Hey Ya

Title: Hey Ya

Summary: Dean and Donna have a fight. The Trickster takes advantage of it.

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters: Dean Winchester x Donna Hanscum

Word Count:  4474 (includes song lyrics)

Warnings: Canon typical violence, mentions of blood

Author’s Notes:  This was written for @melbelle45 Dirty Pop Challenge. My song was Hey Ya by Outkast. This is partially based on a question Richard Speight, Jr. was asked at the Phx Con 2016. Who would his character (Gabriel/Trickster) take to the Supernatural prom? His answer was Sheriff Donna. Also, Speight said at ATL Con 2016 that Gabriel kicked the Trickster out of that body - head canon accepted.

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Got It Bad

Characters/pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 5150 (god I’m sorry, I just really like words)

Contains: Fluff, smut, angst, language

A/N: I wrote this for @melbelle45‘s Dirty Pop Challenge. My song prompt was U Got it Bad by Usher. I used some lines and ideas from the song and I went for the hardcore pining, hope you feel it. Assume the reader is familiar of the hunting life, and it’s sometime after S8. All my love to @impala-dreamer for her encouragement and time when I struggled with this one.

Feedback and constructive criticism are both welcomed and encouraged. xoxo

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The email sat in your inbox for a month before you noticed it; buried in the spam from mailing lists and unsolicited porn. Then, it sat there for another week before you could decide what to do with it - delete it, ignore it, reply. You had a decent enough reason for each option. Your stomach did flips every time you held the cursor over the email. You’d been ready to flip your life upside down and take the leap, but then he was gone, before you had a chance to be anything.

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Something Sweet

4,500 Followers Drabble

Summary: Jensen proposes to you during your favorite time of the year.

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Halloween Request: @smoothdogsgirl, @yuki101shonada - I combined both requests because they’re similiar :)

“We have enough apples to feed a small army. My god.” You lean against your boyfriend’s silver Chevy pickup, chuckling as he loads the last bag into the bed of his truck.

“Between the two of us and each of our growing rascals, they’ll be gone in no time, baby.” Jensen hooks his muscular arm around your neck, then pulls you close to peck your temple.

You and Jensen are having a busy, fun filled day at Barton Hill Farm in Austin. His daughter JJ and your son Brandon are both having a blast participating in all of the Fall activities that it has to offer. And to be honest so are you, this is hands down your favorite time of year and you can’t wait until it’s Halloween.

“It’s still a lot of apples…” You mutter under your breath, peeling off your jacket to welcome the chill that’s in the air.

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Morning Surprises (Ashton Smut)

Requested- “smut with either ash/luke where you’re the little spoon and you’re moaning in your sleep so he wakes you up by eating you out and then you come and think its over but he carries on and totally over-stimulates you”


It was Ashton’s first night back from tour. Although you tried staying up with him to spend as much time together as possible, he wasn’t used to the different timezone, resulting in him laying wide awake all night, holding you in his arms while you slept soundly.

It was around 5 am when you started twitching. First it was your leg, moving against his every once in a while, then it was your hips, grinding into the mattress as soft moans escaped your mouth. Ashton looked over at you, smirking when he realised you were having a dirty dream.

An idea popped into his head and he slid his arm out from underneath your head, crawling to the end of the bed. He lifted the duvet, moving it to his side of the bed. Your legs curled up, an instant reaction to the cold air. He gently spread your knees apart, careful not to wake you up. He placed a kiss on to the material of your underwear before inching it down your legs and placing it next to him.

Ashton glanced at your glimmering heat in excitement, his tongue swiping out and licking your clit slowly. He sucked the nub into his mouth, his teeth pulling on it gently before letting it go, watching it retract to its original position. He continued eating you out, his tongue delving inside your pussy and swiping around your walls as he moaned at your taste. Grabbing your hips, he burrowed his face further between your thighs, his nose nudging your clit as he pokes his tongue in and out of your hole.

He looked up upon hearing a light groan, seeing your eyes slowly flutter open. You gave him a sleepy smile and ran your hand through his hair, stroking the soft curls. With a grin, he returned to pleasuring you. You moaned loudly, your hips grinding into his face, eager to have his tongue deeper inside you. You felt yourself reaching your high. Your back arched off the bed as you gasped for breath, trying to regain composure after your orgasm.

You expected Ashton to stop and come cuddle, but to your surprise, he continued licking up your juices.

“Ash, what are you doing?” you moaned, grabbing onto the sheets on either side of you as he sucked on your clit.

“What does it look like I’m doing?” he lifted his head, his face wet with your arousal. “I’m gonna make you squirt.”

“Ashton, no, I’m too sensitive.” you whine, wiggling in discomfort.

“I know.” And with that, his tongue delved back into your pulsing core.

You clenched your thighs around his head, scrunching your toes and squeezing your eyes shut in pleasure. You didn’t know how much longer you could last without cumming. Just as you felt your high wash over you, Ashton detached his lips from your pussy and entered two fingers, thrusting in and out rapidly. Guttural grunts escaped his lips as he watched your body convulse in pleasure.

He curled his fingers upwards as he thrusted, the pads hitting your g-spot immediately. He added another finger, moving them in and out of you with less ease as he felt you tighten around his hand.

“You gonna cum, baby? You gonna cum for me, Y/N?” he asked, taking out his fingers and rubbing your clit quickly, watching your pussy throb for a couple seconds before squirting juice like a fountain. You screamed at the intense pleasure, Ashton breathing heavily as he looked at your naked body underneath him, a goddess tangled up in sheets. He flopped down next to you, wrapping his arm around you as you cuddled into his side.

“Morning.” he laughed, kissing your forehead.

“Well that was a pleasant surprise.”

“You’re telling me.”

BTS Reaction to you moaning their name in your sleep while the other members are around

✿ Seokjin: you had always liked movie nights with the guys; but that particular night you just weren’t in the mood for a horror film, let alone such a terrible one. With a sigh, you had accepted their awful choice, but it wasn’t long until you had fallen asleep with your head resting on Jin’s shoulder. When he first heard his name in a whisper; he’d thought that you were just trying to attract his attention, but when he saw you had your eyes shut closed and didn’t respond to him when he softly said your name, he’d raise an eyebrow, cautiously waiting for your next movement or sound. Then; you said his name once again, a little louder this time. He’d become very stiff all of a sudden and furiously bit his lip when you then loudly moaned his name. He felt all the boys staring at you, most of them with a smirk on their face, but nobody said anything as they then quickly pretended to keep watching the movie. He’d just shrug and laugh it off, but he’d take no time in carefully carrying you to his bed, where he’d knew by experience that you could moan his name all you wanted without anyone hearing you.  

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❀ Yoongi: that afternoon you were just hanging around with the boys as usual; sitting on the couch and nonchalantly looking through your phone, but as soon as you decided to rest your head on Yoongi’s lap and he started to gently stroke your hair, you were sound asleep in less than a minute. There was something to his touch that always managed to make you feel relaxed. He was just staring at you with a smile, the sight of you sleeping so peacefully making him soft, but after a while, when his name fell out of your lips in a groan, it would become a smirk. He’d feel you clutch at the hem of his shirt, still in your sleep, and it would drive him crazy; but when you moaned his name once again in a higher pitch and a louder tone, enough for everybody to hear, he’d quickly lift his head, staring at all the guys one by one dead in the eyes, daring them to say anything or make fun of the situation. Smirking satisfied when everybody lowered their heads and carried on with what they were doing without a word or even a small gesture, he’d continue to look at you with dreamy eyes and a soft smile, not wanting to risk waking you up by carrying you to his bed.

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❁ Hoseok: there simply wasn’t a most comfortable place in the world for you than Hobi’s arms; so you just couldn’t help but fall soundly asleep on his lap with your arms wrapped around his chest and your head on the crook of his neck. He’d be delighted by having you so close, but when he felt you start to whimper and call out his name in between little moans, he had no way of avoiding the rush of blood that went straight to his cheeks. He’d be so amused by the whole situation that it would take him a while to remember that you were with the rest of the boys there; being so caught up in the moment. He finally looked up to see them all staring, every one of them poorly holding back their laughter. When he saw Namjoon open up his mouth to probably make a witty comment; he just raised his eyebrows and puckered his lips a bit, in a mediocre effort to look unconcerned; but clearly letting him see the silent warning behind his gestures. He’d let out a satisfied grin when Namjoon simply closed his mouth and shook his head; tightening his embrace and clutching you even closer to him.

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✿ Namjoon: as much as you wanted to go home pronto that night to be alone with Namjoon; you couldn’t force yourself to make him leave early, so you obligingly accepted to stay until late hours of the night at the boy’s dorm. You knew he loved to be with his friends, and you absolutely didn’t mind either, you loved the guys as much as he did. But after a while you were so sleepy you couldn’t avoid closing your eyes and falling asleep with your head on Namjoon’s shoulder. Apparently, your neediness for him had some impact on your dreams; because you started to loudly moan his name and biting your lip while still asleep. He’d found the whole situation adorable; and couldn’t help the little laugh that escaped his mouth, watching you with loving eyes. He’d feel the boys staring, but he just didn’t care, too concentrated on how focused you look; and couldn’t avoid wondering what you’d be dreaming about. He’d finally took you in his arms and without saying a word he’d nod and stare significantly at the boys for a second before leaving, taking you home so you could peacefully continue your dreams, dreams that he’d make sure you told him all about in the morning.

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❀ Jimin: he’d know that you couldn’t control your dreams, that most definitely you weren’t doing it on purpose and that you would be absolutely mortified if you discovered that you had started to loudly moan his name in your sleep while all the boys were in the same room; but he couldn’t help getting a little turned on by the whole situation, wondering what you’d be dreaming about. Biting his lip, he’d try to suppress the smirk that was threatening to show, but still he’d snap out of it the exact moment he’d feel one of the boys let out a muffled laugh. Giving them a death stare that would have scared even the toughest person on Earth, he’d make sure no one even thought of making fun of you for it, and he’d gently carry you to his bed, leaving a soft kiss on your cheek before tucking you and himself in and wrapping his arms around you, falling asleep next to you, probably dreaming about some dirty things that had popped in his mind when he first heard you moaning his name.

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❁ Taehyung: the moment those six boys stepped into the apartment you shared with Tae; you knew that was going to be a long night. They were there to stay for a while. Probably until the sun came up. And you really didn’t care; you loved having them there, but at some point around four or five in the morning, you just couldn’t take it anymore, falling sound asleep on the couch at the soft caresses your boyfriend was leaving on your back. He was startled by the sound of you calling out his name… The boy loved hearing you say his name, and even more when it was mixed with little moans and growls, but the fact that you were dreaming about him would make him feel kinda proud. He’d find the whole thing amusing. But by the time he’d realize that you weren’t alone; he’d feel kinda bad at the smirks everyone portrayed on their faces. Still, he couldn’t help smiling at your peaceful dreaming face himself. He’d finally carry you to your bed and tuck you in, leaving a soft kiss on your forehead, not before warning everyone that if they ever brought it up ever again he’d kick their butts.

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✿ Jungkook: you were hanging out with everyone at the studio, where they had all been working late that night due to the comeback that was around the corner. You really wanted to be a good girlfriend and be supportive of Jungkook, staying up with him and with all the guys throughout the whole night; but you couldn’t avoid falling asleep on his lap while they were all taking a break. When you started to call out his name in a whisper; he thought something was wrong; maybe you felt sick or wanted him to take you home; but it wouldn’t take him long to realize that you were just dreaming. He’d smile softly at you, and he’d funnily scrunch his nose when he heard those whispers become moans. He tried to look at everyone with hard eyes to warn them to not make even the littlest comment; but he couldn’t pretend be harsh when he found your little moans so adorable. He was completely soft for you, and so he took no time and had no second thoughts about leaving early to take you home so you could peacefully rest.

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Dirty Pop (Pop)
Dirty Pop (Pop)

30 Day Music Challenge

Day Eight: A Song You Liked When You Were Younger


Artist: N-Sync

 I use to make mix CDs a lot when I was younger, and on every one of them this song was on there– this song and “Who Let the Dogs Out.” It’s still a great song. JC was my favourite; and still is.

*smashes through a window*


*chainsaws a couch in half*


*punches a goldfish*


*robs a bank*


*shoots the archduke franz ferdinand*


*lassos obama*


*resurrects walt disney*


*reunites nsync*


*establishes world peace*


Let Me Love You

Pairing:  Dean x Reader (Female)

Summary:  Reader has an asshole boyfriend, and Dean can’t stand it any longer.

Word Count: 4.4k 

Warnings: Fluff, probably language, cheating (is that a warning?)… I don’t think there is anything else…

A/N: This is for @melbelle45 “Dirty Pop” Challenge. My song was Let Me Love You by Mario. This piece of work is trash, so I apologize in advance.

(Gifs are not mine)

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Yes Sir (BTS Jimin smut)

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It was your last class of the day and you were both happy and upset at the same time. You were happy because after this you could go home and relax, but you were upset because it was your longest class and it was with your favorite teacher. Out of all your teachers, he was your favorite teacher. Mister Park. His name was Park Jimin but he told all his students to never call him Jimin. 

Everything about him and everything he did made you droll. The way he would adjust his glasses. The way he would bite his lip. You honestly felt like sometimes he was teasing you. You day dreamed about what it would feel like to have him kiss you. Hug you. Everytime you went to his class you always managed to zone out and think about him or fall asleep and still think about him. He was always on your mind. He was your science teacher and science wasn’t a subject you suffered with but whenever you thought about him, everything you knew about science would slip out of your mind. You were starting to think about him more and more and your grade was going down. 

Today was the last day before your exam and you were not in the mood. You were tired and you just wanted to get this class over with so you could go home and relax and study. As soon as you got into the classroom all you heard was complaints. Students were complaining about the exam. Some said they heard it was gonna be the hardest exam Mister Park has given. You quickly went to your seat, got out your supplies and prepared yourself. 

“Alright students. Today is the last day we will study together for the exam before your own on until the exam on Monday. So pay attention.” Mister Park said. You’ve never heard Mister Park talk like that. His voice was lower then usually and it turned you on. You shook your head and tried to get rid of the dirty thoughts that popped into your head. This exam was very important and you had to focus. 

“Lets go over vocabulary terms first.” Mister Park opened up a science book and flipped to the vocabulary section. The way he ran his fingers through his hair caused you to think about him running his hands over your body. Touching your skin. Your thoughts started to take you off into your own world where it was only you and him. You were so deep into thought that you didn’t even realize Mister Park had asked you a question.

“Y/N!” Mister Park yelled causing your head to jolt up. As soon as you made eye contact he slammed the book on his desk and signed. He took his glasses off and stood up and rubbed his eyes. 

“Y/N? What did I say?” He looked at you and crossed his arm. The way he looked at you caused you feel heat at your core.

“I don’t know.” You looked at him and lightly shook your head. 

“Stay after class.” He put his glasses back on and opened his book again. You closed your eyes and signed. How were you gonna last being alone with him? Everything he did drove you insane. You shook away your thoughts and focused. The rest of the time flew by fast and you took down a lot of notes. You thought that if you showed Mister Park how much you were focusing he was just lecture you a little bit and not hold you back for too long. 

“That’s it. I hope everyone payed attention because your exam is Monday and it’s not gonna be easy. Everyone is dismissed, expect you Y/N.” Everyone started to pack their things and leave. You got your stuff and walked to his desk. 

“Mister Park I took notes.” His back was turned to you and he putting papers into his bag. You looked over and noticed a pair of pink handcuffs in his bag. Your eyes widened and you quickly looked away. What was handcuffs doing in his bag? Does he have a girlfriend and plan on using them on her? Did he use them before he got to school? Did he find them somewhere? 

“Let me see your notes.” He turned around and held his hand out. You quickly handed him your notebook and shook all your questions away.

“You left your old notebook here and I forgot to give it back to you.” He said while looking at your notes. You thought you lost it or accidentally threw it away. 

“I went through it to see how much you were listening to my lessons. I guess you weren’t listening at all because there was barley any notes. I’m happy you took notes this time.” He gave your notebook back and nodded. He grabbed your old notebook and flipped through it. 

“I didn’t know you felt this way about me.” He smirked at you. 

“I don’t. I used to.” You grabbed your old notebook from his hands and put your stuff in your book bag. 

“So you don’t like me anymore? You don’t think about me touching you anymore?” He leaned against his desk and you nodded your head. You lied. 

“That honestly hurts me because I like you. I want to help you bring your grade up as well.” He rolled his sleeves at and as soon as you saw his arm veins your legs went numb and it took all your energy to hold yourself up. 

“You like me?” You looked at him and tilted your head to side. How could he like you? Out of all his students what was so special about you? 

“Yes but since you don’t like me let’s not talk about that. Let’s talk about your grade. You went for a strong A to a Strong C which means it can easily be brought up to a B but if you don’t get a one hundred on your test you’ll most likely get a B. I’m willing to help you as much as I can so you can get A.” He sat down in his chair and put some science books on the table. You signed and pulled a chair up next to his. His cologne was strong but it smelled so good. 

“Lets go over the stuff that’s for sure gonna be on the test.” You nodded your head and he started opening books and flipping pages. His smell was starting to get to you and you’ve never been this close to him. The veins in his arms were still visible. You looked down and looked at his thigh. Beautiful, that was the only word you could think of that could describe it. You never noticed how toned and muscular his thighs were. Your thoughts started to swirl around in your head once again and body started to heat up. 

“Y/N. Are you listening?” He looked over at you and shook his head. 

“Stand up. Since you have trouble listening to me I’ll have to get your attention.” He smirked at you. He picked you up and sat you down on his desk. He lightly pushed your legs open and rubbed your thighs with his hands. He definitely had your attention now. 

“Are you going to listen to me and pay attention?” He asked. You nodded your head and leaned back on your arms. He grabbed a book and looked at the pages. 

“All you have to do is listen.” He rubbed your thigh and started to talk. You heard his voice but you didn’t hear what he was saying. The sensation that was coming from his hands gliding against your thigh cause core to tingle. He’s never touched you and you never wanted this moment to end. Before you could turn your attention back to him you felt a strong burning feeling in your thigh. You screamed out in pain. 

“I told you to listen.” He put his book down and whispered in your ear. 

“Are you sure you don’t like me? Are you sure you don’t think about me touching you?” As he kept talking one of hands was making its way to core. He rubbed you slowly. Everything about this moment felt like a dream. 

“Maybe if you listen to me and be good I’ll raise your grade to an A.” He pushed you down so you were laying across his desk with your legs dangling over the end. He pinned your arms up above your head. He connected your lips and all you could do was melt. You’ve been dreaming about this moment but was it wrong? The way his plump lips felt on your’s felt so good. You wanted more. 

You parted your lips and he slipped his tongue into your mouth. His thick wet tongue moved perfectly with your’s. You were so busy thinking about the kiss that you didn’t notice he took pink handcuffs from his bag and had handcuffed your wrist together. He broke the kiss and stood up in between your legs. He unbuttoned your pants and slid them down. He smiled at he looked down at you black lace underwear. Looking at him smiled at your body caused you to blush and become embarrassed. Jimin brought his hand to your heat and rubbed you hard and fast. You moaned more and more but you tried to keep your moans down. 

“You can moan as loud as you want.” He whispered in your ear. He bit down on your ear and you leaned your head back as your body was on fire. His pace increased and he started to rub you faster and faster. He lightly sucked on your neck and everything was driving you crazy. You dreamed about this but you never thought it would of felt this good. He roughly slid your underwear off and rubbed your bare core faster. He slipped a finger in you and pumped it in and out harder every time. He added another finger and stuck them deep inside you. Your legs started to shake and your stomach started to tingle. You clenched around his fingers and he knew you were close. 

“Ahh. Ahhhh. S-stop!.” You were so close and you were trying to hold it back but it was getting harder and harder. You finally couldn’t take it anymore and you released everything you were holding back. When Jimin slipped his fingers out of you, you squirted all over his shirt. He stood and watched your shake and come down from your high. You were panting and sweating. 

“That was amazing.” He licked his finger then kissed you allowing you to taste your own cream. This caused his tongue to slid against your’s easier. You broke the kissed to get air. He slipped your shirt over your head and rubbed your chest hard. Your nipples became hard and body started to heat up again. He took is glasses off and roughly yanked his tie from his neck. He ripped his shirt open and all you could do was lay in awe at how beautiful his chest looked. You knew he was in shape but you didn’t know he looked like that. Jimin was very nicely built and you wanted to run your hands down his chest. 

He kissed down your body. From your neck to your chest to your stomach. His kisses caused you to release small moans. When his finger glided down your body it felt like heaven.  

“Ah. Ahh. Mhmm.” You moaned out loud. He lightly bit down on your thighs and you closed your mouth to stop screams from escaping. After he bit down on your thigh he would suck and lick on the spot he bit down on. You looked down and saw small galaxy mark on the inside on your thighs. 

“You so wet. I don’t think I need to eat you out.” You panted a few times then prepared yourself. He unbuttoned his pants and pushed them down along with his boxers. Your eyes widened in disbelief. You never thought he was that big. You’ve always starred at him but you never noticed how big he was. The more you looked at his size the more you thought about the pain. 

“I’ll be as gentle as possible. If it hurts too much tell me.” You looked into his eyes and saw nothing but care and worry. You nodded your head and opened your legs wider for him. Jimin lightly rubbed his length up and down your fold. He slowly and lightly pushed himself inside of you. You arched your back and did your best to relax so the pain would quickly go away. He pushed himself in more and more and then lightly slid out. His pace was slow and the pain disappeared. Jimin’s pace soon quickened and you were moaning his name. The way he rolled his hips into you made all your thoughts go away. 

“J-Jimin. Faster. P-please.” The way you said his name gave him shivers and motivation to pound into you faster and harder til you couldn’t walk. Jimin rammed his thick length into your core harder and harder. Your vision went blur and your body was over heating. His grip on your waist tightened and the pain only mixed in with the pleasure. You knew your waist was gonna be bruised but you didn’t care. You only cared about the amount of pleasure you were feeling. 

“Shit. It feels. So good.” He bent down and kissed and licked at your neck. You wrapped your legs around his waist and pulled him closer to you. As soon as you pulled him closer he hit your gspot and all you saw were stars. He smirked when he realized what just happened. He brought you legs up higher and hit your gspot over and over. You were close and so was he. You couldn’t hold it anymore but you didn’t want this moment to end. 

“Jimin. Jimin!” You moaned his name one last time before letting go. He smiled then slipped his length out of you and released himself onto your stomach and chest. You both took a moment to catch your breathe. He took the handcuffs off you and kissed you. You wrapped your arms around his neck and deepened the kiss. He broke the kiss then stroked your hair. 

“I think you’ll do fine on the exam.” He smiled at you and you giggled. You both got cleaned up and studied together. 

My Masterpiece is complete!! I really hope you guys liked it I enjoyed writing it. I love Jimin and he noticed me when I went to their concert and I forgot how beautiful he looked during the DOPE Era so I decided to bring that red hair back! Hope you liked it!

-Admin An


I’ll spare you the dirty caption popped into my head.