One-shot for dirtyspnimagines: "Imagine John taking out his lonely frustrations on you in a motel"

[AN: first post yo. i’m procrastinating so this is sorta wayyyyy longer and less straightforward than i had in mind. contains moderately rough sex, mind games, sassy!hunter!(y/n), too much whiskey, and some straight up John Winchester bullshit. spoilers for season 2 ep 1.]

..the short moan that escapes your lips is answered by one of his, and you sense that you’ve worked a thread free from the edge of John Winchester, and that you’ve learned how to pull at it, and that he might soon unravel.

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Can I Keep You (I hope people catch that) (inspired by imagines from dirtyspnimagines)

It was late. You had just gotten out of the shower. You were dressed for bed in one of Deans shirt, which hung like a dress on your short figure.
“Hey Y/N, wanna watch this old Batman movie with me?” Dean asks from his spot on the crappy hotel couch. He, like you, is dressed for bed, in pajama pants but no shirt.
“Is it the one with Jim Carrey in it?” You ask as you lay down putting your head in his lap.
“Hell yeah it is.” He says as he starts playing with your hair, something he knows you love.
You didn’t even make it pass the first 15 minutes before you clunked out. You awoke later to the sound of porn music and moaning. You could feel Dean shifting around uncomfortably. You hear him clear his throat and feel his hand move down your body resting just above your breast.
“Dean!! What the heck are you doing?! Are you watching porn?!” You yell jerking awake.
“I…nothing. It’s just…the movie…it ended..and the…the remote…” He said turning a bright red and pointing lamely at your feet where you see the remote laying.
“Oh, and I guess you touching me was your way of getting the remote?”
“I..was…just…um…er…uh..” Instead of finishing his sentence Dean just grabs you and kisses you. At first it was hot and filled with lust, but then it slowed down. Dean’s tongue explored your mouth, grazing your teeth, slide over your tongue, and across your lips. His hands found your waist as he lifted you up and sat you on his lap. You take a sharp breath in as you feel his hardness press against your core. You bury your fingers in his hair pulling him closer. Dean’s hand slowly slide up and under your shirt, his finger lightly running up your sides, before gracefully sweeping your shirt off. He lightly pulls you to him and you hear his breath hitch as your chest brushes against his.
His hands are making lazy circles up your body before he cups your breast, thumbs running across your nipples.
“God you’re beautiful” Dean softly says as he starts kissing down your neck to your chest. His tongue makes a lazy circle around your nipple before his teeth captures it. You gasp as your feel his tongue flicker against your nipple, and then a he blows on it lightly before taking it back in his mouth, gently sucking on it.
He quickly drives you into a whimpering, shaking mess. His lips find yours again and you pull back, looking into his green eyes.
“I love you, you know.” You say as you start to grind against him.
“I know.” His is fingers dig into your hips, eyes never leaving yours. You keep up a slow and steady pace, feeling him grow harder and hotter by the minute. You see him clench his jaw, trying to keep control. He lets out a groan as you speed up a little.
“Fuck Y/N!! I can’t..god I want you so bad” he says a he picks you up and carries you to the bed. He wastes no time getting both of you completely naked. He pause to look at you. He runs his hand up and down your body, stoping just above your opening. You arch your back trying to get closer to him. Instead of responding he leans over you, hovering, not touching, just hovering.
“Y/N. You are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever laid eyes on. I love you in more ways then I thought possible. Can…can I keep you?”
You can only nod Dean wipes away your tears and slowly, gently enters you. You wrap your legs around him and meet his hips thrust for thrust. Your nails rake down his back as you reach your climax, him along with you.

Sleep Well?

The three of you get into the hotel late.
“Well shit” Deans says, looking at the 2 beds. Sam and Dean just look at each other and do a quick paper, rock, scissors.
“Woo! Sucker!” Dean says as he throws his stuff down on the bed closes to the door. “Have fun on the floor! Ha ha.”
“Um, you can sleep with me..if you want?” You say slyly looking at Sam.
“Um..okay. Are you sure?”
“Yeah, that bed is big enough for the both of us.”
“Well ohk.”
You slip into the bathroom to put in your PJs which pretty much consist of one of Sam’s shirt you stole and your panties. Sam doesn’t say a word just raises one eyebrow as you crawl into bed.
You wake up to Sam spooning you with his hand between your legs and him breathing pretty hard against your neck. He slowly moves his hips so you feel his erection brush against your back. You let out a small moan, which seemed to be enough to wake him. Instead of jumping back like you thought he would he just starts kissing and biting at your shoulders and neck.
“Um Sam?? Are you awake?”
All you get is a moan in return as he flips you over onto your back and settles between your legs.
“Oh my..” You gasp as he hands start roaming your body and his hips start to swing.
“You know that’s a nice shirt” Sam says between kisses. His hands find the hem of your shirt and slowly start raising it. You gasp in shock as the cold air touches your nipples, making them hard.
“Oh god, you’re beautiful.” Sam says as he dips his head down and captures one of your nipples in his mouth. You can feel his tongue making lazy circles around it.
“Oh..god..Sam.” You moan as his hands drift down to your panties and he slips a finger in taunting you.
“Shh don’t wanna wake Dean” he says as his whole hands goes in an his figures find your entrance.
” I have been waiting along time for this” he says and then thrusts a finger inside of you. “God Y/N, you’re so tight.” He’s fingers go deeper finally brushing against your hymen. ” Are you still a virgin?!” He ask as he pulls away.
“Um yeah. Why?”
“Ah shit. I didn’t know. Are you sure you’re okay with this??” He asks looking concerned. You just bite you lip and nod.
“Well if I’m gonna be your first, I’m gonna be a hella a first.” He says as he takes your panties off and slowly kisses a trail down your body. You feel his tongue slowly lap up your clit and you buckle you hip. Sam just laughs and puts your legs on his shoulders and then grabs your waist to keep you in place as he feasts on you.
” Oh…Sam..” You moan as you rock your hips against Sam’s mouth and tug at his hair. “Sam…I don’t know..oh god..I want you.” Sam starts making his way back up your body.
” Y/N, this is gonna hurt a little, but not for long.” He says as he slowly pushes himself into you. He right it does hurt but then he starts moving his hips and all the pain melts away.
” This feels good” you say with a smile. Sam just looks at you, grabs your right legs and throws it over his shoulder and fucks you harder.
” oh god Sam!” You moan quite loudly. He just responds with a smile and places his hand over your mouth. It wasn’t too long before pressure started building up and you felt like you were gonna explode. You are moaning so loudly against Sam’s hand that you swear you’re gonna wake up Dean. You get a feeling that Sam knows when you are close because he slows down to slow but deep thrusts that leave you begging for more. In a few short minutes you feel your world being ripped apart at the seems and something hot shoots into you. Sam lets out a moan and you come back to earth. Sam rolls off you and somehow in the process manages to tuck you into his side. You guys lay there breathing heavily before you drift off to sleep.

You wake up to and Dean asking Sam,who has just gotten out of bed and is looking for a shirt.
“Hey buddy, what happened to your back, got a lot of scratches back there.”and then he leans around Sam to look at you
“Hey Y/N, sleep well?” He asks with a wicked grin and then practically skips to the bathroom. You just blush and look at Sam.
“Just ignore him.” He says leaning into kiss you. “I had a great time last night. What say we do it again, sometime real soon?”

The Fight (Tis a bit lengthy. But who doesn't like a good fight?)

You were pissed. You couldn’t believe he would do that something like that after everything. “You ass!!!!” You yell out in frustration. Wishing he was here to so you could beat the living shit out of him.
“Y/N, I’m sure he has a good reason to do this.” Sam says as he watches you pace back and forth.
“I’ll kill him. I kill him with my bear hands. That asshole!” You say as you clench you hands into fist so hard to feel your nails bite into your skin.

A few minutes later you hear the Impala door slam shut.
“Y/N! Don’t do anything dumb” Sam says as you tear out the door.
“Dean you ass!!” You scream as you reach him, you are so angry you just start hitting and slapping him. ” I hate you! I hate you!” you shriek as Dean captures you and throws you over his shoulders making his way to the hotel room.
“Put me down so I can kill you!” you are swing your arms not caring what you hit.
“Sammy. You might wanna give is a minute or two.” Dean says handing the keys to the Impala to Sam.

As soon as Sammy is out the door Dean throws you on the bed.
“What the heck is your problem?!”
“What is MY problem?! Try having your boyfriend run off with some slut at the bar!! Try having to come back to a shitty motel knowing that he is probably fucking her!!! And then you can ask what my fucking problem is!” You yell as you run at him again trying to connect your fist with anything. Dean easily blocks you and throws you back on the bed.
“First off she was a suspect! Secondly I didn’t sleep with her so calm your tits!”
” You didn’t sleepy with her?! Bullshit! She all but climbed on top of you at the bar! And did you stop her no!! So how to you expect me to believe that you didn’t fuck her?!” You are shaking with anger. You finally got off the bed and are just pacing back in forth.
“Y/N. I care about you to much to do that. I…I could never hurt someone I love.” Deans says quietly as he grabs you arm.
You hear the word love and you snap. You pull him to you and roughly kiss him. He goes to wrap his arms around you but you just push him on the bed.
“Don’t touch me.” You demand as you climb on top of him.

You bend down and start kissing him again, biting at his lower lip making him moan. His hands go to grab at your waist. But you take them and pin them above his head.
“I said. Don’t. Touch.” You say as you pull your shirt off and unhook your bra. You slowly slide the lacy fabric off your shoulders. You hear Dean take in a sharp breath as he watches your hands go up and cup your breast. Your run one of your thumbs across your nipple. And let a moan slip out. You slowly start moving your hips against his growing erection. He moans and starts to move his hips with yours. You grab him by the shirt and pull him up to you, crushing your lips to his. You waste no time getting his many shirts off him. He starts planting kisses and small bites on your collar bone. He goes to wrap his arms around you again.
“Dean. I said don’t tou-” you’re cut off by him picking you up and slamming you back down against the mattress. His mouth quickly finds your breast. His tongue runs tight circles around your nipple, biting just hard enough to get a gasp out of you. His hands are roaming all over your body. They finally get to the button of your jeans and he has them off and on the floor in seconds flat. Before you can even register what is going on he thrust his fingers into you.
“Fuck.” Cry out as he starts pumping into you not being gentle at all. He puts his head down and his tongue finds your clit. You grab his hair and start yanking. He starts to suck on you and adds another finger.
“Oh god! Dean!” You yell as you feel your world shatter apart. Before you can drift back down to earth Dean takes off his pants and thrusts into. Your fingernails scratch down his back as he starts pumping into with all the force of a great typhoon. He grabs one of your legs and throws it over his shoulders so he can go deeper. From this angle he is hitting your g spot and your clit. It’s not long before you feel your world shattering apart for the second time that night with a groan and one finally, powerful thrust Dean releases into you. He collapses on top you, rolls over and pulls you close to him.
“Y/N. I want you to know that I love you and I will never do anything to hurt you.” Dean says.
“But I might try and piss you off more often cause damn this angry sex is great!”

anonymous asked:

Hi! I saw you offered to write for the dirtysupernaturalimagines blog some male!reader insterts and wanted to ask if you could write anything with Dean? Because there are really few and Dean is just.. the best. Would be so, so so so soo nice :)

Yes I would love to! I’ll submit it in just like a day or two! :3 would you like a specific request or anything is okay? I dont mind either way :3 you can be as specific as you like.