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how does luke feel when han dies? does he sense it in the force like leia does? how long has it been since han and luke saw each other?

he doesn’t—and this is important, somehow, strangely. at the end of all things and the beginning of so many more—he doesn’t feel Han die.

He feels Ben’s horror and grief. He feels Leia’s misery like a black shroud, settling over their shoulders. (They’ve always been closer than either of them will admit, and the stemming of blood means their family—their family

it is very strange, to be a Skywalker.)

He knows something is wrong, that a thing has shifted, but he does not know what, exactly. It has been almost fifteen years since he saw his nephew, and seven and-something since he last saw his brother in law, and if Leia weren’t so obvious—

I loved him, Leia says, crying into her cups. Gods, force, how I did love him.

I know, Luke says, because he does.

I—really do know.


Rodi Does Ace Dis//course Part 2: feat. testimony by Jay.

Some input from my best friend on this topic.

Honestly, people can’t claim that aphobia is fake when these are experiences real ace people have.

Let’s be real. If the jokes being made were about a gay person, or were jokes about being triggered, y'all would be up in arms.

Stand up for your ace friends.

okay but honestly Yurio is the kind of friend who sends Otabek all his selfies with “beka which one should I post” and no one can tell me differently

“Fine! I’m sleeping on the couch!” Nico yells after getting into an argument with Will. But Will isn’t having it, “No you take the bed, I’ll take the couch!” They both dramatically grab pillows from their shared bed and stomp down the stairs. Neither is willing to let the other be the bigger person by surrendering and taking the bed, so they both fall asleep on the couch as far away from each other as possible. They wake up cuddling, barely even able to remember their argument about whether it’s called ‘football’ or ‘soccer’

ok but at what point did Qui-Gon realize he’d said “The Queen doesn’t need to know” to the actual Queen.

at what point in the battle planning did Padme very deadpan say to him, “the council doesn’t need to know?” or something like that

at what point did Qui-Gon realize that under no circumstances should Obi-Wan and Padme be allowed to become friends because they will sass him to death

at what point did the young Queen realize she and Qui-Gon were saltmates

  • Us: Today we lost an innocent soul, we lost Credence.
  • Us: Sometimes we can still hear his voice, he deserved so much better. Curse you Grindelwald and MACUSA!

how to be a very cute little duckling as performed by kim namjoon