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Midnight ride ; smut

I was awoken by someone gently shaking and saying my name repeatedly. My eyes fluttered open to reveal a messy haired and shirtless Shawn. 

 “Baby..” I mumbled, as I turned around to look at our table side clock. “It’s two in the morning.” I said, turning back around facing him again. 

 “I know daring..” He soothed as his fingertips traced shapes into my arm. “But I couldn’t sleep since I’m leaving next week.” 

 A smile crept my lips. “Shawn, we have to enjoy right now. In this moment. Every moment together. We can’t focus on the negative. Remember, this is your dream and I completely support you and the downsides to it. I love you so much, no matter what. ” I said, caressing his cheek. 

 Shawn said nothing for a few seconds then all at once, I felt his lips brush against mine. The last time we kissed like this was our two year anniversary, sweet and passionate, far from rushed. It was as if everything around us was moving in slow motion. 

 He pulled away, resting his forehead against mine. “I love you Y/N, you know that?” He said. I smiled, “Of course, I love you too Shawn.” Our bodies were intertwined and eyes closed, attempting to fall asleep once more.

 Ten minutes or so passed by until Shawn spoke. “Baby, I can’t sleep now. Can we go out for a ride?” I pursed my lips, debating if I should miss work tomorrow. Oh fuck it. “Let’s go.“ I approved. 

 Shawn’s jeep strong, cold air conditioning caused goosebumps to plague down my entire body. His warm hand touched the skin on my thigh, making me feel slightly better. The radio played softly as we drove to our spot. A comfortable silence engulfed us. 

 His jeep came to a stop, we’ve made it. We reclined our seats back, looking at the pure sky, drowning us in stars and the white full moon. My body turned to face Shawn. “I’m not gonna lie. I’m going to miss you like crazy baby.” I said, as Shawn’s eyes met mine. “And I noticed that we haven’t fucked in a while..” I hinted. His eyes widened knowing what’s going to happen next.

 I put my seat into it’s original position and climbed to the back seat. He caught onto my drift and did as I did. “I’m taking control this time baby.” I stated as I straddled him. He nodded quickly. “Lay back baby boy. Let me do all the work.” I insisted.

 His hands explored my bare back under my shirt. I quickly pinned his hands on the sides of him so he couldn’t touch me and trailed sloppy kisses down his jawline. He moaned in response. His head looked up, giving me more access. I got him where I wanted him. He was weak for me. 

 “Oh my god, Baby.” Shawn groaned as my hips started rolling on his. “Tell me you want it,” I teased. “Tell me you want me,” I demanded. His hooded eyes glazed at me, “Please Y/N,” He blurted. I loved seeing him like this, frustrated. 

Shawn bucked his hips forward hoping for more contact then we already were having, but I refused. My hands cupped his soft face and tugged at his hair as I kissed him. I finally let him touch me. His strong arms wrapped around me, yanking my shirt off revealing that I wore no bra. His smile seemed to glow in the dark. His long fingers dipped into my velvet shorts and pulled them off along with my panties. My hands found the hem of his shirt and ripped it from his incredible body.

“Has my baby boy been good for me?” I whispered,my lips against his ear surely sending shivers down his back. He nodded his head softly, mumbling a short yes. “I can feel how I affect you,” I added referring to his prominent boner through his basketball shorts. Just to mess with him, my delicate hand found it and slowly palmed him. “Ahh, Fuck Princess,” He moaned. 

 We were both now completely naked. His hands gripped on my sides, awaiting for me to lower myself onto him. I fulfilled his wish and proceeded. I whimpered as his cock fulled me up, he smirked. I started riding him, my hands held onto his shoulders and my lips met his once again.

 Our movements made his jeep shake. He pulled away from my lips, taking my bottom lip with him biting it. “You look so god damn hot on my cock baby,” He stuttered trying to be dominant. Not this time Shawny Boy. “No Shawn, I’m in control this time, I’m the one making you feel this way,” I stammered, quickening my pace. He groaned at my sense of control. My nails dug into the skin of his back from all the pleasure he was providing me. 

 Beads of sweat dripped down our foreheads. His teeth bit down on his bottom lip, trying to stop his groans from slipping out. “Tell me how I’m making you feel baby, I wanna hear you,” I insisted. “You made me feel so fucking good Y/N. I love you so fucking much,” He replied, almost out of breath to even speak. 

 My legs were about to give out. Shawn knew I was getting tired but he still wanted us to go into pure ecstasy. He started thrusting up into me, taking charge for the last few moments. “Fuck baby boy, I’m about to come,” I whimpered. “Me too Princess,” He wheezed. 

 Then we finally reached our high. We interlocked our lips, capturing this moment to remember forever. I pulled away out of breath, my head resting on his shoulder. “I love you Shawn,” I stated. “I love you too Y/N,” He replied.


Shawn Mendes
Words ~ 1,600
Note ~ I had a heated conversation with a friend over this topic, then the same one with my mum, so decided to write a story sort of based on it.

Slamming the car door shut I didn’t even wait for Shawn, trying my hardest not to stomp my way to the front door. So far I’ve managed to keep my emotions contained, but it was only a matter of time before I exploded.

Another car door slammed shut, this time it was much more aggressive. From behind me, I heard the doors lock followed by the sound of angry footsteps. Shawn had just made it to the front door as I unlocked it, and I was seriously considering shutting it in his face, but his hand got in the way before I could.

“Alex.” His voice was calmer than I expected, but still held a sense of authority to it.

I didn’t reply, not wanting to start another screaming match in front of some random persons apartment. Instead, I flashed him a harsh look before starting the journey up the four flights of stairs to the apartment. Shawn sighed but didn’t say another word as he trailed behind me.

Neither of us said anything as the apartment door banged shut. Or when Que made some sly comment about the tension in the room before quickly evacuating to her room. And we were still silent as we made our way to the kitchen.

Opening the over head cupboard, I was searching for a glass when I sensed Shawn creeping up behind me, placing his hands on the counter either side of me, trapping me against his body. I struggled not to gag at the strong sent radiating off his clothes.

“Baby, please talk to me. Why are you mad?” Shawn pleaded, finally breaking the silence.

Biting back the harsh laugh that threatened to escape, the cupboard closed with another loud bang as I turned to him. A small smile flashed onto his face, but it was quickly wiped away when he saw the look on mine.

Crossing my arms over my chest, I stopped him from pulling me any closer, “You told me you had quit.”

A deep sound rumbled through his chest, his knuckles turning white as he grabbed the worktop harder. Shawn didn’t even try to hold his angry laugh, “Let me guess; you’re not angry, your disappointed.” He mocked the silly little saying I always brought up during joke fights.

“Oh no, I’m angry as hell.” I shot down his sarcastic response, “I’m angry that you lied to me. I’m angry that you’re still smoking.”

Heat rolled off his body as he released his death grip on the counter, scrubbing his fingers through his hair, “I’ve tried to quit.”

“Clearly you didn’t try hard enough.” Maybe my words where too harsh, but he really needed to hear them just as much as I needed to get them off my chest.

“Don’t say I haven’t tried hard enough, because I have. You don’t understand how addicting it can get.” Shawn’s attempt at reasoning was pathetic.

“No, I don’t know how addicting it is because I’ve never been stupid enough to try them in the first place!” I finally let out the laugh, “Not only that, but you’ve been lying to me for three months Shawn. What else have you not been telling me?”

Shawn’s face softened at the way my voiced cracked towards the end. Tears were already building up behind my eyes. Welp, now who’s the pathetic one?

A hand reached out to grab my cheek, but I jerked away, “You’re not touching me until you stop.”

“What?” Shawn choked on his words, “Alex, you can’t be serious?”

“Hey, if you want to kill yourself by inhaling those death sticks, that’s your choice. But I’m not letting you touch me while you do.”

“Are you really making me choose between you and cigarettes?”

“Yeah, I am.” I shot back. I stared at him for a moment before turning to walk out the door. But like always, Shawn had to have the last word.

“This is stupid, Alex! You’re going to cave!”

I didn’t cave. We went four hours without talking to each other. I think the only reason I went so long was because of the video I was editing, otherwise I would have caved in the first hour.

Shawn wasn’t enjoying it much either. Whenever I looked up at him, he made a big deal of getting up to smoke. By the sixth time, even Que and Katie were getting annoyed to the point in which they locked the door to the balcony. Shawn didn’t take too kindly to this and ended up storming out the apartment.

“I’m sorry, I don’t like the boy but I don’t want to see him dead.” Que stated as the door swung close.

I bit the inside of my cheek, not saying a word.

And that was it. No one heard from him until he was suddenly storming into my room hours later.

“Where the hell have you been?” I sat on the bed, attempting to distract myself from going out of my mind. This whole thing was stupid. I was being stupid. In reality I knew he was fine, but that didn’t stop all these horrible scenarios from playing out in my head.

“Out.” Shawn spat, not once did he look at me as he stripped off his coat, disregarding it on the chair behind my desk.

“Shawn, it’s ten to one in the morning, in the middle of winter. You weren’t just out…”

“Look, I don’t need you mothering me all the time.” He snapped, slamming his fist against the desk making me jump a little.

“Well sorry, I was worried about you.” Shawn flinched at the way my voice cracked. Tears burned the back of my eyes, but I quickly blinked them away. God, I hated my emotions sometimes. He flinched again, this time as I shoved a pillow against his chest. He stared down at the object with confusion, “You can sleep on the sofa tonight.”

“You can’t just kick me out! It’s my bed too!” He wasn’t even trying to keep quiet, not caring if he woke my flatmates up.

I bit back all the witty responses I had stored, instead settling for some very intense eye contact. Whole body tense and radiating anger, Shawn eventually gave up, slamming yet another door.

And his lack of trying hurt, a lot. But it was late and I was too exhausted, emotionally and physically, to start another argument with him. So I went to bed, alone, and ended up crying myself to sleep.


Four days later and we got by on one word conversations. I sat in my room working on some papers when Shawn walked in, holding a teddy bear and a book.

“Can we talk?” He asked in a soft voice, placing the presents on the desk next to me. I tried to hide my smile as I picked up the book, running my fingers over the cover, realising it was one of the books on my ‘To Buy’ list that mysteriously disappears late last night.

Placing the book back on the desk, I turned to face Shawn who now sat in the bed. Without a word, he opened his arms. I fought the urge to run over and hug him, not wanting to give in and lose the battle so easily. And even though I really did miss talking to him and cuddling him, he still really pissed me off.

Letting out a frustrated sigh, Shawn grabbed my hand, tugging me off the chair and closer to him. There was still a lingering smell of smoke and nicotine surrounding him, and while it wasn’t as strong as before, it was still disgusting.

“I’m sorry. I was being a giant dick over the whole thing.”

“Yeah, you were.” I agreed making him laugh. I smacked him in the chest, “This isn’t funny, Shawn. You’ve been lying to me for months. I found out through Katie who found the photo on the Internet.”

“I know. I’m really, really sorry.” He looked down at his hands as they closed around mine, swinging them from side to side, “I knew you didn’t like it when I smoke, so I thought I could hide it when I was away. I just didn’t want to stress you out more than needed.”

“That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard you say.” I pulled my hands away, but instead getting the hint and letting me go, Shawn’s hands found the small of my back, “You are literally killing yourself with those things.”

“I mean, we’re all dying anyway…”

“That’s not an excuse!” I gave up trying to be serious as Shawn started laughing again. Pressing a kiss against his neck, my head found his shoulder while his fingers drew soothing patterns along my spine, “I don’t want to see  you damaging your body like this." 

"I know.” He mumbled into my hair, “I’m going to quit, like actually quit this time.”

“Mhm.” I didn’t 100% believe him. I mean, he said this last time, and look how that went.

Shawn moved so I was looking at his face, “I mean this time. I’ve already gave my last couple of packs away to this homeless guy-”

“-wait, what?”

“Long story. Basically, I’m done. I’m probably going to be angry for a while, and I might slip up, but I’m done. Okay?”

I stared at him for a moment, not sure whether or not to believe him.

“Okay.” Nodding my head and left a small peck on his nose.

“Don’t I get a proper kiss?” Shawn pouted, and he really looked adorable, but I still wasn’t going to kiss him.

“Your breath still stinks.” I moved to sit on the desk chair, picking up the book again, “And I’m washing all your clothes.”

“I’m not complaining about that.” Shawn playfully winked at me and flopped onto my bed and purposely rolling around, covering the sheets in the horrible smoky sent.

Rolling my eyes, I walked away from the annoying goof and towards the living room, not before getting the last word, “On second hand, do it yourself.”


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Shawn Mendes x Reader

Word Count: 1,286

A/N: This is the first time I’ve written one of these so I hope someone likes it and then I’ll do more! And if anyone does and wants to send me a request pls pls do! X


The anticipation was killing me as I placed my key in the door. I hadn’t seen Shawn for exactly two months today. It was the longest I had gone without seeing him, he was always busy around this time of year. I quietly opened the door, avoiding the spot in front of the door that never ceases to creak at the worst of times. As I placed my bag in the kitchen, I could see an arm flung over the back of the couch and a bundle of dark, luscious hair. A smile forced my cheeks to raise as I crept over to the couch. I stopped for a moment, standing in front of the couch, admiring the peaceful human being that I adored so much, breathing deeply, eyes shut. I carefully plant one of my feet on the couch, beside Shawn. I climb onto him gently, fitting perfectly in between his legs, my head lowering onto his chest. I feel his arm leave the back of the couch and snake around my waist, holding me close. I lift my head to look up at him with a huge grin on my face. “Y/N, oh my god. Hi…Hi…Hi…Hi” he says with the most beautiful raspy voice, kissing my forehead between every “hi”. “Hey” I reply, my cheeks beginning to hurt from smiling too hard. I flip myself over so I can properly stare into his beautifully brown eyes. The cheeky look he was wearing was enough to make me foolishly giggle - god I missed him. “I missed you.” I say nuzzling into his neck while wrapping my arms around his perfect body. “Y/N you have no idea how hard these past few weeks have been without you. Especially at 1am when I could seriously use a good dose of you.” I can feel that mischievous look on his face and playfully hit his chest at the crude remark. “I’m just joking baby… Well mostly, it is partly true. But I missed every other part of you as well, I promise.” He leans his head away from me, lifting up my chin and allowing me to get lost in his eyes. We stay staring at each other for a moment, my heart filling with love. He breaks the stare by softly placing his warm lips on mine, kissing me ever so slowly but pleasingly. I start to think that maybe what he said before wasn’t so false and maybe I have been craving him too. My head is spinning as he pulls away, my heart pounding. I lay back down, placing his arm on my stomach as I trace the artwork on his forearm. Just as he closes his eyes with a smile creeping onto his lips, I adjust myself so my weight is on my knees, and my hands rest on the arm of the couch where Shawn’s head lay. I gently place my lips on the curve of his neck, placing kisses all the way up to his jawline, earning a small moan that escapes his lips. “Y/N I really didn’t mean to-” I interrupt him as I crash my lips into his, kissing him more passionately and harder than before. His cold hands slip under my shirt and rest on my back, sending shivers through my body. Before I know it, I’m being lifted up off the couch by Shawn’s mesmerisingly strong arms as I wrap my legs around his waist. “Are you sure?” Shawn asks me, his concerned eyes staring into mine. I smiled and gently kissed his lips. No one else in the world could make me feel more safe than him. He raised his eyebrows as he waited for a verbal response. “Yes, Shawn, I’m more than sure.” He kissed me once more before standing me on my feet. He intertwined his, now warm, hand with mine and lead me up the stairs to the bedroom. I immediately commended myself for wearing matching underwear today and even better - Shawn’s favourite pair. I turned Shawn around to face me, kissing his lips hastily before pushing him backwards, onto the bed. I followed soon after, on my hands and knees, crawling up to his gorgeous face. I began kissing his neck, this time from his jawline down. Again, earning a soft moan from Shawn. Lifting his top over his head, I continued my trail of warm, wet kisses down his chest and towards his waistband. He knew how much I loved how he looked in his grey sweatpants. He places his hand under my chin and guides me back towards his face. “I need you so bad Y/N” He whispers to me in between our lustful kiss. He flips us, hovering over me like the angel he is. I watch in adoration as he unbuttons my shirt making me more and more eager for his touch. I quickly sit up, throwing my shirt off my body and reaching for the nape of Shawn’s neck. He kisses me while sliding his hands down the sides of my body in search for my shorts. He somehow manages to swiftly unzip and remove them while not breaking the kiss. “Y/N I think you managed to get sexier while I was away. Unless it’s just that underwear.” He says in a low voice before slipping his tongue under the band of my lacy navy blue underpants, releasing it with a snap on my skin, only stimulating me more. He spreads my legs apart as he removes the item he loves from my body. “Can I, baby?” The hot breath of his voice making me moan. “I’ll take that as a yes” He laughs as I nod my head hurriedly. As his tongue touches my ball of nerves, I know I’m not going to last long. He hums against my sensitive warmth, making me lift my hips, my hands pulling on his hair to bring him closer to my core. My moaning becomes rhythmic as his tongue works like it never has before. “F-fuck Shawn” I pant. He lifts his head up enough to look at me. “Right now is about you, Y/N. I want to show you how much I missed you. Okay?” I nod, my head ready to explode with pleasure. “Please, Shawn. I-I need you so much.” He complies by continuing only this time it’s harder and faster and I can’t control the noises and movements of my body. He moans into my core as he continues to flick his tongue in and around me. He continues at a fast pace as I completely come undone under his touch. He kisses my hip before grabbing his t-shirt off the floor and handing it to me. I lift up my arms as his smell engulfs me, leaving my heart comfortable as ever. He places the covers over us while he lays there smiling at me. I turn my head to the side to face him with the little energy I have left. “I love you. You know that, right?” He asks me as he stares into my soul. He wraps his arms around me and pulls me closer. “I definitely do. I love you so much.” He pulls me tighter than before as I rest my hands against his body and my head on his beating heart, his chin resting on the top of my head. Do you know that feeling where your body is content and filled with happiness and love and there is nothing to worry about because you are safe and in the arms of someone you love? Well this is me now. With the most beautiful being in the world.


Shawn Mendes
Words ~ 700
Note ~ Some more filler content while I work on a request :D Also, sorry the end is really bad.

Shawn let out another frustrated groan as he played yet another wrong chord, disrupting the once beautiful sounding tune. The room fell silent and at first I thought he left, finally giving up on the song after an hour of trying to get it right.

“Babyyyy.” Shawn whined from across the room. I jumped slightly at the unexpected sound, but carried on typing away at my laptop, “Alex….”

“Shawnnnnn.” I giggled, mimicking his tone as he won my attention. I rolled my eyes as the annoyingly smug smile grew on his face, “What do you want?”

Placing the guitar on the floor next to the chair, Shawn opened his arms. And as much as I wanted to accept his invitation to cuddle, there was a reason I put space between us in the first place.

“I need to finish my homework.” I tried to convince him, but he wasn’t having any of it. Instead, he pulled the saddest face he could master, knowing it would make me cave. And I was staying pretty strong until he started pouting which made him look ten thousand time more adorable.

I hated how easily he could made me cave. Sighing, I dumped my laptop onto the coffee table. Another smile quickly grew on Shawn’s face as I walked over to him, wrapping my arms around his neck, “You’re insufferable.”

“You love me really.” He gave me a short peck on the lips before tugging me closer so I was sitting on one of his parted legs. Picking up the guitar, he placed it on the other so the neck was facing me, “Help me. I have a strumming pattern but I can’t get the chords right.”

Staring down at the instrument, dread  filled me. I was no stranger to music, I’ve been playing piano since I was like five. And not to toot my own horn or anything, but I was pretty damn good at it. But I’ve only been practising guitar for a matter of months. I couldn’t even remember how to play most of the basic chords.

Shawn must have read my thoughts kissed my cheek, mumbling a soft “Here” as he positioned my hand in the correct place for an G chord before strumming. It sounded okay. Then I tried moving to a different note and a horrible metallic sound cut through the air.

We both fell into a fit off giggles. Shawn quickly grabbed my hand as I tried to pull away, “No, it was good.” He told me through laughter. I stared at him as if he had just grew a second head, but let him guide my hand back to the strings.

As time went on, and I remembered bits and pieces of what I’ve learnt over the past few months, the tune started sounding better. Every once in a while Shawn would jot ideas down, but I really hopped he never used any of this in a song.

The front door flew open, crashing against the wall behind it. Mike and John’s laughter carried through the house as they appeared in the doorway of the living room. I quickly removed my hands from the instrument, suddenly feeling embarrassed by the awful noise it was making.

“Well, isn’t this adorable.” Mike teased and I hid my reddening face against Shawn’s neck, but he wasn’t paying attention as he turned to my brother with hopeful eyes, “Don’t you think?”

“Eh, it’s all just noise to me.” John shrugged, not realising the obvious hint Mike was sending his way. And I was going to say something, but John was already grabbing Mike’s hand and pulling him upstairs.

I just about heard Mike’s blunt question, clearly giving up on being subtle, “Why don’t we do anything cute like that?” But John’s reply was muffled by his bedroom door slamming shut.

I took this moment of distraction to escape from the guitar and escape Shawn's lap. Brow furrowed, he glanced at my stared at my outstretched hand with confusion, but took it anyway. Pulling him off the sofa, Shawn just had enough time to abandon the guitar next to my laptop on the coffee table as I dragged him towards the old piano across the room.

“Time to play an instrument that I’m actually good at.”

let me go down on you?


word count: 1,006

A/N: My last smut got over 150 notes holy shit!! This is to say thank you for that and for 500 followers. Thank you all so much!

**warning: SMUT**

I cuddled into Shawn’s chest, my head nuzzled next to his neck as we laid lazily in his bed. It was a lazy Sunday afternoon. There was nothing else to do but cuddle. I couldn’t complain at all, I loved having every inch of my body touching Shawn.

The feeling of closeness was delightful. The feeling of my cheek pressed against the crook of his neck. Feeling his arm linger across my lower back. The feeling of silence, but not awkward silence, comfortable silence. It all made me overfill with joy. Shawn’s long fingers delicately traced circles on my shoulder blade through the fabric of my shirt.

I lifted my head to look at the sight of Shawn above me. His defined jawline, his long eyelashes, his messy brown hair; I took it all in. Every detail about him was so precisely perfect.

I pressed my lips to Shawn’s cheek, wanting to feel closer to him somehow. I felt his lips curve into a smile with my lips still pressed against his skin. He cupped my face in his large hands and pulled my lips onto his. His lips were soft and enticing. Our lips moved together in synchronization, Shawn’s tongue sliding over my lips gently.

My mouth parted slightly and his tongue dipped into it. I moved my tongue against his. I teased him by just barely letting the tip of my tongue graze his. Shawn’s hands wandered to my hips. Mine rested on his toned chest as it heaved up and down. His fingers dug into my hip bones before flipping me over.

He was now on top of me, one of his hands still grabbed at my side hungrily while the other was used to support himself on the bed. We made out heavily until both us needed to pull away to catch our breath. Both of our breathing was loud and I was surprised at how intense it had actually gotten.

Shawn leaned down to kiss me once again. His lips were now raw from all the kissing, as were mine. He pecked across my cheek to my ear. He exhaled as his lips were just above my ear, making me shiver. His lips attacked my neck with his mouth open. I moaned softly while his lips sucked at the sensitive skin.

He knew how to make me let myself go with the kisses and the agonizing touches that he teased me with. His calloused fingers traced up and down my waist and stomach.

“Shawn, oh god, Shawn.” I moaned out as his head went under my shirt to kiss at my breasts. I took my shirt off, knowing this was going somewhere.

“Will you let me go down on you?” Shawn asked in all seriousness. He looked up at me from my stomach where he was kissing just moments before. I smiled at his question, he sounded so eager. Though we’d been intimate on multiple occasions, oral was something we hadn’t gotten around to yet.

Shawn’s lust-filled eyes and his lip that he now bit down on enticed me to say yes. He wanted to pleasure me, how could I not oblige? I nodded my head. I raised my body up, resting all my weight on my elbows. I watched Shawn’s every movement as he kissed and nipped at my skin lightly.

He untied my sweatpants slowly and inched them down my legs. He kissed at my clothed heat and I groaned. The teasing was too much. I was already soaking through my underwear knowing what was to come from Shawn. He now felt what he had done to me and smirked.

His fingers looped around the sides of my underwear and removed them from my body. Shawn’s hands spread my legs apart then moved underneath my thighs. His raw lips made contact with my skin once again, this time in a place I had never felt them before. He trailed kisses down until he was almost at my core, then moved them to the other thigh and repeated the action.

The anticipation was killing me, Shawn was driving me insane. My clit was already swollen, blood flowing to it because of how aroused I was. Shawn finally kissed me where I absolutely needed him. The kiss was gentle but it was better than nothing.

He continued to teasingly kiss me. I begged for him to stop teasing and he listened, knowing how badly I needed him.

Shawn’s tongue licked across my clit. He made eye contact with me as he did so, making sure he was pleasuring me. He moved his tongue from side to side. My head dropped back and I began moaning. Jolts of electricity traveled throughout my body as he would slow down his pace then pick it back up again.

I watched again while Shawn’s tongue now licked up my entrance, trying to taste me. He seemed to be enjoying it nearly as much as I. His eyes were shut in pleasure, his tongue moved over my sensitive spots as if he wasn’t even in control of it, he was trying to taste me as much as possible.

Shawn’s index finger slipped into me while he continued to slide his tongue back and forth over my clit. The pleasure was doubled and the moans became louder. I laid my head back onto the mattress and balled my fists up into the sheets. Shawn’s finger scratched at my tight walls.

I edged closer to my climax with every second that passed. With only a few more pumps of Shawn’s finger, I orgasmed. My back arched and I was a moaning mess.

“Fu- Shawn. Fuck, ah fuck that’s so good.” I breathed out. His tongue still moved over my core that was now sensitive to the touch. His mouth closed and he now kissed me gently. He trailed kisses back up my body and met my lips.

“How was it?” He asked.

“So amazing, oh gosh it was so good.” I groaned, thinking back to the pleasure I had felt only moments earlier.


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Shawn Mendes x Reader

Word count: 1,253

A/N: This one is a lot more cutesy and less sexual than my last one but I hope you still enjoy it! PS. Spot the part where I quote a line from Bad Reputation, tell me if you find it! X


I slowly shut the lid of my laptop as Shawn makes his way through the bedroom door. I look up, momentarily meeting his gorgeous brown eyes before quickly averting them back to my laptop. As I trace the logo on my laptop, Shawn lowers himself onto the bed, his face lingering close to mine. He places a hand on my cheek in an attempt to make me look at him. “Y/N… what’s wrong? Are you sick?” He asks placing his hand on my forehead, “and why are you wearing so much clothing? You know it’s really hot outside? Maybe you have a fever.” I gently remove his hand from my face as I slide further under the covers, pulling them over my face. The only reason my forehead would be hot is because I’m wearing a jumper and sweatpants but I have no other choice, I need to hide myself. I remain silent as I try to hibernate, avoiding the presence above me. “Y/N, seriously, what is it? Did I do something?” Concern is clear in Shawn’s voice. I quickly pull the covers from over my head before he over analyses the situation as he usually does. “No. No… I just don’t want to be in sunlight right now.” My voice came out smaller and more defeated than I expected. “You know, I always knew there was something strange about you but I never would have guessed you were a vampire.” As Shawn joked I could see him trying to hold back his laugh. “Shawn…” I breathe out a deep sigh, not in the mood for his goofiness. I didn’t know how to tell him that it was just me stuck in my head, being attacked by my own mind as I scroll through social media and flip through the papers and magazines. How could I tell him that I wasn’t good enough for him? Everyone else seems to be aware of it but as soon as Shawn knows, I don’t think I’ll be able to cope with him leaving. My eyes shut, I feel Shawn climb over me and slide under the covers next to me, wrapping both arms around my torso. I clench my eyes in preparation for what I would say to him next. Turning to face him, I open my mouth to speak only to be interrupted by Shawn’s lips gently pressing against mine as his hands caress my face. The way he touches me, the way he looks at me and even the way he speaks to me always pulls me out of my head and back into a world where Shawn is my protector, making me feel secure. I pull away, needing to get my words out before he takes this any further. “I know…” he says, placing his thumb on my bottom lip and gently sliding it from each corner of my mouth, making my lips tingle. How could he know why I was acting like this? Was he already aware that he was too good to be true? “I saw it all, Y/N. The things people are saying are not true. I know you’re better than good enough for me. And I don’t care what they say about you, baby. They don’t know the truth.” He did know but he didn’t agree. And he knew exactly what to say to me to make it better. As my eyes became misty, I kissed Shawn in the most loving way I could muster. He deserved the world but the world did not deserve him. “I love you.” I whisper into the kiss as I rest my fingers intertwined in his hair. “I love you more Y/N, and I mean it. I’m not leaving your side.”

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I love this😂😂


Sometimes Shawn can be sexy, other times he’s a total weirdo……😍😘


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Shawn Mendes x Reader

Word count: 1,261

A/N: this one had an aspect that was requested by someone who I’ve forgotten - rookie’s mistake. Moral of the story, she asked for the main character to be short!! Whoever it was message me and let me know if this was okay xxx


Sitting in the crowded room, the air filled with the scent of alcohol and colourful Christmas lights reflecting around the room, I sit across from Shawn. We had decided that it would be a whole lot easier to just pretend as if we weren’t a thing tonight because neither of us had the patience to deal with our drunk friends making drunk remarks about the situation. I glance over at Shawn, wanting to keep a distance as I didn’t trust myself. He’s sitting there listening intently to his friends with the biggest grin on his face, looking unintentionally adorable. Deep down I just wanted to shout from the rooftop that Shawn was finally mine, that I could finally have him all to myself. But I knew it wasn’t the right time. Our friends always used to joke about us getting together and how our height difference would be the laughing stock of every outing. Little did they know that a couple years later it would be a massive turn on for me or that we’d actually end up together. The fact that Shawn is 6”2 while I’m only 5”3 really was not a pivotal aspect of our relationship anyway. I’m broken out of my trance as I hear someone call my name. Great. It was Shawn’s group. I couldn’t go over there and sit next to Shawn without caving or feeling extremely uncomfortable trying to pretend I wasn’t head over heels for him. “Y/N! Come on, come sit over here!” yells one of my most beloved friends who both me and Shawn have known since second grade. I stand from my seat, focused on the ground ahead of me as I walk into the danger zone. As I walk towards the end of the sofa, next to Shawn, I accidentally brush my thigh on his hand, making my leg tingle. I sit next to Shawn, trying not to touch him as I turn to my friend. “Hey what’s up? Why’d you call me over?” I ask, attempting to come across as calm and collected. “Oh, Shawn was just telling me a hilarious story about this girl he got with and she was too short to reach for his hair when they were making OUT!” He finished his sentence, getting louder with each word. My face feels red hot as I try to not make my laugh sound fake. If you haven’t guessed already, that girl was me. As my friend bends over in hysterics, I quickly turn my head to Shawn, shooting him a look that was a mixture of confused, angry and pissed. He just shrugs with a dirty smirk on his face, bringing his hand to rest beside my leg. What the hell is he doing? I think to myself, does he want people to know?

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Shawn Mendes
Words ~ 600
Requested by @seth-cohen-and-bagels

“Shawn! Stop!” Alex squealed through her laughter as she struggled to wiggle away. It didn’t work. I pulled her back into my arms, my fingers instantly finding her hips again, “I need to answer the phone.”

“Fine.” I huffed, putting on my best pout that she normally couldn’t risk and loosened my hold. Her adorable giggles shot through me in the best way possible, seeing my heart racing against my chest.

Still trying to catch her breath, Alex sat up, planting a peck on my outstretched lower lip before grabbing her ringing phone from the coffee table.
She took a deep breath before answering. My pout soon turned into a smirk when I realised it was her manager on the other end.

I could have some fun with this.

Sitting up, my hands became glued to her hips again while my chin rested on her shoulder. She didn’t even try to fight the big goofy smile as my prickly cheek rubbed against hers.

I could just about hear the woman talking on the other end of the phone, laughter laced her words as she spoke, “You sound out of breath.”

“Yeah, Shawn was being annoying.” My jaw fell open. Well, if she thought that was annoying just wait.

They started talking about YouTube stuff which instantly had me loosing interest. I turned my attention to her neck and began leaving a bunch of small kisses against the soft skin.

Alex’s fingers dug into my hand, shooting a warning glance my way. I didn’t stop. In fact, I was enjoying myself far too much as I pushed her hair over one shoulder, allowing room for my kisses to travel to her recently found soft spot at the back of her neck.

A tiny, barely audible sigh escaped her as I began sucking on the spot, leaving an angry looking red mark. Covering the sound with a totally realistic sounding cough, she gave my arm a rough shove in an attempt to push me away. Obviously it didn’t work, but I thought I’d play along.

Soothing one last kiss over the mark I fell back onto the couch, bringing Alex’s down with me so she was practically laying on me; our legs forming a indescribable mess of limbs, while her head rested on the arm rest next to mine.

I was instantly drawn to the slip her exposed stomach caused by her shirt riding up. She bit her lip, struggling to hold back her giggles as I traced small patterns on the soft skin.

Her small hand found mine again, halting the movements for a brief second so she could compose herself. But I was soon on the move again. My hand slowly crept higher and higher up the inside of her shirt, stopping when I felt the lace trim of her bra.

I smirked against her neck as I gently grazed my fingers across her skin, causing a shutter to run through her. And I had to bite back my own groans as she tried to wiggle away, her butt rubbing against my lower half.

Alex rushed to wrap up the rest of the conversation. Her half hearted answers making it very clear that she was becoming more and more distracted as I carried on with my assault on her neck, kissing and nibbling at all the places that made her breath hitch.

A few minutes later she hung up the phone, dropping it back on the coffee table before finally turning her attention back to me. I smiled sweetly up at her, but all that got me was a harsh smack against my chest.

“You’re so irritating sometimes.” She scowled, but her laughter didn’t help all that much.

“What can I say, I’m needy.” I smiled and brought our mouths together in a long and very heated kiss.