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Brawny, Beefy Men In Tights

I Could Watch Ben Tomasek Read The Phone Book…

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

That Time of The Month

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23.Are you implying that I’m on my period?

25.Ha ha. Very funny. Say something else, funny guy and I’ll punch you in the face



Pairing:Stiles x Reader

Fandom: Teen Wolf



As the Devenford Prep bus pulled up, the lacrosse team gathered around it waiting for the competition.

A boy with brown curly hair was the first to get off the bus and approach the opposing team. The first thing he noticed was a (Y/H/C) girl in a lacrosse uniform.

“Hey, are wearing your boyfriend’s jersey?”,he slyly.

“Actually,this is mine.”,(Y/N) stated proudly.

“Well…I didn’t know girls like you played lacrosse.”,he said as the rest of Devenford team smirked.

“Well I didn’t know privileged assholes played lacrosse. It’s a very tactical sport. Are you’re okay with getting your uniforms dirty?”,she shot back. The entire lacrosse team giggled and snickered. She was owning him.

“Feisty? I like it. Maybe there’s a chance that when your team loses, we can have a little victory celebration back at my place.”, he said followed by “ohhhs” from the immature boys.

Ha ha. Very funny. Say something else, funny guy and I’ll punch you in the face.”, she threatened.

“Ohhh…it seems like it might be that time of the month.”,he said mockingly.

Are you implying that I’m on my period, asshole?”, she questioned disgusted.

All of sudden, a tall lanky boy broke the tension by tumbling into the verbal fight.

“Hey, what’s going on prep students? Welcome to our little public high school. How you doing? Stiles. That’s a firm handshake you got there.”, said Stiles as Brett didn’t shake his hand.

“Uh, we’re very excited for the scrimmage tonight. But let’s keep it clean, all right? No rough stuff out there. Alright, see you out on the field.”,he signaled to leave.

“Yeah..we’re gonna do great.”,said Stiles unbelievingly.

You looked him in the eyes, grabbed his face, and kissed him. 

“Think of that as inspiration.”

An Odd Encounter

Title: An Odd Encounter

Genre: AU, Fluff, Getting Together

Word Count: 3, 250

Warnings: None!

Description: In which Dan safely helps a stranger remove himself from an embarrassing situation on the subway.

Author’s Note: Ugh, only in fanfiction would this ever actually happen. (Please remember that this is fiction.)

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Hot Ginger Bear

A Beautifully Fit And Handsome Red-Bearded Man In Tight Lycra Taking Part In A Triathlon…

Swim…Ride…Run, Baby!

Frack Me!