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Big Easy

Qui si respira un'aria di magia che non so spiegare. Questa città si adatta molto più alle parole che alle immagini, almeno per me che scatto foto da un cellulare e non ho un gran “occhio” per i dettagli. È bello viverla, questa che chiamano Big Easy, bello assaporarla nei sensi che riesce a solleticare, dal gusto all'olfatto, dalla vista all'udito, quest'ultimo deliziato dal suono di una musica che sembra non finire mai. Ad ogni angolo c'è gente che suona e senti qualcosa che ti allieta lo spirito mentre cammini senza una meta precisa fra un isolato e l'altro, pensando che sei fortunato ad avere dentro la voglia di vedere e conoscere. Viaggiare porta a capire, capire conduce a saper apprezzare.

you know, it’s sometimes good to look back. not everything went better, lost friends, broke up, failed school, dog died, didn’t get a new home, all the downsides of life. But those things will not win from the things that are going better. bad things happen, but they must be for a reason. I am happy with the friends I got now, I’m doing better on my new school, where I feel much better about myself and with way less stress, soon I will have a new dog, we are making this house feel like a whole new place. change isn’t always bad, and bad things are sometimes just there to help you to a next chapter in your life. change is good. life is good.


Seventeen’s Official Colors in MVs: Rose Quartz & Serenity | insp


Nico was in border patrol, but it was just so he could  be surprised.

Can you believe this could be the first time Nico can celebrate his birthday with people that like him since his mother died? :))


Thorin, Thorin, wake up. The eagles…the eagles…the eagles are here.

its canon that nico is insecure about his feelings and can’t express them the best sometimes. in fact, i think that when he finally felt brave enough to tell will, he wanted it to be as vague as possible, just a very hushed ti amo–and of course, it was in italian.

maybe it was in some of those quiet moments they shared. like right before they dozed off to sleep in the hades cabin or during one of their comforting hugs. maybe he just sighed it one day after a dangerous mission or mouthed it into wills hair when they were just giggling and laying in the strawberry fields.

either way, it was quiet and gentle and so absolutely genuine and will heard it and understood it no matter the way nico said it. and maybe will knew that he’d said it quietly for a reason, and so will said it back, not by words but by holding him closer