dis cat doe

The lady I refuse to forgive. 0 redeeming qualities. Even more angsty than Needletail, tried to get with Darktail, a cold blooded murderer of her old friend, starved elders and wounded cats, etc. I just wanted to get her over with, but I do like the markings / pose I chose for her. Yes, that’s blood on her paw. I imagine she got a scar on her face from the fight with Needletail.


Way back at one of windycarnage streams, the topic of Golden Retriever!Jason and tiny grumpy cat!Nico came up. And I was talking to tinygayitalian about it and got inspired so

more Animal!Demigods. xD I can’t get enough of it

Art by me

Please don’t use without my permission


The girl, the one everyone seems to love with their whole heart or hate with a dying passion. I’m on the hateful side. She’s just… she makes horrible choices, her perspective was god awfully boring, she has a horrible taste in mates, and more. However: I do like her canon design. So I went a little overboard, some might say, but I really like it. I’m excited to move onto Ivypool next!


God, where do I start with Tallstar. He’s gone through so much, I feel so bad for him, and he’s a very honorable leader. Even if he left the clans to find himself for a short while, he still became leader of his old clan. He lived a very long life, and made many accomplishments, even if he had to get help from Firestar sometimes. Also, yes I do ship Jake x Tallstar, honestly it’s the one impenetrable ship I have!