baby girl came back from church on sunday
pink sundress hidden hosiery
lost her marbles at the bar on friday
picked them up and bought a rosary
baby girl got her baby feet dirty
swam in the lake with a man who’s thirty
chevrolet tunes on the a-track hunny
an older man to call her bunny

Water in Have One On Me

Or how I am worn to the bone by the river, and, in the river made of light: I’m your little life-giver, I will give my life.

Sit and see how the fog from the port of the bay sits like snow at the foot of the roanoke.

Saying, even then, that there’s a light in the river, and there’s a river made of light. Come on, you little life-giver: give your life.

It was hotter'n hell, so I lay me by the spring for a spell, as naked as a trout.

Farewell to loves that I have known; even muddiest waters run.

Like after the rain, step out of the overhang. That’s all.

We heard the rushing slow intake of the dark, dark water and the engine breaks.

We take a walk along the dirty lake. See the goose cussing at me over her eggs. You poor little cousin, I don’t want your dregs; a little baby fussing over my legs.

The creek is lying flat and still; it is water, though it’s frozen.

We picked our way down to the beach, down to the waves dragging out of our reach. Tangling tails like a sodden sheet. Dangling entrails from the gut of the sea.

My heart became a drunken runt the day I sunk in this shunt.

My home, on the old Milk Lake, where the darkness does fall so fast it feels like some kind of mistake.

But there is another, who is a little older. When I broke my bone, he carried me up from the riverside. To spend my life in spitting-distance of the love that I have known: I must stay here in an endless eventide.

Some nights I just never go to sleep at all, and I stand shaking in the doorway, like a sentinel, all alone. Bracing like the bow upon a ship and fully abandoning any thought of anywhere but home, my home.

Well, the water, it ran deep, my darling, where it don’t run wide.

Breaching slowly across the sea, one mast a flash like the stinger of a bee, to take you away - a swarming fleet is gonna take you away from me.

I’ll wait for you along the ocean and make do with my no-skin.

I took a blind shot across the creek at the black bear.

We lay on the rocks in the sun, watching you and your mama row in.

It’s a beautiful town with the rain coming down: blackberry, rosemary, jimmy crack corn.

And all the while, rain, like a weed in the tide, swans and lists down on the gossiping lawns saying “tsk, tsk, tsk.”

Over the hills, the rain clouds roll. I’ll winter here; wait for a sign to cast myself out over the water, riven like a wishbone.

There is a spring not far from here. The water runs both sweet and clear. Both sweet and clear, and cold. Could crack your bones with veins of gold.

I stood a-wagging at the tap, just waiting on the lagging, rising sap. I held the cold tin to my lips, and in the shrine of a thousand arms, I lowered my eyes to sip.

We came by the boatload and were immobilized.

And, with your knife, you evicted my life from its little lighthouse on the seashore.

I picture you rising up in the morning, stretching on your boundless bed, beating a clear path to the shower, scouring yourself red.

LOL I finished this before finding out someone requested for Will + 18 (as a kid/adult). So here you go, Anon!! :3 

Imagine childhood friends (mortal AU) solangelo where Will is quite poor and Nico is super rich. Nico would give Will some expensive stuff without them knowing how expensive it is and Will is just like “lets play this boat on the lake!!!” and proceeds to sink the $200 toy on the dirty lake. 

Will would definitely try to get the boat back after they learned how much it costs and Nico would be like “I will punch you on the face if you get in that lake!”

thespacelesbian  asked:

I think it was my icon that made me think of this but imagine Willow, who I headcanon (or is it canon? I forget?) as being into the environment and trying to prevent global warming and stuff, talking Buffy into cleaning up a dirty lake in Sunnydale but they both get distracted by trying to chase and catch this really cool looking frog so they can take a picture with it. They get so wet and muddy but they can't stop laughing the whole day.

THIS IS SO CUTE. “buffy, we’re supposed to cleaning up the trash that people left here, remember?” “but willow! willow, look!! a frog!!” “what? where? omg it’s so tiny and cute can u catch it? where’s your camera??” *frog chase ensues*

i want to draw this rippp i wish i hadn’t lost my tablet pen

Things I’ve noticed about Hisoka:

He’s shy around new people (apparently)

His advice is confusing.

He has a high school crush on Machi

He loves his toys and likes to collect as many as he can

The toy box shown in the chairman arc has  a doll of Chrollo, Phinks, Shalnark, Feitan, and Illumi. Illumi’s doll had a smile on it’s face for some reason.

He’ll help others out if he’s bored or if it benefits him

He likes to take a bath in a dirty lake and doesn’t mind others looking at his muscular body. Also his schwing. (Bisky liked what she saw at least).

Illumi is his only friend. Chrollo could be his friend if he wasn’t trying to kill him.

It makes me wonder what type of things does he do when he’s not fighting at Heaven’s Arena, searching for new toys, or trying to kill someone. :/


replied to your post

“ok is it just me or does anyone else feel more grossed out about stuff…”

somtimes?? like its so specific. indoor pools are clean, outdoor pools are dirty, lakes are dirty,. dirt is fine to put your bare feet and hands on, floors besides the ones in your home are bad

i guess it just depends on the person then? 

it really is so specific tho like. for me indoor pools are dirty, outdoor pools are tolerable, lakes are ‘’’’clean’’’’, most dirt is ok, house floors are ok in bare feet or shoes but not socks, other houses are just ok in shoes…

tho i think its the general human detritus that bothers me more than actual dirtiness, like i hate touching other ppls shed hair or crumbs from food or that sorta thing..

“He got the notion into his head that if he restored the old house where they had come that night, Allie would find a way to come back to him. Some called it a labor of love. Others called it something else. But in fact, Noah had gone a little mad.”

This mix was a labor of love. Freestyled. Complement Mix to my ‘EEDLAC’ of October 2014. Dedicated to certain person, love always.

I’m trying to win someone back, love will make you do the most interesting things. I may fail in winning her back, but I hope this mix reaches you on some sort of level, I hope you guys can find love, rekindle, simp or cuddle but most importantly celebrate love and life with this mix. Hey, you can enjoy this one anywhere.


Dirty South feat. Gita Lake - Freefallin (Dirty South Remix)
The Chainsmokers ft. Great Good Fine Ok - Let You Go
BURNS - Lies (Otto Knows Remix)
Galantis - Smile (Kaskade Edit)
Jack U ft. Justin Bieber - Where Are U Now (Halogen Remix)
Otto Knows vs One Republic - Million Voices to Apologize
Nadia Ali, Starkillers & Alex Kenji - Pressure (Alesso Remix)
Coldplay - Fix You (Alesso & Swedish House Mafia Remix)
Tommy Trash & BURNS - About U
Ellie Goulding - Goodness Gracious (The Chainsmokers Remix)
Calvin Harris ft. Florence Welch - Sweet Nothing (Tiesto Remix)
Kaskade & John Dahlback ft. Sansa - A Little More
John Dahlback - Embrace Me (Dirty South Remix)
Foxes - Holding On To Heaven (The Chainsmokers Remix)
Alesso & Dirty South ft. Ruben Haze - City of Dreams
Zedd ft. Matthew Koma - Spectrum
Laidback Luke & Marc Benjamin - We’re Forever
John Legend - All of Me (Quintino & AFsheen Remix)
Kaskade ft. Late Night Alumni - Why Ask Why
Seven Lions, MS54 ft. Tove Lo - Strangers
BANKS - Someone New (Yamill Remix)
Porter Robinson - Divinity

The drought is over. Coming with fuego in April.

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beloved / for whom i broke / as bread in the belly of  a dirty lake / where the fish tinsel / like a sequitur of lost nickels / i don’t need your words / to be loose like change /i don’t need the ricochet / of veiled echoes / but a naked  voice / don’t dream me into / this shapely body of forgiveness / when i am starved, skeletal from love