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((what if the white album fight began with ghiaccio losing his glasses and giorno/mista getting annoyed with him for giving them the stink eye + cursing but in reality his eye sight is just fuckin ass. and then they all have the most serious snow ball fight ever and ghiaccio gets hit by a shitton of clothes hangers and dies.
jkjkjk but it’s always fun to parody vento aureo since it’s a super srs part sdjkflsdjf………….. can’t believe formaggio dies by being lit by a match and prosciutto gets run over by thomas tank engine go figure))

Have a wonderful Christmas!!!! Here’s my secret santa gift for @saintnightshade cuz I took part in the @pjosecretsanta2016 and it was heaps of fun!

Cause of Yukine’s Death

I was flicking through Volume 13 and this translation note caught my eye.

A live human buried alive near a construction site. Such as…

a bridge?

Either its coincidence or Yukine’s father thought burying his son would appease the gods and make the construction work. Then to make it worse, Yato knows that Yukine was a sacrifice to his kind.


Fairy Watching vs. Star Gazing cuz I don’t know which one I like better.

You burn so bright, I see stars
The way that you laugh, it’s like a heavenly choir
You made me feel invincible
When you’re with me, I can take on the world

Say my name, I’ll be there
I didn’t know, you should’ve said that you cared
It’s not too late for broken hearts
Take my hand, make a wish on a star

You were a comet and I lost it
Watching for comets, will I see you again?
Everybody needs someone but they can’t feel like this
How can I breathe with this burning in my chest?
You were gone so fast, I want you back
You were a comet and I lost it

Now I see you, I’m frozen in time
All your colors burst into life
I don’t dare close my eyes
Cause a love like this happens once in a lifetime

Skillet - watching for comets


>> Capture the Flag

Will and Nico have to be on opposing teams in capture the flag because if they were on the same team, there’s no way the other would win. ((Reyna and Nico think they’re such badasses but it’s okay cause they totally are.))

Will trying to use his sunlight control to throw Nico off his shadow-traveling game. Golden. ahaha. ((Mansi’s sunlight-controlling headcanon. His art is awesome, you should check them out!!))

Art by me
Please don’t use without my permission.



Ohm’s reaction can be explained with one gif:

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I found this comic in my sketchbook and decided to share it with you all. This takes place in my BBS GTA5 AU.

yes im back at it again with my horrible and sketchy comics >:D

i was checking the tags of this post bc i needed The Validation today and ssssome people!! telling me Nico wouldnt listen to twenty one pilots like??? you are so wrong?? so wrong?? nico blasting tøp and singing at the top of his lungs like “no you dont get it, they understand me” is 100% canon liKE. PLEASE.


DID YOU THINK I WAS DONE WITH THIS AU. bc i’m not. anyway. gryffindor victory party and all the demigod dorks, based on a scene from this fic. edit; fixed the link, thanks to everyone who let me know!


| The Wicked + The Divine |

Los Angeles Comic Con 2016

Photographer: Richard Perry Photography (@therichardperry on Instagram)