This article declares the Hero that Bjork is. Very well stated in the quote below, Bjork embraces her “otherness” and forges a path with it - if ever anyone stood their ground and used their “otherness” “outsiderness” or uniqueness as a tool to PIONEER this life - it’s Bjork. Dirty Girls proudly backs Bjork and her career and her bold exemplary life style. “She embraced her otherness, forging a path with it, never forsaking integrity or independence, never dressing down.”  


This is a throwback jem. 1995/1996 Amber at 13yrs and Whiskey at 1. Two kids. I was pretty sad in those days. Baby Whiskey was the only thing that escaped me from the rest of the world. He was my life, my everything. Young wanna-be #KurtCobain and her young #MrEd #theTalkingHorse buddy. Growing up together. Raging dirty girl mode #DirtyGirlsProject

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