I might talk a lot of shit on New Jersey, but under all of the smog, hookers, bad attitudes, ridiculous accents, Chris Christie, and shitty drivers, it’s a really beautiful state. We have beaches, farms, hills, mountains, diversity, good food, the shore (is that what you people call it? i just call it either the beach or the boardwalk idk), and Wawa. What more could anyone ever ask for?

Ok that Wawa post seemed to cause some confusion..

I don’t live in Jersey anymore, I live in North Carolina. That’s what I meant when I said “the south”, not south Jersey. I have never seen a Wawa in North Carolina, or South Carolina (even though someone said there’s one there.)

And I don’t care what anybody says about Sheetz, Wawa is clearly superior.

Living out here on the East Coast I had to develop my non-verbal EC persona.

Coming from the Midwest my resting face was a sunny smile with a glimmer of hope in my eyes. I spoke to everyone I saw and made small talk with strangers. I can’t even tell you how many times I got tried because of that. Hence my development of EC Eesh.

Here’s her MO when she’s in these Philly & Jersey streets:

1) Always chewing gum mad hard on the left side. It makes my lips curl up into a slight snare.

2) Hands in the pockets. Am I holding my student ID or a box cutter? UOENO so off GP you questioning shit.

3) Power walk on 100. Looking like I’m stompin demons down with every step. Why? Cuz I can and maybe I got somewhere important to be. You don’t know my life!

4) Eyes always scouring and surveying the scene. Furrowed brows looking like I expect something to pop off at any moment and I’m ready for it. In fact I’ve been looking forward to it all week.

5) Headphones in at all times cuz I ain’t tryna hear that bullshit. Bumpin “Build Me Up Buttercup” cuz I’m trill af.

But giving that slight head nod and half smile when I make eye contact with other Black folks…cuz respect.


There’s so much I’m tempted to write here about how goddamn slept on and misunderstood NBN is but y’all are just going to reblog shit for cool pictures and the ten of you that actually read the article will comprehend that the trio from E.O. were large on the radio, respected in the streets, and way ahead of their peers as entrepreneurs. Also Kaygee was a fucking genius.