Giving credit to where it's due...

I don’t get the incessant need to gain more followers on tumblr???  Or to get as much likes on your posts till it reaches nth number??? I guess its something that they’re turning into as a popularity gauge?

All I know is that this particular blogging platform has provided me with the ease to share some of my photos, ideas & things I like with anyone & everyone (if interested).  I’m pretty darn happy with my 61 followers, and most of them are friends in person.  And I’m currently only following 79 blogs.  I only follow blogs I know I can get inspiration from.  As a means of thanking these people I follow for posting beautiful photos & inspirational entries, I would like to give props to the following blogs…(They’re more like my Tumblr Crushes :”> )


—I follow her twitter account, & I’m pretty happy w/ following her tumblr account, it’s all pretty random stuff but I find a lot of cute, funny, witty stuff on her blog.


—i <3 all her summer, beach, surf themed posts…she has an amazing collection of fisheye sets as well.  She’s actually number 1 on my Tumblr crush board


—she has a lot of cute, mostly Japanese themed posts…most of her posts get me hungry. I <3 all of the strawberries on her blog


—a lot of beautiful fashion photos, but what I love most are her posts on architecture & interior design.  I found out about her blog ‘coz I follow Ariana Grande on twitter ^__^


—the blog’s mostly in Portuguese, but the photo collection is beautiful & heart warming.


—I always run through the photos in this blog for inspiration when I’m hungry ^__^


—I like most of her interior design, architecture & fashion photos.  I’m starting to develop crushes on the models she keeps posting pics of ,-p 

—(June 12) She’s sweet too! She viewed my blog, she’s the first person to ever give me input on my blog…teehee! (extremely ecstatic!) ^___^


—by observation, most of the photos she posts are a bit artsy and have a romantic feel to them.

…I’m hoping they keep posting great stuff that I can keep liking, so far they’re doing a great job at getting me to come back to tumblr everyday.  Y’all might want to check them out as well. ^__^