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E’ la formula più bella della fisica: se due sistemi interagiscono tra loro per un certo periodo di tempo e poi vengono separati, non possiamo più descriverli come due sistemi distinti, ma in qualche modo diventano un unico sistema. Quello che accade ad uno di essi continua ad influenzare l'altro, anche se distanti chilometri o anni luce…

Our Inner Flame

by Saṃsāran

I’ll be the first to admit that I can’t really express this idea very well in words but I’ll try my best. When we close our eyes we sense something. A sense of presence. Our own presence. It is in our midsection and feels like the glow from a flame. It can raise or drop as our thoughts stream by. This feeling is tangible. It is real. As we move through space in our bodies we are tracing a flow of this fire like the trace of a striking match.

We trace a glowing line which cannot be seen with the eyes. This glowing line is who we feel ourselves to be. This glowing line of feeling is the self. That part of us which experiences the world and changes its position relative to the world. It flickers and glows as we experience the universe for seventy or eighty years. 

When our body finally ceases to function it dies with the body.

However, there is more to “us” than this body. I am not talking about an eternal soul which may or may not exist and is a matter of faith. Rather, I speak of the flow of consciousness. Consciousness is a thing in itself. It does not require a brain or thought (cognition). It fixes possibilities into reality through observation. The universe sees itself reflected. The universe experiences itself. It goes on and does not die with the body. It does not die because it is as a fundamental aspect of the universe as space and time.  

I’m dying. I’m dead. This is it 🙈😂😶

Just went downstairs, my parents are doing their usual lazy Saturday routine of watching food network and drinking their coffee.

My mom was on her cell phone tho and as soon as I entered the room she goes, “oh thank God! Now i can ask her in person rather than guess haha. Hang on.” She drops her phone to her chest and asks me:

“It’s your cousin Brian and he’s asking what you’re ‘in to’ for your birthday party next week.”

Me: “I’m easy. Gift cards are cool.”

Mom: “so…I shouldn’t say…jared leto things then?”

Me: “omg! You can’t just say that out loud!!!” I left the room and I hear my dad laughing and her telling HER cousin Brian (who’s a comic book nut and I know appreciates leto’s joker) that, I quote, “she’s really into that actor…again…jared leto. So just run with that and your good.”

Did I mention I’m dead?

Listen tho. Listen. All those sad headcanons about Shadow being alone once all of his friends are gone? I get that they’re good for angst, but he’s not gonna be alone. Boy made friends with a mf robot. Robots don’t have an expiration date, and don’t tell me Shadow wouldn’t learn to be a mechanical expert if he had to to keep the only friend he has who can match his lifespan functioning. When everyone else is gone, Shadow will have had to deal with a lot of loss - but there will be a constant in his long, long life, and that constant will be Omega.

sowekeepmoving  asked:

Can secondary fixes be stronger than core wings?

If we go strictly by official theories then no.
~But~ if we consider correlations with cognitive functions and (dis)integration processes then it can certainly appear that way.

Like, e.g. in a 7w6-4w3-9w1 ISFP the 4-fx might actually have a stronger influence than the 6-wing because it’s strengthened by Fi.

Or an 1w2-4w5-6w5 ISFJ would temporarily have a really strong 4-fix during periods of stress since 1 disintegrates into 4 and you would have the overlap there.

But in all those cases you would always have some obvious explanation why the secondary fix is stronger.
Usually though your core’s wing is clearly the second strongest influence right after your core. -However-, I’ve noticed that the wing is often also the influence we aren’t really aware of? Like in MBTI with your dominant function; it’s always there, chilling in the background, and you are so used to it that it doesn’t catch your attention?

KAZUKI…. my precious cinnamon roll…..in season 1 soushi’s clothes.

i made another twitter just to talk about fafner (and anime in gen but mostly fafner). https://twitter.com/mayuiki

please tweet at me about fafner.

my mom told me i need to stop grinning at girls so much because she said it’s creepy but i’m just smilin i’m sorry i’m just gay this is just how it is

Every single satellite orbiting Earth, in a single image.

High above us, tens of thousands of kilometers above our heads, there are orbiting graveyards. They are filled with satellites that have burned through their functional lives, now “buried” in space. The graveyards are filled for a reason: A dead satellite is a dangerous one.

On the surface of Earth, gravity pulls debris and trash to the ground, where it remains still. In space, gravity gives the same pull, but objects in orbit are always falling. With nothing to stop them, these objects fly around the Earth at astonishing speeds. Travelling 45 times the speed of sound, the debris is deadly. 

Graveyard orbits are orbits significantly distanced from wherever the satellites were operating before they died. Many functional satellites spend their lives about 36,000 kilometers (22,000 miles) above the planet, in a geostationary orbit - moving in sync with the rotation of the Earth, such that it always stays directly above the same spot.

By disposing of the dead satellites, we hope to lower the risk of collisions between them, which would create even more debris. According to one prediction, the accumulation of debris might get so bad that we couldn’t safely navigate through it, effectively locking us out of space - a gloomy condition known as Kessler syndrome.

Army Appreciation Post  Adorable Representative M.C for Youth

I’m so proud to call myself an Army but I’m even prouder to see how intelligent and smart you guys truly are because seriously from:

The amazing and intricate detailing you guys put into your theories to help us not so smart armies understand BTS emotional wrecking MVs

To the efforts some fanpages take to update and inform us on the latest news/photos and videos concerning BTS

To our strong representatives that always keep those dis-functional armies in check and try and avoid problematic situations for BTS 

To the armies who im sure all of us can relate to care immensely for our boys health and spread loving messages of encouragement and empowerment to the boys to keep going

To Armies who I call ‘Healers’ that take time to answer our questions/rants and opinions and take opportunities to get to know us

To the creative armies who make artworks/paintings and Wallpapers for other Armies to use which we love you so much for and should always deserved to be credited for

To all the kind-hearted armies who are willing to share BTS DVD/CD/Photo shoot albums that you yourself paid for and don’t need to share but still do

To whom I consider ‘Life Saviors’ our dedicated and hardworking English subbers that allow us international armies to both understand and create a stronger bond with the boys and are ever so patient with us and always willing to help us even though we can be a pain

To Korean Armies who are able to send gifts/letters/birthday presents on behalf of international armies to spread love to our hardworking boys 

To the amazing fanfiction writers who tell us shippers beautiful stories about love/friendship/Loss/Joy giving us hopes and dreams and yes sometimes the odd butterflies (Haha some of you are so Dirty yessss!)

And of course to BTS who created the fandom name A.R.M.Y as we truly are Adorable Representative M.C for Youth and appreciate everything you guys do for us whether its 20sec videos/updates/photos/fancafe posts/bangtan bombs etc. 

And to anyone that ever takes the time to spread positivity instead of negativity I thank you as well and If I have left anyone out I apoligise in advanced but I just really wanted to tell you guys how much I truly love you all and BTS 

Steven gives your daughter the 'talk'

Requested by @youcouldbeaxl

“We will be the coolest parents y/n, you’ll see”
Yeah sure, the coolest parents, for ‘common’ standards, the way your family worked was kind of, well, dis functional, there were never relationship problems, and your daughter loved both of you a lot, you worked and obviously so did Steven, though, you managed to arrange your agenda in order to work, earn a good amount of money and be home to your six year old daughter.
When you opened the door, Layla rushed inside to play, you observed her as she happily made a mess in the living room floor, you sat on the couch and watched her play, when Steven got home, it was his turn to play with Layla.
You heard the giggling and Steven imitating cartoon voices, making the small blonde child to burst into loud laughter, you chuckled and tried to organize some dull paperwork, out of nowhere, the girl popped a question that you and Steven clearly were expecting to come in a considerable amount of time.
“Daddy?” She called out
“Mhm?” Steven looked at her and fixed her messy hair
“Where do babies come from?” You jerked your head, hoping Steven wouldn’t traumatize the child, you tried holding your laughter too, but when you looked at Steven’s face you couldn’t help to snort.
“Uh, why are you asking sweetie?”
“A friend told me she knows, and she told me only parents have the secret” Steven took a deep breath and rubbed his palms together, searching for the right fitting story.
“Okay, so… Uh- pollen, and a magic bird come along…” He started mixing stories, and you looked at your daughter’s confused look, you smiled widely enjoying the scene.
“Okay, when mom and dad love each other so dam- much” he avoided your stern look “they decide that they’re ready to share their love and create something out of it” he paused “and then, they talk to the moon and the sky, and uh-” he looked at you fondly “and when everything is set and they know it’s meant to happen, a baby forms inside mommy’s belly, it’s sort of a surprise sometimes too-” you cleared your throat loudly.
“So, babies are a product of love?”
You and Steven crossed looks and shrugged “yeah, pretty much”
“So why don’t you have other babies mommy?” Your eyes widened and you looked at Steven, who was trying to hold back his laughter “it’s a surprise, remember” you glanced at Steven who started to question himself.
When the girl finally went off to sleep you looked at Steven “when did we talk to the sky and the moon?” You mocked and and he narrowed his eyes at you, bringing you close to him “remember that camping trip?” You slapped his shoulder as he laughed, him following you inside the room.

Gravity Falls Fandom

We are a united Fandom.
Throughout the years, months, days and hours we have all: cried, laughed, giggled, yelled, punched things we do not understand, shipped, and gasped.. Together!
In different states
In different countries
In different hours
We have fought over the dis-functional ships and we have also shipped those dis-functional ships.
We have all guessed theories
And gotten them Canon
We are a united fandom
We love the falls
And honestly Bill too
Tomorrow we will all unite as one. Even if it is for the last time.
Take back the falls! Never stop un-believing!
All ideas are good ideas!
Punch things you do not understand!
Believe their is something beyond for you!
Let’s all take back the falls!!!

Random Calzona Musings

Why is it that even after all this time I still want nay need an apology from Arizona for cheating (on Callie with Boswell) ?
It’s been more than 20 odd months since that gut wrenching moment when Arizona locked the on call room door.

Is it just me?

P.s. I am not even sure I want her to apologise to Callie! I rather she apologises to the fans. How stupid is that?! *Scratches head and walks away*

greg universe is just. so important. like??? he’s a fat balding homeless man whose dream job failed miserably, who runs a car wash to survive, whose beloved wife has functionally died. and yet, he’s unfailingly positive. his life is dedicated to making his son happy. he wears weird clothes and plays the guitar and jams out with his kid. he’s both incredibly ordinary and wonderfully extraordinary. he recognizes that he doesn’t understand much of his son’s life but he’s (mostly) okay with it. I JUST LOVE GREG UNIVERSE SO MU-HU-HUUUUUCH


The repetitive functions behind La Di Da Di — the incessant looping, the manic percussive stutters — make the album feel like a conversation in a secret language. When everything descends into madness (and it frequently does) there’s a call-and-answer between the instruments that feels sentient. 

On La Di Da Di, Battles position themselves as omniscient creators powerful enough to make the world as we know it shrink in favor of theirs, if only for an hour. But that tension is what makes it work: it exists independently of our musical ecosystem, while simultaneously trying to remain worthy of it.

— Lizzie Plaugic for The Verge