Earthquakes shake Alberta town’s faith in fracking
Second 4.4-magnitude quake this year prompts regulator to issue its first stop order on oil and gas exploration due to seismic activity

With dirty pickup trucks in nearly every driveway, advertisements for energy service companies hanging at the local baseball diamond and work camps scattered nearby, Fox Creek cannot hide the fact it is a one-industry town.

One of nearly a dozen communities built during Alberta’s oil rush of the 1950s and 1960s, Fox Creek is at the centre of a hydraulic fracturing boom. The process, known as fracking, injects a high-pressure fluid into a well to crack rock and increase the flow of oil and gas.

About 90 per cent of the town’s 2,100 permanent residents work directly or indirectly for the energy companies that are looking for oil and natural gas in the surrounding Duvernay shale formation.

While hydraulic fracturing has taken off in the United States, Canada’s shale plays have been disappointing. The Duvernay could change that. Chevron, Shell, Exxon and other major players are investing billions of dollars in the hills around Fox Creek, sinking more than 700 wells in the past three years.

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sephirothskeyblade asked:

"I love starlight, it makes me feel better about my problems....about myself...", Sephiroth smiled, taking Zack's hand. The truck was dirty and had made strange noises on the way here, but now that they were here - wherever that was - he couldn't care less. The city never allowed him to look at all the stars.

Going out into the country had been Sephiroth’s idea and Zack was more than happy to go with him. It had been entirely too long since he’d gotten the chance to see the stars in their full glory, making tonight simply exceptional. Of course, now he had an amazing partner there with him making it even better. 

Squeezing Sephiroth’s hand, Zack nodded with a big dumb grin on his face and his eyes up at the stars. “I love it but you know… I don’t know if the stars would ever be as beautiful to me as you are,” he murmured. “Your hair looks like silk woven from the moon and your skin is like porcelain… And here you chose a bag of hammers like me.”

three hours of sleep after a week of little sleep and a morning of moving and cleaning later i wish I had somewhere to nap, but my bed and couch are in my dad’s garage and I am in my apartment to clean and such for five more hours and I am seriously considering making a nest of my beanbag chair and dirty clothes so I can take a nap this is serious