Hartwin Fic: DIY

“You know, this looked a lot easier on the telly,” Eggsy sighs. 

“Of course it did,” Harry snaps. “That’s the whole point of those bloody DIY shows." 

Eggsy sits back on his heels and drags his forearm across his brow, wiping away the sweat and smearing dirt and grime over his skin. 

Half the furniture has been moved to the other half of the room. Half the carpeting has been ripped up. Dust lies half an inch thick over everything. And it’s hot, fucking hot, because they have the doors open to let the dust out. It doesn’t seem to be working, though; the dust is still inside, and now so is the summer heat. 

It’s not too late to swallow his pride and call a professional. But he’s already gone this far, and if he quits now, he’ll never live it down. 

He looks up at Harry, who is sweeping the now-bare floor irritably, trying to stay ahead of the dust. He’s wearing an old T-shirt that’s seen better days; there might actually be a hole forming at the shoulder seam. He’s sweaty and dirty, a big smear of dust across the side of his neck. 

Eggsy wants to kiss him.

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Dirty House

Adjaye Associates

David was in my final year for the BA, and it was clear that he was always going to be a star - absolutely charming guy as well.

So the “Dirty House” doesn’t give much away, but what it does show is tantalizing indeed. The way the roof floats like someone opening pandoras box, and the green reflected in the soffit, hints at a rich verdant life inside.