dis is gorgeous


i am crying this is too beautiful

› ✕ here you will be able to find approximately #590 of one of the smartest and prettiest people in kpop, ahn heeyeon aka hani  who is known for being exid’s lead vocalist as well as the face of the group, made by sav in style 02 ! none of the original gifs are mine, all i did was resize & edit – all the credit goes to the talented gif makers who made these gifs ! please like and/or reblog if using, i ask you to not use them without doing so seeing i spent a lot of time making these.  

happy (early) halloween!! kicking off the season with some halloween themed solangelo for an art collab with the super lovely @sabertooth-raccoon, who did the lines for this piece, and colored the lines i did! (check it out–saber’s coloring on this piece is incredible). this was SO much fun to color and yes, will solace is a certified potter nerd

raven_alanes My agent just let me know I booked my 8th commercial in 11 months so I’m celebrating by posting this pic of the most exciting job out of the bunch🌟The whole day was like a dream, and when I got to set I didn’t even know I was going to be working with Taylor. Her parents were on location and even offered my mom a seat right next them so she could see all the action. When we wrapped, SHE asked to meet me and I almost died. She is as gorgeous and kind as you would expect and she told me that she was homeschooled too! I won’t say what company the commercial was for but it’s a really cool one and it’s airing somewhere yet I’ve never seen it 🤔Ms. Swift if you ever see this, meeting you was so special and i’ll cherish this picture forever💋 #homeschoolchicksrock#taylorswift #dreamscometrue#commercial #superstar #kidsthatdance#msafam #msakats #lovemylife#thatssoraven

Il materiale di origine: @paulshipper (Instagram) / Gorgeous new 40th Anniversary artwork for Star Wars Celebration

meggimed  asked:

U need to chill omg. (On a side note I just reread for the 3rd time your tags) (and I even quit the fandom) (may be it is me who need to chill)

lmao listen 1) I’m super chill all the time!!!!! 2) except about elves,…
me, at the age of 89 probably: “also….. I headcanon… celegorm.. with strawberry blonde hair…..” *fingerguns* *dies*

It was engulfing, totally consuming.
One step and I was transported into a world, peculiar in texture yet so comforting and familiar in its breaths -
Skies so purple I wanted to swim in them only my body might dissipate if the oceans were such a creamy lilac as well.
The morning dusk enriched my skin, injected sparks in my bones and I couldn’t help but gawk in amazement at the present that the skies gave me.