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Can old people stop dying at my sim’s birthday parties please? Taking selfies with the Grim Reaper was fun the first time round but now grandma is dead and the birthday kids are crying into the arms of an alien and all the party guests are blocking the way to the kitchen counter where the cake is

E’ la formula più bella della fisica: se due sistemi interagiscono tra loro per un certo periodo di tempo e poi vengono separati, non possiamo più descriverli come due sistemi distinti, ma in qualche modo diventano un unico sistema. Quello che accade ad uno di essi continua ad influenzare l'altro, anche se distanti chilometri o anni luce…


                                     - PART II

Kai Parker x Reader
   (x Klaus Mikaelson & Caroline Forbes)

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AU : Kai is dating Klaus & Caroline’s daughter.
! PART I of the story
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It’s been a few months since Kai & Y/N had started dating.
Her family was perfectly dis-functional as she always corrected him every time he called the Mikaelsons perfect’. They fought , turned on each other but when push come to shove - you could always trust a Mikaelson to back another Mikaelson.  Kai felt more at place with them than he had ever felt in his own family. Over the past few months he had become really good friends with her uncle Kol and her aunts Freya and Rebekah. Y/N other uncle Elijah wasn’t around as much lately but he was pretty cool too… the only one who didn’t like him at all was Y/N’s mother Caroline who she still didn’t trust him.

Kai had spent the past few days out of town and could barely wait to see Y/N. They had never been away from each other for more than a day and he missed her more than he ever thought was possible to miss someone. He stopped by his apartment for a quick shower and a change of clothes before he headed for the Mikaelson’s. He fought the urge to sneak directly into Y/N’s room and surprise her. Instead he walked to the front door and rang the bell. A few moments later Caroline opened the door , reluctantly letting him in.
“Hi.” Kai said a nervous smile on his face. Caroline rolled her eyes , clearly she still didn’t like him.
“Y/N , your boyfriend is here.” Caroline called out and started to walk out of the room. Kai grabbed her hand and she turned around , an irritated look on her face. “What do you want Kai?”
“To talk. Please… ?” he said , letting go of her hand. She didn’t say a word but didn’t back away either. Kai took that as a yes. “Look , I know you think I am a monster, I’ve done some awful things and I’m not proud of that. “he said , taking a breath , his hands slightly shaking. ”…  but I really DO care and love Y/N and I’d never do anything to hurt her. Why can’t you believe this ?“
Caroline started at him as if he had slapped her or something.
"I don’t believe for a second that you’ve changed Kai. You are still the same sociopathic murder who killed his entire family. My daughter might’ve fallen for your ’good guy’ act, but I know who you are so don’t mistake me tolerating your presence for ‘liking’ or ‘accepting’ you as a part of Y/N’s life.” Caroline said , a hint of anger in her voice.
Ouch. he thought. Her words hurt him and he fought the urge to lash out , she was Y/N’s mother after all , even if she hated his guts. Kai looked at the ground , swallowing hard.
“You love Y/N, I get it. She is your daughter after all ..and I don’t blame you for not liking me. Maybe you are right and deep down I am still the same person who did all those awful things , but I am trying to be a better person for Y/N. She is changing me…” he said trailing off. “I love her. I never thought I’d find love or someone who would accept and love me back… and I’d never let anything happen to her.”

***    continues after the cut      ***

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#3 and Tsuna?

Crack!fic plot:

Sawada Tsunayoshi goes back in time, assesses the situation, and acts on his desires. You know, as a quasi 40-year-old-man-turned-13-year-old-boy is wont to do.

“What do you mean you saw him in Naples?” Timoteo asks tiredly for the 6th time that week. This is the 4th mafiosi to come to him regarding this strange boy’s sudden appearance throughout much of their territory. “That’s not possible. He’s in Japan, with his mother and father. Clary even asked for time off to spend with his family.”

It’s true. Iemitsu is with his family.

“And even if it were possible, he knows nothing of the mafia. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.“

…In Naples, Italy. 

Where Tsunayoshi is escaping from his parents to metaphorically photobomb as much of the Vongola as possible whenever Iemitsu is too preoccupied with Nana to notice, which is literally all the damn time.

not IIB verse but cedef is all herbs and no one ever gives iemitsu an herb name so his herb name in my writing is Clary.

Ron's Reactions at Malfoy Manor

While doing some research for my story, I found something I thought was very interesting. Most romione shippers and Ron supporters are well aware of the basement scene in Malfoy Manor (unless you only watched the movies, and were thereby cheated out of an excellent point of character development), but I don’t think a lot of people understand just how meaningful that was. 

First, you have to be aware that Ron Weasley is not a stupid person. He may be slower about certain emotional cues, and he isn’t at the head of his lessons, but he is NOT stupid. He is able to plan and strategize, and he sees details that others miss. 

Second, although he does have fears, he is not a comical coward. He might be reluctant, but he is always right there in the thick of things, even when it has to do with something he’s phobic about.

Knowing these things, the contrast became very clear. In the first book, when he’s trapped by the Devil’s Snare, he doesn’t fall to pieces. He can’t fully relax, but most people couldn’t in that situation. But while Hermione is dithering about finding wood, Ron is able to focus enough to remind her that she can use her wand. Afterwards, he’s able to play (and WIN) a chess match with the lives of his friends hanging in the balance. And he’s only twelve.

Fast forward to the Manor. He himself is in no immediate danger, but now, now he panics. Screaming, crying, beating the walls; he runs around looking for any way out he can. He doesn’t listen to Harry, and the only time he snaps out of it is when something happens to bring him closer to getting to Hermione. He tries to Disapparate without a wand. That might not seem like much; some would say it was stupid, since you can’t perform magic without a wand. Oh, but you can. Remember Aunt Marge? It may be nearly impossible without a wand to channel it, but it can be done. And Ron, growing up as a wizard, knows how dangerous and unpredictable wandless magic is at the best of times. For something as dangerous as Disapparating is even with wands, when you can Splinch yourself, the results could be…..well. Nothing pleasant. But he doesn’t care, because it’s the only thing he can think of to get to her.

Even when Fred dies, he’s able to function better. He makes sure to help Hermione to safety, helps Harry defend them from attack, and doesn’t break down until they get away. And even then, Hermione is able to hold him back, when no one in the basement could get him to listen to reason.

So in that basement, you aren’t just seeing his normal reaction to terror; Ron is no stranger to near death experiences, and he knows how to keep his head when everyone around him is losing theirs. But all that changes when it comes to Hermione, and if you don’t think that’s one of the most moving pieces of proof of his love for her, then you might need to go back and read those books again. 

Listen tho. Listen. All those sad headcanons about Shadow being alone once all of his friends are gone? I get that they’re good for angst, but he’s not gonna be alone. Boy made friends with a mf robot. Robots don’t have an expiration date, and don’t tell me Shadow wouldn’t learn to be a mechanical expert if he had to to keep the only friend he has who can match his lifespan functioning. When everyone else is gone, Shadow will have had to deal with a lot of loss - but there will be a constant in his long, long life, and that constant will be Omega.

Abuse: 10k imagine

Surviving was life now. Nothing but to get by for the next week, the next day. Making it to your next birthday seemed like a miracle at times. I’ve been a survivor for the past four years in the zombie apocalypse.

At first I was by myself until this group found me. It was a large group of 20 or so. Of course I stayed with them, power in numbers.

But slowly the group got smaller and smaller until it was me and a few others. Isaac was around the same age as me, he seemed distant at first but he was always there for me. He was odd but he kept us safe, he kept me safe.

Though he was really sweet in his own way, I didn’t have much of a choice in the say of our relationship. When are leader died, Isaac took charge. He always kept me close and told me he loved me. But something didn’t feel right when he was the leader. It was this weir feeling deep down in my stomach.

I thought about leaving the dis functional group but I knew I wouldn’t make it far by myself. So I stayed. I put up with all of the drama and bull from Isaac and the rest of the group.

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Optimus Prime: Calling all Autobots! Calling all Autobots!
Hound: Oh yeah! HELL YEAH! He’s back! He’s alive! OPTIMUS IS HERE!
Drift: At last, there is hope after all…
Crosshairs: Mister “Leader of the Free Galaxy” is back! I never doubted you for an instant…
Drift: We got your warning. We’ve been waiting.
Hound: Hell yeah! Booya! We got the gang back together.
Optimus Prime. Humans have asked us to play by their rules. Well, the rules have just changed.
Hound: Human beings, buncha back-stabbin’ weasels!
Drift: Hound. Find your inner compass. Loyalty is but a flower in the winds of fear and temptation.
Hound: What the hell are you sayin’?
Drift: It’s a haiku.
Hound: Cut the crap before I drop a grenade down your throat!
Drift: Try it and you’ll be dead.
Hound: Oh please pull it. Please do it.
Bumblebee: You know to save so much time…..
Crosshairs: Well raise you’re hand if you’re thoroughly disenchanted with our little earth vacation. So who’s the stowaways?!
Cade: Woah! Hey! What’s with the gun?!
Optimus Prime: Stop Hound! Both of you! They’ve risked their lives for mine. We owe them.

Dis-function family much?

Our Inner Flame

by Saṃsāran

I’ll be the first to admit that I can’t really express this idea very well in words but I’ll try my best. When we close our eyes we sense something. A sense of presence. Our own presence. It is in our midsection and feels like the glow from a flame. It can raise or drop as our thoughts stream by. This feeling is tangible. It is real. As we move through space in our bodies we are tracing a flow of this fire like the trace of a striking match.

We trace a glowing line which cannot be seen with the eyes. This glowing line is who we feel ourselves to be. This glowing line of feeling is the self. That part of us which experiences the world and changes its position relative to the world. It flickers and glows as we experience the universe for seventy or eighty years. 

When our body finally ceases to function it dies with the body.

However, there is more to “us” than this body. I am not talking about an eternal soul which may or may not exist and is a matter of faith. Rather, I speak of the flow of consciousness. Consciousness is a thing in itself. It does not require a brain or thought (cognition). It fixes possibilities into reality through observation. The universe sees itself reflected. The universe experiences itself. It goes on and does not die with the body. It does not die because it is as a fundamental aspect of the universe as space and time.  

ESFJ: Janice Rand, “Star Trek: The Original Series”

The Provider, The Harmonizer, The Caretaker

Yeoman Janice Rand was meant to be a regular lead character on The Original Series, sort of the Girl Friday to Captain Kirk. Halfway through the first season, actress Grace Lee Whitney was unceremoniously fired, much to the consternation of the other cast members. Many ugly stories exist about why it happened, but suffice to say Whitney was having a tough go of it at that point in her life.

Years went by, and Whitney recovered from the ordeal. She made cameos in the movies, became a born-again Christian and an advocate for those fighting addiction and substance abuse, and rocked the red one last time in an episode of Voyager (but sadly, not the beehive). On May 1, 2015, just two months after we lost Leonard Nimoy, she passed away peacefully in her home.

This one’s for her.

Dominant Function: (Fe) Extraverted Feeling, “Relate to the Experience”

As Captain’s Yeoman, Rand has a lot of responsibility, and she seems to enjoy it. Fe-doms like to be useful and productive, to know that they’re contributing to the group. Rand’s always on the move, taking care of some task or another.

Rand gets fussy with the Captain, making sure he’s eating right—or at all—and even bringing him coffee in the middle of a crisis (“The Corbomite Maneuver”). She and Kirk often offer mutual emotional support, literally clinging to one another during a battle (“Balance of Terror”). There’s some attraction between the two, but they both prefer to keep it professional (“The Enemy Within”).

Rand brings meals to her friends on the ship, too, even though that’s outside her duties (“The Naked Time”). She’s popular among the crew, and flirts with the men—although she brushes off the Salt Vampire disguised as Lieutenant Green after she gets a creepy vibe from him (“The Man Trap”). She hangs out in the rec hall in her off hours, where she encourages her fellow Extraverted buddy Uhura to sing a song poking fun at Spock (“Charlie X”).

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