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I have had a number of new followers / favourites notifications, etc. come through on the fanfic archives lately (yay!) and, as is my wont, I’ve reached out to those people to say hello, start getting to know them, thank them for their interest, etc. I’m chatty like that, as many of you already know, and I’ve made some great friends in the fandom as a consequence of that sort of interaction. 

A couple of new followers responded to my greetings today and one of them said rather matter-of-factly to me: “I rarely comment on stories; instead, I just read them and enjoy them.” A few lines later, she said she was hoping I would be putting more stories out there soon….


Now, I like to think I’m a nice person (heh; who doesn’t?) and I like to think I’m fairly tolerant of other people’s foibles, but that one left me rather gobsmacked and thinking some rather unkind thoughts. It’s the vending machine thing, right? You stick your coins in and get a goodie out. Nom! Only some readers aren’t putting any coins in the money box, and that vexes and perplexes me rather more than I ever realised before. 

Due to constraints on my time, I don’t read nearly as much fic as I’d like. And I’m hella picky when it comes to stuff I like well enough to actually finish reading. But if I finish a story, I will always try to leave a review, post a comment, send a PM or otherwise indicate that I was there, I read it and I had thoughts about it and/or appreciate it in some way. 

I can understand not reading something at all; maybe it’s just not your cuppa, or you don’t have time, or you don’t like the writer’s style, or whatever. Fine. No problem. That’s what makes the world go ‘round.

I can also understand reading but not commenting on a story if, say, you really hated it. I mean, if you can’t say anything nice, say nothing at all, right? That’s just being kind. 

But I don’t think I’ll ever understand how people can read and reportedly ENJOY a story and then just carry on without saying something nice to the author. It’s just…mean. As in stingy. As in parsimonious of resources that cost nothing but time (and precious little of that). 

I guess that is all I have to say on the matter. Please forgive me for ranting. I’m just another fanfic writer spitting the dummy over the dearth of reader interaction. Don’t mind me! 

And scrub harder
As you wash away the dirt
Stuck on your body
The sweat on your back
From the misdeeds you’ve done

Even as you lather them
With synthetic soaps
Labelled altruism
Perfume yourself
In a cloud of

And cleanse
All you want
But your perfect demeanour
Will lay dry

And eventually
Whatever sins
You sweated out
They’ll come back anyways
As your body tries to make up
For the dullness

Is forever a cycle
Of washing
And hoping no one
Notices how dirty
You really are

—  “Shower Thoughts” by Red Beanie

angel0sh  asked:

Hey sweetie ^^ can you do a cheating HC with RFA, saeran and V and MC revenge ?

Girl give me some revenge and I’m SOLD! Cause I’m the baddest bitch on the blog (get it, cause this is tumblr haha). Anyway, poor jokes aside I really enjoyed writing this and hope you enjoy! 



♬ when you’d called Zen he really hadn’t expected it

♬ over the course of the last couple of weeks you’d been very inactive

♬ no one seemed to know why, not even Seven

♬ which made Zen all the more happier that you were reaching out to him

♬ maybe you were finally willing to talk about what was bothering you

♬ when you told him you wanted to meet at a certain bar he already knew something was off

♬ you’d always scolded him for his drinking and didn’t drink yourself

♬ he didn’t comment though, not wanting to interrogate you

♬ when he finally arrived at the bar, you were already there

♬ you sat at the counter with your head hanging over the beer in front of you

♬ he took in the sight and sighed before calling your name

♬ the second you realized you were no longer alone you looked up and beamed

♬ you even waved, only to hide the sadness you obviously felt

♬ you’d shared a quick hug as a greeting and had taken the seat beside you

♬ all in all the evening went fine until suddenly a couple of young men your age entered and you tensed

♬ one of them looked through the bar and when his eyes fell on you, he glared

♬ Zen could already tell that he would be trouble

♬ when the man reached the two of you he’d huffed, arms crossed over his chest

♬ he’d told you what a cheap little bitch you were for already having found someone else while constantly preaching to him, called you a dirty hypocrite and a bunch of other mean things

♬ had you not been holding onto his arm, holding him back, Zen would have punched the guy right then and there without a second thought

♬ you didn’t say a thing, looking so small with your head bowed and lower lip trembling

♬ the guy had just huffed and taken his leave, a satisfied smirk on his lips

♬ what kind of scum was happy about making a girl cry like that?!
when Zen asked what the deal was you told him that he was your ex-boyfriend

♬ oh, so he was the one you’d mentioned once

♬ but then why did he treat you like that?

♬ you explained that you’d caught him cheating on you with another girl, that you’d broken up with him, kicked him out of the flat you shared and ignored all of his attempts to apologize

♬ after hearing that, Zen just kind of lost control

♬ he got up and marched towards the other, determined to break at least some of his bones

♬ you’d tried to hold him back, mainly because you were worried about his career and reputation and while he’d found that very noble and sweet of you, Zen hadn’t cared

♬ the asshole had to pay for treating a lady in such a disgusting manner

♬ he’d walked straight up to him, tapped him on the shoulder and once the guy had turned, thrown the first punch

♬ of course this being a bar it ended in a huge fight that quickly escalated

♬ Zen fought well, showing off his years in the biker gang

♬ not only did he beat your ex to pulp, he also managed to fend off his buddies trying to protect him

♬ obviously he eventually got a hit back as well and the second that was the case, you intervened

♬ you pulled Zen along and took him to your place

♬ once there you sat him down, quickly getting out the first aid kit

♬ his knuckles were bloody and his lip was split, but otherwise he seemed fine, luckily

♬ you’d cleaned his wounds with alcohol, chuckling lightly when Zen had hissed

♬ you’d scolded him too, told him that he was an idiot for starting such a public fight

♬ he’d only replied that to defend your honour, he would have done much more

♬ you’d blushed then, thanking him in a whisper before pressing a soft kiss to his lips

♬ it hurt just a little, but Zen found his didn’t mind at all


★ Yoosung couldn’t really believe his luck

★ after having called you for a quick chit chat you’d asked whether he was free

★ he’d been a little confused as to what the occasion was, but had answered yes

★ you’d asked him whether you could come over, play some video games together

★ something in your voice had sounded off, but he didn’t prod

★ you’d probably tell him once you were ready to do so

★ he’d obviously agreed, telling you to give him an hour to clean a little and go buy some snacks

★ you’d thanked him and hung up

★ like a clockwork you’d showed up at his door an hour later

★ however, you hadn’t looked good at all

★ you were wet from the rain and it almost looked like you’d been walking around for much longer than just the walk from your apartment to his

★ he’d pulled you inside and wrapped you in multiple towels and a blanket

★ he’d also made you a hot chocolate, just for good measures

★ you’d thanked him, but didn’t further elaborate as to what had happened

★ now Yoosung tried not to prod, he really did

★ for about an hour he managed ti just sit beside you and silently play some COD

★ then he suddenly stopped the game mid round, turned towards you and showered you in questions

★ he’d tried to hard not to, but it just bubbled out of him in a hit of excitement

★ you’d sighed, clutching the controller in your hand

★ then you’d explained about how you’d just found out that your boyfriend cheated on you, with a good friend on top of it

★ you also explained that you hadn’t had a chance to confront him about it, that you’d just kind of fled your shared apartment to get some space to think and somehow ended up calling Yoosung

★ now Yoosung was generally a good and innocent boy, but he’d hung out with Seven enough to know how to handle a situation like this

★ he advised you not to break up with him just yet, you still had the right for some payback

★ then he explained the plan

★ a little less than a week later he came over to your place while your boyfriend was around

★ after playing some Halo together he’d excused himself to go to the bathroom while you remained in the living room with your still boyfriend

★ which was perfect, that way he would never suspect you

★ he snuck into the bathroom and got out the two things he’d prepared

★ one, he snuck in a red sock into the guys white wash, smirking devilishly

★ you’d told him about his macho behaviour and fragile masculinity, which made wearing a ‘girl’ colour like pink probably hell for a guy like him

★ above that, he was also extremely arrogant and narcissistic about his looks, which Yoosung wanted to change as well

★ he opened the guys shampoo bottle and got rid off all of it, only to switch it out with depilation cream

★ after that he snuck into the kitchen, changing his usual protein bars up with so called high calorie bars, which were used by athletes to gain weight

★ with the little amount of exercise he did in comparison, the guy would blow up like a balloon

★ it would be interesting to see how confident he remained with no hair and 10-20kg more on his ribs

★ that night you broke up with him, leaving him to his demise before making your way over to Rika’s old apartment with all the belongings you had left

★ surprisingly, Yoosung had been sitting in front of it, waiting for you

★ when you asked him what he was doing there – meanwhile unlocking the door and letting him in – he’d replied that he’d wanted to be there for you just in case you hadn’t taken the relationship ending poorly

★ you’d chuckled then, put down the luggage you had and pressed a sweet kiss to his cheeks whispering that every ending just meant a new, better beginning


♨ you’d become great friends and honestly Jaehee couldn’t have asked for a better influence in her life

♨ you’d saved her from herself and she was just waiting for a chance to repay the favour

♨ when you even offered to help her with the café, run it together, she’d been overjoyed

♨ not only was the doing was she truly enjoyed, but she was sharing the experience with her best friend

♨ you seemed to enjoy your work as well, always showing up chipper with a big, bright smile

♨ one day, however, you’d looked utterly devastated upon entering the café

♨ Jaehee had been very worried, as she’d never seen you like this before

♨ when she asked you at first, you’d refused to talk about it, apologizing for your bad mood

♨ you didn’t want it to affect your working abilities nor the mood of the people around you

♨ the entire day she watched you fake smiles and do your best until Jaehee just couldn’t take it anymore

♨ she pulled you to the back and confronted you about it, not in a mean, but concerned manner

♨ eventually you caved and told her all about your boyfriend and how he’d cheated on you

♨ you told her that you didn’t know what to do, as the two of you had been dating since High School and lived together

♨ not to mention that you didn’t know anything but him

♨ basically, you were in the same situation as Jaehee had been, scared to let go of the familiar routine

♨ however, as Jaehee had learned that sometimes it was for the best to let go, so had you

♨ it was hard to remain calm and collected though, in the eye of such a situation

♨ even Jaehee struggled, despite usually always keeping her cool

♨ cheating scumbags deserved bad things happening to them and Jaehee would take care of that

♨ for now, however, she had to help you

♨ she told you to go home and break up with him, confront and get rid of him and all remains of him

♨ you were scared at first but she promised that she’d be there for you, no matter the outcome

♨ when you came to work the next day you reported that you’d done it

♨ you’d fought a lot, but eventually he’d left

♨ now, however, he wanted the things he’d left at your place back and you didn’t know what to do

♨ you didn’t want to see him again

♨ especially since you didn’t trust yourself to be strong about it

♨ you also hated the idea of letting him off the hook so easily and Jaehee understood perfectly

♨ she had a solution for both of your problems, seeing as she’d done her research on revenge the night prior

♨ after work she came to your place with a couple of things in her bag you’d need

♨ she told you to let go of your frustrations by burning the pictures and destroying his things

♨ at first you had reservations, but then she reminded you of the fact that he’d destroyed your relationship and a couple of photo’s and junk were a small price to pay for that

♨ you agreed and so the destruction began

♨ you burned all your photos, dunked his toothbrush in the toilet, ripped and cut apart all the clothes he’d left at your place and destroyed everything else that remained entire

♨ however, Jaehee wasn’t quite done with what she had in mind

♨ cheaters deserved what was coming for them

♨ while doing research she’d found a very interesting and elaborate revenge scheme

♨ she wrapped the destroyed remains in a thick layer of duct tape, followed by a layer of bubble wrap then a whole bunch of pink glitter, another layer of duct tape, bubble wrap and more glitter and so on

♨ that way he’d need ages to unpack, have glitter all over his flat for ages and find his stuff destroyed

♨ you were so thankful when she came with you to send off the package, you hugged her once you’d gotten rid of it

♨ the two of you held onto each other for a long time, happy to have save one another


♛ Jumin had met many scumbags over the course of his life

♛ he worked with a lot of them and very few seemed to respect anything but their money, least of all the women in their life

♛ even his father seemed to lack some sort of ground respect, seeing as he jumped from one women to the other

♛ however, if there was one thing he would and could not forgive it was cheating

♛ it was poor taste in business and it was distasteful and disgusting in the context of love

♛ not only was he a firm believer of marriage, but also monogamy and fidelity

♛ you either stayed with the person despite having lost interest or you broke up with them, there was no room for a third option

♛ so when you showed up at his apartment, hugging yourself, lower lip trembling and tears running down your cheeks Jumin had been utterly overwhelmed

♛ of course he’d had enough courtesy to avoid drilling you for a reason

♛ honestly, he’d been quite confused as well

♛ why on earth you’d pick him for your emotional worries was beyond him, as everyone else in the group mocked him for being distant and cold; emotionless

♛ when you told him that your boyfriend had cheated on you, it finally clicked

♛ he’d been one of his golf partners whom you’d met at an RFA party two years ago, as Jumin had insisted on inviting him

♛ the guy owned his own firm and was good business, so he’d figured the RFA would benefit from him

♛ he’d been wrong about that for multiple reasons

♛ for one he hadn’t donated anything and the other, he’d lost you to him

♛ Jumin hadn’t minded, seeing as you’d seemed happy by his side, now he hated himself for his cowardice all the more

♛ he’d been prepared for you to blame him for it, but anger was the last thing on your mind

♛ you wanted to leave him, but didn’t have anywhere to go since Rika’s apartment still freaked you out and your parents lived relatively far away

♛ then you began crying again, sobbing about how you’d been so supportive of his long working hours, when in reality he’d been cheating on you with his assistant all his time

♛ that, struck a nerve with Jumin

♛ he excused himself for a moment and left the room

♛ no one cheated on you and especially not with an assistant

♛ he bought the guys company that night, pondering to destroy it before deciding for something more practical

♛ he declared him his new Chief Assistant, now that Jaehee was gone, and promised himself that he’d make his work experience hell

♛ and God did he make it hell

♛ if people thought that Jaehee had suffered, they had no idea what Jumin was capable of when angry

♛ when the rumors about Jumin being gay came up again, Jumin decided that it was a great chance to go over to part two of his plan

♛ one evening he called the guy to his office, sitting on his desk while waiting for him

♛ he’d asked him to shut the door before almost pouncing him, pushing him against the door and whispering dirty things into his ear

♛ the guy tried to flee but Jumin told him that since he’d fucked his assistant it was only fair that Jumin got to fuck him now

♛ the guy fled the firm that day, resigning angrily

♛ he also kicked you out, effectively leaving you homeless

♛ well, not for long as Jumin decided that he would not lose you to cowardice another time

♛ that day you moved in with him instead


☼ Seven wouldn’t call himself the emotional type

☼ sure, he hated himself and his life with a burning passion, but he didn’t let the emotions rule

☼ as one could observe seeing as he was still alive

☼ needless to say that when a person like him actually to God got mad, it was scary

☼ really scary

☼ and shit was about to go down

☼ he’d been working on a new computer program when he’d heard the door bang open

☼ he stopped in his tracks, instantly turning to see what the security camera’s had caught

☼ how on earth someone had managed to enter his home without a security breach was incomprehensible to him

☼ until he saw the footage of you cursing and kicking the door in, obviously fuming

☼ it didn’t explain how you got in exactly, but at least it was a little more understandable, seeing as you knew how his security system worked

☼ he didn’t have much time to think about it though, as mere seconds later the door to his room was thrown open to reveal you standing there, obviously angry about something

☼ he sincerely hoped it wasn’t him

☼ he asked you how on earth you’d gotten in alive

☼ اخرس had been your reply

☼ had you just told him to shut the fuck up in perfect Arabic? well…one truly did see everything if one lived long enough to

☼ when he asked you what was going on you gladly explained and once you were done, Seven was fuming too

☼ his first instinct was to destroy the guys life but hacking it but you had a better plan

☼ you didn’t want to destroy his life…just his relationship to women

☼ oh man, if Seven liked one thing that it was a good portion of drama and well planned revenge

☼ in fact, your version of revenge wasn’t nearly as illegal as his and much, much, much more fun

☼ you told him to get out one of his female costumes or knock himself out mixing and mashing them

☼ basically, Seven’s job would be to catfish the guy only to reveal himself as God Seven Defender of Justice and a very well endowed MAN

☼ Seven instantly agreed, excitedly jumping out of his chair to see what he could pull off

☼ you told him that it didn’t matter how he looked exactly as long as it was approachable and borderline cheap looking

☼ Seven decided for his blonde wig, his maid costume and a lot of make-up

☼ once he’d gotten himself ready you gave him a look over and nodded, dirty grin on your lips

☼ he implanted a little bug in his dress for you to hear and partially see what was going on before you send him off to the location you now knew your boyfriend picked up girls

☼ the planned worked miraculously well

☼ he instantly fell for Seven who – to your surprise – had a very tender and believable female voice

☼ it made you wonder whether one of his identities had been a women

☼ your soon to be ex-boyfriend didn’t hesitate to invite Seven to his place and while you were angry, you were also utterly amused

☼ they go to the place and the second the door shut behind them, the guy began feeling Seven up

☼ you applauded your friend for playing along with this, moaning in a high pitched sound and grinding against the other

☼ when your boyfriend eventually reached under his dress, he froze and his face was caught on camera too!

☼ Seven just went on to undressed, leaving him in nothing but a pair of boxers that were rather revealing

☼ you had the pleasure to watch your boyfriend scream like a little girl and basically flee his own apartment


☼ when Seven returned you pulled him into a hug and told him that he was your hero, a true defender of justice


☀ pissing Saeran off isn’t particularly hard

☀ however, thanks to therapy he’d learned to control his aggressions

☀ he’d even become somewhat peaceful

☀ well, as peaceful as it got

☀ he was, however, highly protective of the things that he thought of as dear to him

☀ you just happened to be one of those

☀ so when you came to him for your daily visit trying to act nonchalant and bubbly but failing miserably he asked you straight away whom he had to kill

☀ he would do it, no questions asked

☀ he also didn’t like beating around the bush

☀ you’d squealed and told him that it wasn’t like that, that murder really wasn’t the solution

☀ good, you understood that he meant what he said

☀ luckily he didn’t have to ask you to explain, as you knew better by now than to wait for him to do so

☀ instead you just explained, sighing deeply once you were done

☀ you’d expected a lot of possible reactions, but not Saeran getting out a a switch blade in front of your very eyes, rather sharp and dangerous looking

☀ he told you he’d personally make sure that the guy would never cheat again

☀ which you knew meant he’d personally castrate him with that particular shiny knife

☀ in an attempt to stop him from mutilating another person for whatever reason you reminded him that intellectuals didn’t have to stoop to such a level

☀ violence wasn’t the answer

☀ Saeran decided you were right

☀ there were better, less traceable ways to ruin the guys life for breaking your heart

☀ no one but him was allowed to do that!

☀ so, as an intellectual, he plotted a little scheme to cover all the important basis

☀ he basically hacked his entire life

☀ he got into his bank account and cleared the entire thing, donating everything to various charities

☀ at least the guy was good for something

☀ he found some nudes in his private folders and decided to publish those on Facebook

☀ Saeran also found the idea of him losing his job quite amusing, which is why he send a particularly graphic dick pick to his female boss, a crude message attached to it

☀ he also found out the mails of all the girls he’d been in contact with, he’d cheated on you with

☀ needless to say he took care of those as well

☀ he send each and everyone of them the lucky news of having been used as a side-bitch he’d found out the term was, as well as proof of those words

☀ oh boy, your ex would wake up to a shit storm the next morning

☀ Saeran grinned at the thought of it

☀ once he was done he sought you out

☀ you’d been sitting on the couch the entire time, legs pulled to your chest and arms around them

☀ he realized then that revenge was sweet, but it wouldn’t really fix your sadness

☀ he took a deep breath and walked over, taking a blanket to pull it around you before taking the seat beside you

☀ he told you how sorry he was and that while he didn’t really understand what exactly you were going through he understood how hard it must have been on you

☀ he also made sure to mention that he would have never done such a thing to you

☀ to his surprise you’d smile, sweet and private, before turning to him

☀ you’d cupped his face and kissed him, feathery light and barely there but enough to make his heart race

☀ you knew


📷 being blind wasn’t always easy

📷 while living a normal life was more or less possible, certain things became impossible

📷 specifically those that you hadn’t done before going blind like in V’s case

📷 or things that necessarily required eyesight

📷 such as taking photographs…or taking revenge on someone

📷 after taking down Mint Eye and sending Rika off to Alaska to get help, V’s days had become peaceful

📷 and utterly lonely, he realized

📷 he had the RFA but even chatting became more difficult than it needed to be when you were blind

📷 phones just never quite got what you were dictating them to write

📷 not only that, but the members tended to spam the chat so listening to that robotic voice go off when Seven send a chain of short messages again was rather irritating

📷 V found himself staying away while simultaneously craving contact

📷 needless to say that it was a very complicated situation to be in

📷 however, you did bring some light into his quite literal dark

📷 once a week, on your free day, you stand in front of his door with one junk food or the other

📷 sometimes it was pizza, other time burgers or just a whole bunch of sweets

📷 and every time you brought something to do as well, be it braille cards or a book to read to him

📷 it was the kind of surprise he started looking forward to

📷 especially since you always seemed so excited about things

📷 however, once week he was surprised to find that you were late

📷 you’d never run late before

📷 when you showed up about fifteen minutes later and apologized he could hear and sense that something was off

📷 you sounded sad and exhausted

📷 for a while you just continued as per usual, making him stuff himself with junk food before forcing him into a game of some sort

📷 well, forcing wasn’t the right word, really but he liked to use it jokingly

📷 eventually, however, he heard you sigh and knew that you were ready to open up

📷 so he asked and you told, the entire thing

📷 you also mentioned how you hadn’t felt comfortable mentioning it in the chat, how you only really trusted V with such delicate information

📷 he felt both honoured and lost, since there was very little he could help you with

📷 other than giving advice, of course

📷 thats how you ended up with a couple of pickaxes and black spray paint, sneaking into a garage in the middle of the night

📷 he couldn’t even help you in your plan, but he could be on the hear out, just in case

📷 you destroyed that car

📷 all tires were slashed, all windows shattered and everything else was perforated

📷 it was a damn good feeling to let go of all your anger and frustration and from V’s silent laughter you could tell he found listening to you just as funny

📷 you let the axes were they were and added some paint to the car, writing cheater all over it

📷 once you were done and happy you gripped V by the arm and tugged him along

📷 the two of you ran, both laughing as you made your way to his place

📷 you thanked him for the evening, telling him that you hadn’t laughed like that in the long time

📷 he returned the words and suggested that maybe you could come over more than just once a week

📷 that maybe…sometimes you could even stay?


I don’t care that you hate me, this is Tumblr

Seriously, this is the Internet. We all need Jesus in some shape or form.

No matter who you are or what you ship, you’re still fuking human and deserve respect.

The fun part of shipping is the fact that these are FICTIONAL characters, with FICTIONAL plot and FICTIONAL FANTASIES. Take a chill pill and realize that you trashing other people on the INTERNET and telling them that they’re disgusting is only going to make them do it more. We aren’t going to be ashamed of ourselves by a person ONLINE (that we have no idea who they/you are, all we know is that they’re/you’re a “good” person with “good” morals) telling us that we’re pedophiles and disgusting.

We go online to escape the real shitty ass world and have fun for once. Stop being an asshole and let us live our lives.

Sure, I can ship incest in a game or show. Do I constantly think about having sex with my siblings? FUCK NO. My brother is my best friend and role model, and my sister is the sweetest sugar pie in the world. But I DO NOT have romantic feelings for them. In real life, I find incest as socially unacceptable. But that won’t change my feelings for liking incest in a FICTIONAL setting.

We ship people because we think the two are cute together, or emotionally support one another enough to make it seeable that they could be in a romantic relationship. We ship them because the thought of them together gives us happiness. The fact that you say that a ship that you don’t like is terrible is elitist and arrogant. And the fact that you look down upon people for having dirty fantasies is hypocritical because humans aren’t fuking pure angels.

Finally, for people that have read this entire vent (props to you): You’re okay. Just respect people online and let everyone do their own thing! Let everyone have their fun online, because you aren’t hurting anyone having sinful blogs and comments. As long as you don’t literally break the law, you’re a-okay my friends.

Have fun and live your life!


tfw u don’t like sakura trick but it’s got bomb ass kiss scenes

I need to be stopped. Switching to hover over Soul’s head some, because he hasn’t been fleshed out quite as much as Black*Star and Maka (and because I want to look through the eyes of a third party).

earth-shines is partially to blame. She screamed with me about this goddamn AU in fanmail and now I have too many ideas. Send help. I’m drowning. 


Sleepovers at Black Star’s used to be a lot more fun, Soul realized, when he wasn’t so hyper aware of the girl studying a few rooms over. It was unreasonable – Maka had been there forever, a third entity, a kindred soul in the dealings of Black Star’s antics. She hadn’t done anything overly spectacular to call his attention to her. She still wore her hair in pigtails everyday. She still kicked his ass routinely at Jenga and did puzzles while Black Star tried to drag him out to parties.

It could’ve been because she was a constant. It could’ve been because she had total angel eyes and he wanted to bathe in her sunlight and soak in her vitality. It also could’ve been because she had kickass legs and he felt like a total pervert for noticing because hello, that was his best friend’s sister that he was ogling, and that was fifty shades of Not Okay Ever.

She was supposed to be like his sister, too. And she had been for many years. Especially the younger years, where she’d become his back up when Black Star was off in his own class. They were paste buddies, Lego comrades and two time winners of the three-legged race in elementary school. 

It was supposed to be platonic.

It had to be platonic. Black Star would personally drive to his house, smash his motorcycle and hang him by his teeth off of the flagpole at school if he so much as looked at Maka the wrong way; he hadn’t hesitated to threaten poor Kilik when he’d asked Maka to homecoming Freshman year.

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touch-starved wade meets no-boundaries-with-friends peter

wade cries the first time peter snuggles with him on the couch when they watch movies

he actually cries a lot when they first start hanging out

“shut up, my eyes are just bleeding“

wade learning to ask for cuddles, wade giving the best bear hugs, wade finally having someone that he feels comfortable initiating physical contact with

sleeping on top of each other, peter webbing wade’s mouth shut when he snores, peter snoring when he finally falls asleep, wade kicking him off the bed for being a dirty hypocrite

anonymous asked:

Hypocritical Anon, shaming people here for body shaming by body shaming people here! No, Anon. They're simply pointing out the bully his own "less than perfect body" when he's clearly judgemental of his age peers. Hence, his nonstop cradle snatching. It's disgusting for a man his age to be sexually involved with teens and young women barely in their twenties. Period. This goes for him and every other man or woman out there who approaches such young people with such dishonorable intentions.

Well Said. 👏🏼