Instagram: Restructuring My Experience

The best thing I’ve done as of late as far as Social Media is concerned is restructure my Instagram experience.

**Yes, you can and SHOULD build your Social Media experience to suit you. Do that instead of complain about how “dumb” it is while you continue to participate.**

I was becoming frustrated with it because while I do like Instagram a lot, I was tired of seeing the horrible memes, Tweetgram/InstaTweets/etc. with horrible grammar and endless personal barbs. I think Instagram is a social media site whose main focus is pictures and curating and telling stories through photography. All that other shit was getting on my nerves. 

So I asked around about how to have a better experience. One of my Twitter followers told me “follow based on shared interests instead of friendships and other associations.” GENIUS!!! I don’t know why I didn’t think of that before. I unfollowed over 100 accounts that night. I continue to unfollow accounts that continuously post things that I find offensive or simply don’t interest me at all. That’s all it took to transform my Instagram experience. I’m enjoying it a lot more now!