I had the incredible urge for merman!Suga after seeing so many beach pics :‘D  (The connection works in my head I swear!)

So here you go. Your friendly neighbourhood merman Suga, too nice for his own good and too curious for his own good. This can only go well when he meets a human for the first time.

40 Questions

1. do you prefer to shower when you wake up or before you go to sleep?
2. does it bother you to sleep with the lights on?
3. cigarettes, marijuana, or neither?
4. beer, liquor, or neither?
5. what is the biggest impact you hope to make throughout your lifetime?
6. what’s your favourite movie genre?
7. puns or dirty jokes?
8. bubble bath, bath bomb, or bath salts?
9. you wake up to find you’ve traded places with a celebrity – who is it?
10. you wake up to find you’ve traded places with a fictional character – who is it?
11. what are you wearing?
12. what is your earliest memory?
13. moon or stars?
14. sunrise or sunset?
15. what’s the best present you’ve ever received?
16. what’s your favourite scent?
17. what do you think about when you need to be in a calm state of mind?
18. what do you think about when you need motivation?
19. list 5 things you like most about yourself
20. do you have many friends or do you prefer to keep a close circle?
21. if you had the chance to be immortal exactly as you are now, would you take that opportunity?
22. what do you think of when you wake up?
23. what’s your favourite word?
24. if you could change your name, what would you change it to?
25. what would your name be if you were the opposite/another gender?
26. turn ons?
27. turn offs?
28. kinks?
29. what’s your “type”?
30. give a piece of advice
31. do you fear death?
32. do you believe there is anything that exists after death?
33. what expectations do you set for yourself? do you live up to them?
34. are you a good friend? would you want to be friends with the type of friend that you are?
35. dinosaurs or space?
36. do you believe in aliens?
37. do you believe in ghosts?
38. describe your style?
39. send me your name, I’ll post what I think your aesthetic would be
40. post a photo of yourself