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CHB, movies time.
  • Jason: Movie time with duh Bitches!
  • Piper: Don't. Just.... don't.
  • Calypso: What's a movie?
  • Leo: Oh... You'll see, but can we just see Doctor Who?
  • Hazel: I would like to see 101 dalmatian-
  • Hedge: NEVER.
  • Annabeth: And if we just watch National Geographic?
  • Reyna: Everything except a romantic.
  • Will: At this time, E.R it's on tv.
  • Nico: Nah, there's a marathon of the walking dead right now.
  • Frank: Dunno, i don't want to see anything, and if we just eat some donuts?
  • Percy: That's because Canadians are bored.
  • Frank: Don't start with your hate to canadia-
  • Percy: But it doesn't matters, because it's my turn to pick.
  • Percy: *smiles* And you all know what i want.
  • Annabeth: Can we see something new?
  • Percy: My day wise girl, but you can pick.
  • Percy: *grabs 2 movies from his pockets*
  • Percy: Nemo or the little mermaid?


he’s more or less based on my current Inkling in the game but i added more sara sweg to his design.. he’s actually not pumped to do anything he’s shy and would rather eat fish and drink juice in a corner by himself..

i cracked out my old Intuous tablet and let me tell you… it’s been a while.. ´__`;; i couldn’t give a shit to unpack my other tablet so i used my old one and omg.. i nearly died -sigh- 

time for bed.. GOODNIGHT ALL

-very sleepy actually..-©me