dis bithc


Boyfriend!Taehyung cause shit why not. Everyone’s doing it I might as well join in.

  • This boy
  • Such a pain in the ass
  • So fucking clingy
  • But you love every minute of it because come on. he’s Kim freaking Taehyung
  • Tbh this boy would get hype over seeing a dog in a car two lanes away.
  • Like let’s be real
  • “Tae, I’m driving-”
  • “He looked at you for 0.3 seconds-”
  • “I WANT HIM.“
  • “You have enough responsibility you don’t need a dog.”
  • “Hello, is this the Daegu Animal Control-?”
  • But no seriously he’d take you on lots of dates
  • Especially carnival rides and amusement parks just to see you hold onto his sleeve or just him in general from adrenaline
  • He’s such a smug little shit too
  • He uses his height to his advantage
  • He once made you climb a coffee table at IKEA just to kiss him
  • He hella petty
  • Overuses the phrase ‘i’M CRYIN IN DI CLUB’
  • Calls you ‘BITHC’ over text when he rants about his problems
  • Spoils the hell out of you
  • Tbh I feel like he’d be super sweet and sensual the first few times you do the diddly
  • But after a few times and some experimental works in the bedroom, he’d be hella kinky
  • heLLA
  • He’d probably like to tie your hands above your head while he teases every inch of you
  • Until you beg him to stop
  • And then he’d be reluctant to
  • He’d probably just want to start all over
  • He’d enjoy being bare faced around you cause he likes bein his bootiful tanned self
  • the mELANIN
  • IT
  • REAL
  • So yeah long story short he clingy, he a lil shit, he get excited over dogs, he kinky, he tan

I hope you liked my Taehyung Boyfriend list, and feel free to request!!!



he’s more or less based on my current Inkling in the game but i added more sara sweg to his design.. he’s actually not pumped to do anything he’s shy and would rather eat fish and drink juice in a corner by himself..

i cracked out my old Intuous tablet and let me tell you… it’s been a while.. ´__`;; i couldn’t give a shit to unpack my other tablet so i used my old one and omg.. i nearly died -sigh- 

time for bed.. GOODNIGHT ALL

-very sleepy actually..-©me