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ahhh my mom and i made tie dye rainbow shirts yesterday and they just finished dying and they look so good! i’m excited for tomorrow :D

Royal Tutor!Woozi AU

My latest installment in my Royal Servant!Seventeen AU! All my other AUs are on my masterlist right here


  • Doesn’t get as much sleep as he should. Sleeping for five hours is considered a blessing and a miracle.
  • Constantly working. Always planning lessons, teaching and tutoring you, going around and scolding people for not working (*cough* servants! Dino and Vernon *cough*) and assisting Royal Advisor!Seungcheol
  • Never lets you leave the study until you’ve read the books he’s assigned and finish all your work.
  • Woozi’s top priority is for you to get the education you need in order to become a great ruler. He knows that you’re capable of becoming one of the greatest rulers your kingdom has ever seen and he wants you to work hard to be the best ruler that you can
  • He’s a good teacher, honestly, it’s just that he’s a bit strict. He expects you to always pay attention, do things with quality, finish your work in a timely manner, and to never be late to your lessons
  • Jihoon was once late to your daily lesson and you teased him about it like “Oh~ looks who’s late this time~” and he was just like “shut up, I had to go scold a servant” because apparently a servant boy named Dino had danced in the ballroom and left traces of dirt everywhere
  • Seems to be a bit rude and mean, but he’s really not. Sure, he’s a bit cold sometimes, but he has a sweet side, as well.
  • Woozi had to move your lesson outside because Minghao’s dogs got the study room all dirty with their dog water and dog sweat and dog drool and dog-ness
  • You guys sat under a tree in the gardens and it was really really cold so Woozi just kind of silently slipped off his jacket and placed it around your shoulders and you looked up at him like ??? Jihoon ??? What the heck ??? and his ears were red and his faced started to heat up and he was just like it’s n-nothing…d-d-don’t wo-worry about i-it…
  • To be completely honest, Jihoon actually gets pretty jealous quite often
  • Doesn’t like it when he sees you put in a lot of effort for some of his co-workers. If you were to go out and buy that specific collar royal dog-sitter!Minghao told you about, or if you were to go and personally travel to a far part of the kingdom to get royal chef!Wonwoo a special ingredient, then Woozi will  get super jealous. He knows that it’s just you being your nice and caring self, but he prefers it when you go out of your way just for him
  • Tbh he’s been a bit jealous of everyone at one point, and it’s really obvious
  • EVERYONE knows when Jihoon gets jealous
  • There was a time when seamster!Mingyu complained about how he sometimes has trouble seeing the thread when he’s sewing, so you went out and got him some personalized glasses and he ended up looking really good in them
  • Woozi got really jealous because why did you have to get the glasses yourself?? Why couldn’t you get servant!Vernon or servant!Dino retrieve it instead???
  • Mingyu wore the glasses you bought him and went up to Woozi with this big, teasing smirk like “Do you like my glasses? It’s cute, right? They bought it for me personally” and Woozi just has this big ol’ frown on his face like “yeah, whatever…it doesn’t look that great” and storms out of the room
  • Mingyu just snorts because seeing Woozi acting like that is hilarious
  • Servant!Dino once got you a stuffed animal because “it was really cute so I thought that you’d like it!” and you slept with the thing for three weeks straight until one day Jihoon walked into your room while you were out visiting another kingdom with butler!Joshua and he saw the stuffed animal sitting on your bed with that stupid sewed-on smile just mocking him and he shot it a dirty look before picking the darn thing up and flinging it out the window
  • It landed in the rose bushes and gardener!Jeonghan ended up finding it two minutes later and Woozi had to make Jeonghan swear an oath to never tell anyone that he was the one who threw away the stuffed animal
  • Doesn’t like it when you call him “cute” because he firmly believes that he is not cute and thinks you’re not taking him seriously
  • One of the royal chefs made Jihoon’s favorite dish (thankfully Wonwoo wasn’t the one who made it. Even though he’s supposed to be the royal chef, that boy can’t cook to save his life) and Jihoon rushed through the entire castle to get to the kitchen, only to see you standing there with sauce on your lips, a fork in your hand, and an empty plate sitting in front of you
  • When he realized that you had eaten his favorite dish, Jihoon got a little annoyed. His chest was heaving (because he just ran through your big-ass castle and he’s tired) and his lips were drawn in a thin line and his eye was slightly twitching
  • Tried to intimidate you and make you feel bad for eating his favorite dish but you just started laughing at him and he was like WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING ??!!??!! and you were like you look so cute like that!! and he got so annoyed because “I’M VERY ANGRY RIGHT NOW AND YOU’RE LAUGHING AT ME”
  • Was about to get closer to you and try to see if there were any leftovers on the plate but then your tongue darted out to lick the sauce off your lips and Jihoon got SO RED and he was like “I HAVE TO GO”
  • Woozi sometimes gets really annoyed with the other people that work in your castle and will sometimes find himself thinking that he could do their job better than them
  • Especially thinks this about your music instructors Seokmin and Seungkwan because those idiots never actually manage to get a lot done. It takes them four days to go over a lesson that would take Woozi a day to go over. Plus, why do you even need two dudes to do a one-man job?
  • Of course, you’re aware of Woozi’s feelings on the subject but don’t let him be your music teacher because that dude already has enough work
  • Your kingdom was going to hold a ball and you were still a bit awkward with slow dancing. You were expected to slow dance at the ball so you sought out Woozi to help you because he can basically do anything like he can sing, dance, rap, play instruments, he can do it all
  • But once you two were in the ballroom you instantly regretted asking him. He immediately critiqued your posture and your stance, telling you to move your foot there, raise your elbow more, straighten out your back
  • It’ll take half an hour just for him to be satisfied with your stance and get in position with you
  • But even when he has his your hand on your waist he’ll still critique your posture
  • “Woozi, are we going to start dancing yet?”
  • “Yes, but straighten your back some more. Don’t shift your weight on one foot! And tilt your head up a bit more!”
  • Royal dance instructor!Hoshi will be sulking in a corner all sad because HE’S YOUR DANCE INSTRUCTOR!! WHY DON’T YOU EVER LET HIM TEACH YOU HOW TO DANCE???? (seriously, you should let that boy dance with you before he drowns in his own tears)
  • Whenever he’s too stressed (which is quite often, unsurprisingly) he’ll go into the music room and sit down and play the grand piano
  • You woke up late one time and you heard the piano and you were just like “who the heck plays the piano at two in the morning??” so you got out of bed to go and investigate. When you saw Woozi sitting there, absolutely absorbed in the music, you froze. You were so enchanted by his beautiful melodies and when you complimented him on his excellent piano playing he got a bit shy and was so humble like no, I’m not that great at playing the piano
  • You manage to persuade him to play a song on the piano during one of the royal balls and all these royals from other kingdoms approach him and compliment his music and ask if he’s a musician
  • When he tells them that he’s just your tutor they’re all shocked and they look to you and are like “your tutor here is so talented! You’re so lucky to have him!”
  • And you have this bright, proud smile on your face because you’re so glad that Jihoon is getting the recognition and praise he deserves and you glance at him and you’re like “Yeah, I really am lucky”
  • Jihoon got embarrassed but he was actually really proud because it’s great to know that you actually appreciate him and the things he does
  • Remember when I said that Woozi doesn’t like it when you call him cute? Yeah, he really despises it. It’s partially because he doesn’t really think that he’s attractive, but it’s also because he doesn’t want you to think he’s cute, he wants you to think he’s manly and handsome
  • He has this idea that you have a thing for handsome, confident, manly guys because of the way you interact with bodyguard!Jun, seamster!Mingyu and royal advisor!Seungcheol, who are handsome, confident, manly guys (and also totally greasy flirts)
  • Woozi thinks of himself as a handsome, confident, manly guy (and he really is) but thinks that you don’t see him like that
  • He’ll try to act very manly around you. He’ll puff out his chest, bring his shoulders back, tilt his head up a bit
  • But then you’ll just find his odd stance cute and squeal while trying to pinch his cheeks and he’ll just get annoyed (but he won’t pout because then you’ll probably squeal some more and attack his cheeks)
  • So Jihoon thinks that you don’t view him as a handsome, confident, manly guy but you actually think he’s super handsome, especially when he’s working and concentrating, putting all his effort into whatever task he’s doing. You just think he looks really handsome like that.
  • There was a time when you along with some staff went to a little school in the town to help fix the place up (because ceiling beams falling down are a real hazard) and your royal adviser Seungcheol, bodyguard Jun, servants Dino and Vernon, music instructors Seokmin and Seungkwan, and your tutor Woozi all went along with you to help.
  • Seungcheol and Jun were showing off, trying to carry more wood than the other. Dino was playing around with the children that were there, Seokmin and Vernon were listening to Seungkwan complain about how hot it was outside
  • Jihoon was the only one who was actually getting some work done.
  • He was helping the volunteers move the wood to the other side so the children + Dino wouldn’t trip over it, hammered all the nails into place, lifted the beams, he basically helped with everything
  • You were just amazed that he was able to keep going at it because it was like 90 degrees out and he was covered in a sheet of sweat
  • Someone called for a break and your eyes just stayed glued to Woozi as he went to retrieve some water and tipped his head back and it suddenly got a lot more hot like did the sun get more intense?????
  • He rolled up the sleeve of his button-down and went to go back to work and tbh you almost fainted because he just looked so handsome like
  • And Woozi just kind of turns around and looks at you like “Are you okay??” and you’re just like “w-w-what? Y-yeah, w-why would you a-ask?” and he’s like “because your mouth was wide open earlier”
  • You realize that your jaw had dropped when you were staring at Jihoon and you just clear your throat and sit up straight like yeah, I’m totally fine
  • And he’s just like really? and you’re like yeah, it’s just that…uhm..well…you look really handsome like that
  • And he just goes !!! r eALLY? and you nod, red-faced and Woozi gets this small little satisfied smirk on his face and nods to himself before resuming his work
  • Royal Tutor!Woozi is just a sleep-deprived guy who wants you to pour all your effort into your work, just like he does. He gets easily jealous may be cute, but he’s also super manly and you should tell him that because then he’ll gift you with the most amazing smirk ever. Although he may not show it very often, he cares deeply for you and makes sure nothing will ever happen to you and he will also fight Mingyu and slap those glasses off his face


Yes, today July 19th is National Hot Dog day, and in my book, there is no place better for Hot Dogs than New York City! Whether it’s Gray’s Papaya, Nedicks when we had them, Nathan’s, or the Hot Dog carts, The Big Apple has the best.

Some time ago, I ordered a Hot Dog from a cart in Washington DC. It looked like a totally different food than the NYC Dirty Water Dog that we have come to know and love. It was not good.

Here is Harry Dubin, serving up NYC style Dirty Water Dogs, somewhere in NYC in the 1940’s. Harry had many jobs in his lifetime, and he liked to be photographed on the job. He was a Good Humor man, a street sweeper, a mailman, a milk delivery man, just to name a few.

(Courtesy Harry Dubin.)

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Y Ziam para el segundo, 8. “I don’t know how you get yourself into these situations.” have fun, dame cosas, PUTA.

Hola, amor míoooo! Here it goes, I hope you like it.

“I don’t know how you get yourself into these situations…” Liam sighed. He should be annoyed, he knew that. He just couldn’t.

In a way he couldn’t blame the guy. He knew this tree, it was the biggest one in the local park. His mom almost had a heart attack that time he tried climbing it once, back when he was ten. Its branches were wide enough to support the weight of a person, but they were tall and far apart from each other. A fall from up there could prove fatal.

When he arrived at the scene, looking up at the same tree, he couldn’t believe what he saw. There was this guy up there. He was sitting on one of the widest branches, holding on for dear life to a smaller branch with one arm, and holding a tiny black kitten with the other. He was dressed in skinny black jeans and a leather jacket, which made his terrified expression even more endearing.

Liam would have been terribly annoyed about having to climb a ladder at this ungodly hour right when his shift was about to end, just to save a man that climbed a stupidly high tree for who knows what reason. He should. The thing is he knew this man. Or, well, he didn’t really “know” him, he just… He found himself rescuing him way too often lately. He knew his name was Zayn. He knew he worked at the local library. He knew he had the longest eyelashes he’d ever seen. He knew his accent did things to his entire existence. He knew he had a knack for risking his life for things like puppies and birds and old ladies and apparently kittens too.

Liam had watched him carefully from the ground, smiling to himself despite the situation. God, he was actually eager to climb that ladder and play knight in shining armor. When his colleagues finally placed the ladder in the right spot, he climbed it with a smirk on his face. It took him a few seconds to get there, and when he did, he decided it was best to ignore the sniggers and the laughs he heard from his work mates down below. The idiots. Acknowledging them would only make Zayn more nervous than he was.

He just sighed, smiling at Zayn, marveled at Zayn’s ability to find himself in enough trouble to call the fire department again and again. He climbed the last few rungs slowly, assessing the situation. The little thing seemed to be comfy enough in Zayn’s arms. Zayn looked terrified. Fuck.

As soon as Liam spoke, Zayn rolled his eyes so adorably Liam just had to bite his lip to keep himself from screaming. How did he still find time to act all nonchalant even when he was panicking? “I heard him meow when I was walking by, Lieutenant Payne. He couldn’t get down, I just… I couldn’t just leave him, okay?” The way he adamantly defended his actions while looking so terrified was way too sweet. “He was sitting on a lower branch, I thought it would be easy, but when he saw me he just kept climbing, and…”

Liam laughed, shaking his head. “Hey, it’s okay, I understand. Of course you couldn’t leave him” he smiled, carefully reaching towards Zayn’s chest to scratch behind the kitten’s ear in an attempt to distract him from his fear. “You just didn’t take into consideration the possibility of you not being able to get down from the tree either, did you?” he asked, smiling, drawing his hand back before he made the mistake of touching Zayn. Not the time, Liam, not the time.

“I didn’t, I just… I’m sorry? Can you take me down now, please?” Zayn pleaded, the pained look on his face finally making Liam’s hero complex kick in, forcing him to stop acting like an infatuated idiot just because the most beautiful man in the world needed his help.

“Yeah, okay, just let me…” he moved and positioned his body to climb down the ladder. “Okay, now give me the kitten,” he asked, reaching out with his hand, palm up.

“No, he might fall…” Zayn complained, holding it tighter to his chest, looking almost offended.

Liam chuckled, asking again. “You’re gonna need both hands to climb down the ladder. I’ll put him here in my pocket, okay? He fits. He’s gonna be okay.” Liam promised, pointing to said pocket. Zayn looked skeptical, but he finally handed over the kitten. Liam grabbed him very carefully and put him inside one of his uniform’s side pockets. They were big enough to fit big ass tools, they could certainly fit a tiny kitten.

“Okay, now climb down after me, yeah? Nice and slow…” Liam used one hand to grab the ladder and the other he wrapped around Zayn’s body, holding him as firmly as he could to keep him from falling while he positioned himself. “Good. I’m right here. Don’t look down.” Liam reminded him.

He could feel Zayn’s body shake against his hand. He was truly scared, fuck. Weirdly enough, this wasn’t the first time he had to rescue him from a high place (not as high as this tree, though), and at this point Liam had figured out he was kind of afraid of heights. Which made the fact that he just climbed a tall tree to rescue a kitten even more heroic and amazing.

Zayn followed Liam’s backward movement slowly, step by step, holding the ladder so hard his knuckles went white. Liam tried to think of ways to calm him down, and did the best he could. He opened his hand wider on Zayn’s stomach, rubbing his thumb against him, not even knowing if Zayn would feel it through the fabric of his t-shirt. “It’s okay, I got you, Zayn. You’re gonna be fine, I got you…” He whispered as softly as he could, knowing he wasn’t that close to Zayn’s ear. He still did it, and kept doing it until they finally reached the ground.

For a moment, Zayn didn’t move. He simply stood there, gripping the ladder, breathing hard. Maybe Liam should’ve given him a moment to recover, to deal with his fear and get it under control. He just couldn’t bring himself to walk away. He stood there, arm still around Zayn, hand still open over his stomach, lips still whispering soft comforting words.

It took Zayn a moment to finally relax. Or melt, actually, because he basically sagged into Liam’s arms, letting go of the ladder, the adrenaline finally leaving his body. “Hey, it’s okay… I got you…” Liam repeated, wrapping his arms around Zayn’s body, putting his other hand over his heart, feeling the beating of his heart slowly calming down. Zayn didn’t even complain, he just turned around and stayed in Liam’s arms for a moment, laying his head on his shoulder, wrapping his arms around Liam, his breathing the only loud thing in the silence of the night. The rest of Liam’s team probably left them alone on purpose. Liam kinda loved them for that.

“You okay?” Liam asked, trying to find the strength to let go of Zayn and act professional and failing miserably. It was hard. He had the strongest crush on this guy since the first time he saw him, knee deep in dirty sewer water, helping a dog that had fallen down an open manhole on the street. He thought he would never see him again but for one reason or another he kept calling the fire department, at least once a month, always in trouble for helping others. Zayn was beautiful and adorable and a good person and Liam was so gone it was ridiculous.

So yeah, he stayed right where he was, with Zayn wrapped tightly in his arms, until Zayn lifted his head from his shoulder to look at him. “How do you know my name?” he asked, and Liam gulped. Dammit. He wasn’t supposed to know that.

“I… um…” he tried to find some clarity to explain himself, which was pretty hard considering Zayn refused to let go of him. “I… might have asked your friend? The one that was with you that day you were helping that old lady?” It was the truth. He wasn’t about to confess the real reason why he asked. Zayn only asked about the how, not the why.

“Oh…” was Zayn’s response, his mouth a pretty O, his brow furrowed. At least he didn’t seem angry? He looked… surprised. Maybe in a good way? Now Liam was the terrified one.

When no complaint came, when Liam realized Zayn was smiling instead of grilling him for being so nosy, Liam decided to keep going. Do anything to put Zayn’s mind at ease. “I’m Liam, yeah?” Liam introduced himself for the first time. He was okay with Zayn having read his title and last name from his uniform; he even liked the way it sounded on Zayn’s lips, but it was only fair, right? He knew Zayn’s name. Zayn had a right to know his.

Zayn smiled a beautiful smile, knocking the air right out of Liam’s lungs. “Thank you for rescuing me, Liam,” he said in a low tone. “Sorry for being so annoying.”

Liam shook his head, surprised. “Oh no, you’re not annoying. It’s my job, isn’t it?” he asked, earning another bashful smile. “Maybe the rest of the guys are a bit annoyed but they’re lazy idiots, don’t worry about them.”

That made Zayn stop smiling. “Oh my god, they must hate me…” he mumbled, looking down, finally letting go of Liam.

He didn’t go far, though, because Liam grabbed his hand following a very idiotic impulse that was probably going to get him kicked in the balls, or make Zayn run away. Or not, because Zayn stopped moving, surrendering to Liam, undoing his backward steps to end up so close to Liam he could count his eyelashes. “Hey…” Liam called him, using two fingers to tilts Zayn’s head up again, trying to make him look at him. Liam smiled as soon as he found those amber eyes again. “What about I give you my number?” he asked, not thinking about the way those words could be taken until he saw Zayn’s eyes go wide. “I mean, so you can call me instead of the fire station? So the guys don’t have to come too?” it was a good reason. A valid reason. He wanted to scream thinking about his number on Zayn’s phone, thinking about Zayn wanting to call him for more than just help, as crazy as that sounded.

Apparently Zayn was okay with that, because he smiled, wide, the biggest, most beautiful smile Liam had seen on those lips since the first time they met, and he gave another step forward, closer to Liam. “I would really like that…” he answered, one hand moving up to land on Liam’s chest, making it feel like exploding.

“Me too…” Liam whispered, not thinking, giving another step forward until they were chest to chest again. Zayn licked his lips and Liam’s eyes dropped to look at them, and just when he was about to move, to give in to Zayn’s invitation, a tiny meow coming from his pocket broke the silence, interrupting them. Liam laughed, biting his lip. He decided he never met anyone as sweet and special as Zayn as he watched him slip his free hand inside Liam’s uniform pocket to pet the kitten, at the same time that their lips met.

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Love your Christmassy change over 😍 how about how do Regina and Robin spend New Year's Eve? Your choice of which AU version. MERRY CHRISTMASSSSS!

Would it be terrible for me to do this for an AU that you guys haven’t seen yet? If so, I’m gonna be terrible.

They’re ringing in the New Year – soon, anyway – in an hour or so, and Regina can’t say she’s sad to see this one pass. It has been a year of unfathomable tragedy, and terrifying change, but here she is. In a London nightclub with Robin and his friends – their friends now, she supposes, this urban tribe of his, this band of men that have accepted her sudden appearance without question. 

Some of them know the truth, she knows, but not all of them. Not Will, who’s just handed her a fourth glass of champagne. It makes her feel loose and effervescent, has a laugh percolating up and out as she takes the fresh flute from his fingers and sets her empty one aside.

“Are you trying to get this woman drunk, mate?” Robin asks from beside her, and she sobers, a reflexive bolt of panic striking in her belly, her fingers tightening on her glass as she prepares for stony eyes and a deceptive calm that forebodes an evening of bargaining with a jealous, liquor-soaked man, a morning of carefully applying concealer to fresh bruises. But when she looks at Robin, all she sees are blue eyes bright with laughter, an easy smile, and a shadow of something just a hair more intimate, something just for her.

Right, she thinks. That part of her life is over, left behind in the rubble, and Leo is not here, cannot touch her. And Robin is nothing like her ex-husband. He’s not a possessive man, even if she knows he wants her (she’d have known even without the heated kisses they’ve only so recently given into - she should have known staying with him was a dangerous proposition, had known it, in fact, but, well, after everything she’d wanted safety and Robin’s flat had seemed the safest place in the world, possibility of inappropriate kisses notwithstanding). 

He doesn’t bat an eye at Will’s flirtation, just shakes his head when the man replies, “It’s New Year, Robin. If she’s not blotto by the time the fireworks go, she’s doin’ something wrong. Innit that right, Vic?”

Regina smiles automatically, as much for the sentiment as for the fact that even after three drinks she is able to remember that Vic is her. Victoria Miller, citizen of the UK, Vic to her friends, to these men. She’d adjusted quickly to the tube, to traffic on the wrong side of the road, to the rhythms of life in London (not all that different from New York, and yet so very different), but the name change, that’s been the hardest part. She’s fairly certain half of Robin’s friends thought she was hearing impaired for the number of times she simply didn’t responded to her name in those first few weeks.

But she’s grown used to it now, to Vic, to freedom and safety and second chances, fresh starts. 

So tonight, she flirts with Will, and makes occasional eye contact with Robin. One more glass of champagne and she starts entertaining the idea of taking him to bed tonight when they get home – it will change everything, absolutely everything, and she knows he’s been trying to give her time, knows they’ve made a silent-but-mutual agreement not to give in to this attraction until they know it’s more than just adrenaline and high stakes that make them want to be foolishly intimate, but God she hasn’t had sex in ages, and good sex in even longer, and she wants, she wants…

Midnight draws nearer and so do they, orbiting in tighter and tighter proximity as they reach twenty minutes to midnight, fifteen, ten…

She finds herself next to him, right next to him, as the revelers begin to count down from 30, and it’s all very bizarre to be watching a television screen that isn’t showing Times Square. It feels alien to know that the ball won’t drop for five more hours, and for a moment, she feels grief, tight and squeezing in her chest, a deep sense of loss and displacement for the city she so loved but left behind. For the financial district, and a good slice, and those tickets to The Producers that she’d never gotten to use. Central Park, and dirty water dogs, and The Met, and her life

This is wrong, all wrong, she shouldn’t be here, she should be there, this isn’t home, isn’t–

Robin’s hand finds hers and squeezes, and she looks to him, feels everything settle into place. Right. This is home now. 

London. The Eye. Those eyes. That freckle on the back of his neck, just below his hairline. 

10… 9…

Robin’s hand warm in hers, his gaze reassuring, somehow knowing, though he says nothing but, “8…7…6…”

She steps in closer, and sees John glance their way out of the corner of her eye – he knows, both about her and, she’s sure, about them, even though there is no them, not really (there has always been a them, since before That Day, since before Victoria Miller, since Regina Mills and Central Park West and long days in tailored suits, there has been a them and maybe it’s time they owned that?).


She grips Robin’s hand tighter, and smiles, and nods, and 2…1…


The whole place erupts in revelry, and Robin tugs in her in close, and threads his fingers in her hair, his mouth against hers, warm and eager, more than just a friendly kiss. He tastes like champagne and hope and safety, and she drinks him in eagerly, everything else falling away. 

They part, but only to tip their foreheads together, breathing the same air for a moment until Will’s indignant “Oi!” from beside them.

Regina turns her head and smiles guiltily at his mock-offense. “And here I thought I’d be the one kissing you at midnight,” he grouses. 

Robin laughs quietly beside her, and offers a “Sorry, mate,” that has not even a drop of apology to it.

Still, Regina takes pity, and leans in, pressing a kiss to Will’s cheek and snickering at his bemoaning the sorry state of affairs that is being sloppy seconds on New Year’s Eve of all nights.

And then she steps back into Robin’s embrace, lets him draw her out onto the dance floor and boogies until her feet ache. 

Finally, finally free.