as I said above to the series. Nobody that cameo’d had any real relevance (sorry Daisy). It disappointed me and a ton of my old friends from back in the day. We all lost interest in Spe.

And while a lot of people appreciate Diamond & Pearl now, when I grew up, it came out in odd months, and I had to suffer waiting and waiting. Even worse the fandoms who had to live with crappy scans. Plus, the fandom at that point was basically dead. Even scanlators got annoyed at the stalling near the middle to the end of the series.

And then, I got back with HGSS. Finally, a strong start with a timeskip to what seemed like Gold battling Arceus, and then the arc basically took a dump on itself by wasting too much time with buildup and then getting cancelled essentially for BW.

Again, not many of us even know what happened at the end of HGSS until when Viz published their version.

Plus, BW came out, and again, it was another hard reset button on the series. It does make it hard to get into an arc, and that’s why not many people can get into the SM anime after being invested so much in XY/XYZ.

If you can’t get into the series, I totally get it. You’re not alone. Heck, I only came back in 2015 solely for ORAS and also seeing images of Red and Blue in ORAS. And then that was a big disaster in my book because Kusaka paced everything so wrong and slow in the beginning that all that buildup essentially was for nothing and he rushed it to the point where the climax was basically 2-3 pages. Really disappointing.


I’d like to open this up for what might end up being a very delicate discussion, so if you join in, I’m going to ask you to do so with respect, but I have very mixed emotions about the direction they went with Ressler last night.

For quite a while now I’ve thought that the Hitchin story line was going to boil to a dangerous place. There’ve been various theories about how far it’d go, and let me be clear, I’m really not distressed over the fact that Ress killed her. What has me tilting my head and pondering right now was how it happened.

She has taunted him from the get-go, flaunting with gusto that she not only can but will use her power to do whatever the hell she pleases. I believe there are many reasons why this weighs on Ressler. A lot of it has to do with his father. Laurel was Reven’s Tommy Markin. They were friends and Hitchin killed her in cold blood and got away with it. Not only that, but Ressler put his trust in Hitchin (in the system) and it just about got Liz killed. For a man that believes so strongly in doing what’s right, that complicates his worldview tremendously.

When Red and Ress walked into her office to make their deal and Hitchin said that she wanted Ressler’s word, because “Boy Scouts don’t give up their Merritt Badges easily” I was hoping he’d lie. I joked about him inching into the grey in that fashion, but then he backhanded her and I just sat there staring at my TV screen.

Once again, I really don’t have a problem with Ressler killing Laurel Hitchin. She was a terrible woman with her claws so deep into power that getting her out in a legal fashion was going to be next to impossible, especially after Ressler made the sacrifice that he did by giving over the slug that killed Reven to help save his team (which is huge on his part, in my opinion). I find the way that she died to be an… interesting choice, especially given the fact that Ressler has canonically stated his feelings about a man “laying a hand” on a women (and for those that might, please do not start that debate on this thread. I’m just referencing it because it’s relevant here).

He didn’t intend to kill her. Out of anger he turned around, backhanded her, and she hit her head on her way down. I almost would have preferred if he had simply pulled his gun and shot her.

I don’t know what this means for Ress. The fact that it was him and not anyone else that this happened to sets him further into the grey than I expected him to go that quickly. I’d love to know how others feel about it, because I love Ress, and while I’m all for the character growth taking him where it needs to take him (because, let’s face it, no one survives in the Blacklist world if they hold onto their black and white worldview too long), this move by the writing team seems very intentional and I’m trying to wrap my mind around it. They’re good. They’re better than good, so I imagine that there’s going to be some deep soul searching for Ressler next season, but I’d love to know your thoughts.

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Do you have any headcanons about Didyme?

First, I’ll direct you to my Didyme tag and my Didyme aesthetics tag, because those might be relevant to your interests. Onto some Didyme discussion!

  • Didyme’s name means “twin” or “double”. I like the following justification for it: her older sister died in infancy, and when Didyme was born, she looked just like her. I mean, identical. Thoroughly spooked, her parents decided to commemorate their lost daughter by acknowledging that their living child was a double. 

    … as you can imagine, that gave Didyme a complex. Three days old, and already she wasn’t a person unto herself. 

  • Didyme is Aro’s half-sister. His mother died a few years before he became a vampire, and his father remarried. Little Didyme was beloved in her family; all her older siblings babied her and found her precious. That was a double-edged sword. She was cherished, but for traits she didn’t really work for or earn. As a result, her sense-of-self was wobbly. 

  • Didyme’s gift is kind of a nightmare. Powerful, yes, but a nightmare. In the Guide, we’re told that Aro’s first guards were recruited from random vampires who fell in love with her on her journey to Volterra. She had no interest in them. To me, that’s scary. Vampire attraction is pretty sexual in nature, and she was about fifteen or sixteen at the time. She was horrified, not thrilled. 

    Aro didn’t do much to protect Didyme from her “suitors”. It was in his interest for her to stay single as long as possible, so he never discouraged their creepy, creepy advances. Marcus and Didyme’s relationship was inconvenient because it removed her hand in marriage from Aro’s list of political bargaining chips. 

  • Didyme was a people-pleaser. She wanted to be liked and admired, but she suspected that there was nothing to her character worth appreciating. (Which is wrong, of course, but it ties into the whole “clone of a dead sister and appreciated for being, not doing” theme.) As a result, she was a somewhat desperate presence. At their best, Caius and Athenodora and Aro were kind and patient and “Hey, let’s do stuff together! Oh, you’re good at it! Please don’t feel bad about yourself anymore,” around her. At their worst, they were curt and superior and with no time to spare. 

  • So. Marcus and Didyme. They were sweet together, don’t get me wrong, but I think their relationship was characterized by adolescent myopia. They so insistently believed their love was the best love that they didn’t notice some fundamental points of incompatibility. (Examples: Marcus was terrible at comforting his wife, because her gift concealed her frequent bouts of loneliness and insecurity. Didyme actually liked power, whereas Marcus didn’t.) If they had left, the gulf between them would grow, and in a century, they would return to Volterra. 

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Hey, what do you think? Who will be back from death? Because RTD said: Someone who is supposed to be dead will be back." so i really think, and hope it will be an old main character... what do you think?

!!!!! I actually made a couple of posts about it, and @teaboyofficeboy too, and we agree: It’s most likely going to be Owen. The exact phrase after all was ‘just has to be, has to be dead’, extra emphasis. So, likely someone who died more than once. AND someone not /confirmed/ dead or indisposed. That rules out Tosh (not that Scott Handcock himself didn’t claim that she’s ‘definitely dead’), and technically, also Ianto (since he wasn’t 'revived’ in House of the Dead, at least not in the classical sense). And Suzie too, since the events of her novel… well, don’t want to spoiler here, but she appears pretty permanently stuck where she is, and that’s not Earth.
So. That leaves Owen. An especially likely candidate since no one ever actually saw his body (I mean, who would??? I bet it wasn’t even recovered, radioactive as it was/is). Also, there’s been theories on how he might come back ever since he died (and I don’t just mean fan theories; someone ON SET actually said smth along the lines of him (Owen) escaping into the sewers and fully becoming the King of the Weevils). And doesn’t the AAU ep 5 summary remind you of a couple of things….?
I’d love to link you the relevant posts on my blog about all of this, but I’m on my mobile 😩😩 Perhaps just try my 'Aliens Among Us’ tag if you’re interested?


Some of the reason are more serious than others; others just plain fun but they are mine and some my own head canon why I think Clark and Diana are the best comic pairing or has the potential to become one of the greatest comic couples in history. 

1. They are each other’s equal in every way. Intellectually, emotionally and physically. If I want a relationship of equals then this is what I want to see. A man and woman relating to each other on an equal footing and no beta-ing or weaking of one so the other can be superior.

2 She can fight along side him, watch his back and kick his ass if need be. There is something profound in being each other’s Kryptonite.

3  He is a farmer’s son with a galactic inheritance and she a Queen’s daughter from a matriarchal warrior society. Culturally this sets for a colliding of worlds and philosophies but more importantly it creates a greater opportunity for challenging each other, understanding, learning, growing and bridging differences.

3. Their temperaments complement each other. They both really good hearted people with strong beliefs and wills.They don’t fall into the lazy cliches of good/bad girl/boy dynamic to change each other. Basically they do not have to be jerks to each other nor be damaged and dysfunctional to have a story.

4. They are who they are and they respect that in each other even if they have disagreements. They stand up to each other if they have to. 

5. They do not take each other for granted. They have both made sacrifces for each other which is what defines unconditional love. They actually reciprocate as a couple and as allies.They would literally go to the ends of the earth for each other. 

6. Clark is not ashamed of his love for Diana. He’s come to value it and her. He doesn’t see her as some obstacle to his mission but as a partner capable of helping him fulfill his own. ie bettering the world. Diana struggled initially with her Amazon upbringing and having to be vulnerable when falling in love with a man..but she learned that love was not weakness no matter how it manifestes itself but strengthening and that they were better together.

7. They often turned to each other for comfort and to reflect on moral and ethical issues because only each other could truly emphatize with the cares, burdens they face as Superman and wonder Woman.

8. Neither needs each other to be relevant as evidenced by the fact they headline their own comics. 

9. The fandom does not mash up their names. They keep them as individuals because they see them as individuals. Superwonder is the only mishmash the fandom might use.

10.Their stories do not stop  if they are apart because they have roles to fulfill eg him a reporter, her an amazon queen or ambassador. Whether they are dating or besties they will always be Superman and Wonder Woman. 

11. They share a similar outlook on how they see the world.They rule by trust, not fear.

12. Clark is intrigued by her animal empathy and Krypto just loves her because she understands him. Clark gets a kick out of hearing her and Krypto “talk.”

13. The well being of the world comes first. She does not stand by while he tries to saves it, she races him to it.

 14. She is the more pragmatic of the two while he is the more idealistic. 

15. The innate loneliness they feel ( yes they would feel alone even though they had a good upbringing and trying to adapt as normal etc fact is they are different and they are reminded of it every day)  is eased when they meet each other or are together. They are kindred spirits and twin flames which is way different  than the soulmate connection. It’s rarer and unique and more challenging.

16. Truth defines their relationship.He’s never hidden who he is from her and she’s always told him what is in her heart.

17. Date night can be normal and or downright fantastical from breakfast at a diner to hanging on a different planet enjoying twin moons with strange plants and creatures around them. They enjoy both. 

18. He can get her to laugh and relax. She loves when he cooks for her or they go to taste different kinds of ice cream around the world. Diana can get Clark to loosen up on the dance floor. He is the only one who got her to tearup during a movie when he rented E.T.

19. She gets him to see his self worth and challenges him to see the leader in himself because as a princess raised as a potential heir to the throne and Queen herself in some stories…Diana understands issues of sovereignty and having to inspire a people. She knows the best leaders are those who are not power hungry and don’t see themselves as such.

20. She looks wonderful in his cape, he looks super in her lasso.

21.  They do not define each other’s morality. It’s one of my pet peeves, some writers trying to make love interests more relevant that they are they try to make the heroes’ goodness tied into whether they with them or not. That is short changing the hero and basically saying if x died y can’t remain heroic. Heroism isn’t about having fair weather and if that is the case as with some other pairings …x turns evil because y dies or x can only care for humanity or have humanity because of y then said hero is not a hero at all. 

22. They have to be strong and serious for everyone but with each other they can relax  and just be a couple .With each other you see them truly vulnerable because trimmings and titles and costumes are just that to them…they are just a man and woman really. 

23. When they spar…it’s real sparring. Diana gives no quarter. She is a real opponent and wants to win and brings out a competitive side in Clark he never knew he had.

24. When they make love it is with real passion and freedom. No holding back. 

25. Their mutual friends, allies and family think they belong together. Kara always looked upon Diana as an older sister. Conner even had a little crush on her. Donna looked  to Clark as an older bother. Bruce their best friend’s destiny is to becomes the Godfather to their children.

26. She’s never been in awe nor fear of him. eg While people go gaga for Superman to Diana at first he’s just another strong individual. She’s a warrior a daughter of Zeus, she knows and seen power. It’s his nobility, compassion, kindness, humbleness, standing up for the weak and oppressed that makes her fall for him. She enjoys when he reads his work to her and asks her opinion. She especially loves his human interest stories because it allows her to understand the world she is adjusting to better. She’s been encouraging him to write that novel he’s been wanting to write for a while now.

27. Clark might be one the most idealistic heroes and a sharp reporter but through Diana he sees the wonders of the world. Because her eyes are fresh just by being someone from another world/time and her speech is  honest and her heart empathetic. He offers hope, she offers second chances.

28. He loves how fierce she is. She is regal and genteel but no pushover. She treats people from all walks of life with dignity and he especially admires how she who could be a privileged  princess chooses to fight instead to better the world and advance social causes. Clark enjoys nothing more than seeing Diana addressing the UN, trying to get attention for social causes and womens’ and childrens’ rights and spending time with orphans and refugees and offering comfort where she can.

29 The potential for exanding the verse of Superman and Wonder Woman is a minefield.   Sci-fi meld with myth and magic. Wider scope, epic stories, a chance to really create, be it new villains, and characters, off world adventures, time travel etc. The idea of these two having children…new legacy characters and not just another superboy or wondergirl…a combination of two heritages has always had most of fandom intrigued.

30. The Superwonder fandom is fun and generally most seem to spend time celebrating what they have. Many have been shipping before the new 52 so they know what is is like to long for something and as a result their creativity came to the fore and created instead of bitching. We have some of the best fan artists and fan fiction writers imo. They often faced ridiculed by other rival fandoms who got stuff in cartoons and tv shows and movies, bu they still persevered. Maybe DC saw this and acted upon it, we don’t know. But patience and fair play has its own reward. Superwonder fans are not self entitled and are just glad to have a chance finally to say we are canon. I am proud to be part of this community. I hope DC gives us a chance for at least the time they gave the other pairing last canon. 

The Fellowship of the Ring - Book 2, Chapter 02: THE COUNCIL OF ELROND (PART 2)
[ Introduction post! ] [ a LOTR book blogging project ]

PREVIOUSLY, I spent a lot of time marveling at the hilarity of Sauron trying to send a messenger to Mirkwood and then marveling at just how much Tolkien can info dump into a scene and not actually provide much of any fucking context.

I’m glad that I basically look at those scenes, where there’s a ton of names–A DOZEN NAMES FOR EVERY SINGLE THING YOU CAN POSSIBLY THINK OF, I mean, shit, knowing Tolkien, he probably had Yavanna give a name to every single tree on Arda and then the Elves and Men and Dwarves all came along and named each of them all over again–and my reaction was:

I think I’m doing pretty well so far.  :|b  But this chapter may eventually yet break me, WE’LL SEE.

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Time for more Book of Life Theorizing. (Beware, you'll probable be getting a lot of this today.)

Ok, I just noticed something. When Mary Beth (the narrator) was explaining where Chikal got the Amulet of Everlasting Life (Joaquin’s medal) from originally, she said he stole it and that Xibalba later stole it back. But who did Chikal take it from originally? I think we can safely assume it wasn’t Xibalba, since the guy is not only extremely intimidating but also a god, and thus fully able to keep his stuff safe. Then it must have been from someone else who Xibalba gave the medal to. But who would Xibalba have given it to? Let’s take a look at something from the graveyard at the beginning of the movie. (I apologize for the quality of the photo’s, I was taking pictures of my TV.) :

Pretty interesting sword right? According to Jorge Gutierrez, it’s called the Sword of Seven Sins. (It also looks quite a bit like Chikal’s sword, but that not relevant.) Guess who it originally belonged to? Xibalba. 

Now let’s think about this. Why would General Mondragon have Xibalba’s sword? Unless Xibalba gave it to him. As we’ve already seen, Balby tends to prefer people like Joaquin, so it’s not much of a stretch to imagine he would have liked his dad. We also know that General Mondragon was a great warrior and he died fighting Chikal. What if the sword wasn’t the only thing Xibalba gave him? What if the reason that Chikal had the medal was because he took it from Mondragon?

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My God you sound so bitter about CS. As far as Hook dying, he wasn't gonna die in S2, that was never going to happen. IDK what made you think that he was gonna die then, because that was not gonna happen.

ok first i wanna see your receipts. cause honestly with the way that season was going, i had hard cash on cora killing him before the end for betraying her and going after rumple alone or something. greg and tamara complicated things and they got neverland so ok fair enough, for the sake of argument ok lets play this out.

they get to neverland. cs isn’t a thing, so hook’s just there as a guide. without the supposed ‘connection’ to emma how long does it take hook to betray them to pan in return for a chance to kill rumple? cause lets remember kids, if he’s not with emma then he’s trying to kill rumple. he dies in neverland; neal inherits his ship and sails it home. maybe he gets a semi-redemption in that he dies saving milah’s son? but he doesn’t get home from neverland.

i am bitter about cs. it’s killing what was my favourite show. it has no narrative purpose, and no character or plot relevance: cs has done nothing to develop either character or to advance the overall plot line. hook’s ‘redemption’ happened in five minutes so i’m not counting that. emma’s development comes from elsa, regina, lily, neal, and her parents, but never hook. cs also required a) a total overhaul of a character to make him even plausible as an emma love interest, and b) the death of one of the most important characters on the show, thus fucking MY favourite character’s plotline in the ass, in order to make it happen. 

After neverland exactly how important is he to the plot if he’s not emma’s boyfriend? without being emma’s boyfriend Neal would still be rumple’s son, and henry’s father. without being emma’s boyfriend hook is… the guy who screwed over neal and rumple once a long time ago. that’s it. 

and don’t tell me cs is his purpose because if you look at pretty much everything from s2 onward you can see swanfire endgame all over it. hook is being shoehorned in at the last minute to take his place. and i do have receipts for that.