This is a drawing I’ve done today; it’s about my bipolar disorder, and mental illness in general, and about how  difficult it is for our relatives, our loved ones that no matter how deeply they love us and how they try to make us feel better, it often has no impact on us whatsoever because sadness/distress/anxiety/morbid thoughts erect fences between the “outside world” and us.

Only in books and movies can love cure mental illness, depression and so on. 

I am grateful for the affection my loved ones give me, but only when I feel stable and better. I can’t see it when I’m down.

Second of the three christmas cards I’m making. I need to work on it some more but it’s almost done. 

I know the lady said they’re not looking for anything professional and that most of the cards they’ll sold are amateur work but I don’t feel confident about my work at all. Meh.

Liam, Cally Ann and I met a fantastic old man in Glasgow who invited for tea and this is the drawing I’ve made for his adorable (and tiny tiny tiny) wife.

it’s a very low res scan she made, and I only had 15 minutes or so to do it so the quality is crappy but I’m pleased she took the time to email it.

She painted a little something as well for me, I will post it later