dirty uniforms

[Context: We’re playing Dusk City Outlaws, where the Judge plays the role of the GM]

Grifter: I’m going to wash the guard uniforms.

Judge: Okay, I think that just happens, you don’t need to roll–

Alchemist: Wait, I want to assist! Okay, as an alchemist, I’ve created a badass laundry detergent. It gets your whites whiter, your colors brighter, and it’s just the most kickass laundry detergent ever.

Boss: I get some of my goons and they just go to town on those dirty guard uniforms.

Grifter: And all this is happening like in a sports anime, just overdramatic shots and sprays of water and it looks amazing.


Brawny, Beefy Men In Tights

I Could Watch Ben Tomasek Read The Phone Book…

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

Wings of Butterflies

A/N: Adele believes in trilogies, I believe in pentalogies. This is the fifth and final installment to Rotation (I mean it this time). 

// Another Man’s Treasure // Mind on a Mission // Take the Lead // Worth the Pain //

Who knew the South of France could be boring?

Neither the wine nor the men, either the beaches or the crystal clear water could interest you. Your family knew something was up with you, your brother even attempting a heart-to-heart one night to pry deep into the corners of your mind to understand why you weren’t your happy, bubbly self. Even Harry’s family had taken notice, his sister struggling to get more than three word answers from you, either via text or in person, over the last few months.

But you stayed mum. You hadn’t much to say anyway. You’d done a lot of growing, a lot of thinking, since Harry had left you all alone.

If life were divided into chapters, the night he came round and the morning he left made for a very distinct Ending and Beginning.

Harry hadn’t been able to ignore you for much longer than a week. Not because of your persistence—no, you hadn’t reached out to him again since the day he all but vanished from your bed—but because guilt kept gnawing at his conscious every time he looked at his phone. He’d read all the texts—and saved them, too—stared at the missed call notifications, but he hadn’t brought himself to listen to the voicemail you’d left late that evening. He hadn’t mustered up the courage, and he was disgusted with himself for it.

So, with a deep breath, he listened to the message. Better a week late than never, right?

You were crying; well, sobbing was more accurate. You didn’t say anything at first, probably not realizing the recording had clicked on as you choked in search of air. Once you settled down, you laid into him with a few choice words—all of which he agreed with—but it wasn’t the name calling that stuck with him or the way you hoped to never see him again that plagued him with regret. It was your final word, your final question, that haunted him.


Because there were a million reasons why and none of them excused him for being such a dickhead. And that made him angry, very angry, because there weren’t many situations he found himself completely lost in, unable to navigate the waters, yet here he was drowning in your tears without a buoy or damn life preserver in sight.

So he called.

And, despite being in the library studying for an exam, you answered. You hesitated at first, the stitches holding together your heart pulling at the seams with the sight of his name and his face across your screen, but answered nonetheless.


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I’m Here

Characters: Jim Kirk x Reader

Summary: @yourtropegirl asked for smut with the blue survival jacket, and i was happy to oblige.  Set during Beyond, Jim gets back from his fight with Krall to find you, his girlfriend (also a crew member on the enterprise), safe and sound. sexy times ensue after you decide to peel the jacket off of him ;)

A/N: wow this one got a tad angsty…it was just supposed to be smut. but you get angsty smuff.  also, this perfectly lined up with Jim’s birthday in the movie, so yay! birthday angsmuff! (why do i have to make everything an emotional crisis?)

Warnings: nsfw, smut, unprotected sex, a smaaaaall captain kink. maybe.

Words: 2290

tags: @daybreak96 @feelmyroarrrr @sistasarah-sallysaidso @jimtkirkisabitch @outside-the-government

(also i just realized the zipper is a little starfleet logo HOW CUTE)

You didn’t remember how long you’d been here, pacing in the lobby of the hotel that Starfleet had put you and the rest of the crew of the Enterprise in. You were still in your dirty and torn uniform, still covered in a thin layer of dirt, still incredibly sore and in need of a bath.  But you couldn’t relax until you knew if Jim was okay.  After the Franklin had crashed on Yorktown, you and the rest of the crew had been rushed out of the wreckage and put through a debriefing before being transported straight to this hotel.  You hadn’t even had a chance to see Jim before he was gone, chasing after Krall.  

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Not My Specialty (dad!Tony x reader)

Request: Omg I hope I make it before closing! Could you do one w/ Tony Stark where he is the reader’s dad and she’s married to Steve. Her and Steve are expecting their first baby together but when he has to leave for a mission and she goes into labor, Tony comforts her throughout it until Steve shows up at the last second before it’s time for delivery? I just watched Father of the Bride Pt II and of course like the Marvel Trash I am, this is what I came up with. XD I’d like it super ultra fluffy pls! c:

“Okay, sweetheart, just don’t get that baby goo on the leather, okay?  It’s imported.” Tony said as gently but firmly as he could, keeping a tight hold on your hand while helping you into the passenger seat of his car. He wanted to call an ambulance to take you to the hospital once your contractions started, but you insisted that you had time for him to take you, much to his dismay.  As a first-time grandpa, he was almost as nervous as you were and he wasn’t exactly secure on his driving ability at the moment.  

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Your Most Beautiful Moment in Life pt.1: Ch9
(Non-idol!AU) Jungkook loves you, you love Jin, and Jin loves his baby brother. And Jungkook finds unrequited love a difficult thing to accept.

Prol. | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | Epi.

Jungkook splatters face-first on the table after his fifth soju bomb.

“I wonder what would’ve happened if I didn’t mix water in his soju.” Taehyung clucks his tongue. “For such a hulk, he’s sure weak to alcohol.”

“Stop making fun of him and get him out of this place!” Jimin hits the other boy’s shoulder, motioning him to get into position.

“Why me?”

“You’re taller. If I carry him, his knees will bang on the ground. Now hurry. If he wakes up, he’s going to start fighting with everyone.” Jimin helps drag Jungkook on Taehyung’s back.

“Too heavy!” Taehyung groans, but continues carrying him anyway. “Seriously, what does Jin-hyung feed him? I know we call him golden, but he weighs like he’s actually made of gold.”

Swaying to-and-fro on Taehyung’s unstable piggyback ride, a memory from many years ago flashes in his mind.

Jungkook woke up to a gentle bobbing. Was he at the sea? Or being rocked to sleep? He blinked his eyes and found himself on the back of his skinny older brother, puffing from the effort of supporting his weight.

“Finally awake?” Jin looked over his shoulder to fix Jungkook a stern look. “A grave site isn’t the same as a bed, you punk. Do you think Mom and Dad liked seeing you sleep there like a hobo? They raised you better than that. Now you got your uniform all dirty.”

Suddenly embarrassed, Jungkook trashed in an attempt to get Jin to release him. “Put me down! Hyung!”

“No.” Jin heaved, shifting his younger brother’s weight on his back, securing him again.

“Whyyyy are you doing this?” Jungkook whined.

“Because you’re our maknae,” Jin said simply. “Our baby. This is the way of the world.”

“Didn’t you hear what our uncles said?” Jungkook muttered. “No more of that. Mom and Dad are gone. Time to grow up.”

“No, not for you.” Jin shook his head, chuckling. “You’re still a baby, Jungkookie. My baby. And you’re going to stay that way for a while if I have my way.”

“You’re embarrassing, hyung,” Jungkook complained, but his words lacked any real bite and he allowed his older brother to carry him all the way to the car.

“Put me down!” Jungkook growls, punching Taehyung’s shoulder.

“Ow!” Taehyung collapses under the blow, and both of them sprawl on the pavement. “Goddammit, Jungkook!”

The youngest boy glares at his two companions, his hands clenching into solid fists. Taehyung and Jimin brace themselves, preparing for Jungkook to switch into angry drunk mode. But what happens next was much worse.

To their horror, Jungkook crouches on the street and breaks into sobs. “Stupid Seokjin! Who asked you to, anyway?”

The Rescue.

Summary: You are MIA while the crew try desperately to get you back and try to avoid your boyfriend, Spock. 

Spock x Reader

TW: Some strong language. Injury mention.

A/N: This was hecking hard. To say there’s plot holes is an understatement but just enjoy it anyway. It’s nice.

Spock x Reader

Word Count: 3224

“Y/N NOW!” Jim shouted as he stretched out his arm to you as the shuttle in front of you began to fall forwards,

You reached out to grab his hand only managing to brush fingers before he disappeared, leaving you and a falling death trap together. Great.

You ran holding your side which had already been gashed in action, flipping open your comm you attempted to contact the transporter room.

The shuttle fell with a deafening crash quicker than expected.

Before you knew it, everything went black.

“And someone keep Spock off the bridge, the last thing I need right now is a pissed off Vulcan.” Jim said entering the lift to the bridge.

“Aye sir.” an officer barked back as the doors closed

“Has anyone got signal or transmissions of  Lieutenant Y/L/N yet?” Jim asked as he walked towards the captain’s chair to pick up his PADD.

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Zach Dempsey (request dos)


anon asked if I could write a justin or zach imagine with a chubby poc of color where she is feeling insecure and scared that they are going to leave her for someone skinnier and of a lighter skin tone. 

I chose Zach because he is smol bean, and I love him. Also, being a person of color with a lot of meat is hard, but I feel like Zach would love me for who I am. 10/10 would bang that boi. 



There was no doubt that it was hard being a part of a minority. Especially at Liberty High. You were often distanced by others because you were slightly overweight and had colored skin. Usually, people were accepted easily if they were one or the other. The problem was that you were both, so it was just a tad harder to get the acceptance. There was one person though, that removed all biased assumptions about you from his mind and plowed on deep into your heart, getting to know you for who you truly were on the inside. You two fell in love, and no matter what anybody said to him about it he always insisted that you were the one.

Sometimes it was easier to believe than others. 

For example, it was Friday and there was a baseball game. You were cheering him on. Because you and Zach Dempsey had been going strong for four whole months and there hadn’t been one game that you had missed. Every chance to cheer him on you took by the hair, because you wanted him to know that you loved him. This particular game, though, was against a school very well known for their nymphomaniac cheerleaders. The East High Devils. The name definitely suited them. 

You were standing by the door of the boys locker room, giving Zach a good luck hug around the middle. “Good luck, Zach. Do your best, I know that you’ll beat them to the ground.” 

A few of the Devil cheerleaders were standing by, looking at the two of you and whispering incoherently. One of their players was being mauled by one of them, nearly sucking him whole into her mouth. 

“Thank you, Y/N. I love you, baby.” Zach pulled back and you expected him to give you a proper kiss, but he glanced over at the cheerleaders before pecking your forehead. “I’ll see you after the game.” 

You watched as he turned and gave you one last sweet smile, before barging into the locker room and yelling out at his team mates. Your smile faltered and you turned around, ready to find a seat when you saw one of the cheerleaders looking at you oddly, her eyebrows raised and her lip curled. She was thin as a stick and her skin was a milky white, giving her the look of a porcelain doll. You tucked a piece of hair behind your ear and smiled politely, quickly making your way to the field. 

Your friend, Hannah Baker, met you by the stands, wearing a purple beanie and biting her chapped lips. She seemed to be staring at Clay Jensen, who was sitting in the stands while chatting with Tony Padilla. 

“Jensen, huh? He’s a cutie, you should go for it.” 

Hannah jumped as you appeared behind her, clutching her chest. “Jesus, Y/N! You scared the hell out of me! And I was not staring at helmet! Pffttt.” You made a face at Hannah and she sighed in defeat. “Whatever, this isn’t the time to talk about it. Let’s find a seat first.” 

You nodded and climbed up the bleachers after Hannah, your eyes darting back to the field. The team was slowly coming out of the locker rooms, and you were glad that you had forced Zach to ditch his hair gel at home. He would have been massively late if he hadn’t. 

The game went smoothly, but as you watched, there seemed to be something going on between the skinny cheerleader and Zach, as she kept staring at your boyfriend like she wanted to devour him whole. Part of you wanted to know that your boyfriend was too good for someone that had a reputation of sleeping with men as frequently as humans breathed oxygen, but part of you was not so sure. That was the deep part of you you never wanted to see. The insecure part, that always persisted that one day Zach would leave you for someone so much skinnier and lighter. 

When the game was near the end you turned to Hannah and interrupted her quiet gazing at Clay. “Do you think that the nympho cheerleaders are capable of going after someone they knew had a girlfriend?” 

Hannah jumped again and looked at you for a second, processing your words. Then she snorted. “Are you kidding, Y/N? Those nympho devils are capable of doing it with people they know have kids. They’re relentless. No one has said no to any one of them yet.” 

Your heart sank as the team slowly filed out to the locker rooms again, cheering on the crowd. Liberty High had brought another victory to the plate. The devils were sulking to the same locker rooms, their cheerleaders following suit with jumps in their steps. You instantly knew that they did not care if the team had lost or won – as long as there was someone to have sex with. 

“Alright, Hannah, I’m going to see Zach. Go talk to Jensen, okay? Whatever excuse that you have as to why you haven’t already, well, shove it up someones ass. Go get him.” 

You squeezed Hannah’s elbow while grinning and then turned and sped the fastest you could through the thick crowd, your heart going a million miles a minute. It was really difficult this time, seeing as since it was victory, everyone wanted to congratulate the team first hand. You spotted Zach near the entrance of the locker rooms, but there was someone that was also very near. The white devil. 

“Zach!” You called, trying to push people from your way. Zach didn’t seem to hear you, as he panted and adjusted his dirty uniform. Someone else seemed to have heard you, though, and the cheerleader turned to you and winked, before slipping passed the crowd, into the boys locker room. 

You stopped in your tracks, the insecurity bubbling in your chest. You wanted so badly to believe in Zach, in yourself that you were good enough, but you were really failing. All of Zach’s said words of reassurance from the past were just fuzzy in your mind. 

It took about ten minutes for you to get to the entrance of the locker rooms, and by that time you were panting from worry, and you hands were slightly sweaty. You looked around and noticed that the coaches were looking at you with raised eyebrows and you sighed and backed away. You hurried around the wall to the entrance of the school, deciding to go through the locker room entrance inside the main building. This took you five minutes. Oh, God, that nympho could already have gotten to Zach. 

You rounded the corner of the hallway, out of breath, but quickly backed up when you saw what was going on. Zach was pinned against the wall, still sweaty and in his uniform, the cheerleader saying things while batting her eyelashes and pressing her palm on his chest. You pressed your back to the wall when the image seared itself into your mind, tears forming in your tear ducts. 

“Listen, Zach, was it? I was surprised at your work out there. You’re not bad at all. The way your muscles worked when you pitched? You made me wetter than water itself.” 

There was the clearing of a throat and you bit your lip, trying to hold yourself back from barging over there and pushing her off of him. You wanted to know if Zach was capable of doing it. Of confirming your insecurities. 

“That is interesting, Gloria, was it? I really need to get going, though, I was just going to get my girlfriend. We’re going to a party at my friends.” 

You let a smile flutter on your features, but it quickly vanished at what she said next. 

“Girlfriend? That chubby colored girl? Ew, I bet you anything she’s not as good in bed as I am. Besides, you can pin me against the wall and fuck me on a table. Can you even do that with her? She’s like…fat.” 

There was the squeaking of shoes and a gasp of anger. You felt tears prick your eyes and you bit your lip harder. That was it. People actually were cruel enough to assure your insecurities that they were right. 

“Shut your mouth, bitch! You don’t even know Y/N! She’s beautiful, and she is not fat.She may not be as skinny as you, but she definitely does not have any STDs as I know you have. Go fuck with someone else, because there is no way I am going to touch you. I have a beautiful girlfriend to go get. And yes, I can definitely make love to her on a table. We just have a lot more class than that.” 

There was the sound of loud stomping coming in your direction and you grinned, knowing that you were ready to show Zach just as much love that he had just shown for you. However, there was a squeak and then the footsteps stopped, followed by the sound of muffled shouts.

You turned the corner and saw the the devil was pushing herself against Zach, trying her best to kiss his lips and stick her tongue down his throat. You gasped and started to storm their way, catching their attention. Zach saw you and his face fell instantly, his mouth opening and closing. The girl just grinned, pulling away as if she had won an award. 

“Y/N, I swear it isn’t what it looks like! I’m sorry, I love you so much and I would never-” 

You cut Zach short by walking forward and throwing a fist out, catching the girl right on her porcelain jaw. She screamed and fell back, her hand instantly cupping the area. You turned to Zach and smiled, grabbing his hand and leading him away without a word. 

“You fat whore!” The cheerleader wailed.

“Y/N, are you okay?” Zach asked quickly, still following you as you intertwined your fingers with his. He was just shocked. When both of you rounded the corner you pushed him up against the wall and wiped his mouth of the girls germs. 

“I’ve never been better, Zach.” You answered, leaning in and giving him a huge kiss on the lips. He kissed you back gently, his hands traveling up to your neck. You pulled away after a second. “I heard what you said, babe. And you will not believe how lucky I am to have someone like you. I fucking love you.”

Zach smiled and kissed you again, this time flipping the position and pinning you against the wall as he let his thumbs caress your cheeks. “I love you too, Y/N. And I am definitely the lucky one, because all of what I said was true.” 

You pressed your forehead to his and laughed slightly. “We’ve never done it on a table… but it sounds very wild.” 

Zach laughed loudly and kissed you again. “There is nothing that I would not do if you really wanted it, Y/N. I love you, and I can’t say it enough.” 


holy fluff

also, i know Zach is more of a basketball person, but I have a theory in my head that Zach is just so good and sexy he does every sport and does it hella good

jesoos he is fucing fine

AS ALWAYS this is not edited. And AS ALWAYS since I never get the love in person gimme the sugar on here, will ya doll?

Home - Nyx Ulric

Y’all I am still rolling on the wedding feels from this past weekend. I’m planning a Gladio first time fic at the moment (maybe up tomorrow?). But I wanted to get something up for y’all tonight. Here’s a little Nyx drabble to fluff up your day.

Also, I’m working on something that I am so damn excited about. ‘Bout to bring back an OC I haven’t wrote for in months. :)

Cut for length, not content.


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Testosterone Thursday!

Even If He Is Now A Dirty Bird, Connor Barwin Still Gets My Testosterone Pumping!

Connor Is A Great Athlete Ally, Who Is Very Supportive Of LGBT Causes!

A True Sports Stud…

Now If He Can Only Get Away From Those Dirty Birds!!!

everyone lives but baze au pt 1/3. word count: 2,067

Baze was there when Chirrut awoke in the infirmary on Yavin IV. He had needed time to recover from the burns along his back from the explosions, and the various cuts and bruises he had sustained in the fight on Scarif. Baze watched over him the entire time.

 A monitor beside his bed alerted the others that he was conscious. A nurse responded, explaining where he was preventing him from sitting up.

 “Sir, you’re still healing from your wounds,” he explained. “Don’t move too quickly.”

 In a moment, Jyn was beside the nurse, reassuring Chirrut with a gentle hand. Baze had seen her come and go in the days that followed the Scarif battle; he was pleased to see her limp lessen until it was nearly undetectable.

 “Where’s Baze?” Chirrut asked her.

 A look passed between Jyn and the nurse. Silently, the nurse retreated to the other room. Jyn sat on the edge of the infirmary bed, and reached for Chirrut’s hand laying at his side.

 “Where is he?” Chirrut asked, more hushed.

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Name: Captain’s orders, Doctor. Also, I want you alive.
Pairing: Bones x Reader
Summary: Bones accidentally got a very severe fever that is not serious, but is too sick to perform his duties, so Kirk ‘asks’ the reader to take care of him and stay with the doctor in case he needs anything.
Author’s Note: yes, too much of McCoy. Yes, I do have other requests. Yes, it’s because he possesses my soul right now, and I need some of his sarcasm in my life.

“Doctor McCoy? Doctor?” you walk in McCoy’s cabin, holding a big bag with medicine on your shoulder. “Excuse me?”

“What do you need?” he asks grumpily, and you notice McCoy, standing next to the wall, almost laying on it, his eyes almost closed, his uniform dirty and creased.

“Wow… You look bad,” he sighs and rolls his eyes.

“What do you, ensign?”

“I am here to take care of you.”

“I am a doctor, I can take care…” he starts coughing, pressing both hands against his chest, as if it was breaking apart.

“No, you can’t!” you approach him and gently put your hand on his shoulder, pushing him towards the bed. “Come on, let’s get you to bed, doctor,” you help him take the uniform off and throw it in the laundry corner, pretty sure that McCoy should get some sleep before you get to torture him. McCoy sighs and leans back, closing his eyes and breathing very rapidly. You sit down by his side and put a hand on his forehead, trying to make sure he will survive without taking out any medical instruments (which you know will be the reason for him to kill you). “Dear lord, you are burning!”

“Well, heal me,” McCoy murmurs, and you roll your eyes, standing up and looking at his cabin. Being the doctor of the Enterprise, McCoy got a rather big cabin, with a big couch (which you intend on using until he feels well) and a good bathtub (which you are going to use to sweat the hell out of this stubborn man). “Jealous of the cabin?”

“God forbid!” you wave your hand at him. “Just expecting the joy of bringing you back on two feet!” he moans, rolling on the bed.

“How are you feeling, doctor?”

“Alive, if that’s all that interests you,” you grin and help him up, leading him towards the bathtub. “What are you doing now, you crazy human?”

“Well, as you are not willing to sleep, I have to make sure that you at least get clean and can sleep in a clean place. You take a hot bath, and I will set the room to get clean,” you enter the command in the computer and get to the bathtub, honestly not looking at Bones until the water reached the level enough for you to act appropriately, as he obediently drops the ‘soapy water’ ball in the tub, and it dissolved in the foam all over the tub. “Thank you.”

“I am not cruel enough to embarrass a girl, crewman,” Bones mumbles, and you grin, putting a towel under a stream of hot water and leaving it on McCoy’s forehead. He smiles weakly and closes his eyes, his breath slowly calming down. You sigh with relief with sit down, feeling both safe and weirdly uncomfortable next to McCoy. “Why are you still here, ensign?”

“Captain’s orders, Doctor. Also, I want you alive,” you answer quietly, feeling like the towel on his forehead and eyes allows for you to actually look at the neck and shoulders, without being terrified of the thought of being seen. There is a blood vessel, slowly counting his heartbeat right next to the trachea, and you can see his beard has started growing back again. You feel relieved that he does not have that overly muscular body of a soldier, but a simple, fit, and more gentle one.

“I can feel that you are looking at my neck and shoulders, ensign, I am quite aware of what you would expect Star fleet officers to look like,” you hear McCoy and, as you look back at his face, you notice that he is grinning. “Disappointed?”

“Quite the opposite,” you murmur, doing your best not to blush. McCoy laughs and slowly gets deeper in the soapy water, so you have to keep your eyes on his face. And quite possibly the still visible part of the neck. “Sorry.”

“No, that’s alright. Quite possibly, I won’t remember anything from today, so do go on… Feel free to yell at me for all the things I said wrong,” you shake your head and lean forward, using a weirdly shaped sponge to wash the back of his neck. As captain said, Bones got stuck in some weird muddy substance that fully absorbed him (which was why you were doing your best washing his hair), and then just spat him out, as if he didn’t fit its taste.

“How did you even manage to get in this… substance?” you ask him quietly, holding McCoy’s head up, so that you can wash the back of his head.

“Oh, Jim told you?” you nod, so he continues, even though Bones can’t see you. “Well, we were talking. And then I realized that I am not walking, and phasers do not do much good with that thing.”

“What about side effects?”

“Oh, I am being painfully honest today. I told Spock I appreciated him being next to Jim to stop him from doing shit,” McCoy sighs. “I wish I didn’t.”

“Why not?”

“Because now this green-blooded goblin will think that I approve of him being the goblin!” you laugh and carefully run your fingers through his wet hair, making sure it’s totally clean.

“I am sure he understands that you didn’t mean to say it,” McCoy moans and splashes some water at you, so you gasp and stare at him, totally offended.

“Oh, you had it coming!” he mumbles, not even trying to pretend to be sorry, so you just fill your hands with water and pour all of it on his face.

“So did you,” you smile innocently, as McCoy starts snorting and spitting, looking like a very hurt five year old.

“I am a doctor!”

“You are an idiot right now,” you answer simply, standing up and taking the huge towel. “Do you need help with getting up or will you make it to the bed on your own?”

“On my own, thank you very much! I am still a man, and I shall act like one,” you nod, trying not to laugh and head out of the bathroom, expecting the following few days to be just as hard.

Pairing: Iwaizumi/Oikawa
Theme: first kiss

The first time Oikawa kisses Iwaizumi, Iwaizumi’s asleep and Oikawa chickens out at the last second, so what happens is a fleeting press of his lips to the corner of Iwaizumi’s mouth, Oikawa rolling out of bed and hurrying away before he sees Iwaizumi opening his eyes.

Iwaizumi doesn’t bring it up and Oikawa is blissfully unaware that his best friend of seventeen years was actually awake for what he considers would’ve otherwise been the most humiliating existence of his seventeen-year-old life. Oikawa’s so relieved that he doesn’t notice the slight pauses and hesitations in Iwaizumi’s words and actions following that monumental sleepover. He doesn’t pick up on Iwaizumi’s lingering glances or notice Iwaizumi’s delayed but gentler smiles. 

“Oikawa,” Iwaizumi asks one day on their way home, “…you into anyone at school?”

Oikawa looks over his shoulder and grins. “Is Iwa-chan jealous?” he teases. Bringing his hands behind his head, Iwaizumi watches Oikawa’s long fingers lace before his palms press to his dark but soft tresses. “Mm… maybe. Definitely. But don’t worry, Iwa-chan. You’ll always be my number one!”

Hanamaki tells Iwaizumi he’s being ridiculous. Matsukawa tells Iwaizumi he’s overthinking it. Kindaichi doesn’t seem to understand what’s happening. Kyoutani ignores them. Iwaizumi’s never realized it before, but Oikawa seems to talk about the person he’s interested in quite a bit and now those pronouncements stand out a lot more amongst all of Oikawa’s little ramblings.

“He’s a little short, but you hardly notice because he can still be so scary!”

“Tofu’s extremely nutritious! What? Of course I know about tofu!!”

“No, he’s the exact example of how to not wear out school’s uniform… it’s surprising he hasn’t gotten more detentions for it, really.” 

Iwaizumi’s just sitting on a bench in his 179.3 centimeter glory, hem of his school uniform blazer dirtied with spilled agedashi tofu when he realizes this. It causes him to spill the rest of his tofu all over his clothes.

The first time Oikawa kisses Iwaizumi, Iwaizumi’s asleep and Oikawa chickens out at the last second, so what happens is a fleeting press of his lips to the corner of Iwaizumi’s mouth, Oikawa rolling out of bed and hurrying away before he sees Iwaizumi opening his eyes.

So the first time Iwaizumi kisses Oikawa, he starts out with ‘I know you tried to kiss me but fucked it up.’

Oikawa stares at Iwaizumi for about five seconds before he clears his throat and rubs his nose. “…I mean… you did. And for fuck’s sake, I’m five centimeters shorter, it took you seven tries to get the tofu right, and not everyone’s got the time in the morning to tie their damn tie! Oikawa, you know, you can be a real asshole sometimes, so I’ve got not idea why I’m in love with you and why it’s taken me almost three months to just–you know, it’s probably your fault because you get this bright idea to have the team wake up at Satan’s asscrack on a Saturday morning and jog because who the hell even thinks of that? You’re unbelievable, you know that?! You’re just… I just… god fuck–!!”

Oikawa hasn’t moved since Iwaizumi’s first outburst, wide-eyed and face growing more and more pale by the second. By the time Iwaizumi cuts off his incoherent half rant half confession, Oikawa thinks to blink and open his mouth. But it doesn’t matter; Iwaizumi’s taken the step to close the distance between them and this is the first time Iwaizumi kisses Oikawa.

His hands come up to frame Oikawa’s face, pull him close as he smashes their lips together. His feet stumble; his mind’s first priority is to kiss Oikawa, not to stop walking, so they almost lose their balance, but not once do their lips part. Oikawa’s cheeks are smooth under his palms, his hair silky against his fingers. His lips are impossibly soft against Iwaizumi’s and when he pulls back, Oikawa’s eyes are less doe-like but his cheeks are a pleasant pink and he’s still speechless, just staring at him.

Iwaizumi huffs and though he looks away, he feels Oikawa take his hand. Their fingers intertwine and his heart leaps when he feels a small squeeze. He clears his throat and closes his eyes, unable to help a small smile when he hears Oikawa’s soft laugh. “…You did, you know. Fuck up kissing me.”

Oikawa laughs again and he takes a step closer so their arms brush against each other.

“Then it’s a good thing I’ve got Iwa-chan here to fix my mistakes, yeah?”


Hot Ginger Bear

A Beautifully Fit And Handsome Red-Bearded Man In Tight Lycra Taking Part In A Triathlon…

Swim…Ride…Run, Baby!

Frack Me!

Homecoming: A Modern Military AU

Here’s the modern military au! But honestly, there are so many different female characters to use here that change the dynamic of the story (and therefore the smut) so much, that this actually might just be the first in a series of works about modern military Ivar, but with a different woman every time. Thinking the next one will be soldier Ivar with a female soldier, in a situation that is very much against the rules. We shall see.

Warnings: Smut, super light bondage.

Ivar had been gone on a field exercise for a month, and there was no possible way to resist throwing yourself into his arms. He caught you easily, shutting the door behind him with a tan-booted foot. Your  hands played along the strong planes of his cheeks, the sharpness of his jaw. His thick black hair was already standing on edge. He’d been running his hands through it in frustration, probably. You ran your fingers through it, almost moaning at how soft it was even after a month in the field with limited showers.

Ivar was quick to cover your mouth with his, wasting no time in running his along along your teeth. You moaned at the intimate, unusual strokes of it. His lips were warm and demanding against yours, and all you wanted was to give him everything. The prickly beginnings of a faint five-o-clock shadow tickled your chin, shocking you. He was usually clean-shaven.  

He smelled like sweat and pure masculinity, the scent of him alone enough to send a rush of slick heat to your core. He threw you roughly onto the bed and followed you instantly with a growl, covering your body with his. His heavy uniform had sweat marks along the collar, and you opened the three velcro tabs to unzip it and throw it off him. The tan tshirt underneath clung to him, damp with sweat, revealing every rippling muscle on his chest.

You groaned, clawing at him in helpless need, and pulled the shirt up from where it was tucked into his trousers. The camouflage trousers and the belt that held them were slung low on his waist, a small sheathed knife hanging from his tan belt. Your hands traveled along his stomach and sides, pressing eagerly against the taut muscles there. You had to see him. He lifted his arms as you pulled the sweat-soaked shirt over his head.

Your hands went for his belt next, but he stopped you with a shake of his head. “I’ve missed you so much, Y/n. Let me taste you.” All you could do was melt back against the bed as he undid your jeans and slid them down your legs. His hands trailed slowly from your feet to your ankles and calves, then up above your knee and to your inner thigh. Your soft, smooth skin under his hand was all he’d been craving this past month. His piercing blue eyes were dark and intense with need, the pupils almost swallowing the blue.

On a sudden impulse, he reached down to grab the sweaty, dirty uniform he’d come home in. “Give me your hands, babe,” he whispered seductively. He tied one sleeve around your wrist and threaded the rest of the uniform quickly through the slats in the headboard. He found the other sleeve and tied your free wrist with that one. It was a hasty tie-up, one that allowed you quite a bit of freedom to move, but it would still keep your hands from interfering. He bent to his work.

Ivar ran his fingers along your inner thigh, loving it as you squirmed beneath him. He bit his lip as he teased you with your fingers. It took every ounce of control to not force his face between your legs. Need throbbed through, and you could see the bulge of his desire through his dusty camouflage trousers. Ivar slowly bent his beautiful face to your thighs, kissing and nipping lightly along their upper expanse. The ache within you deepened until you wanted to scream, and finally he touched the tip of his tongue to your clit.

The buildup had been so intense that you felt yourself start to come undone with that one caress. He pulled your clit between his soft lips, sucking in quick, light pulls. Occasionally he flicked his tongue against the swollen nub, driven on by your moans and shaking. Deciding your clit had enough, he turned instead to sweep his tongue along the slickness of your entrance. You were so wet and warm, he moaned into your sex as his tongue dipped within you for the first time.

That first taste drove him crazy. He dug his strong, calloused fingers into your hips, clamping you to his mouth as he kissed and lick and sucked. He certainly hadn’t lost his touch in a month. He didn’t stop  until you were screaming his name in a breathless frenzy, grinding your hips hard against his sharp jawline.

Finally he released you with a firm slap to your ass before slithering up your body. He paused briefly to undo his belt and undo the four buttons of his trousers, pushing them to his thighs so you could see the deep vee of sculpted muscle at his hips. You had just a glimpse of it, though, before he was pressed on top of you again, tugging at the dirty garment that bound you. It came undone easily at his touch, and your hands ran through his hair and down his neck.

In one smooth thrust, he slid the massive thickness of his cock into your waiting pussy, and you felt yourself stretching before his onslaught. You were so soaked from his tongue he met no resistance, and once Ivar was buried in you he paused to kiss you, sweet and slow and deep, blue eyes meeting yours. The corners of his eyes crinkled in an affectionate, joyful smile, and he began to draw himself out of you before slamming back in.

Your fingers drew thin red lines down his back as he fucked you with all the pent-up need of a month of abstinence, and your hips rocked against his in a rhythm old as instinct. It was far from the longest you had ever gone without each other, but you were accustomed to having him basically every day. In just a few powerful thrusts, you screamed his name as he shuddered and released within you.

He didn’t withdraw from you, shifting his weight to one elbow to turn his attention to your breasts. He had neglected them earlier, but he drew one nipple into his mouth and began to suck, and you knew the two of you weren’t going to have anything but each other for dinner.