Bath Time (Mikey Fluffy Virgin Smut)

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When you were in high school, you had a major crush on Michael Clifford. You never regretted your decision to not talk to him more than you did now, when you saw him on the television, heard him on the radio, reblogged him from your tumblr dash. You always had thought he was cute, but now it was not hard to see he had blossomed into a straight up sex God. 

You had only spoken to him on a few occasions, that is why when he came home from tour and recognized you in the grocery store, you were speechless. He caught you off guard with the way his eyes flashed down to your lips when you spoke, and the way he bit his lip. If you paid really close attention, you loved the fact you could see that behind the confident rockstar was still the nerdy, giggly schoolboy. 

He was there for the entire Summer. It started with you watching movies at your house, then meeting his best friends/band mates, and soon you found yourself grabbing dinner and kissing him goodnight on the doorstep. 

The two of you had only been dating a few weeks before he came over to your apartment late at night, his eyes puffy and red, tears staining his jumper. As you answered the door, you were flooded with concern. 

“Michael? Its almost 1 AM, whats wrong?” you asked, worry evident in your tone. 

“Uh, can I come in?” he cleared his throat. 

“Yea of course.” you nodded, moving aside to allow him over your threshold. He sprawled out on your cheap pleather couch, burying his face in his hands, his nimble fingers curling around his purple locks. He balled up fists of his hair, and let out an exasperated sigh. 

“Mikey? What’s wrong? You can talk to me.” you soothed him, rubbing small circles on his back with the palm of your hand.

“You’re scaring me (Y/N.) You are scaring me so fucking much, “ he sobbed, “ Before I met you I was fine with being single and on the road, I was okay with meaningless sex, but now I am afraid that I am going to fall for you, and leave knowing you will forget about me. Then no girl will ever be able to give me what I could have earned from loving you. I mean shit, we are only 18. I grew up too fast (Y/N.)” 

Tears streamed down his face. You cupped his jaw, dragging your thumb across his cheek, drying his tear lovingly. “Michael, I have loved you since Freshman year. When you left, I was kicking myself. There is no need to be afraid. I waited four years to kiss you, and I will wait as long as it takes if thats what you want.” you whispered, burying your face into the crook of his neck, placing featherlight kisses on his pale skin. 

He drew back, looking at you, finding sincerity in your expression. “You mean….will you actually be mine?” his voice broke. You bit your lip, smiling without hesitation. He immediately took you into his arms, wrapping them around you and hugging you tight. 

“I was going to get a bath, but you can stay tonight if you want.” you whispered. 

His breath caught in his throat as he nodded eagerly, not knowing what to anticipate. You had never done anything more than kiss Michael, in fact you had never done anything more than kiss anyone in general. No one had ever seen you naked before, and you didn’t know whether Michael would want to join you in the tub, or if he would be disgusted by your figure. 

He followed you into your bathroom, and stood facing you as ran water into the claw foot bathtub. “Mike?” you whispered, wrapping your hands around his neck. 

“Hm?” he smiled. 

“Um, I have never uh…” you began. 

“(Y/N) we have all the time in the world, if you aren’t ready I understand, I am not rushing you into anything you don’t want to do.” he assured you lovingly. 

“Thank you,” you laughed, “but I was going to say I have never done more than kiss anyone. No one has ever seen me naked, and what if I am not beautiful?” you looked down at your bare feet on the tile. 

“(Y/N), are you kidding me right now? You can trust me, I promise you I will love your body no matter what. You’re figure is amazing, and even if you were any bigger or smaller, it wouldn’t matter.” he whispered sweetly. 

With that, you slowly removed your white tank top, and let your sweatpants slide to the floor. You looked up at him, seeing him smiling at you. He took your wrists in his hands, encouraging you. You stood there, in a pink cotton bra and white boy shorts, slightly embarrassed at how simple you looked. But from the look on Michael’s face, you could have been wearing a Victoria Secret lingerie set.

You stepped in close to him, removing his shirt and placing your hand on his bare chest. You scooped your hair so it fell over one shoulder, allowing him access to unhook your bra. As it fell to the floor, his eyes did not fall to your exposed chest, however remained locked with yours. His sweetly kissed your lips, then both of your nipples. You let your underwear fall around your ankles, shuddering at the cold air around you.

“You are a goddess.” he murmured under his breath, taking in every inch of your imperfect body. You giggled, prompting him to remove his black skinny jeans and boxers. You turned off the faucet, and eased yourself into the warm water. He followed behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist as he leaned against the back of the tub. 

You both sat engulfed in the steam, accompanied by silence except for Michael mindlessly humming occasionally. He massaged shampoo into your hair, rinsing it out gently, being sure not to get any in your eyes. He placed soft kisses on your collar bone, and neck, nipping lightly at your sensitive skin. 

Before you could cover your mouth, you let out a sharp gasp, and arched your back, as he continued to nibble at your skin. You turned pink with embarrassment, “uh, sorry” you choked out. He shushed you, assuring you there was nothing to apologize for, and he found it cute. 

Your arm snaked around behind his neck and pulled softly at the light hairs. “Fuck.” he sighed, his member growing hard and pressing against your back. You turned around, facing him and giggled to yourself. He looked down at his erection “Oh shit, (Y/N) Im sorry, don’t worry we don’t have to…” he rambled. 

“Mikey, its okay. Im flattered. Maybe no sex tonight ha, but I am willing to try new things.” you smiled. 

“Are you sure, I don’t want to pressure you…” 

“Michael, I want to…touch me.” you whispered before smashing your lips against his. You flipped underneath him so you were supported by the back of the tub. Michael spread your legs apart at the knees, and moved into the space between them. You shuddered in anticipation, desperately craving his touch. 

Michael leaned in to whisper in your ear, “Have you ever come before?” his lips ghosting against your neck. 

You shook your head no, and a smirk spread across his face. 

“May I…” he began

“Yes, Michael, fuck, please, do something.” you squirmed underneath him. 

He chuckled at your enthusiasm, and dipped his hand under the water, taking your clit between his two fingers and massaging it slowly. You arched your back, uttering swears under your breath. He studied your face for any discomfort, determined to make you feel completely comfortable. 

“One finger?” he asked, and nodded, giving him approval. His index finger eased into your entrance, slowly pumping in and out. You moaned at the sensation, hungry for more. 

“More.” you pleaded. He added another finger, easing it into you, and stretching your walls. He curled his fingertips against your sweet spot, making you moan sharply, your nails digging into his back. His thumb continued to rub circles between your folds, as his fingers worked their magic.

Soon you were coming unraveled underneath him, hugging your arms around his neck for support. You collapsed against him, breathless at the experience. He picked you up bridal style, and wrapped you in a warm towel. Carrying you to your bed, he laid you down gently, stroking your hair. He turned back towards the bathroom. 

“Where are you going?” you whined. 

“To fix this…” he laughed gesturing down to his throbbing member. His tip was flushed pink, and a bead of precum glimmered on his slit. You licked your lips, “let me help you…” you spoke confidently. 

He chucked under his breathe, taking a moment to determine whether you were being serious. Before he had the chance to ask you reached out, grabbing his wrist and pulling him closer. You looked at him, before curling your hand around his length. He twitched in your hand and let out a shaky breathe. 

“May I?” you asked sweetly, batting your eyelashes at him. 

Soaked Part Two (Calum Nerd Smut)

Author’s Note: I have had requests to make a Soaked Part Two, so here you go, I hope you enjoy it. I love you all babies! 

You stood outside the front of the school, waiting on your boyfriend Calum. He always insisted just because you were dating didn’t mean you had to give him rides home, but you didn’t mind. In fact you liked it, it meant that you got to see him. 

“Hey!” he greeted you, with a kiss, fumbling with his red back pack, adjusting it on his back. He pulled out a grey beanie, placing it on his head. As soon as school let out, he liked to start his evolution from geeky school boy to adorable nerdy boy, into cool bands. This was a side you never saw of Mr. Hood until you really got to know each other, and you adored it. 

“Hungry?” you asked, and he shook head ‘No.’ “Well then what do ya’wanna do?” you asked, casually. 

“Hmmm…I had a really hard day,” he sighed, pretending like he was racking his brain for an idea, “Well I mean, it does look like it is going to storm…” 

“Calum, theres not a cloud in the sky.” you laughed, knowing that whenever it stormed you went over to his house to watch a movie. It was tradition, something you had done since the day you first were introduced a few months back. As hard as the two of you tried to focus on the movie, you were incapable. Meaning that wherever there was a storm, you and Calum were sure to make the most of it by spending it between his sheets. 

You both climbed into the car, him placing his hand on your thigh. Running his thumb back and forth, slightly pushing up the fabric of your skirt with each stroke. 

“You are in heat today.” you teased him. 

“Yeah, because I’ve been think about you all God damn day long! You just look so adorable, I can hardly wait until we make it to my house.” he groaned. 

“Well who said we had to wait?” you purred, pulling off the main street into an empty lane running behind an abandoned building. 

“Here?” he asked giddy. 

You nodded, laughing at his enthusiasm as you crawled into the back seat. “Well? You coming?” you teased, gesturing for him to join you. 

He scrambled into the back, the outline of his erection already visible in through his trousers. “Cal, I haven’t even done anything!” you gestured towards his hard on. 

“I told you I couldn’t wait!” he whined, playfully. He sat down on the middle seat, and you kicked your knee over his lap, straddling him. “Do you know that you’re the most beautiful girl I have ever met?” Calum inquired, kissing your nose. You blushed, and looked away before thanking him by pressing your lips against his passionately. 

Your mouth’s moved in perfect harmony, his technique being perfected with each kiss the two of you shared. His hands gripped your waist, his fingertips dancing underneath your shirt. 

He tugged it over your head carefully, admiring your cute baby pink bra, with a white bow in the center. 

“Thats adorable,” he remarked, his finger tips dragging down your collarbones, and kneading on the top of your breast. His hands slid down to either side of your chest, and his thumbs ran over both breasts, pushing down, your cleavage on the edge of spilling out of your bra. 

He reached back, unclasping the bra without any trouble at all. “You’ve gotten good at this Hood.” you said with a smirk. Instead of answering you, he attached his lips to your nipple, sucking and rolling his tongue around it. 

You felt flustered all of a sudden, and ground your crotch hard against his already hard member. The outline clearly visible under his school trousers. You felt yourself grow more and more excited as you rubbed against his member. 

“Stop.” he growled, warning you that if you continued, he may release himself before you two had a chance to fuck. 

Unable to wait any longer, you unbutton his pants and pulled them down so they sat around his ankles. His tie came loose and his the top buttons on his shirt came undone. You looked equally as messy, your school skirt hiked up around your waist, and your panties on the car floor, leaving you in nothing from the waist down except knee socks. 

“Fuck, I think I love you.” Calum choked out, as you took his member from his tented boxers, pumping your hand down his aching shaft, relieving him from the sense of discomfort. 

“Can I ride you?” you asked. 

He bit his lip and nodded frantically, wondering why that was even a question that needed to be asked. You slowly lowered yourself down onto him, his length filling you up and stretching your walls. 

“Shit!” he hissed through gritted teeth. Soon after he leaned his head back, his eyes squeezed shut, and inhaled sharply. He never would tire of the feeling of your walls clenching around him. 

You began to bounce rapidly, him slamming deeper than ever before with each fall. Your labored breath indicated you were nearing your release. Your hands grabbed at the small hairs on the back of his neck, and you tugged at them, arching your back in the process. 

You let out a high pitched moan before bouncing on him even faster than before, your chest bobbing up and down right in front of his eyes. He took a peek at you. He always loved looking at you when you were like this, vulnerable for him. 

Your eyes were always shut tightly, and your brows knitted together. You bit down on your lip, nearly drawing blood each time without fail. Your face blushed bright pink, and you let needy sounds escape your throat. 

Calum felt your walls clench around his member, as you threw your head back, screaming his name. You collapsed against his chest exhausted, but still rolling your hips back and forth, allowing his twitching member to explode inside of you. 

You both sat there for a minute, in a sweaty embrace before you sat up, laughing at the mess you two had just made. 

You remembered what Calum had said earlier, something no one had ever said to you before. You knew that sex made people say things they didn’t mean, but a part of you hoped he meant it, and was dying to say it back. 

“Let’s get you cleaned up, Princess.” Calum smiled, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose and leaning down to collect your panties. 

“Cal,” you interrupted grabbing his wrist and making eye contact, “I love you too.” 

He smiled, kissing you sweetly “Well I love you Two to the Fourth Power.” 

You laughed at his math joke, shaking your head at his cheesiness. 

“Hey, (Y/N). After all that, I am kinda hungry. Pizza?” he asked, and all you could do was allow yourself to fall further and further in love with Calum Hood. 

Pictures (Brad Simpson Dirty Imagine)

I knocked on the door the boy’s suite. I was excited to see Bradley, I’ve always had a huge crush on him and we’ve been so close as friends since the first time he came out to Los Angeles. 

I looked down at my outfit as I waited for one of the boys to open the door and fixed the button on my shorts.

“Hey.” I looked up from my clothes to see Connor standing at the door with a smile in his face. 

“Hi, Connor. Is Brad here?” I asked him with my hands behind my back.

“Yeah, he’s in the room.” He said letting me in and he shut the door. “Y/N, are you doing anything later?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Oh. We were going to go around LA tonight and wanted to know if you wanted to go with us. But you’re busy, so I guess-”

“Yeah, I’ll go. I was just going shopping, but that can wait.”

“Great. Uh, we’re leaving for that at like eight.”

“Alright, Con. Which room is Brad staying in?” I asked him.

“Oh, right there.” He said pointing to the door right near us.

“Thanks, Connor.”

He smirked at me, “No problem.”

I walked past him and opened the door to the room Brad was said to be in. I shut the door behind myself. He looked up at me from his phone.

“Afternoon.” I said and walked over the bed.

I sat down on the bed next to him. “Afternoon.”


Bradley snapped a picture of me with his Polaroid. “Quit it, Brad.” I said attempted to snatch the camera from him, but he moved back.

“Why? I want to be able to look at that beautiful face when I leave.” He told me as he pulled out the film from the camera and shook it out.

I could feel my face burning up and he snapped yet another photo. I reached forward and snatched the camera from him. 

“If you get a picture, I want a picture of you as well.” I demanded.

I held the camera up to my eye and watched him through it.

“Fine.” He said and smiled at the camera. I snapped the picture, the flash went off and moments later the film came out the camera. 

I put the camera down in my lap and pulled out the square of film. I shook it out and looked down at it. 

“I like this one.” Bradley said looking down at the pictures he had taken. He tossed it to my lap. “You look cute in this one.”

I looked down at it, it was a picture of myself, laughing. He must’ve taken it when I wasn’t thinking about the camera. 

Bradley leaned over and grabbed the camera. I took my jean jacket off and Brad snapped a picture. 

“Did you really just do that?”

He chuckled, “No.” His laughing slowed as he looked at the picture and looked back up at me, “I missed you, Y/N.”

I smiled, “I missed you, too, Brad.”

He leaned in close and kissed me. It was the warmest kiss I had ever gotten. His lips soft against mine as out tongues intermingled.

He pulled my shirt off and let it fall to the floor. His hands got a hold of my hips and he pulled me onto his lap. He unhooked my bra and parted our lips, looking down at my breasts. 

Bradley took my nipple in his mouth and sucked and nipped my erect nipple with his soft tongue. My hand held onto the back of his neck as I let out a soft moan, keeping in mind the boys were just outside the door. Brad turned us over, getting ontop of me. He kissed up my breast, up my neck, kissing beneath my ear. 

His hand slid down her stomach and into my shorts. I hadn’t worn any panties today. The tip of his long finger ran up my slit. He pulled his hand out my shorts. He lips moved down my neck and he kissed down my stomach. 

He got down to my shorts and unbuttoned them, warm breath against my skin as he did it. He pulled my off my hips and down my legs before throwing them off the bed. 

He put his plump lips to my clit, sucking and flicking it with his tongue. “Oh, God, Brad.” 

He slowly slid his finger in my wet pussy and fingered me fast as he sucked my clit until my legs began to twitch and my hands clenched the sheets.

He pulled his finger out and took his lips off my body. He moved back up my body, placing kisses all the up. 

“You tease.” I moaned softly. 

I pulled my fingers out and took my lips off of her body. I moved back up her body, “you fucking tease.” Louise moaned, softly. 

He rolled onto his back and looked at me, “if you wanna cum, you’ve got to work for it.”

With a smile, I straddled his lap. I pulled off his shirt and put it aside. I moved down his body, blowing my warm breath on his skin as I lightly dragged my nails down his side. I pulled at the ties of sweatpants and slipped my hand into his boxers. I grasped my small hand around his cock and pumped him quickly.

He groaned loudly, “fuck.” He sat up, on his elbows. “You’re going to make me cum.” He mumbled. 

I let go of him and pulled off his shorts completely before straddling his lap. I slowly slid down onto his hard cock. I rocked my hips slowly as bit down on my lip. 

I rest my hands on his chest as he held onto to my hips tightly. His hands guiding me to movement that pleasures him, as well as myself. I moved my hips in figure eights. Brad’s mouth gaped open and became heavy and erratic.

I bounced up and down on his dick. One hand grasping into his tight arms and the resting on his lower stomach. His eyes watched my breasts go up and down. 

I dropped my head back and cupped my breast, going up and down as fast as I could. 

I felt the warmth in my lower stomach before I came on his throbbing cock, moaning and mumbling ‘oh, god’. 

“Fuck, Y/N, I’m gonna cum. Keep going.”

I didn’t, I got off his dick and moved down. I wrapped my mouth around his cock and pumped the rest in my hand. 

“That feels so fucking good.” He growled and dropped back on the bed. 

His breathing was shaky as he laid back and I sucked the tip of his cock. He let out a loud moan as he shut his warm cum into my mouth. I swallowed and crawled up to the top of the bed. I cuddled into the side of Bradley. 

“That was fun.” I mumbled. 

He looked at me laughing, “yeah.” He wiped my lip with his thumb and stuck it in my mouth. I sucked on it and he pulled it out my mouth. 

“What time is it?” I asked. 

He looked over at the alarm clock on the bedside table. “7:43.”

“We should get dressed.” I told him and he kissed the tip of my nose. 

Here’s a BIG FUCK YOU to all the people that are like “you’re never going to marry him. He doesn’t even know you exist”

Like fuck you I already know that but that tiny little speck of hope is whats keeping me going. People have different coping mechanisms and THIS happens to be mine.
So fuck off of me you dick and leave me be,im not hurting anybody!!

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Hey. My name is Carly. Could I have a dirty Harry imagine please?? Thanks :)

Hi Carly! You can definitely have an imagine! :D

You were in the kitchen cooking dinner for Harry. He was due home any second. You turned on the stove to boil the noodles just as you heard Harry open the door. “Carly?” He called. “I’m in the kitchen.” You answered. He immediately burst in the kitchen and started kissing you. You felt him reach behind you and turn off the stove. He then place you on the counter and stood between you spread legs. “Feel what you did to me.” He said placing your hand on his large boner. You smiled and started rubbing your hand up and down. “I’ve been like this all day.” He said just as you started to unbutton his pants and slide them down his legs. Then he reached over to pull down your knickers from under your skirt. He smirked and leaned closer to whisper in your ear. “Your not wearing any?” He whispered before circling his thumb on your clit.  Then he started pumping a finger in you slowly. You thrusted your hips to his finger for more but then he pulled it out. “Beg.” He said before pulling off your shirt and unclasping your bra.  He gripped your breast and swirled his tongue over your hard nipples. You moaned as he bit onto your right breast, massaging your neglected breast with his hand. Then he stopped and looked you in the eyes. “Do you not want them?” He asked while thrusting 2 fingers in you. You didn’t answer. You just moaned. “Do you?” He asked slowing down even more. You nodded quickly, thrusting your hips again to get more. “Please.” You begged quietly. “What?” He asked raising his eyebrows with a small smirk. “H-Harry. I need you. N-now.” You said as he pumped 3 fingers in you quickly. Moments later he removed his fingers from your soaked area. You practically ripped his boxers off, seeing his hard on slap up to his abs. You bit your lip while placing one finger on top and slowly rubbed up and down. “Carly. Carly….please. No teasing.” Harry moaned. You looked at him innocently. “But you teased me.” You said. Harry smirked and kissed you. Without warning Harry pushed into you. You gasped, arching your back. Gripping onto the sheets with one hand and with the other you held onto Harry’s shoulder.“Harder…..faster.” You moaned, feeling him go even deeper and faster than he already was. You wrapped your legs around his hips, pulling him in deeper. He leaned forward placing his hands on the counter for support. He then kissed you and then that led to love bites, anywhere he could, all while you moaned. “Carly, I-I’m going…..to cum.” Harry managed to let out. His fast thrust starting to get sloppy. “Me too.” You groaned. You felt your walls clench and you felt his cum shoot deep inside you. “Harry.” You breathed out as Harry leaned on you. You sat there for a while before Harry leaned forward and placed a small kiss on your lips. “Carly?” he said. “Yeah?” You said getting off of the counter. “You better get back to cooking. I’m starved.” And with that he smacked you on your bum and left the kitchen, grabbing his clothes with him. You chuckled and got yourself dressed before continuing to cook dinner.

I hope you like it! :)

That Nerd Niall

You were running late this morning because you overslept. You walked to school, considering it was just around the corner. You were supposed to be in biology. with your luck the teacher would’ve locked you out, but for once it was open. “sorry I’m late mrs.decler, won’t happen again.” she just shook her head at you. She was very fond of you after all. “don’t let it happen again.” she said. You looked around the room to take your seat, but it was already taken. Your best friend mouthed to you sorry. You shot her back a look. Looks like you were stuck next to Niall the nerd. His brother was super cool, and you always wondered how Niall wasn’t. He was actually attractive and his brother was a football legend at your school, but Niall was the nerd. Niall didnt pay one speck of attention to you. That was kind of unusual. You were one of the most popular girls at school. you were the nice kind of popular. “who ever is next to you, consider them your partner because for the next week, you’ll be doing an experiment together.” your teacher said and you looked at your friend across the room who looked really sympathetic. Sorry she mouthed yet again. You turned to Niall, who was looking down at the lab table. “well, I guess I’m your parter. Nice to meet you I’m-” “y/n I know.” he said and blushed. “how’d you know that? And you’re Niall right?” you asked already knowing the answer. “yeah, well um did you have any you know ideas for this p-project?” he asked. “yeah I left my notes from yesterday at my house. I’ll grab them later, I only live around the block, so who’s house do you want to meet at?” you asked him. You kept getting distracted by his perfect hair. It was so beautiful. “w-where ever you uh wanna meet..” he said. “can we do your place? My little brother will be home today and all he does is shout at the tv because he’s losing on Xbox. I’m used to it but I don’t want you to get distracted.” you said and Niall was watching your every move. “y-yeah that’s um no problem. just meet me by my car and then yeah. we can stop at your place for your notes and then get to work.” he said. “sounds good to me.” you said and you smiled.
~hours later~
The bell finally rang. You were almost excited to see Niall again. You never payed much attention to him, but there wasn’t a time when you payed none. You hustled out the doors of school. You hunted around the lot looking for Nialls car. You saw a really nice sports car and the back of the blonde boys head. You walked over to the car. You slung you backpack off and put it on the floor of the car as you stepped in. “wow Niall, I didn’t know this was your car. It’s bad ass. ” you said and he giggled, “yep it’s all m-mine. So um where’s you house so you know we can um
get your notes” he said. “take a left out of this lot. Then it’s the second house past the stop sign.” you said. You felt really comfortable in front of Niall. He pulled up to your house. “you can come in if you want it’ll just be a minute, it beats sitting here alone.” you informed him. You led him to the front door. He walked into the house and you told him he could come up to your room with you, he did. He just stood in the doorway. You could’ve tackled him then and there. He was so fucking hot. Even in that long sleeve shirt you could see he was fit and muscular. You shook your head, hoping he didn’t notice you checking him out, “here they are.” you said. You grabbed them and walked out of your room. “TJ, I’m leaving, tell mom I had to do a project at someone’s house.” you yelled at your brother. he opened his door, “I’m going Out with my friends. give me money.” “no. First of all you have no friends and second I’m not giving you my money. Not happening.” you said to him. “here. hope this so enough.” Niall said as he handed your little brother the $20 bill. “Niall, you don’t have to do that, he’s only 11.” “just consider it a favor.” fuck Niall was so sweet. “hey is that your boyfriend?” TJ asked. “no stay out of this you loser, alright I think were ready to go,” you said. You went down the stairs and out the front door. Niall was driving straight to his house, and you were just flipping through radio stations.
When you pulled up to his house.
You recognized it, you’d seen it a million times, but you never knew it was his. He hurried out of the car to open your door for you. He was so well mannered and a really good guy. “y-you can uh just go right up and then yeah.” he was so cute and you adored him. He took your backpack from you, ” I’ll carry that for you..it’s really no problem.” he said. that was it. You were so done. You loved him. You walked into his house,”your house is really nice Niall. It’s beautiful!” you said, as you were amazed by the beautiful chandelier and all of the other perfect details.”so are you.” niall murmured and he coughed. “what was that?” you asked. “oh n-nothing, j-just a cough. Ya know..we can work anywhere no ones home so wherever..” he told you. “how about your room?” “that’s fine.” he said. You were so uncomfortable. With the blouse & jeans you had on. “hey sorry if it’s too much to ask..and I mean I totally understand, but do you have some clothes I can borrow, maybe a tee shirt and sweats. I totally get it if you dont want to..but I just want to be totally myself with you.” you stated and he handed you a black v-neck and some grey sweatpants. “t-the bathroom is um the second door o-on the l-left.” so you went and changed. “alright now let’s do this.” you said as you walked into his room & pulled your textbook out of your bag. Niall was watching you again. The shirt made your cleavage look spectacular, and you were sure that was not his intention. “niall, can I ask you a question?” you said and he blinked really hard as he shook his head. “do you like me?” “w-well I mean if you-” “Because I really can’t control myself around you, you’re too hot. ” you said and then forced your lips onto his. You grabbed his cheeks and forcefully kissed him. You looked at him to see he was enjoying it. You continued to kiss him and made them down his neck as well. His lips were quivering as his groans slipped. “you like that huh baby?” you whispered in between kisses. You placed Nialls hands on your boobs, it was obvious he’s never done anything like this. “do whatever you want baby. don’t be afraid,” you told him. “I-I’m sorry, I-ive just-t never done this before and sorry.” he was so adorable. “I’ll show you something to be sorry about.” you said and you took his shirt off. “damn youre fit Niall.” he was too choked up to respond. Then you proceeded to take his pants off. You unbuttoned and unzipped the pants, leaving Niall in only his boxers. You took your shirt off too, as well as unclipped your bra. “do you like what you see?” you asked him as you tugged on the band of his boxers. He started panting. You completely slipped his boxers off, “well we’ve got a big boy don’t we, holy fuck you’re huge.” you whispered. “t-thanks.” his dick was standing upright of his stomach. you flipped Niall on his back and got on all fours. You licked the tip and Niall released a string of “fucks and y/n.” you took him fully into your mouth. “oh my god. That feels so amazing fuck y/n ” he huffed as you took him in your mouth and down throat. You felt him twitching and pulled away. He was confused. “no. You let everything out once you’re inside me.” you told him and started to kiss him yet again. You took the rest of your clothes off. His finger eventually found your crotch which caused you to cry out in pleasure. “fuck yes Niall don’t stop.” you told him so he knew he was doing it right, Amazingly for it being his first time. “get inside me babe please.” you commanded. “wait so I just go right in there?” he asked. You lined it up and told him to push in. you screamed he was so big and filing. You pushed Niall on the bottom and rode him causing you both to moan and groan in unison. “fuck I’m close Niall.” Niall cummed right inside you as you did also. You lied down right on his bare chest. “holy fuck that was amazing Niall.” you said. “thank you so much. S-sorry if I did something wrong or anything I really didnt know.” he said. You were going to respond but you heard a car door slam. “hurry get dressed!” you told Niall. You put the clothes Niall gave you on again, and threw your hair up. You both went down the stairs. You saw Nialls brother Greg walking in the door. “hey guys. Wait is that you y/n? Why are you here? You’re like the most popular girl and you’re here with Niall? Who dared you or is paying you? Did you have to kiss him..I’m so sorry. seriously you can go I’ll back you up if anyone asks.” he said. “actually, I’m Nialls girlfriend.” you said as you snaked your arm around his waist. “I don’t appreciate all of the trouble you’re creating. And for your information no one made me do anything and here’s another piece of info. we fucked. So suck on that bitch.” you said and you walked back upstairs. you heard Greg and Niall talking. You checked your phone, and heard Nialls footsteps on the stairs. “sorry about that. thanks for backing me up and stuff. It means a lot. Are things gonna be normal again?” he asked. “well I was kind if hoping you would be my boyfriend, but I understand if you don’t want to.” you said and Niall tackled you on the bed and started to kiss you again. “hey y/n I’m sor-wow..okay then. I’m leaving.” Greg said obviously disturbed to be barging in on you two. “did you know I love you?” Niall asked. “yes, I do.” you said and you lied down next to him, letting the everything else disappear for a little bit.

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To Do Masterlist

•Teasing Justin during a car ride (Mature)

•Rough make up sex (Mature)

•Y/N babysits Justin’s baby and he fucks her instead of paying her (Mature)

Y/N wakes up to find Justin isn’t next to her, she goes downstairs to find him masturbating (Mature) Here Alternative Ending

•Y/N has post partum depression

•Y/N is on the phone while her and Justin are having sex (Mature)

Y/N masturbates while thinking of a previous encounter with Justin (Mature) Here

•Y/N and Justin’s first time together (Mature)

•Y/N is Khalil’s little sister and she’s close with Justin and Za. They end up having a threesome (Mature)

•Talking about wet dreams together (Mature)

•Justin gets embarrassed when he gets a boner in public

•Justin’s on tour and he gets a call saying you’ve hurt yourself

•Bringing their baby home for the first time

•Y/N teases Justin before he goes on stage and he ends up being 30 minutes late for his concert (Mature)

•Jason comes home after a long day and just wants to cuddle

•"Please don’t doubt my love for you, it’s the only thing I’m sure of.“

•Justin’s surprised when you ride him for the first time (Mature)

•Spending the day with Jazzy and Jaxon

•Justin makes a sexual joke when he sees you during one of his shows and the crowd reacts

•Y/N and Justin have feelings for each other but won’t admit it to each other. She compliments Justin when she’s drunk, spilling the truth

•Y/N pranks Justin and he gets mad

They try anal for the first time (Mature) Here

•Y/N and Justin are good friends but Justin’s in love with her, he shows up at her house drunk and confesses. Things take a turn (Mature)

•Halsey and Justin

•Y/N is dating Justin and they go clubbing but she sees him dancing with another girl, so she dances with a random guy. When you get home the night gets rough (Mature)

•Y/N and Justin have passionate, angry hate sex (From both their P.O.V’s) (Mature)

•All Justin wants for his birthday is a baby. He gets excited by the idea of having kids

•Strip poker

•Y/N and Justin have a 3 year old boy and Y/N is out with her friends but their son doesn’t feel well and starts crying, so Justin has to beg her to come home

•Y/N is Jazzy and Jaxon’s nanny, when Justin comes home from the holidays, he meets her and finds her attractive. They end up having sex

•Carpool Karaoke

•“Why do they make this look so easy in all those porn movies?! This hurts like fuck!”

•“If I wake up in the morning and I’m dead… Wait.”

•[Y/N] wins Best Actress at the Oscars and you take Justin as your date

•Y/N is afraid to be comfortable with Justin because of her past boyfriend

•Y/N is famous and goes on the Ellen show for an interview and is asked about the dating rumours involving her and Justin

•Y/N has had a child before her and Justin got together and she goes to take the child to his father’s house but the kid wants to stay with Justin instead

•Justin is jealous because you’re out and men keep staring at you but he can’t do anything because you’re only dating on the down low and when you both get home he fucks his jealousy away (Mature)

•Justin walks in on Y/N masturbating (Mature)

•Justin is having a hard time without Y/N on tour and he’s really sad, so she goes to surprise him but he has an anxiety attack on stage and she has to help him and he doesn’t connect that she’s there until he calms down

•Y/N and Justin are having sex, Hailey and Kendall walk in and they end up having a foursome (Mature)

•Y/N and Justin split up. They sabotage each other’s dates and argue constantly. They can’t accept that they’re not over each other

• “Shut your mouth before I shut it for you.”

•Y/N owns a Ferrari, one day Justin wants to race and if she wins she get a head and vice versa

•Officer Bieber (Part Two)

•Shower Sex (Mature)

•Doctor Bieber (Mature)

•Justin is Y/N’s gym instructor/trainer. One day he can’t control himself at the sight of her and they end up fucking (Mature)

•Justin realises that Y/N doesn’t love him the way she used to

•Justin uses sex toys (Mature)

•Justin Bieber/Jason McCann (Part Two) (Mature)

•Periods and Inconsiderate (Part Two)

•Bounce On My lap (Part Two) (Mature)

•Y/N takes Justin’s virginity (Mature)

•Y/N let’s Justin draw a nude painting of her

•Justin’s fantasy comes true thanks to Y/N (Mature)

•Coconut Water (Part Two)

•Fantasising and Late Night Calls (Part Two) (Mature)

•Y/N is having dinner out with her family when Justin won’t stop constantly calling her. She later finds out he wants her to go to the bathroom and touch herself (Mature)

•Y/N wears sexy lingerie & garter straps, causing Justin’s mind to wander (Mature)

•Y/N is getting married to someone but right before they get married, Justin stands up and confesses his love to her, making her doubt everything

•Justin is going to visit a school to pick one person to go on tour with him and he picks Y/N, it gets heated.

•"I can be sobbing in front of you with a broken heart and I’d still crack a joke.“

•Y/N makes herself squirt, she tells Justin and he asks her to show him (Mature)

•First Time Foreplay (Mature)

•Y/N and Justin go skinny dipping

•Y/N & Justin live in the same apartment building, and one night Y/N is masturbating and gets interrupted by a knock on the door. It turns out to be Justin, he can tell what she’s been doing (Mature)

•Justin forces Y/N to watch porn (Mature)

•Y/N teases Justin when they’re having dinner and he ends up fucking her (Mature)

•Y/N and Justin get caught by the squad (Mature)

•Y/N and Justin have sex in the bathroom at a club (Mature)

•Y/N is on her period but Justin is horny

•Y/N goes on tour with Justin and they get into a fight. Y/N leaves, causing Justin to take time from the tour to go after her

•Y/N and Justin are best friends, they are both virgins and make a deal to be each other’s first time (Mature)

•Y/N is a dancer and dances for Justin to ‘Dance For You’ by Beyoncé and they end up fucking (Mature)

•Explicit Imagination (Part Two) (Mature)

•'Let Me Love You’ imagine

Wet(Zayn Malik smut)

“Need some company in there?”.

I chuckle shaking my head.

“No thank you.I’m fine…”.I lie.

I mean how could you resist Zayn subtly offering to join you while showering anyway?But I just want to tease him a little bit…

“Are you sure?I mean aren’t you feeling lonely in there?”.He playfully insists making me chuckle again.

“I’m fine.Thanks for asking though…”.I answer while squirting shower gel in my hand.

Suddenly,the shower curtain gets pulled to the side and Zayn’s face pops in,instantly making me turn around so he won’t see me naked,as if he hasn’t already but whatever…

“Zayn!!!”.I protest trying to also cover my bum .

“Oh come on babe!It’s not like I haven’t seen you naked before…Mind if I join?I’m feeling lonely out here…”.He says pouting his lips,making it impossible to resist him any longer.

“Fine..Get in.”.

He quickly gets in and I notice he’s completely naked and…semi hard…

He goes behind me and tightly hugs me,giving me a kiss on the cheek,making me blush as I feel his hard on rubbing against my bum.

“I feel exhausted…What a tiring day today…”.He says as I turn to face him.

He’s now standing under the shower head as the warm water runs down his messy hair and lean,tattooed body.God he looks so sexy wet…When doesn’t he look sexy anyway?


I abruptly wake up from the trance Zayn’s wet body has put me in…

“Um?”.I say still a bit dazed.

“I asked what you did today…”.He tells me raising his eyebrow.

“Well,um…I…”.I mumble,trying to recall how I had spend my day.

“Are you all right,babe?”.Zayn asks confused.

“Yeah…Why?”.I reply trying to look at anywhere but naked Zayn,trying to convince myself not to jump on him and ride him right there and then.

“Cause,um,I don’t know…You’re acting a bit strange…”.He says as he rests his hands on my waist.

Oh no…He’s noticed…He’s noticed how much he’s turned me on…As I also notice he’s rock hard right now…

He turns off the water and brings our wet,naked bodies closer to each other’s.

“What is it babe?Cause I can take care of it if you want…”.He practically whispers looking deeply in my eyes.

I waste no time as I crush my lips to his,engaging in a passionate kiss.As we do so,I grab his cock and start pumping it,earning a moan from him but suddenly he pulls away from the kiss.

“Suck my cock babe…Please…”.He begs.

I carefully push him against the wall,smirking and biting my bottom lip,something I know drives him crazy.

“Fuck,I love when you do that babe…”.He growls as he gives my lips one more kiss.

I smile and kneel down right in front of him,quickly grabbing his hard cock again,stroking him a few times and licking his throbbing tip.He clearly likes this and I can tell by the way he leans his head back on the shower wall,groaning.

“Your mouth,use your mouth…”.

Wanting to please him,I put his cock in my mouth and move my head up and down,stroking with my hand what I can’t fit in my mouth.

His hands find my wet hair and slighty push my head so I can take more of his cock as he sloppily thrusts in my mouth every now and then,moaning more and more.

“Stop,stop!”.He says all of sudden.

I look up at him and I see him smiling at me as he pulls me up.Now pushing me against the wall,he wraps his arms around my waist,pecking my lips and then showering my neck with open mouth kisses.

“Where do you want me to fuck you babe?”.He purrs looking in my eyes,awaiting for my response.

“Against the shower wall…”.I tell him as I wrap my arms around his neck.

“As you wish babe but first…”.He starts as he kneels right in front of me,never breaking eye contact with me,biting his bottom lip,turning me on even more.

He lightly runs his fingers up and down my throbbing core making me moan and lean my head against the wall.

“So,so wet…”.

He wastes no time as he licks up and down my throbbing core,holding me still as both of his hands rest on my hips.

“You taste so good…”.He growls as he starts flicking and sucking on my clit.

At this point,I’m a moaning mess,about to explode as I push his head even deeper in my core.

But without warning,he stops and gets back up.


I swiftly jump on him and he enters me.With my back against the shower wall,he begins thrusting in and out of me as we both moan and breath heavily.

“Go faster Zayn,please…”.I beg him.

He goes faster as he rests his face on the crook of my neck,holding my bum tightly but carefully.

“I…I’m coming babe…”.He breathlessly whispers in my ear.

“Me too Zayn…”.

He deeply pounds in and out of me a few more times and that’s all it takes us to fall apart.

We both moan loudly as we ride out our orgasms,his hands gripping my bum so tightly,I’m sure it’ll bruise later…

He removes his head from my neck,crushing his lips to mine right after looking in my eyes and flashing me a sleepy smile as he’s still holding me against the wall.

“Looks like we should shower again…”.I notice looking at our sweaty bodies.

“Mm,yeah,it looks like it…”.He agrees with me,both of us smiling at each other as he leans in,connecting his lips with mine…

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Late Night Touching (MATURE)

I rolled over onto my side, wanting to feel Justin’s warmth as the cold of the night ran over my body. But when I attempted to shuffle into his chest so that he’d automatically wrapped his arms around me, I fell into an empty space.

Slowly, I opened my eyes. I squinted around the darkness of the room but I couldn’t see Justin anywhere, and I noticed that the ensuite light wasn’t on so I knew he hadn’t gone to the toilet. I sighed and let my head fall back against the pillow, my hair spreading out across them. I put it down to the fact he’d simply gone downstairs for a drink and he’d be back up at any second so I could feel his embrace.

But a few minutes turned into what must have been roughly ten minutes. I huffed, tapping my fingers against the covers. I was now fully awake.

While I continued to wait to see if he’d come back upstairs, I finally heard noises. I heard a long groan, followed by another and another coming from down the stairs, making me shoot up from the bed. My first immediate thought was that he was in pain. My first thought was to run down there and see if he was okay but instead, I crept down the stairs as best as I could.

The worrying sounds continued as I moved down each step carefully, making sure to keep quiet, afterall, I had no idea who was down here; there was always the chance it wasn’t Justin.

When I was half way down, I noticed there was a light on in the living room, so I didn’t have to struggle to see in the dark. I saw a figure sat comfortably on the couch, I noticed the familiar tattoo on the back of their neck and the growing blonde hair, letting me know instantly it was Justin. Involuntarily, I let out a sigh of relief.

But I noticed the TV playing in front of him, the volume was turned down to a minimum, and I picked up on the way he was making abrupt hand movements. I instantly knew what he was doing and I felt tingles run through my body. I listened as he let out a quiet moan.

“Fuck, [Y/N].” I heard him whisper, and at this point, I was almost close to letting out a moan.

“J-Justin?” I stuttered, feeling my legs go weak. I wrapped my arms around myself when I felt the cold run over my body.

He shot his body around instantly, looking shocked as he caught sight of me. His hand only stopped for a split second before he moved it slowly back down his length, however. “B-Baby, you okay? Go back to sleep.” He turned back around, quickly reaching for the remote when he realised the porn was still playing on the huge screen, he switched the TV off.

I let the palm of my hand run across my right boob, making me sigh. I walked closer to him, letting my fingers trail around his neck. “Why’d you turn it off?” I muttered into his ear, dragging my nails along his skin then.

He simply let out a grunt when he felt my touch. His hand still moved up and down his length, using his precum as lubricant.

“I asked why you turned it off. Put it back on; you know you want to.” I whispered, biting down on the top of his ear, making him moan. “You wanna get off, so do it. If not for your poor, hard cock needing release, then for me.” He looked over at me, I watched him as his eyes scanned my face. He took his bottom lip into his mouth and closed his eyes.

Slowly, he took the remote and switched the TV on once more, the same video appeared on the screen, showing a girl being fucked from behind as she let out various sounds of pleasure. I felt myself become hot.

“Tell me what you were doing.” I let my voice become hard and demanding, knowing he hated when I was in any way, in control.

“[Y/N], get over here and let me fuck you.” He clenched his jaw, I wasn’t sure if it was voluntary, however.

“Ah, no. Because when that happens, that’s when you get control.” I moved impossibly close to his ear. “And I like having this effect on you when I get the chance.” I whispered softly. “Now tell me.” I walked around the couch and sat next to him, letting my hand rest on his thigh.

He sighed. “I was jacking off to the thought of fucking you, imagining that that was you.” He nodded his head in the direction of the TV, he looked flustered, making me chuckle.

I didn’t speak. I just watched as he concentrated on moving his hand up and down his cock, only gaining speed. “Fuck,” I adored the way his words left his mouth as his head fell back against the couch, making his throat open to my kisses. I pressed my lips down slowly, leaving them there for a few moments before releasing. He hummed in appreciation. “I love when you touch me.” His voice was hoarse.

I continued to kiss down his neck and to his jaw, gliding my fingers along his stomach as I did so. “Get yourself off for me.” I encouraged him, loving the way his hand sped up after my words. “Good boy.” I giggled.

He groaned, turning his head to look at me while it rest on the back of the couch. His eyes watched me; they traveled from my own eyes down to my mouth, they stayed there. “You’re so fucking beautiful, babygirl.” His hand movements became sloppy.

“I’m so close,” He moaned, a little bit louder. His eyes fell on the events taking place on the TV and his body seemed to shake for a moment. “I’m going to bend you over and give you a good fucking when I’m done, but not before I get a taste of you.” He smirked, making me take in a large intake of breath.

I brought my body close to him once more, letting my tongue slide across his neck. He craned his neck to give me better access. “Cum for me, baby. Please. For me.” I whimpered into his ear.

“Oh my God, [Y/N].” He grabbed me by the neck, pressing his lips onto mine whilst he came. I let his lips move over mine sloppily, my nails still digging into his thigh. I felt some of his cum land on my hand while most of it ran down the side of his length and on his chest.

He pulled away, groaning as his hand movements slowed down. “Shit.” He whispered. I kissed his shoulder. “I’m sorry about that, babygirl. Did I wake you up? I tried being as quiet as I could.” His facial expression showed concern.

“No, you didn’t wake me. I just wondered where you were, that’s all. I can tell you now, I didn’t expect this.” I giggled, wrapping my arm around his neck and pulling him in for a kiss. “Why didn’t you wake me?” My hand brushed through his small amount of hair.

“I woke up with a hard on and I couldn’t get back to sleep. I was gonna wake you up by doing that thing that you like with my tongue but you looked so peaceful,” He chuckled. “So I just came down and decided to sort it myself.” He shrugged, currently wiping himself down with the tissues he kept nearby.

“Anyway,” I climbed on top of him. “Thought you said you were gonna have a taste of this?” I smirked, kissing down his jaw.

“Oh, I am.” His hands gripped my hips. “And, I’ll do that thing with my tongue.” He bit down on my ear before pushing me down on the couch, I let out a yelp.

Doing Dirt

You and Justin hadn’t been on good terms earlier, and you were now sat on a couch having a movie night with friends. The two of you were cuddled up under a blanket, both of you had barely uttered a word to each other since you got there. Justin’s arm had wrapped around you, minutes later his head was on your shoulder. His nose brushed your neck, his apologetic efforts kicking in. His lips lightly connected with your neck for only seconds because you had pushed him away from you. He sighed, sitting back and staring at the tv once again. You hadn’t meant to make it seem like you were still upset with him, you just didn’t want to start anything while your friends were still there. Screw it, you thought, you couldn’t stand the thought of Justin being upset because he thought you were still mad at him. Your hand traveled to his thigh, squeezing it lightly as his eyes traveled down to you confusedly. Just wait, you mouthed to him, sensing how eager he was for the movie to come to an end. “We could do it right now, baby.” He hungrily whispers on your ear, sending erotic pleasure in your whole body. Justin cheekily runs his hand down from your waist down your torso. You felt his hand sliding inside your pants. You shudder as you felt Justin’s hand on top of your lacey panties. “Justin..” you warned him. “What? I’m just watching a movie.” He grins from ear to ear. Then he pushes your panties aside. You let out a whimper when he starts circling your clit with his professional fingers. “Shhh Y/N..” You bit your lower lip to stop from making any noise while he continues massaging your pussy. “Justin please..” “Please what?” “I- I don’t know. Just stop?” He chuckles and shook his head. “It sounded like you don’t want me to.” “What if they’ll see us?” “They won’t.” Then he pushes a finger inside you making you gasp in pure pleasure. He pulls it out then thrust slowly. He did this again and again, “Oh God.” You cry silently when you felt your about to have an orgasm. Justin leans in to kiss you. He continues to thrust again, faster. You felt it building inside you. “Fuck!” He growls. “You’re so sexy when you come.. wanna ditch this movie and do round two baby?” You smirked at him. “I’m still mad at you..but I’d take that as a challenge.”

Beautiful stranger(Zayn Malik smut)

I look around impatiently,wanting nothing more but to get out of this luxurious,posh restaurant…
You would call me crazy for wanting to leave such place but it’s not really my kind of style.I’m not going to lie,I do like luxury but I prefer simpler things in life…
It is my best friend’s,Y/F/N’s(your friend’s name)birthday and she wanted to celebrate a bit differently,so she decided to spend a bit more this year and celebrate in this restaurant instead of just going to the mall and having a pizza.
“Look at all those people!They all look so..”.
“Filthy rich?”.I complete Y/F/N’s sentence earning a chuckle from her.
“True…They’re probably all producers,publicists and I don’t even know what else…I’d say actors and singers as well but surprisingly no one looks familiar…”.She says but before she finishes her sentence I see a familiar face entering the room we’re in.It takes me a few seconds to realise this “familiar face” is the guy I haven’t spent a day without dreaming about the past few years,the guy that when I look at my heart skips a few beats…
Zayn Malik.
Mind starting to go cloudy with thoughts as I see him walking towards a table with a bodyguard and another musician whose face I vaguely recognise but I can’t quite remember his name.
“No way!Y/N,did you see who just got in here?It’s Zayn-or whatever his name is-from One Direction!”.Y/F/N points out and I instantly remind myself how she doesn’t like One Direction.
“Yes I noticed…”.I answer still looking at Zayn’s direction as I feel my heart beating so fast in my chest I’m afraid everyone can hear it.
“That’s the one you like,right?”.My friend asks,raising her eyebrow.
“Um…Maybe…”.I shyly say as I look down and feel my cheeks heating up.
“Maybe?Stop messing with me Y/N.All you do on the internet is looking up at things related to him and the band he’s in…”.
I can’t help but roll my eyes even though her words do indeed describe my every day life…
“So what are you waiting for?”.She adds.
“What do you mean?”.I try to understand what she’s talking about.
“Well you have to make a move…I mean things like this happen once in a lifetime.When are you gonna see him again?”.
“I’m sorry but I don’t quite understand you…”.I say still having a hard time to decode what she’s saying even though I think I know what she means…
“You have to get with him!You know,like sleep with him…”.
“What the hell are you talking about?First,I’m wayyyy out of his league,second,he won’t like me and third,did I forget to mention it?Oh yeah…I’m wayyy out of his league…”.I tell Y/F/N,suddenly feeling incredibly self conscious.
“Y/N,are you fucking joking now or what?First,he is no God or immortal or anything,he is just a normal guy who so happens to be famous and second,you are so freaking gorgeous inside and out.And if he doesn’t like you-which I doubt-then I’m sorry but it’s his loss…”.Y/F/N says,boosting my confidence as I remind myself how lucky I am to have a friend like her.We’ve been friends for just a few years but our bond is very strong as we always stand up for each other.
“No you don’t understand Y/F/N…As much as I would love to get with him,I can’t do it…I told you I’m out of his league plus I don’t do one night stands…Also,what if he rejects me?No,no,no.There’s no way something’s gonna happen at all anyways,so…”.I say,suddenly starting to have second thoughts about the whole “one night stand” thing…
“How are you so sure nothing’s gonna happen?”.Y/F/N asks.
“Oh please I’m here with you and he is like four tables away.How do I even try to make a move or something?It’s just impossible…”.I lose all hope.
“Um…Eye contact maybe?”.Y/F/N suggests as if it’s something I should have already done.
“No,no,no…It’s pointless Y/F/N…So I’ll just forget about the whole thing and I’m just gonna sit here and enjoy his presence from afar for as long as we’re both in the same room.End of story.”.I say even though I don’t actually mean any of these things as I turn and look at him again,still not believing that Zayn-freaking-Malik is in the same room as me.
I also admire how beautiful he is.His long,glossy,black hair falling over his eyes,his dark beard covering his chiseled jawline perfectly and the way his face lights up when he laughs…And those are just some of the many things I love about him,even though he does not even aknowledge my existance,even though I don’t know him in real life,wishing that I did…
“Whatever Y/N…Do whatever you want…”.Y/F/N says clearly having  given up on trying to persuade me to make a move on Zayn.
I take a look at my spaghetti  but my appetite is gone.Zayn’s presence has made me so nervous that the last thing I wanna do right now is eat…
I sigh and decide to secretly catch another glimpse of him but when I turn what I see makes my mind go cloudy again.Zayn’s dark,mysterious eyes are glued on me which only makes my heart beat like crazy…I can’t help but look down as I feel my cheeks turning a bright shade of red,all this being too much for me to take in…I do have to admit though,I am overly flattered that I just had eye contact with Zayn Malik,something that would only happen in the scenarios I’d create in my head…
“What’s up with you?Everything alright?.You seem kind of flustered…Oh I know…I know…You just pictured having sex with him,didn’t you?”.Y/F/N asks and I can’t help but laugh,deciding not to tell her about what has just happened.
I look at Zayn again but this time he’s having a conversation with the guys he’s with but suddenly his eyes lock with mine again,sending shivers down my spine,making me look away again.
Fuck…What the hell is wrong with me?Zayn Malik,the guy I’ve liked for so long,happens to be in the same place as me and attemps to have eye contact with me and I can’t even smile at him or at least not look away?
Ok,I need to relax…
“I’m gonna go to the restroom.I’ll be back in a minute…”.I tell Y/F/N as she’s sipping from her wine,pausing and looking at me with a confused look on her face.
“Umm,may I ask why?You’re acting a bit strange…”.Y/F/N says looking worried as she puts her glass back on the table.
“Umm…I just want to touch up my makeup a bit.That’s all”.I lie to her.
“Are you sure?Does it have to do with that Zayn guy?”.My friend clearly knows what’s going on.
“Y/F/N I’m fine,ok?…I’ll be right back.”.I tell her as I make my way to the restroom.
I walk inside the restroom and instantly notice how luxurious this room is,taking in the different shades of blue and the ornate patterns on the walls.
Moments later,I get back to reality as I stare at the mirror,surprisingly feeling very confident when I look at my reflection,smiling,thinking I am beautiful and actually believing it.
Feeling extra confident and much calmer than before I make my way out of the restroom but I feel the need for some fresh air.Not knowing where I should go,I ask a guy who’s probably working here-as he’s wearing a white t-shirt with the restaurant’s name on it-and he tells me where to go.
After thanking him,I follow the directions he’s given me and I’m finally out in what looks like a small garden.There’s a wooden fence around it and colourful flowers are planted here and there.
I gaze at the dark,full of stars sky,noticing how beautiful it is,the somewhat cold,fresh air making me feel alive…
Moments later,I decide it’s about time that I got back inside but as soon as I turn a gasp escapes my lips…
Zayn is just a few metres away from me holding a cigarette in one hand and a lighter in the other,a surprised look painted on his face.
“I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to scare you…”.Zayn apologises,his voice so deep yet calm and soothing like music to my ears.
“It’s fine…”.I manage to say,my heart pounding so loud I can hear it in my ears.
Suddenly,I’m all self conscious again and so starstruck that the first thing that comes to my mind is to get back inside.
“Wait,wait!Don’t go!”.Zayn blurts out as I make my way back in the restaurant,making my head turn back to look at him,my mind creating multiple scenarios about what might possibly happen.
I take in his silky,black hair and how it shines under the moonlight,his burgundy knitted jumper,the black skinny jeans and his expensive-looking black shoes.
“Hi!”.Zayn says,smiling at me,something which confuses me.
“Hi…”.I say back to him as a smile is gradually creeping up on my face as he quietly chuckles and looks at the ground.
“So you’re here with company too as I can see,right?”.He asks.
“Um…Yes I am…”.I tell him,mentally swearing at myself for being so shy and awkward.I really need to step up my game….
“Umm…I can also see you don’t like talking much,right?”.Zayn says,making me laugh as he flashes me a smile.
“Well my parents have taught me not to talk to strangers…”.I try to play along with him.
“Oh…So I’m just another stranger to you?”.He raises his eyebrow as he comes closer and I forget to breath as I admire how beautiful he is walking towards me.
He stops a few metres away from me,his eyes scanning me from head to toes as he smirks,biting his bottom lip,making it turn a bright shade of red.
Seconds later,he puts the cigarette in between his plump,wet lips,taking a long drag.He hides the black lighter back inside his pocket and puffs out the smoke,closing his eyes,enjoying the moment.
His captivating brown orbs find mine again.
“I’m sorry.I didn’t ask…Do you maybe…?”.
“I don’t smoke.”.I tell him before he gets to finish his sentence and he nods,putting the cigarette back in between his lips.
Finding this situation beyond awkward yet not wanting it to ever end,I’m trying to think of something to do or say but my mind is hazed by Zayn’s presence.
“So you didn’t answer my question before…Am I just another stranger to you?”.He suddenly asks getting me out of my trance.
“I’m not quite sure why you’re asking me this Zayn…”.
“No worries…I just got the answer to my question…”.His eyes never leaving mine as he gets even closer now.
“I’m clearly not just another stranger to you since you already know my name…”.He smirks as he takes another drag,then blowing out another puff of smoke into the air,the sexy image of him smoking and his wittiness leaving me speechless as I can’t help but wonder once more if I’m dreaming.
“Who doesn’t know your name Zayn?”.I ask him ,raising my eyebrow.
He shrugs his shoulders as he puts out the cigarette,puffing out the last cloud of smoke.
“Enough about me.How about you babe?You never told me your name…”.He tilts his head to the side,his long hair following the direction of his head as he pushes back the silky strands that have fallen right in front of his eyes.
“It’s Y/N”.I tell him as I rub my arms with my hands as the cold air sends chills down my spine and he notices…
“I think we should go somewhere warmer Y/N…”.He says,making  my eyes narrow.
“We?”.I ask curious to find out what he means.
“Exactly.You got it right.Unless…Unless,you don’t want to…”.He says as he stands dangerously close to me now,leaning closer and closer down to my face,his warm,faintly cigarette tainted breath washing over my lips…
I can’t help but take in his perfectly sculpted face,the scruff lining his chiseled jawline,his hypnotising brown eyes,the curl of his dark eyelashes,his slightly chapped,plump lips so inviting as his warm,spicy scent fills my lungs,intoxicating me as he gently puts some strands of hair that have fallen above my eyes behind my ear,making me look down avoiding his eyes…
“I’m not…Um…I’m not sure what you mean…”.I say gulping,my eyes now focusing on his lips.
“Oh you sure are babe…”.He whispers,finally closing the gap between us…
“You see I don’t usually do this…”.Zayn says,his eyes taking in my small flat as I’m locking the door.
“Do what?”.I ask curiously before leaving my keys and bag on the floor.
“You know,going to a girl’s-I don’t even know that well-house…”.His eyes focus back on mine.
The truth is I don’t do this everyday either.I don’t bring strangers to my house.But this stranger happens to be Zayn,so clearly he’s not that much of a stranger…
I have dreamed about him countless of times despite the fact I’ve only known him through a computer screen,so I guess you could say he’s a stranger I’m rather familiar with in some way but I can’t help but still wonder why he chose to come to my place instead of his.
“So…Aren’t you curious why I chose to come to your place instead?I mean it did look like you found it quite odd when I asked you where you live so I could tell H/B/N(his bodyguard’s name?)where to drive me…”.He says as if he read my thoughts…
“Well…Why did you?”.I ask him as I sit on the couch,motioning for Zayn to sit next to me.
He shrugs.
“I’m not sure to be honest…It’s just that…I feel like I can trust you…”.He says,resting his arm on the back of the couch,looking intensely in my eyes,making me look away,not knowing exactly how I should feel about what he just said or even if he truly means it.
All of a sudden,Zayn puts his hand on my thigh and starts rubbing it slowly,quickly making me bring my eyes back up to his,noticing the hungry look on his face as it’s obvious he’s yearning for some kind of intimacy other than the kiss we shared back in the restaurant.
I study his face wondering how it is possible for someone to be so good-looking.His big,brown eyes,now almost black with lust,piercing into mine as his rosy,wet lips are slowly parting…
I can’t hold back any longer and quickly dive in for a passionate kiss,my hands cupping his face.
Zayn vigorously grabs my waist and I straddle him before he stands up,his strong arms wrapped under my thighs,holding me firmly,our lips never parting.
He’s probably already seen where my bedroom is as he walks up to the small room with confidence and no hesitation,my arms and legs still wrapped around him,and lays me on the bed.
“Just stay still babe…”.Zayn says as he stands back up and takes off his shoes,skinny jeans and jumper,staying only in his tight,black boxers and I can’t help but stare at the tattoos which beautifully cover his lean body as well as the huge bulge that has formed in his underwear which only makes my breath hitch…
My deep thoughts suddenly get interrupted when Zayn gets back on top of me,hungrily covering my neck and collarbone with open mouth kisses,leaving wet traces on my skin.
“Baby…”.Zayn moans as I run my fingertips up and down his back,his raspy voice so sexy I swear I must be dripping wet by now…
“Yes daddy?”.I blurt out too fast,instantly regretting calling him that,especially so soon,worried what he’ll think as I notice the surprised look on his face but the truth is Zayn’s got me so horny that my brain is only clouded with lust and nothing else…  
“What did you say?”.Zayn asks me as I mentally slap myself for saying such thing,especially since I don’t even know him that well.
“I’m sorry,I…”.
“No,no,no babe…That was so fucking sexy…”.Zayn says and a huge weight is lifted off my shoulders as his fingers start to unzip my dress.
“We need to get you naked baby.I wanna see that sexy body of yours…”.He murmurs as I finally take off my dress,throwing it somewhere across the room,staying only in my navy underwear as I brush my fingers through Zayn’s silky hair as he unclasps my bra.
“So I’m your daddy,baby girl?”.He says as his large hands cup my breasts,massaging them,his fingers playing with my nipples.
“Yes daddy,you are…”.I coo.
“What do you want daddy to do to you babe?Uh?”.He squeezes my boobs tighter and I moan from both pain and pleasure,then licking my nipples to sooth the pain.
“I want you to fuck me daddy…”.I moan as he’s moving lower,opening my legs and showering my inner thighs with kisses,never breaking eye contact with me,something that turns me on even more.
“Is it just that babe?Nothing else?”.He’s clearly teasing me,now licking my skin as his fingers begin rubbing my soaking wet,clothed centre.
“I…I want you to…”.I now have a rough time even forming words from all his teasing.
“Yes Y/N?You want me to what babe?Say it…”.
His fingers slowly pushing my panties to the side,his fingertips ever so lightly brushing against my sensitive lips as my breath hitches in my throat,making me crave more of his touch…
“Please Zayn,please just lick me…”.I beg him.
“Where do you want me to lick you baby?Say it…What am I supposed to do when you’re not telling me what you want Y/N?”.He keeps teasing me,his fingers now lightly brushing over my opening,collecting my juices.
“I want you to lick my pussy Zayn…”.I finally blurt out earning a smirk from him.
But I get caught off guard when instead of doing as expected,he stands up and gets on top of me,lightly sucking on the spot right under my ear and then licking over it.
“Before I eat out your sweet,little pussy baby girl,I want you to feel how hard you’ve made my cock…Can you feel that Y/N?”.Zayn whispers in my ear as he takes my hand and places it on his still clothed,rock hard cock,making me gasp.
“Fuck…You are so hard…I want to suck your cock so bad…”.I tell him as his dick has got my mouth watering…
“What’s stopping you baby girl?”.
I flash him a lustful smile and turn us around,now me on top of him,quickly reaching down and pulling his boxers off,letting his cock spring free,finally seeing how hard it is.
I waste no time,grabbing his cock and pumping it a few times earning some moans from him as his lips slightly part and his eyes close from the pleasurable feeling.
“Please don’t tease…”.He begs when I slowly start licking his swollen tip which is leaking a tiny bit of pre-come.
I decide not to tease any further so I put his cock in my mouth,going up and down,one hand pumping what I can’t fit in my mouth,the other gently massaging his balls.
I look up at Zayn seeing how one of his hands is on his forehead,obvious that he’s enjoying this as much as I do,probably even more.His eyes are shut closed and his lips slightly parted as his tattooed chest is slowly going up and down,his breathing heavy.
I take him out of my mouth,licking bold stripes up and down his shaft as one hand roams over his abs and v-line,grunts escaping Zayn’s lips.
“I’m close babe…”.He coos,finishing his sentence with a moan.
“Are you gonna come for me daddy?”.I ask him as I start licking his balls,still pumping his cock,Zayn’s fingers running through my hair.
“Yes…I am babe but…”.He clearly struggles to speak,my mouth and tongue driving him crazy.
“…But not now,later babe…I wanna come inside of you…”.He adds,gathering all my hair in a ponytail,earning a smile from me.
I put his cock back in my mouth,moving my head up and down as I run my fingertips ever so lightly over his balls,moaning,the vibrations sending him over the edge.
“Fuck…Stop…Please stop…I’m gonna come…”.He says,his hands pulling my hair a bit tighter,making me stop,my confidence levels skyrocketed as I’ve managed to bring him in state of total euphoria.
“Your turn now…I want you to lay on your back for me so I can lick your pussy baby…”.Zayn says as we switch positions.
He swiftly removes my panties and opens my legs,biting his bottom lip,his eyes turning almost black with lust once he sees my soaking wet pussy.
He starts placing open mouth kisses on my inner thigh,leaving small wet traces on my skin,my heart beating so fast I’m afraid he can hear it.
He bring two fingers in my opening feeling how wet I am…
“Fuck…Who has made you this wet baby?”.Zayn asks as his fingers keep teasing my opening.
“You did baby…”.I tell him as a sexy smirk appears on his face.
He leans down,his face now just a few inches away from my centre,and lightly brushes his bottom lip over my slit,his eyes never leaving mine,just this making me want to orgasm…
He starts licking my pussy,making my back arch,uncontrolable moans leaving my mouth.
I instantly tangle my fingers in his silky,black hair,pushing back a few strands that have fallen over his eyes,getting a better view of him eating me out.
He then uses his fingers,slightly parting my lips and licking my clit,making me moan louder.He looks up at me,his lips curling up into a seductive smile.
“You like this baby?You like it when I lick your pussy?”.He whispers,earning a moan as a response as I’m incapable of forming any words right now.
“Oh god…You taste so good…”.He adds.
He now lightly sucks on my clit as he puts one of his lean,long fingers inside me curling it,finding my g-spot,hitting it every time he pumps his long finger,his eyes looking deeply into mine.
“Yes,yes…Keep doing that please…”.I beg him,running my fingers through my hair,all this pleasure being too much,especially when his beard lightly scratches my sensitive skin,the sensation driving me crazy.
“Tell me when you’re about to come babe…”.Zayn murmurs as his lips are wrapped around my clit sucking harshly,licking it every now and then as he adds a second finger pumping them both in and out of my pussy faster and faster.
“Fuck…Stop,stop Zayn…I’m gonna come…”.I tell him out of breath as I’m about to orgasm,pulling on his soft hair a bit tighter than I intended,making him stop,his eyes finding mine again.
A smirk appears on his face again before he gets on top of me,kissing my lips,making me taste myself.
“Fuck me Zayn…”.I whisper in his ear as I desperately want to climax,leaving a few kisses under his ear as I wrap my arms around his neck.
“I will babe…”.Zayn coos,a soft moan escaping his mouth as my lips keep kissing and licking his soft neck.
“Just a sec…”.He says and gets up,finding his jeans,fumbling in his pockets,finding a condom,ripping open the small package and quickly putting it on before he gets back to me.
He opens my legs and teases me by running his cock few times up and down my pussy,making me groan but also giggle,making Zayn giggle as well.
He wastes no more time as he slowly enters me,filling me up and stretching me as we both close our eyes,moaning…
At first,Zayn pounds in and out of me slowly but gradually he picks up his pace,thrusting faster and faster,bringing both of us closer to the edge.
Suddenly,he slows down a bit,making me look at him,wondering why he slowed down for but as soon as I see him grabbing my ankles and placing my legs on his shoulders for a better angle,my breath hitches in my throat when I imagine all the extra pleasure I am about to experience…
Without warning,Zayn pounds inside of me,perfectly hitting my g-spot,making me whimper…
He keeps thrusting in and out of me,firmly holding my legs as profanities leave our lips.
I open my eyes catching a glimpse of Zayn,seeing his toned,tattooed body,how his eyes are closed shut,how his beard covers his jawline perfectly as groans come out of his slightly chapped,plump lips which are now forming an “o”.His silky,messy hair is all over the place,his hips rocking back and forth…
Such a beautiful sight…
A few moments later,Zayn opens his eyes,getting my legs off his shoulders as his body gets on top of mine,his elbows resting on either side of my face as I wrap my arms and legs around him to be as close to him as possible,at least physically…
He keeps pounding faster and faster and I know,I can feel we are very close to coming undone.
He now wraps his arms under mine as he rests his face in the crook of my neck,his facial hair scratching my soft skin,something extremely arousing…
“Y/N I can’t hold it anymore…Are you close?”.Zayn asks breathlessly,his breath warm against my neck.
“Yes…Almost…”.I answer as my fingers find my sensitive clit and start rubbing it.
“Come for me baby…Come for me…”.I urge Zayn as I keep rubbing myself.
“No Y/Y…You have to come first…Come on…Come around my cock baby…”.He says and his words is all it takes me to explode.
As soon as my orgasm hits me,it feels like pure pleasure is rolling in waves throughout my body as I get in a state of absolute euphoria,my legs trembling and my back arching…
Moments later,Zayn’s orgasm follows as well,as soft moans and profanities escape his lips,his hips thrusting a few more times before he collapses on my body…
With Zayn still inside me,we stay like this for a while…
The room is completely silent,the only audible sound being our heavy breathing.I can feel his quick heartbeat against my bare chest,my fingers caressing his soft hair as his lightly caress my arm…
Moments later,Zayn carefully pulls out of me and gets off the bed.
“Um…Where’s the bathroom?”.He asks as he probably wants to clean himself up.
“Right there…”.I show him and he turns,heading towards the bathroom.
Once he closes the door,I can’t help but think about what has just happened.Within a few hours,I have met the guy who I’ve been  unrequitedly in love with and have also made love with him…Or maybe,just had sex with him as I find it highly unlikely he’d want anything more than that from me…
But my thoughts suddenly get interrupted when Zayn gets out of the bathroom.
“Um…I’ve got to go…”.He says as he starts picking up his clothes from the floor,his words cutting me like knives…
A knot starts forming in my throat,thinking I was right before when I thought that he can’t possibly want anything more that just sex from me…I’m nothing to him but a random hookup…
He has already his boxers on as I see him putting on his jeans.Looking back at my body,I remember I’m still naked and cover up my body with my purple sheets,wiping the first few tears that have started running down my cheeks.
“Y/N?”.Zayn asks and stops fumbling with his belt to look at me.
Oh no…He has noticed I’m crying…
“Hey…Are you okay?What’s wrong?”.He asks as he’s coming shirtless towards the bed,now wearing all of his clothes apart from his jumper and the tank top he had underneath,his tattooed chest and arms on full display once again.
“Yes I’m fine…”.I try to pretend as if everything is fine but I fail terribly at convincing him as he’s now sitting on the bed next to me,closely studying me with a doubtful expression on his face.
“Are you sure?”.He asks again,raising his eyebrow.His expressive eyes boring into mine,making me look away.
“Yes…I’m sure…”.I answer,half-smiling and then looking down.My eyes dry now as I’m trying my hardest not to reveal how I really feel.I don’t want to make things worse…
The doubtful expression never leaving his face as he places his hand on my cheek,making me look at him,his action surprising me.
“Is it because of me?”.The worry in his eyes is crystal clear and shocks me even more.
I nod no,desperately waiting to hear what he will say.
“I hope so…”.He smiles at me,a smile so sweet,I get confused again.
“Anyways,before I go I wanna tell you or to be more exact,ask you something…”.Zayn says,taking my hand in his as I catch a glimpse of the tattoos on his chest,my heart beating faster and faster as I wait to hear what he wants to say…
“Do you wanna go on a date with me Y/N?I mean on an actual date because what we did would not exactly classify as a…date,you know…I mean I hardly ever trust people so easily but I don’t know…There’s just something about you Y/N…And for that reason,I want to get to know you better…”.Zayn says and my previous thoughts and doubts suddenly disappeared and get replaced with an indescribable feeling of happiness but I still can’t help but wonder if I’m dreaming…
“So…What do you think?”.He asks,his beautiful eyes practically pleading me as if his life is depending on my answer.
“Yes!Of course…”.I tell him,unable to hide a huge smile on my face,my answer making him smile as well as he leans closer to my face,his eyes asking for permission to kiss me as if we have never kissed before.
Our lips touch and I get the same butterflies in my stomach as I did when I saw him for the first time this night.He pecks my lips a few times,both of us shyly chuckling in between kisses,my hand running up and down his strong bicep.
“Ok so,what would you like to do on our actual,proper date?”.He asks as soon as our lips part.
“Um…Could we maybe do something really simple?Like stay inside and watch a movie or something?”.I suggest and he chuckles.
“That sounds great actually!To be honest,for a moment I was scared you would say you’d want us to go on a formal,formal date,like you know,go out and have dinner or something but now I’m relieved…You see all these big,formal stuff kinda make nervous…”.Zayn says,making me chuckle yet wonder how a guy like Zayn could possibly be nervous to go on a date but then I remember he’s just a normal guy-who just happens to be incredibly famous-who has insecurities like everyone does…
“So how about we make it tomorrow night but at my place this time?”.He suggests as his fingers gently play with mine
“That sounds like a great idea actually!”.I say.
“I’m happy to hear that!Anyways,as I said before I have to go now because it’s quite late and I need to get back home so I can get some sleep cause I have to wake up veeeery early in the morning to go with the boys to the studio to record some bits and pieces…”.He says.
“So I’ll see you tommorow…”.He smiles at me and kisses my lips one more time before standing up and putting on his black tank top and red jumper on top.
“I should call H/B/N to come pick me up…”.He says,scrolling through the contacts on his phone.
“Ok so H/B/N is gonna be here soon but before he arrives,how about we discuss what film you wanna watch tomorrow?”.Zayn suggests after putting his phone back in his pocket,the thought making a smile appear on my face as he crawls onto the bed and gets under the covers,holding me tightly in his arms,his body warming me up as we start discussing about our proper date…

Sorry for any mistakes but English isn’t my first language.Also,I’ve been thinking about making a part 2 or something but to be honest,I’m not quite sure if or when I’ll do it…Anyways,I hope you liked it:)

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‘get a ride home from Malik’s son, me and dad are both caught at work.’ Your mom texted you. of course, the one week your car was broken, you needed a ride. Zayn was your neighbor, and your parents were really close. You didn’t really associate with him, he was a jerk. You actually kind of liked him, well loved him. You were both at detention and he was obviously aware he had to take you home. Detention let out and zayn walked over to you, “y/n y/l/n, did you misbehave? What a bad girl!” he whispered in your ear. “shut the fuck up zayn. Leave me alone you cocky prick. Let’s go.” you snapped. “whatever you say.” he said and you went to the car. “but seriously why we’re you of all people in detention?” he asked as you awkwardly sat in the passengers seat. “I was helping someone with homework and I got yelled at for talking.” you said. You turned the volume knob on the radio up. You pulled up to your house, and zayn let you out. He pulled into the driveway next door. You went to twist the knob to your front door, locked. You searched for your keys. nope. You deeply exhaled. “don’t you have your keys?” zayn said. He was obviously watching you. “no. I don’t and if this doors locked so are all the other ones. It’s no big deal I’ll go by someone’s house or have my mom drop keys off. Thanks.” you said back. “you can come over if you want, it’s no big deal. My mom has the key to your house somewhere in here, just come over.” he said. As much as you didn’t want to, you went to his house. He slipped his key in and dropped his bag on the floor as soon as he was in. “you’ve been here before. You know where everything is. I’m just gonna look for your key.” “wow you’re going to do something? And for ME? How thoughtful of zayn Malik.” you said and grinned. “I’m only helping you because I have a question. Why do you hate me so much? What did i do? I just want to know.” “you’re too cocky and conceded. You think you’re better than everyone else, and to be honest zayn you’re not. I’m only telling you this because I care about you.” you said and looked him straight in the eyes. You could see pain behind those eyes. A person who’d been picked on and hurt before. “that’s only beause I’m afraid. Ive never told anyone this. I’m afraid people won’t like me if I’m not like this. I’d never been liked by anyone until I changed, but I’ve always loved you.” he was holding back tears. You loved him so much. You pushed him against the wall and kissed him. “sorry..I just acted on impulse…let’s find those keys…” you said. “I have a better idea.” He said and he dragged you to the other end of the house, his room. He pushed you onto the bed and pulled down your yoga pants. “no panties huh? Wow, you really needed that detention.” he whispered as he sucked your collarbone. “shut up zayn. I hate you.” you said. “oh yeah, do you hate this?” he said as he slipped two fingers in you. “ugggghhh zayn fuck” you moaned in between breaths. “I’m c-c-close zayn.” “come on baby. cum for me bad girl.” you released right after you heard his beautiful voice harmonize in your ear. He removed your shirt. “get on your knees you filthy slut.” he said as he smacked your ass. You undid his belt and unzipped his pants with your teeth. “you fucking tease just do it. you can do better things with your mouth,” he demanded. You ripped his jeans off and he was left in his Calvin Kliens. You observed his length before exposing it. You took them off and and licked the pre-cum off. “what the fuck zayn you’re ginormous,” you said and looked up at his face, marveling his every detail. “just suck you whore.” those words were usually offensive, but when he said them, you got really turned on.“you’re my little slut from now on. You understand?” you shook your head and then took zayn in your mouth. You twirled your tongue around, that forced Zayns head back in pleasure. You started to caress the inner part of his thigh, and he moaned. “you’re a good little slut huh?” he said. You took him down throat and he released a few swear words along with your name. You felt him twitching and you pulled away. “what the hell you whore” he said. “get inside me please."you said. "what did you say? beg for me you dirty needy slut?” he wanted the satisfaction. “zayn Malik I want your ginormous cock inside my wet pussy now. please fuck me hard, make me pay. fuck me so hard i cant walk tomorrow.”'you demanded. “good little slut.” he said. he thrusted hard into you without any caution. He felt so much bigger inside you. “oh z-z-zayn I’m so clos-se” “me too b-babe” he said. Your fluids mixed together as then he collapsed next to you. “fuck y/n you know what you’re doing huh babe?” he said and kissed you once more, “thanks babe. I love you a lot.” you said. “no one needs to know what I said about anything. from this point on we’re together, and that’s all they need to know. The rest is on the down low.” he said and you shook your head in agreement. “oh would you look at that, looks like we’re going to dinner together. We either have to find that key or I have to shower here.” you said after you read the text from your dad. “I had your keys all along. I just needed a reason to be with you.” he said as he snatched them off of his dresser. “fuck you zayn!"you said an laughed. You were actually glad that he made that decision. "will you?” he playfully asked.

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Horny for you(Zayn Malik smut)

I hear my phone buzzing,the familiar sound bringing me back to reality as I’m lost in the storyline of the book I’m reading,seeing it is Zayn calling me.
“Hey baby!”.I answer the phone.
“Hey!How’s my babe doing today?”.Zayn says,his voice making me smile.
“I’m fine…What about you babe?”.
“Well you know…In the studio,just recorded some bits and pieces…”.Zayn says,sounding tired.
“My baby sounds very tired…”.I purr.
“Your baby is very tired indeed…”.He pauses.
“To be honest though,I’m mostly horny as fuck babe…For you,if I may add…I’ve been thinking about you all day…How pretty you look when your mouth is wrapped around my cock or how you moan my name when I’m eating you out baby…”.He says,almost whispering so no one can hear him as his words make my cheeks turn a bright shade of red,making me horny as well…
“So…”.He adds.
“…Since we just finished recording,do you maybe think we could do something together?”.
“Your place or my place?”.I ask rolling my eyes and smiling cheekily as I know exactly what he’s talking about,the thought of it making me more and more excited by the second.
“Your place…?”.
“My place it is then…See you soon baby…”.I tell him,unable to hide my excitement in my voice.
“Can’t wait babe…Love you.”.
“Love you too baby.”.I say and hang up the phone,heading to my wardrobe to find some sexier underwear to wear than the ones I have on.
I find a dark teal pair,happy I bought it a few days ago and quickly change,before I spritz on some light perfume.I put on some grey sweatpants and a burgundy hoodie,deciding to spent the time I have left before he comes by reading the rest of my book.
Less that half an hour passes by when I hear someone knocking the door,Zayn’s captivating big brown eyes and bright smile greeting me as soon as I open it,making my heart skip a few beats.
We don’t say anything as we let our eyes do all the talk.He comes inside and quickly closes the door behind him,leaving his black backpack on the floor before I jump on him,the smell of his cologne intoxicating,his hands firmly holding my bum as we start kissing so passionately as if we’ve never touched each other before.  
He walks us to the bedroom and lays me on the bed as he dives in kissing my neck,biting down every now and then as his hands cup my breasts,massaging them.I lift the hem of his jumper to hint that he should take it off and he quickly gets off of me,removing all of his clothes which only makes me notice how hard his cock is.As he’s doing so,I find the chance to take my clothes off as well,leaving on only my underwear as I catch a glimpse of Zayn,seeing how his eyes widen at the sight right in front of him.
“Fuck babe…What’s this?New underwear?They look so fucking good on you…”.He says as his body hovers over mine,nibbling on my earlobe,the sensation and his words making me giggle.
“I have to admit though,you look even better with nothing on babe…”.He whispers in my ear whilst one of his hands unclasp my bra,throwing it away somewhere in the room.
He wastes no time as both of his hands cup my breasts,his tongue licking one of my nipples,then sucking on it,making me so wet I’m almost certain I’ve soaked the bed.
“Fuck me Zayn.Please…”.I practically beg him as I run my fingers through his soft,black hair.
“I’m sorry babe,I didn’t hear you…?What did you say?”.He’s clearly teasing me as his fingers push my panties to the side and start rubbing my clit,making me moan,driving me crazy.
“I…I want you to fuck me Zayn…Please don’t tease…”.I repeat,earning a quiet chuckle from him.
“So you want me to fuck you Y/N?Uh?That’s what you want?Is that why you’re dripping wet babe?Did I make you so wet?”.His voice so raspy and sexy,I swear I’m about to orgasm as his fingers rub my slit spreading my wetness.
“Yes baby…”.I respond to his questions.
“Oh I will babe…I just want to get a taste of that sweet little pussy of yours first…”.He purrs as he hooks his fingers into the sides of my panties,removing them.He quickly gives my slit one long lick and then harshly sucks on my clit,earning uncontrolable moans from me which only make him smirk.
“Zayn please fuck me…Please…I can’t wait any longer…”.I beg him once again.
He does as I say and comes up to kiss my lips as I taste myself on them.
“Turn around babe…”.He whispers in my ear as his rock hard cock rubs on my thigh,the sensation making me groan.I take him in my hand,stroking him a few times as throaty moans escape his lips.
“You have no idea how much I want your hands on my cock but I really want to get inside of you babe…”.He says as he carefully removes my hand off of his cock.
I turn around,just as he told me,and wait for him as he puts on a condom(stay safe guys!).
Not a minute passes by as he lines himself right behind me,leaving a kiss on my shoulder and slowly entering me as we both hiss and moan in pure pleasure.
He starts pounding in and out of me while groaning as his hands are ron my thighs,his nails digging so deeply into them,I’m sure I’ll have bruises tomorrow…
“Ahhh…Yeah Zayn…”.I moan.
“You like it when I’m fucking you so good baby?Uh?”.He asks almost out of breath.
“Yes baby.I love it when you pound your big hard cock in and out of me…”.My response earning a throaty groan from him.
“You always feel so good around my cock babe…Always…”.He says before pulling out and giving me one more kiss on my back.
“Can I ride you baby?”.I ask him as I’ve now turned around,kissing his tattooed chest.
“Anything my girl wants…”.He says,smiling as he lays on his back and I get on top of him.
I slowly slide on his cock and start moving up and down as his lips find one of my nipples,sucking on it.I keep moving as fast as I can,his hands squeezing my bum and before we know it,we’re both so close to our orgasms.
“Y/N I’m close…”.Zayn warns me.
“Me too…”.
I move up and down a few more times,Zayn’s hands grab my hips as his body thrusts upwards,throaty moans and profanities leaving his lips as his orgasm washes over him.Seconds later,my orgasm follows,making me bury my head in the crook of his neck as I also come undone…
We’re both holding each other tightly,trying to catch our breaths as I’m laying on his chest,his heartbeat like music to my ears…
“You never fail to amaze me Y/N…”.Zayn says sleepily.
“What do you mean?”.I ask curious to find out.
“Well…You’re always so beautiful and so nice and so smart and so…sexy.”.He explains as his fingers softly brush through my hair,his words making me chuckle,my reaction making him chuckle as well.
“Right…I think you’re a bit too tired Zayn,your mind’s clouded with fatigue.”.I tell him doubting what he just said as I draw circles right next to his nipple.
“I might be tired but trust me,I mean it when I say you never fail to amaze me…”.He says smiling,making my heart race.
“I love you Zayn…”.I spontaneously tell him,running my fingers along his jawline,feeling his stubble scratching my fingertips .
“I love you too baby…So much…”.Zayn reassures me,leaving a sweet kiss on my forehead as we are both about to fall asleep in each other’s arms…

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Fantasies (MATURE)

I felt Justin’s warmth from beside me as I sat scrolling through my phone. He suddenly dropped his own on the sheets that he laid under and looked over at me, I watched him from the corner of my eye. He elbowed my side, causing me to look over at him. “Hm?”

“Let’s talk.” He smiled simply at me, I locked my phone and laid it in front of me. I looked at him, puzzled. I shrugged.

“About what?” It was his turn to shrug. He let his hand run around my thigh and pull it over his lap.

By now, his head was close to mine, close enough for me to hear his mumbles. “Tell me your fantasies.” I pulled away and raised an eyebrow at him. “Come on, you gotta have one; everyone has a fantasty.” He was grinning at me knowingly.

“Really? What’s yours?” I folded my arms, challenging him. He bit down on his bottom lip, his eyes scanning the room.

He shrugged, seeming to suddenly avoid eye contact, a small smirk tugging at his lips. “You dressed up for me in a costume of some sort.” His eyes landed on my own. “Or having a threesome with you and Beyoncé.” He chuckled, making me shove him.

It was silent for a moment, I played with the edge of the covers. “Come on then,” He pulled me closer once more. “Tell me your fantasy.” His soft lips met my neck causing me to shudder under his touch. I sighed, continuing to feel his lips on me as he awaited my answer. He looked up at me while leaving wet trails.

“Uh, well,” I felt the nervousness kick in. “I guess it’s not really a fantasy, but I’ve always been curious about anal.” I instantly felt my body flush at my confession, realising I was now truly open to Justin’s judgement and teasing.

His eyes widened for a split second before his whole body seemed to relax and his expression changed. However, it was an expression I couldn’t read. “Really? I wouldn’t have thought you’d be up for something like that.” I felt his fingers trailing across my thigh suggestively, making me shiver.

I found myself not saying anything else; there didn’t seem to be anything else for me to say, or at least, nothing that would make the situation any less uncomfortable. So, we laid in silence for what seemed like forever.

“So,” He eventually spoke. “You, uh, you wanna..try it?” I turned to look at him and noticed he was biting down on his lip.

“Really? You don’t have to just because I’ve told you. I understand that it’s not something everyone is into. Shit, I don’t even know if I’m into it. I’m just curious.” However, I still felt his fingertips burning into my skin.

“No, I-I wanna try it.” His lips attacked my neck again, probably leaving marks. “It’ll be a fun experience.” He mumbled, tickling my skin.

I felt an odd feeling in my stomach: somewhere between nervousness and excitement. I wanted to throw up and jump on him at the same time.

He rolled on top of me and pressed his lips onto mine, pressing his tongue into mine. He hummed softly. “Are we gonna do this?” His hands ran up and down my thigh, making me shiver. I couldn’t speak so I simply nodded. “All right. I need to get you worked up first.” He chuckled.

His fingers found my nipples, he pinched them softly, making me gasp. I heard him growl softly under his breath as he watched me. His lips landed on mine for only a second before he focused his attention on my boobs. My head fell back slightly in reaction to his lips closing around my left nipple, his tongue brushing over it abruptly.

I already felt myself getting turned on with so little touch from him. I felt his hands run down my stomach before sliding along my clit. I moaned in appreciation at the sudden pang of pleasure. His finger rubbed circles on me, making me swirl my hips into his hand. He grinned at this.

For a split second his finger dipped into me, his lips now on my neck and his free hand groping my boob. “I don’t think I need to get you worked up; you’re already soaking.” He breathed against my skin.

He retrieved his hand and took his lips away from my neck. “Get on your front please, babygirl.” He kissed my forehead before letting me go. The anticipation was too much as I realised what was happening.

“Mm.” His hands grabbed my ass before smoothing out over my lower back. “Ready?” He asked softly.

I nodded eagerly. “If it gets too much or you don’t like it, tell me to stop. It doesn’t matter what I want, just tell me to stop and I will. Okay?” He made sure to stroke my back as he spoke.

“If you don’t like it don’t feel forced to carry on.” I looked at him over my shoulder, he nodded.

I noticed that we both took in a sharp breath in the silence. Slowly, I felt him press his length at my entrance, the feeling already felt strange.

I whimpered as I felt him stretching me. He stopped instantly. “N-No, don’t stop. Keep going.” I encouraged, gripping the sheets beneath me.

“I don’t wanna hurt you.” He mumbled, but still gently pushed inside of me. “It’s alright, baby. It’s going to feel good soon, I promise. I’ll make you feel good.” He pushed further, digging his nails into the skin on my hips. “So good.” His voice was right, like he was trying to hold back a moan. He was in edge.

“J-Justin, just because it hurts for me right now, that doesn’t mean you can’t let me know it feels good for you.” I chuckled softly.

“OH, thank God. This feels so good around me.” He let out a long breath. I imagined his jaw clenching and his eyes closing while he felt the pleasure. “I don’t wanna get carried away though, I’m scared I’ll hurt you.” He was almost as far as he could go by now, and he was starting to pull out.

It hurt like hell, and it was weird. I considered telling him to stop due to how wrong it felt. But I didn’t want to express my pain. I felt slight tears in my eyes, but I shut my eyes to get rid of them. “It’s okay, it’s gotta get good at some point, right?” I giggled, trying to ignore the pain and uncomfortable feeling.

He pushed in and out, gaining a little more speed each time. He was still going slow. “Go faster. A little.” My voice was quiet and weak.

He took a long thrust inside of me, making me gasp. He groaned.

Gradually, I felt the pain seeping through the pain. Even though the pain was still present, I could feel the sparks that Justin was causing. “Hmm.” I arched my back.

He was now moving in and out of me at a steady pace, and I felt myself opening up to him. I was able to slightly push my ass back against his groin. He hands roamed my ass.

“Are you feeling the pleasure? Please tell me you’re feeling it; I can’t enjoy this unless you’re enjoying it with me.” He rasped, sending shivers down my spine.

“Oh, it feels good.” I wanted to cry out as the pleasure became insanely strong. “J-Justin.” I whispered.

“Oh, yeah. You like that? Tell me you love it.” I felt the excitement when I realised he was getting worked up. A smirk edged onto my face.

“You’re making me feel so good, Justin. Please don’t stop.” I whined, feeling myself become hot.

“Fuck. Why have we never done this before? This feels so fucking good. You’re so tight.” He groaned, his hips slammed into me.

“Baby,” I threw my hair over my shoulder. “I’m close already.” I was out of breath.

He took a handful of my hair, pulling my head back. I whined, feeling the pain turn to pleasure. “You like that? You like me pulling on your hair? You like the pain?” He too, was out of breath. I could imagine his chest shining with sweat. “Tell me you fucking love it, baby. I love hearing you tell me how good I am to you.”

“I love it, baby. Oh, God.” My eyes fell shut as my stomach tightened. “Justin, please.” I pushed my hips back and forth against his dick.

“I’m there, baby. Cum with me, please.” He grunted over and over, pounding his hips against my ass with so much more force than he had been. It brought back the feeling of the pain as he stretched me further. The feeling was too good, no matter how unusual.

We both came in that moment. We expressed our pleasure by letting out moans. He grabbed my hair tighter in his fist with his left hand, while his right hand took a firm hold of my ass, squeezing it. “Fuck. Fuck. Shit, I love you.”

“Fuck,” I whispered. We were left to pant in silence, our chests rising and falling rapidly as we acknowledged the event that just took place.

“Was that okay? It didn’t hurt too much, right?” His voice instantly softened as he pulled out of me and pulled me closer to him.

“That was great,” I chuckled. “when can we do it again?” I looked up at him, making him laugh.

“I’d recommend a round two but I don’t know how sore you are.” He smirked, his lips meeting my neck, taking me under and making me fall into his touch.

Lovers with benefits — part II

s u m m a r y // in which Justin confesses his love for Y/N 

(part one)

warning; contains mature content

a/n; Hi loves so long time no post. I just want to take some time to apologize for focusing more on my fanfics than imagines, it’s just harder for me to right imagines sometimes than it is to write chapters for my fanfics but I’m going to try and do better. 

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That’s what you’ve felt the past month. He hasn’t answered your calls or texts—just keeps leaving you on read. You press send once more, reading over the fiftieth apology you’ve sent him, begging him to at least come to talk to you. He hasn’t posted on Instagram or Snapchat. There’s been a hope in the back of your mind that he’s still thinking about you… You stare at the phone screen, scrolling through the blue text messages. You’re surprised he hasn’t blocked you by now, you’re also glad. You see the grey dots appear, your heart thuds through your chest. They disappear, not being replaced with even a single word, your body heats up with rage, expecting just something—anything. Hell you’d be okay with an emoji right now or even one meaningless letter. You run a hand through your hair, pressing call to try and express your anger with him right now.

“You’ve reached Justin please leave a message at the beep,” His voice rings through the phone, the beep sounding indicating the message is now being recorded. 

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I knew you were trouble.

“How could you do that to me?” He screamed with tears running down his face. I just look at the ground, disgusted with myself

. “I swear it meant nothing, I was really drunk, I am really sorry babe.”

 “If you were sorry you wouldn’t have done it.” He spat, and wiped the tears from his eyes.

“I’ll do anything to get you to forgive me, please. I swear it meant nothing, you know I love you.” I whisper.

 Zayn slowly started pacing around our living room. We have been together for almost a year, and I got really drunk, and I honestly don’t even remember it, but, it did happen, and I feel terrible.

“Why? Now everyone thinks your just some cheating slut, you know what, that’s what you are.”

 I got up from the couch to walk out, if he was just going to call me a slut. I am out. When suddenly I felt him push me against the door, his body against mine so I couldn’t move. He had my wrist pinned, he started to kiss me roughly pushing his tongue through with out asking, but it didn’t bother me.

He pulled away still keeping our bodies together.

“Does this mean I am forgiven?” I smirked.

“Not yet.”

He picked me up over his shoulder and rush over to our bedroom. Zayn laid me down on our bed and started taking off my clothes; I sat up trying to take off his shirt but pushed me back down.

 “Did I say you get to touch?” I shook my head.

He got up off of the bed and grabbed something from the dresser, Zayn came back over to me, grabbed my left wrist and hand cuffed it up to the headboard of our bed, did the same with my right arm.

He slowly started undressing himself; shirt, pants, but leaving his boxers on. Zayn came back over to the bed and started grinding his already hard dick, against my throbbing wet pussy. A moan escaped my lips.

“Please Zayn.”

I whimpered wanting his touch. He got up and took his boxers off, I smiled now happy that Zayn will be inside of me.

Instead he lined up his cock with my mouth.

 “Suck my dick. Now.”

I did as he wished, teasing him a bit while licking his tip but I managed to deep throat is multiple times which I knew drove Zayn wild.

“Fuuck, (y/n) keep going you fucking slut.”

 It turned me on when Zayn talked dirty, and he knew it.

“I’m about to cum.”

Please, I thought to myself wanting to taste him. He came in my mouth and I swallowed it all.

 “I bet you liked that, you fucking whore. You want me to eat you out?”

 I nodded hoping he would finally give my area some attention. He slowly started kissing my neck, he stopped at my tits and started leaving hickeys on them, full on biting my skin so it almost drew blood. I moaned just wanting him now.

He got to my area, and started kissing all around but never my clit. He looked up into my eyes and saw how much I wanted him to be in me. I ran his fingers through my folds, then exploring my whole vagina.

“Baby, who made you this wet?” Zayn smirked.

“You did, please Zayn. I want you in me.” I moaned.

 He didn’t do exactly what I wanted, but it will have to do.

He plunged on finger in me, moving extremely fast.

“Ohh my god, Zayyyyn.” I screamed out.

He added a second finger making me buck my hips up, he hit my g spot everytime.

 “I-I-I’m cl-lose.”

 I manage to say, he adds a 3third finger expanding my pussy so it hurts. “

Ow Zayn, t-that hurts.”

 I yell out not enjoying it, but I can feel my orgasm approaching. He pumps really fast and I can tell I’m about to cum. But then Zayn pulls his fingers out. I look down and frown.

“You’re such a slut, going to cum before I am inside you.” He licked the tips of his fingers.

“Mmm baby, you taste so good.”

He moves his head down my vagina and starts licking up my juices.

“L-et me t-try.”

He smirks as he rubs his hand over my clit getting more of my cum. “You’re such a fucking whore, maybe that’s why you cheated. But now I need to show you who you belong too.

I nodded hoping he’d finally be inside of me. He brought his finger up to my mouth and let me suck my juices off his finger.

“You enjoy that too much. How do you enjoy this?” He said as he slams himself inside of me.

 I whimper because he is so big, it always takes me a while too adjust, he continues to thrust even though it’s obvious I am in pain.

“I bet that other guy didn’t even compare to my dick did he baby?” I shake my head.

Zayn starts to slow down and stops inside of me. I moan wanting him to continue.

“How bad, do you want me?

” “So bad.”

 “You’re going to have to do better then that.”

“Zayn, I want your hard penis inside of me.” I moaned out pretty loudly.

He pulled out which basically said I wasn’t doing good enough.

“Zayn Javadd Malik, I want your huge beautiful penis inside of my pussy that is wet for you, I want you to fuck me so hard I won’t even remember my name; so hard I won’t be able to walk. Because I fucking love you.” I scream out.

He plunges his dick inside me, all I’ve wanted. He thrust fast every time, hitting my g spot perfectly, Zayn always has been able to please me, but today it’s different. It’s like he’s sending a drug through my body.

“Fuck baby your so tight, that guy must have been nothing compared to me.” Zayn moaned thrusting faster.

I nod in agreement because first he really wasn’t, second I am in such a state of pleasure I can’t find any words. But all of a sudden, he just stopped.  He didn’t pull out, but just stopped. Right when I started to feel my orgasm approaching.

“I can’t hear you.” He spat.

I was so sick of this teasing, I just wanted him,

“Zayn stop fucking teasing me. You know how I just want you rock hard cock in my wet core and I want to make love to you all night, different position every time, let’s just start with this one.”

He must of agreed with me because he started pounding into me.

“Fuuuck Zayn.” I moan out in a insane amount of pleasure.

“You like that? When I fuck you as hard as I can?”

“I want you to go harder. Fuck me like you never have before.”

He smirked, challenge clearly accepted.

As he went harder I could feel my orgasm approaching,

“I’m close baby.” Zayn panted now exhausted.

I didn’t even have to reply, I felt my walls tighten as he sends his load into me. He continues thrusting to ride out our high together. He collapses down beside me.

“You know I’m sorry right?”

“I know.”

“I love you Zayn.”

“I love you too (y/n)” 

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Finally together

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I was returning from a trip to Connecticut I was missing him badly… It had been a while of course and I needed him. Like needed him. It had been months since I had seen him and his tour ended while I was gone so I missed his return. He was coming to the US to see me though. While I was missing him I would read some fanfictions on tumblr to make me smile or feel a little something but it only made me miss him more. I kept getting texts from him saying how much he missed me and how he couldn’t wait to see me and how much he loved me. I finally hit my home state and knew he was only an hour away!!! The weather started to get bad and I juts couldn’t make it I called my parents and told them I couldn’t make it and I was going to find a hotel for the night. They informed me harry had arrived and was at my house which made me nervous… He would spend the night with my parents and who knows what they would say to him. I skyped him later and he told me they were very nice and didn’t even ask any questions about our relationship that were awkward only things like you love my daughter right. Which put me at ease he said he missed me and really wanted to see me and wished I could make it but he didn’t want me to get hurt and understood the conditions just weren’t right. We ended the convo and he told me he’d be there waiting for me and we shared our I love you’s good nights sweet dreams and goodbyes. When I woke up the next morning I was completely ok to drive and went on my way I still went slow but it was ok a drive that normally took me an hour took me two and a half but I made it home safe and sound. When I walked in my dad helped me get everything and when I asked where Harry was my mom told me he was up most of the night worried about me and finally fell asleep around 6 am so he was in my room asleep. I went into my room about an hour later so he could sleep and I could tell my parents about my trip. He was so cute when he slept I closed the door and lied next to him while he continued to sleep. I cuddled up next to him and fell asleep. I woke up to his arms wrapping around me and pulling me in and his warm breathe near me ear and sexy morning voice saying babe I missed you so much. I turned and kissed him softly which then turned passionate and full of want we both needed each other and badly. As it turned even more heated I couldn’t help but give in and let his tongue explore my mouth. I could feel his hand move up under my shirt to feel my boobs and then his big strong hands squeeze them through my bra. He slowly made his way to my back and unhooked my bra removing it quickly then pulling away from the kiss and quickly removed my shirt and his. He turned me onto my back and straddled himself on top of me. He went straight to my neck and left a mark then kissed his way down to my boobs quickly using his tongue on them making me moan softly. I knew I had to be quiet so my parents wouldn’t hear. He then made his way down and removed my pants and underwear quickly moving his head to my core. Everything about him today was quick and anxious. He went to work and made me moan slowly and teasingly he worked liking and biting gently. Then he began take his pants and boxers off revealing his large bulge and making me want him but with one swift move i fore him unfolded me and went to work rubbing, sucking, and liking him. I teased him and made him moan so deep and I had to cover his mouth so my parents didn’t hear. He finally couldn’t take it and flipped me over slamming into me making me yell and quickly I covered my mouth but he didn’t care and just pumped into me. Making me squeal a little. He connected his lips to mine while he continued his job so I would moan into his kiss and it would quiet them some. He pulled and away and moaned I’m gonna cum and breathless I said me too and he began to get sloppy knowing what was happening I prepared myself and we came at the same time. Slowly we came down from out high and moved next to each other catching our breathe and holding each other. We put on clothes as soon as we were done and kissed sharing I missed you’s and then walked out holding hands to go cuddle on the couch and eat some breakfast. My parents both looked at us and then my dad said well harry all I can say is if she gets pregnant you better marry her. My face got bright red and we both laughed and harry just held me close and said. I’ll marry her anyway and kissed my forehead.

Every One Will Know (Harry and Milan)

Title: Every One Will Know

Warning: Smut, Swearing, Dirty Talk

Characters: Harry Styles and Milan

*This is an original copyrighted story, please give credit if you use any original characters or ideas from my story*

Milan’s P.O.V.
    “Harry can you please stop yelling at me till we get inside your making a scene,” I yelled as I stomped up the stairs to my apartment with Harry close behind. 
    “Milan I am not dropping this you don’t know how pissed I am, you acted like a complete slut tonight!” he yelled and I cringed as my neighbor opened her door and looked at us, as I fumbled with the key to my apartment. 
    “Harry please,” I said under my breath sending my nosey neighbor what I hoped was a believe able smile.  Harry shoved the middle of my back as my door opened and I stumbled into the apartment turning and giving him a dirty stare. 
    “Harry stop!” I yelled, sick of him calling me names all night. 
    “No Milan, you were whoring around with guys all night, at my Birthday party!” he yelled and I flinched again.
    “Harry I was not whoring around, I talked to maybe five guys all night and only because they talked to me first your acting like an ass!” I yelled, shuffling through the house trying to get away from him. 
    “Stop walking away from me, we’re going to talk about this!” he yelled grabbing my arms and pulling me around towards him roughly. 
    “Harry ow, that hurt,” I said grabbing my wrist and rubbing it, not liking the fury in his eyes. 
    “I saw you with that guy Milan, you acted like I didn’t even exist, you were being a slut,” he yelled and I snapped, no longer able to keep my cool anymore. 
    “Harry stop! I was not acting like a slut, please just stop! this is ridiculous!” I yelled so sick of fighting with him. 
    “Don’t tell me to stop, and you know how you were acting, I’m going to make you remember who you belong to, make you see that there is no other guy out there that can make you feel this good,” he said as he inched closer and I knew my eyes had to be popping out of my head watching his eyes turn into lust and his movements come closer and closer.  He advanced, reaching out he pushed me so I fell backwards my back smacking against the wall and a loud ‘oof’ to escape my lips. 
    “Harry!” I yelled feeling a shooting pain in my back, but his eyes were too lust blown and he looked to long gone to realize he was hurting me, and for the first time I was kind of afraid and turned on at the same time.   His lips crashed onto mine and I tried pushing on his chest, feeling his lips too rough for my liking. 
    “Harry please,” I said through the kiss and it only made him kiss me harder and his hands to roam my body fiercer. 
    “Shut up slut,” he said through gritted teeth and I shut my mouth, afraid he’d push me again.   He grabbed my wrists and pinned them behind me back, pushing me forward and I tried to see where we were going, as he opened the balcony door and shoved me out into the cool night.
    “Harry what are you….” I started to say.
    “Shut up, you wanna act like a slut, I’ll treat you like a slut,” he growled and I shivered, but felt a pleasure able feeling happening between my legs.  He pressed my back against the railing of the balcony and kissed me again, his tongue instantly shoving it’s way into my mouth.
    “You like that, huh? you little slut,” he growled and I shook my head, not wanting to let him know how much I liked the dominant side of him, I knew it would just egg him on and make him meaner.     
    “No,” I stuttered and he leaned back in kissing me hard and forcefully.  His hands gripped into my hips, his nails pushing into my skin through my dress. 
    “Take off your fucking dress,” he growled against my neck and I shivered, taking too long for Harry’s liking.  He shoved my shaking hands to the side and un-zipped my dress, sliding it off I tried to cover myself, looking around to make sure no one was outside and watching. 
    “Everyone is going to know who you belong to,” he said just below my ear, and I shivered, the cool night wind nipping at my overheated body and his warm breath causing a weird sensation. 
    “Harry let’s just go inside,” I pleaded and he shoved my back into the balcony again, making me cry out in pain. 
    “No, I want everyone to hear you screaming my fucking name, I want everyone to know who you belong to,” he said and I shivered seeing the lust in his eyes and voice.  He grabbed my hips and turned me around, pressing my stomach into the rail and pressing his crotch against my ass, his erection pressing into my cheeks and making me moan. 
    “Yea your such a little slut,” he said grinding himself into my backside and I held in the next moan, not wanting him to know how much I was getting turned on.  His chest pressed against my back and I felt his lips on my shoulder his tongue drawing circles into my skin. 
    “Who do you belong to Milan? the jackass from the club?” he asked against my skin and I shivered, feeling his teeth nip into my skin. 
    “No,” I said under my breath afraid talking would let the moans escape. 
    “What? I can’t hear you baby,” he said.
    “No, I don’t belong to him,” I said and he shoved his hard cock into my backside, making me gasp.  I watched as a person walking their dog walked by below and I kept my mouth shut hoping Harry wouldn’t see them and being afraid of what he would do if he did see them. 
    “I’m gonna make you scream who you belong too,” he said turning me back around and unclasping my bra and making it fall to the floor.  He leaned his head down and grasped my nipple in his teeth, tugging on it just the way I liked and making me moan from the back of my throat and my head to roll back, my back pressing achingly into the railing of the balcony.   He gave equal attention to both breasts driving my crazy but being too rough for comfort at the same time.   His fingers fell into the waist band of my underwear and I was suddenly very uncomfortable being naked on the balcony of my apartment building. 
    “Harry let’s go inside, I’m sorry I won’t ever act like that again,” I tried to plead with him but he just pressed his cock into my thigh making a groan escape my lips. 
    “No I want everyone to know, your going to let everyone fucking know who you belong to,” He said kneeling down in front of me and if he didn’t have his hands on my thighs I would have tried to run inside.  I felt his warm breath on my folds and I squirmed trying to get away from the pleasure I knew was coming but I didn’t want.  His lips touched my clit gently before he pulled back and looked up into my face, I squirmed and felt my bare ass press into the bars of the balcony railing. 
    “Harry,” I tried pleading again, gripping my hands into his curls and tried to pry his mouth away from my core. 
    “That’s right baby, say my name, tell everyone who pleases you,” he said his raspy voice muffled between my legs, but he was kissing and touching everywhere except where I wanted him to be.  Finally I felt a finger prodding at my entrance and I wanted to scream at him to get on with it but he was taking his sweet time, I knew he was trying to break me, trying to make me scream in pleasure but I wasn’t giving in, there were too many neighbors that I’d have to look at afterwards.  His finger suddenly entered me and I opened my mouth, a chocked scream leaving my lips and I could tell he was smiling against my thigh.  His finger was slowly moving in and out of me, my pussy getting wetter and wetter wanting him to touch me more.  His tongue finally reached my clit and drew circles around it, making my head spin and low moans to leave my mouth. 
    “Harry, please,” I said and I wasn’t sure if I was saying his name to get him to stop, or if I was saying it to make him do more. 
    “Yea that’s it baby, say my name,” he said and I moaned, still quiet but I could tell it was getting louder.   His fingers picked up the pace and I squirmed letting my legs part more and my back to press into the rail all on it’s own, his fingers creating the most amazing feeling combined with the work his tongue was doing on my clit. 
    “Shit,” I said feeling him suck my clit into his warm mouth, his tongue working the nub as he held it between his lips.  He entered a second and third fingers and I screamed, a guttural but pleasure able scream and I looked around to make sure no one was on the sidewalk below or looking out of their windows. 
    “Yes baby, scream for me,” he said dropping my clit from his mouth and making my whimper from the loss of stimulation.  He licked figure eights around it and thrust his fingers harshly, finally hitting my g-spot and making me buck my hips down onto his fingers. 
    “Harry I’m gonna cum,” I moaned feeling my orgasm coming on a lot faster then ever before.  He smirked up at me as he went back to assaulting my g-spot and my clit, making my walls clench and my mind to go fuzzy.
    “Shit Harry yes, I’m cumming,” I screamed as loud as I could and he continued thrusting his fingers in and out of me, tapping at my g-spot.   He pulled his wet fingers out and stuck them into his mouth, licking them clean as he stood up and removed his shirt, and then unbuttoned his jeans and slid them off with his boxers.  I started to lean down wanting his amazing cock in my mouth and he stopped me.
    “No, it’s about you baby, I want you to know who you belong to,” he snarled grabbing my hips and forcing his chest against mine, pressing his lips to mine, forcing his tongue into my mouth and making me moan around his forceful tongue. 
    “Harry God just get on with it already,” I said my walls breaking and too into the moment to care that I was on my apartment balcony being fucked by my boyfriend.  Harry removed his mouth from my neck and turned me around, once again pressing my stomach against the railing.  He pressed on my back and bent me over, making me moan at the thought of being taken from behind.  I felt his tip prodding at my entrance and I tried to move my hips back, wanting him inside me.  He slowly slid in, not giving me any time to adjust and before I was ready he was thrusting rapidly making my body rock against the railing, his hard cock pounding into my pussy making my body feel warm and amazing. 
    “God Harry faster please,” I moaned and he grabbed my hips and forced my pussy back onto his cock. 
    “Yes baby, scream my name, tell me who you fucking belong to,” he growled against my back and the wetness was making him slam into me with force. 
    “Harry fuck me harder,” I yelled and he slammed into me, hitting my g-spot dead on and making my scream.  I watched with no shame as a few windows opened in the apartments across the way from mine and heads poked out, looking around for the source of the noise.  Harry suddenly pulled out and grabbed my hips and laid me down onto the balcony ground, crawling in between my legs and slamming back into me and reaching between our bodies, rubbing my slit with his thumb and kissing my lips hard. 
    “Harry fuck, right there!” I moaned, feeling a warmth gathering in the pit of my stomach again.  The constant touching of my g-spot was making my head spin. 
    “Fuck Milan your so fucking hot,” he moaned his head rolling back and I could feel his thrusts getting a little sloppy, “tell me who you belong to.”
    “You baby I’m all yours I swear,” I moaned feeling his dick twitching inside me. 
    “Who?” he asked thrusting hard and making small moans escape my lips in short bursts. 
    “Harry! Fuck I belong to you Harry!” I screamed and he smiled, feeling triumphant. 
    “Yea baby, I want you to cum for me, and I want you to scream my name while you cum, I want everyone to know that I’m the only one that can make you cum like this,” he said and I shivered the pure dominance and lust in his voice again. 
    “God Harry I’m getting close, I want you to cum inside me,” I moaned feeling how extremely close he was too. 
    “Shit Milan, I’m cumming, fuck yes,” he said his raspy voice a hint raspier than normal and feeling his warm liquid shooting inside me was enough to send me over the edge.
    “Shit Harry yes! I’m cumming, Harry fuck, fuck me baby,” I screamed and my voice started to get hoarse screaming his name as loud as I could.  He continued to thrust in and out of me letting me ride out my high, his cum making the right amount of lube to keep his cock hard and stimulated.  Finally he pulled out and I could feel the cum dripping from my pussy as he leaned over and kissed my lips, sliding his tongue into my mouth and dancing it around my mouth. 
    “I love you Milan, but your mine got that?” he asked and I nodded, swallowing around the emotion in my throat.
    “All yours,” I said feeling him lift me into his arms and carry me inside, just as I heard my answering machine pick up and my neighbor’s voice fill the room.
    “Hi Milan, this is Nancy from next door and I was hearing some screams and then I heard from Ron that he thinks he saw you and your boyfriend having sex on your balcony, is this true? he was thinking of calling the police, so we just wanted to make sure you were ok,” she said and Harry and I looked at each other as we both started laughing hysterically.