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Nikolai was fresh out of his shower, happy with how his day was going, having successfully made it through another training session with some kids from the Athena cabins. He was walking out of the shower, a towel slung low on his hips when he nearly jumped at the figure who was just resting in his bed. Took a step back and releasing the breath he’d been holding he smiles. “Well well well if it isn’t Miss Carpenter. What’s up Trix? Couldn’t stay away for too long huh?” 

Dirty Trix is on board with The Tim Wolcott!!

The campaign to relabel the Arnold Palmer as the Tim Wolcott made its way to Dirty Trix Saloon last night.  And, I have to say, the more I travel around and talk to real Americans, the more I feel the people are ready for the change.  People are fired up and lining up for a tasty Tim Wolcott.

I went last night and worked out a whole set worth of new material that pretty much killed!  I worked out the last few jokes I needed to for Saturday at the Purple Onion.  And based on the response last night, Saturday is pretty much going to be the funniest set I’ve ever said out loud.  I can’t wait!