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Dirty Grandpa Movie Detail

Storyline : Right before his wedding, an uptight guy is tricked into driving his grandfather, a perverted former Army general, to Florida for spring break.

Release Date : 2016-01-21

Casts : Brandon Smith, Matt Cornwell, Aubrey Plaza, Dermot Mulroney, William Willet, Richard Pis, Michael H. Cole, Mo Collins, Deanne Black, Robert De Niro, Deena Dill, Lane Carlock, Joshua Mikel, Walter Hendrix III, Catherine Dyer, Frank Francisco, Heather Schell, Zac Efron, Chandler Darby, Eric Goins, Ashley D. Merritt, Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman, Nicole Davis, Zoey Deutch, Nelson Bonilla, Julianne Hough, Jake Picking, Dennise Renae Larson, Quentin Plair, Bradley Bowen, Jessica Yoshimura, Jason Mantzoukas, Kristen Bryant, John Archer Lundgren, Eugenia Kuzmina, Adam Pally, Maria Diavolitsis, Natalia Nova, Amy Parrish, Henry Zebrowski, Heath Estep, Roylance Williams

Duration : 102 minutes runtime

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Dirty Grandpa Movie Detail

Storyline : Right before his wedding, an uptight guy is tricked into driving his grandfather, a perverted former Army general, to Florida for spring break.

Duration : 102 minutes

Rating : 3.1

Deadpool Full Movie (2016)
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Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) is a former Special Forces operative who now works as a mercenary. His world comes crashing down when the evil Ajax (Ed Skrein) tortures, disfigures and transforms him into Deadpool. The rogue experiment leaves Deadpool with accelerated healing powers and a twisted sense of humor. With help from mutant allies Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) and Colossus (Stefan Kapicic), Deadpool uses his new skills to hunt down the man who nearly destroyed his life.

  • Initial release: February 9, 2016
  • Director: Tim Miller
  • Running time: 1h 48m
  • Music composed by: Junkie XL
  • Production companies: 20th Century Fox, Marvel Entertainment, The Donners’ Company
Cockles LiveStream Drinking game

1. take a shot every time Jensen calls Misha “Mish”

2. take a shot every time Jensen does the unicorn laugh

3. take a shot every time Misha touches Jensen’s shoulder

4. take a shot every time they give each other heart eyes

5. prepare to die


Travelling with Justin:

there is definitely such a thing as “normie comedies” and you all know what I mean. those films whose titles always seem to be written in big red letters, that are heavily reliant on slapstick humor and dirty jokes and star seth rogen or melissa mccarthy or something. YOU ALL KNOW WHAT I MEAN!

highschool / luke hemmings



another friday night,another party at school’s jock,ashton’s house.he was y/n’s best friend and she always gladly went to his parties,but honestly,they were getting boring.same people,same place.she would always end up hooking up with calum and leaving in the morning.

“hi babe,” ashton greeted as she walked in. “hi ash,” she hugged him and few of her other friends.she noticed there was a new face here,someone she’d never seen at a party before.he was so familiar until she realized he was a kid from her biology class.a quiet,shy boy yet so beautiful.his blonde hair quiffed and beautiful blue eyes you can get lost in,sometimes covered with rimmed glasses that suited him.she decided to walk over to him and talk.

“hi,” she said and at first he didn’t know if she was talking to him. “u-um,hi,” he said when he was sure she said it to him. “i’m y/n,” she introduced herself and he shyly stuck out his hand to shake hers. “i’m luke.”

“i’ve never seen you here before,” she said and broke the awkward silence between them.she struggled to keep a conversation because all he did was look at the floor and his cup. “i don’t go to parties,” he shyly smiled and she noted how beautifully his lips stretched under his black lip ring.

he knew her really well.he kind off liked her.she was beautiful and he knew she didn’t belong here.she was different and all he ever wanted was to talk to her but he was afraid of rejection.now that she made that first step,he was terrified and forgot to speak.he thought she was beautiful with little amount of makeup she wore to school,let alone now with full party makeup and outfit.

“what are you drinking?” she asked and he looked at his cup. “vodka,” he simply said as he took another sip and scrunched his eyes at the strong taste. “you don’t really like it,do you?” she chuckled and he shook his head and smiled.he didn’t like alcohol,he would sometimes drink beer,but that’s it.he didn’t like parties either but his mate michael dragged him here and left him as soon as he found the girl he was looking for.

she thought he was a great boy even though he’s shy.she wanted to talk to him not to yell in his ear.she offered him to go to one of the rooms upstairs,just to talk,on which he hesitantly agreed.

“w-whose room is this?” luke asked as y/n plopped down onto the bed. “ashton’s.” she said as he went through his records,old antique records.guns ‘n’ roses,nirvana and more has left him in awe.he’d been looking for one of these for so long.

luke found out they had the same taste in music as he looked at his posters,taped to the wall.all time low,good charlotte and green day.not many kids listen to this type of music.

“sit luke,” she said and he immediately sat next to her.after talking until it was around 2am,y/n realized she had more in common with this boy than she thought.they liked the same music,movies and books.when she figured there was nothing to talk about,he started something and they would end up talking about it for hours.they’ve been alone in this room for almost 4 hours and they didn’t even notice.luke liked her too.he thought y/n was kind,beautiful and interesting.

party wasn’t dying still so they talked a bit more,but both of them eventually got tired.they got comfortable with eachother and they were both leaned on the headboard of the bed.after the words stopped,they looked at eachother,their hearts thumping harder than when they realized they shared the same interest.

unconsciously,y/n started leaning in and so did luke.they shared a quick kiss and pulled away immediately.just when their minds were on the verge of deciding that they don’t like it,luke leaned in again.y/n relaxed into the kiss,allowing her lips to mold over luke’s,as well as their tongues once they deepened the kiss.

y/n thought this was just a regular hook up,but she didn’t want it to be.she wanted to take it slow with him because she really liked him.there was something about him that attracted her.maybe it was his innocence and the way he blushed when she made him tell her something embarrassing about himself.

she thought this was going to be a win win.the alcohol she drank got to her a little so she started thinking about how he was probably a virgin and she will help him if he wanted that.she thought she’s going to be the one to give him the night of pleasure.but,she was totally wrong.

once she got on top of luke and straddled his hips,continuing their kiss,his dominant side ticked inside of him and he turned them over.she was confused but ignored her thoughts as he started kissing her neck.she gasped as he gently bit her skin,shocked by his sexual confidence.

“l-luke,” she moaned and it was something he wasn’t used to.not the fact that she moaned,the fact what she moaned.it wasn’t what he wanted her to say.

“do you want us to have sex?” he asked and she felt a bit odd since she never got asked this question. “well yeah but i want us to go out too,” she said as she propped herself up on her elbows. “i want to take you out,” he said and scratched the back of his neck. “there’s just one thing.um,i want you to call me daddy.” as soon as the words left his mouth,his eyes ran over her face in order to recognize any emotion.

“call you daddy?” she said and was slightly shocked but she couldn’t admit it wasn’t a turn on. “um,y-yeah,if you don’t want to it’s ok-,”

“i want to,daddy,” she said batting her eyelashes,making his eyes grow wide as he got on top of her again. “you are going to be a good girl for daddy?” he said ripping her shirt apart. “yes daddy,” she said feeling wetness grow and pulsing between her legs.

he admired her chest covered in black bra and even more when he kneaded them in his hands.he lowered his head down to make few more marks while she gently pulled his blond hair between her fingers.he groaned at her actions and teasingly traced his hand up and down her bare thigh.

he reached behind her and unhooked her bra and then pulled it away from her body.his eyes attached to her in admiration were quickly replaced with his lips.he bit lightly at her nipples making her arch her back off the bed.while he sucked one of her nipples in his mouth,and after he rolled the other one between his fingers,his hand dropped to her thigh again.

he finally got to her panties and teasingly rubbed her through them,already feeling her wetness. “d-daddy,” caught luke off guard and he groaned as he attached his lips to hers again.he got on his knees between her legs and pulled her skirt down.he scooted between them again and lowered his head to the waistband of her panties.he sucked the mark above it and slowly pulled y/n’s panties down her legs.he started to go down again,but she closed her legs before he could get between them.

“take something off first daddy,” she chuckled and he took off his shirt and tight black jeans in two moves before climbing on the bed again and crawling between her legs to kiss her. “is that good babe?” he chuckled and y/n nodded. “now where were we?” he asked going down again.

“you’re soaking wet for daddy,” he said amusingly looking at y/n’s wet core and then touching it up and down slowly with his finger,spreading her arousal across the area. “mm,” she moaned and he slipped his finger in,already pumping at a fast pace.

“d-daddy,” y/n whimpered out,trying to steady rapid movements of her chest so she could see him doing stuff to her and him looking at her face expression. “do you want my mouth princess?” he asked like he already didn’t know the answer. “y-yes,please daddy,” she said and he dipped his head down only to let his tongue lick a harsh strip on her clit.he licked at a fast pace,slowing down the movements of his fingers.he sucked her clit into his mouth,letting his tongue lightly massage her and she let out incredibly loud moan at his actions.he hummed on her clit,knowing the vibrations could make her cum then and there. “do that again daddy,make me cum,” she screamed out in pleasure and this got him even more turned on and he hummed harder against her clit. “y-yes daddy,” y/n moaned as she came.he lapped at her cum,licked her up and rode her orgasm.he laughed at the presence of her shaking legs as she tried to steady her breath once again.

“help me get out of these,” luke said and she snapped her head up to find him standing at the edge of the bed.she crawled over to him and pulled him on the waistband of his boxers before he got onto the bed again.y/n pushed luke so he could lay flat against the bed,then she straddled his hips.y/n lowered her head down to embrace luke’s lips to hers.she then trailed her bites and kisses from his jawline to his neck,down his chest and belly to the area above the waistband of his boxers.

since he had a daddy kink and was very dominant,y/n thought luke was going to turn them over again,but he enjoyed this too much to do that.

she palmed him through his boxers slowly,feeling just how hard he was.luke let out little pants as she looked at his expression.eyebrows lowered to his closed eyes and lips slightly opened.nose scrunching as she kissed his covered length few times. “n-no teasing baby please,”

she pulled luke’s boxers down making an impressively big member slap against his lower abdomen.she stared a bit,in shock,as his chest still rose up and down heavily.she took him in her hand,noticing just how thick he was.she pumped him slowly until she sucked his tip into her mouth.she licked light strips from the base of him,knowing how much he hated teasing.she loved pleasing others just as much as she loved receiving pleasure,so she couldn’t help but take him in his mouth and start to slowly bob her head up and down.she knew it was worth it when she heard his mouth leaving the most beautiful sounds,sexiest she ever heard in her life.first light pants and moans,then loud and throaty grunts and whimpers.

“a-ah baby,” luke moaned as y/n felt him twitching in her mouth. “s-stop,” he stopped the thrusting movements of his hips in her mouth and expected her to stop sucking him off.he moved her head with his hands which were previously tangled in her hair.when she got up to him again,he turned them over and hovered above her.after kissing for few more minutes he hopped off the bed and rummaged through his jeans and wallet to find a condom.

after finding it,ripping the packet and pulling it on,he got on top of her again.he positioned himself at her entrance and with one of his forearms leaned beside her head and the other cupping her cheek,he slowly but deeply pushed inside.he immediately got to y/n’s sweet spot as deep as he got in.he finally found a fast and deep pace,both of their moans filling the room.she felt herself coming close again,and she tried not to let go as hard as she could.

when he took a hold of her hips and lifted them up,pushing deeper,in the places she didn’t even know he could,y/n knew she couldn’t hold it in anymore.just feeling him rubbing against her wet walls,and hitting his tip against her spot,the spot that made her legs shake and her head spin was enough to get her off.

“i’m cumming d-daddy,” she said as she let go but he continued thrusting and rubbing her with his hand. “daddy won’t cum until you ride him.” he said and flipped them over.his hands immediately gripped her hips and help her go up and down on him.she felt the uncomfortable,overstimulated feeling go away and pleasure taking over again.she felt him deep in as she grinded as hard as she could due to his hands on her waist.

“b-baby you are so good to me.so fucking good for me.” he grunted loudly and she felt the familiar knot form in her stomach once again,this time more intense. “i’m cumming,” she came over him as he spilled inside of the condom.she dropped on top of him,his hands hugging her body.when they stilled their breaths,she got up to pull up from him and noticed the area of her pelvic bone and his flushed of how hard the skin was slapping.they both laughed and snuggled close to eachother,tangling their sweaty bodies together.

“d-do you wanna go out tomorrow?” he asked snuggling his head into her neck. “of course luke.” she kissed him and they both rested together before getting up,dressing up and returning to the party like nothing happened.

y/n will always remember that night.the night she had the best sex of her life with a school’s nerd who had a daddy kink.


30 Days of Vulture Culture - Day 19: Have you ever encountered still living animals when looking for remains?

I’ve encountered all sorts of critters in my scavenging days! Deer, turkey, herons, geese, weasel, raccoons, opossums, foxes, feral dogs, cows, and numerous reptiles, amphibians, and insects.

On a related note, it is extremely important to watch out for potentially dangerous wildlife when you are out scavenging. All sorts of critters can hide in and around bones and skulls from large animals like cows and horses make particularly good hiding places. I’ve found enormous active wasp nests filling the entire brain cases of cow skulls and smaller animal skulls too and I’ve also had a black widow come scurrying out of a mule skull when I put it in a bucket of water to clean it up. A good friend of mine was stung numerous times in the face and neck by wasps that came out of a cow skull he was carrying on his backpack after he picked it up while out hiking.

Venomous snakes are also something to keep an eye out for. Remarkably I’ve only ever encountered venomous snakes in the wild twice in my entire life (I honestly don’t know how I haven’t come across more). The first was a water moccasin I almost stepped on until he whipped his head around and flashed that bright white mouth up at me. I jumped about eighty feet into the air before making a completely dignified retreat. I’d been poking through some reeds along a riverbank looking for dead stuff when that happened. Another time, while visiting some relatives in Ohio I came across an enormous writhing mating ball of more cottonmouths at the edge of a pond (again while looking for dead things and helping my nephew catch some tadpoles). So just watch where you put your hands and feet and if you see one, leave it alone. Don’t play with it unless you are trained in handling them because you. will. get. bitten. and don’t kill it just because it exists because that’s a real dick move.

I’ve had a couple of close calls with feral/loose dogs while out in the woods too. One was at my own place years ago when out of nowhere a huge German shepherd came charging down the creek at me. No clue where he came from and I’m a dog person but wow this guy was scary. I stood my ground and yelled at it and waved my arms around and it finally got the message and slowly wandered off.

So just be safe out there kiddos. Practice basic outdoor safety and take someone with you if you can and if not, keep your phone handy and let someone know where you are going and when you plan to be back. Carry something you can defend yourself with too and be responsible when using it, whatever it is.

018 In The Shower

Ashton: He had your body pushed up against the glass shower door, warm water running over the both of you. Your hand ran up and down the wall, in desperate need to to hold onto something. Ashton kept thrusting up into you, grazing against all your most sensitive parts. He pulled your damp hair back over your shoulder as he gave a particularly hard thrust, causing you to throw your head back and release a loud moan. 

Calum: Calum had you a moaning mess in a mere minute, having you clutching at the shower knobs as you were screaming out in pleasure. He was thrusting into you from behind, the only thing keeping you from collapsing on the shower floor in a puddle of pleasure, was his rough hands on your hips, keeping you steady as he fucked you into a world of ecstasy. 

Michael: The both of you were giggling in between your makeout session, already both soaked wet from the rain that had suddenly began to pelt down as the both of you walked hand in hand back from the park. Another giggle left your lips as Michael pulled away to remove your shirt, the two of you reengaging in your snog session under the running water.

Luke: Luke bent down, so that you no longer had to stand on your tippy toes to reach his kissable lips. He ran his hands over you ass, before he ran his hands further down the back of your thighs. He lifted you up, your legs automatically wrapping around his torso as he gave you a cheeky grin. Your hands wrapped tighter around the back of his neck as his lips found yours once again.