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(1/4) confession time, I used to be something of an anti but now I think they're actually fucking stupid. like I never outright labeled myself, but I didn't like a lot of sha//adin ships for personal reasons (as someone shiro's age, the idea of being with someone younger squicked me.) but like after reading a post about comparing tumblr's anti culture to conservative protestantism & how it’s awful, and taking a step back to examining the voltron fandom, it’s PAINFULLY clear how much of the

(2/4) voltron anti community acts like the morality police, with rigid black & white views, and essentially gate keeps the voltron fandom. like if they don’t like you, and what you ship or how you interpret things goes against their views, you are a HORRIBLE PROBLEMATIC PERSON, who shall henceforth be shunned for their Good and Pure™ community, where they can protect the children. and it just BAFFLES me how much this hive mind has spread. like do any of them actually stop and examine what 

(¾) they’re condemning?? I mean, I’m coming at this as a shallura shipper, which was once a Good n Pure™ ship but is now a DirtyNasty™ ship, and ya it was kinda eye opening seeing how they reacted to the whole age reveal, but also, what the hell even is an altean teenager?? have ANY of them even stopped to consider she’s from an alien race that CANONICALLY live longer than humans??? idk it made me realize two things, one they never stop to actually think before reacting and two, they’re gonna

(4/4) have to take me out before I stop shipping my ship. it’s just more and more apparent that they’re the ones going out of their way to try and earn karma brownie points or whatever for being Good and Pure™ by tearing down the Evil Ships™ when everyone else is content doing their own thing in their own corner.


This is exactly why antis just need to take a step back bc its the fact nobody is saying you have to like shaladin if you dont like it nobody is going to shit on you for that its your decision its the fact they have this mentality of judging things before actually knowing anything about them and its so fucking irritating    


i was tagged by @tosyabutsu to post the 6 albums ive been listening to recently

1. Homogenic - Björk
2. DIRTYNASTY$UICIDE - Germ x $uicideboy$
3. Rituals - Ghostemane
4. 達磨林檎 - Gesu No Kiwami Otome
5. No Love Deep Web - Death Grips
6. Greetings! - Michael Seyer

i tag @cuntpinmedown @pvrksjimin @kingchilaa @dementingprince @fluffycult @shifunjitzu @menherachan @puchikotannyu and anyone else who wants 2 do this !!