Blame it on the rain: Alex Gaskarth Imagine

You frustratingly closed your calculus book and sighed. You had a ton of homework to do before mid-terms and it was draining you. You decided to go and check your phone that you left in your room, so you wouldn’t be distracted, but a little break won’t hurt right? Taking you phone off the dock, you unlocked it to find 15 missed calls, 20 messages, and 4 voicemails, all from your best friends Jack, Rian, and Zack. 

You opened the messages and read through them. They were texting for you to call them back immediately and you wondered how you didn’t hear all the commotion hours ago. You rang Jack and on the 5th ring, he picked up. “Y/N!” he yelled with panic clear in his is voice. “Jack? What happened?” “I-it’s Alex. He went ballistic and ran off and now we don’t know where he is.” Your heart stopped and held your breath at the fact that you best friend was missing. “I’ll go looking.” You didn’t want to know anything else. You just wanted to find Alex and make sure he was alive. 

You and Alex had always been best friends since you guys were four. You had to hold hands in class and he asked you to be his “girlfriend.” You and Alex were inseparable all through school. In high school, he met Lisa. She obviously wasn’t very fond of how close you and Alex were, but soon enough, she accepted you. You didn’t have a boyfriend because you chose not to for specific reasons. Reasons being that you were in love with Alex. You didn’t expect it. He was in his relationship with Lisa for a year and you were at a backyard party. Lisa was nowhere to be found and Alex was angry, but wouldn’t say it but you could see it. He didn’t ask anyone for advice except for you. He dragged you into a room and spilled everything. 

He cried. You remember hugging him tightly to you and his arms tightly around your waist. He ended up crying and holding you around your waist with his head on your stomach and you repeatedly ran your hand through his messy hair. That’s when you realized. That was 5 years ago. Five years of continuously loving him, but never getting in the way of him and Lisa. You never wanted to be that person. Only Rian knew and he wanted you to act on your feelings but you never did. Now, you were driving around town wondering why no one had found him yet. 

You picked up your phone and dialed Lisa’s number. After a long amount of rings, she answered, “Hey Y/N! What’s up!” She giggled. She was weirdly happy at a time like this. “Didn’t you know? Alex is missing?” You gritted your teeth. “Oh… Y/N… Alex and I broke up a couple days ago. I found someone better…” My heart sunk lower than it already had. Alex went ballistic because of Lisa. You had no more words for her or anyone for that matter, so you hung up. You checked various diners, restaurants, libraries, and bars searching for the long-haired boy. No luck. After checking the last bar you thought he would be at, you sat in your driver seat and rested your head against the steering wheel, desperate to remember some place he would be. He was always at inside places in your hometown. But he was in none of them. Then you remembered. A couple days after coming home from the Dirty Work tour, he had told you he had taken Lisa to an overlook of Baltimore. 

His eyes lit up when he talked about it. His eyes always lit up when he talked about something that had beauty. You raced to the other side of town, swerving in and out to get to the mountain. You drove up as fast as you could. You reached the top and you were relieved to see Alex’s car. You saw Alex standing close to the edge, looking out towards the horizon and your eyes were filling with tears when you saw him. He was alive. You unbuckled you seat belt and wasted no time in running towards him. You pulled him back from the edge by his flannel and wrapped your arms around his stomach from behind. He tensed and looked behind him. Your head was against his back and the tears were spilling out now. 

 He quickly turned around in your arms and finally wrapped his around you. You heard him beginning to sob and you guys broke down to the floor. You sat on the floor and let Alex lean against your chest, still holding him. “You stupid shit… I thought you had left me.” You said between cries. “Don’t leave, Alex. It’s her fault for letting go of someone so special. It’s not you.” You assured him. He rose up from his place and looked at you. You stared into his chocolate brown eyes that were red and puffy from crying. “Y/N… Why did you come and not her?” He asked. You were taken back but answered truthfully, “Apparently, I love you more than she ever could.” You placed a hand on Alex’s cheek and wiped away a stay tear with your thumb. “I love you, Alexander William.” You sighed. He didn’t say anything at all. You were hurt, but you were glad you got it off your chest. 

You pressed a kiss to his forehead and got up from the floor. You turned away from Alex and began walking to your car. You would call Rian and explain where Alex was. You knew you had messed up. Or so, you thought. “Y/N!” You turned and saw Alex quickly getting up from his place on the floor. You were confused. Alex was about a foot away before he grabbed your hand and pulled you to him. He grabbed the sides of your face before you could say anything. His lips were against yours, moving and loving. You dropped your keys from your hand and placed both hands on his sides. You were kissing your best friend, something you had wanted for almost 5 years. 

He pulled back and looked down at you and you looked back at him. “You just didn’t do that because I’m a rebound right? Cause that would be very awkward…” You mumbled. He smiled and shook his head, his hands still on the sides of your face. “No. You do know why Lisa and I broke up? She probably told you she met someone else right?” You nodded. “I broke up with her.” He confessed. “Then why were you crying?” You asked him. “It hurt yeah. Plus, I didn’t know if you’d love me back, now I know… You love me more than she ever could.”


Alex and Jack talking backstage after Therapy.