dis bet


I finished the set of V emoji’s I wanted to do!!! The one of V crying is just because I like to see my favs in pain.


James/Thomas Appreciation Week

Day 3Favourite episode -> XIII 

Men like Thomas need men like you. To protect them from the world.

sext: people died for you.
I bet you liked it.

sext: they say Helen’s was the face
that launched a thousand ships
but she’s got nothing on you.

sext: good men took up arms and you
torched a city to the ground.

sext: But, oh, the roar of victory.
You must have been so proud.

Wait wait wait. Is Mon El's musical character, who's named is Tommy, playing Malcolm's character son? What?!

He and Iris’s musical au character, named Millie, are in a westside story kind of romance. Who’s families disapprove of each other’s love. What? I’m very excited for this.

Also who wants to bet Tommy dies in the end of this episode musical, then Kara realises that Mon El’s lie doesn’t matter, that his family doesn’t matter, and that they can work through this. Because seeing Mon El dying in that world hurts.

Also Candice and Chris? Yes please. They’re amazing people and I love their characters.

places in rick riordan’s books
↳ triple g ranch (the battle of the labyrinth)

“’Red cattle,’ Annabeth said. ‘The cattle of the sun.’
‘What?’ I asked.
‘They’re sacred to Apollo.’
‘Holy cows?’

  • Me: *peacefully going about my day like normal*
  • Me: *remembers there's a chance that Shiro will die in season 2*
  • Me: *stressfully going about my day like normal while internally screaming*