I Don't Need Society
I Don't Need Society

D.R.I. (Dirty Rotten Imbeciles) - I Don’t Need Society

“Your numbers up you have to go
The system say’s "I told you so”
Stocked in a train like a truckload of cattle
Sent off to slaughter in a useless battle
Thousands of us sent off to die
Never really knowing why
Fuck the system they can’t have me
I don’t need society

D.R.I. - Live at the Ritz 1988 (Full Concert)

01. Intro
02. Five Year Plan
03. Redline
04. The Explorer
05. Karma
06. Soup Kitchen
07. Madman
08. Couch Slouch
09. Fun ‘N’ Games
10. Yes Ma'am
11. Reaganomics
12. Commuter Man
13. Tear It Down
14. No Religion
15. Probation
16. Oblivion
17. Go Die
18. Argument Then War
19. Nursing Home Blues
20. Credits