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Heated By Ice

( Taemin / Reader )

( Smut )

It’s probably the hottest day in your life. Although the weather is cold, in your apartment air conditioning broke down. You can’t turn it off, and the service person said that they could come but not until tomorrow morning. Your roommate, Taemin who you know practically from birth, doesn’t feel that so violently as you do, but you can see he is pissed. “God … how hot …” Taemin said irritated and lay down on the couch. “It’s better when it is too hot or too cold?” You asked. “Hmm … good question … I have to think ..” “Okay … than I’ll go change clothes and be right back …” You said and got up from the chair on which you sat. You wore airy dress. It was the thinnest thing in your closet. You came back to the room where Taemin was laying. His body was sweating. His hair grew slightly damp from sweat. Heavy breath flows out of his mouth. View of his sexy body doesn’t help you.

Taemin looked at you and after a while he looked away. “And how? Cooler?”. He asked not looking at you. Your body was so hot, even when you wore less, nothing helped. Looking at Taemin felt even greater fervor than before. * What ..the hell … why i’m so hot? * .. “No … still hot …” “Then remove all ..”

The sudden hot air hit your body as soon as Taemin’s eyes leanded on you. “Haha .. no …” You chuckled and turned away. After a moment of silence Taemin’s voice echoed through the room. “Damn … now i’m hotter than before ..” He growled in an incredibly sexy way and after a moment he added. “Do something with this ____- ah …” “What? What should I do?” “Oh … I don’t know …” He said and looked away. “Oh, I know .. I’ll do something cold to drink for us … we have a lot of ice.” You said, and went to do something to drink. “Maybe some alcohol?” .. “Yes … no matter”. You made drinks. * Ah … probably a little too strong, but it doesn’t matter because it’s cold … * Taemin drank it and left the ice cubes in a glass. He stared for a moment at them, then put the glass on the table and stood up quickly from the couch.

“Damn …. relief lasted a second …”. Taemin began pacing the room in the nerves. Your thin dress began to stick to your sweaty body showing the outline of your body. Your underwear has become more visible under the translucent, beige dress. Taemin combed his hair and looked at you, turning gently.

“Fuck …-” He let out a loud sigh .. You looked at him. “..- and how am I supposed to not be so aflam ..” He sat back on the couch and watching you now constantly .. “Say what? Maybe it’s my fault?”. “And whose?” “Oh..i’m sorry that because of me the air conditioning broke down …-” You got up quickly from chair and caught the material of the dress to remove it from your wet body. “-… if you haven’t notice that, I’m tired of this too … I’m all wet …” You added.

“ Ye I can see..”

He said staring at you and your body. “If you see it then don’t blame me about this … I don’t know why I’m so hot and what comes to my body … as you’ll find an idea how to change it, tell me … I’m going to my room ..” You said and walked to your room. There was not at all cooler. In room was on only a small red light on what the room seemed to be all red. You opened the window, but it only made cold from the outside merged with heat from the inside and the whole room began to emerge steam. * A little better, but now i can’t breathe normally …. * You thought and lock window back. After a while you lay on the bed. “Oh …”. You sighed at a time when your skin touched the sheets. * It is slightly cold … * You thought and removed dress. * Cosy ..but I’m still hot … and Taemin … * In your head Taemin appeared, lying on the couch, his sweaty body and tousled hair. The heat struck again, this time below. Moved up to face. Lightweight current hit in the lower parts of your abdomen. * Damn … what it is … why it is so hot again .. *

“____- ah .. i’m sorry … I brought you another drink, do you - …” You heared his voice, and Taemin was in your room already. He looked at you with an open mouth, than suddenly turned away. “I … I’m sorry …” … “Oppa …” .. “I will just leave drink here and …” “Oppa … why i’m so hot? I tried everything already, cold shower, cold drinks … nothing is working … ” You asked whining voice. Taemin’s head turned slightly, but he still didn’t look at you. “I don’t know why you are so hot ____- ah … but .. i might know why I’m feeling this way ….” You got up out of bed and came closer to him, but not too close. Desperately trying to let the hot left your body, you haven’t been paying attention, that you are wearing only underwear. “Really? … tell me Taemin-ah … maybe it’s the same reason …”

“I … have an idea how to make this feeling disappeared …”. “Yes? Oh .. please do what you can then … i want both of us to feel normal again …”. Taemin turned and looked you in the eyes. His eyes overflowing with desire, made the hot hit you between the thighs. At what you did react and moaned almost inaudibly. “Lay down ____- ah …”. He said, and pushed your arm. You fell on the bed. You put further glancing behind Taemin, who also was looking at you. He walked to one side of the bed while holding a glass of drink. He sat on the bed next to your wet, hot body. He grabbed your hand by the wrist and pulled to his mouth. Looking you straight in the eyes, penetrating the darkest corners of your mind. After a moment, he puts the cold underside of the glass to the top of your hand and move it toward the shoulder. A chill went through your skin. You groaned and bited lower lip. Arm became cold, but the lower part of your abdomen began to become even hotter. Glass has come to your clavicles and you felt like your nipples become hard, and your already wet pussy gets even wetter. “Oh …”. You moaned when Taemin’s hand grabbed you around the waist and lifted onto his height.

“Let’s drink …”. He said in a low voice, pulling a glass to your mouth. You opened your mouth gently, and he tilted the glass harder than you expected. Part of a cold drink began to run down your neck and chest. Taemin’s hand went to your bra and unbuttoned it. He approached to your neck and began to lick of drink. He headed up and finally came to your mouth. Licked your lips and then sucked one of them. You moaned in his mouth, and he did the same and after a while his tongue was in your mouth. Kissing slowly and somewhat awkwardly, wanting his mouth more and deeper with every moment. When You released from each other, Taemin put you back on the bed. Now you lay on it without a bra, and he was looking at your body with gusto. He picked up the glass and the rest of the drink spilled on your belly. You hissed because of the cold feeling. One of the ice cubes landed at your navel. Taemin began to licking of all the alcohol when he finally hit the ice cube. He put it between his teeth and touching your skin headed toward your breasts. You arched back with excitement when the ice cube touched your nipples. Taemin began to stagger circle around them, with the other hand massaging the other breast. After a moment, his lips changed chest and massaged the other breast. You moaned louder with feelings of cold, but you feel like your clitoris is burning with desire.

Already melting ice cube in his mouth went into your mouth when suddenly you felt another cube in the bottom of your stomach.

The warmth of your mouth dissolves ice faster and faster, until you were able to touch your tongues and again kiss deeply, until out of breath. Ice cube in his hand was moving lower and began to walk under your panties. With his other hand began to take them off, and suddenly you felt cold on your clitoris. “Ah … God … so cold ..” You moaned loudly. “Feels good?” .. “Yes .. very good ..” You said in his mouth. “What do you say I went down below?” Ice cube began to descend until came to your entrance. Your hot pussy began to melt an ice cube faster and faster. “Yes …” He began to push cube against your input, and you started to bite lips with delight. Cube came at you with Taemin’s finger, who pushed it deeper and deeper. His finger slipped out of you a little bit left ice cube in your interior. Taemin added another finger and began to fuck you slow with them but at an appropriate pace, pushing the ice every time. Your moans were unstable and unequal. Taemin’s mouth seemed to swallow your every groan. “Now i can feel how wet you are ____- ah.” He said and bit you in the neck. Then his fingers came out of you, Taemin got out of bed, leaving you desiring his touch.

“ We definitly need same thing baby…”

“ …but why it took us so long to realize this …”

Taemin groaned and after a second he also removed his pants and boxers. In lightning speed he found himself between your legs. His hot body touched yours, which was already slightly chilled. His lips touched your closed mouth. After a while both of your mouths opened at the feeling of Taemin’s penis entering into you. The boy didn’t let you groan and immediately stuck his tongue in your mouth. He moved slowly growling in your mouth. From the very beginning he knew in what place hit to drive you crazy. In the end, he pushed harder. “Fuck … Oppa right there .. ah ..” “You like that, baby? .. There? ah .. ” He said between more powerful thrusts. “Yee …”. Taemin stood up and raised up your hips. Looking at you from the top he moved his hips round and then pushed you with all his strength. “And how… about now.?” He said with difficulty through his teeth. You moaned with delight at his every thrust. You weren’t able to answer his question when suddenly his hips began to move rapidly back and forth, making your body also moving.

After a moment, he paused and pulled out of you. He turned you on the belly and told you to lift your ass higher. “Put your head on the pillow …” He said and you did what he wanted. His hands began to stroke your buttocks and then went to your back. After a while he moved back to your hips. Taemin entered in you to the end without warning. You moved up gently, and he grabbed your hair and pulled you to his side with all his strength. He grabbed by his hand behind your lower abdomen and still holding your hair in the other hand moved slowly and passionately. The way he moved his hips was as sensual and as erotic dance that you watched on TV, but now with every move you felt like gentle currents flow along your back, chest, abdomen, reach the clitoris and the inside of your pussy. “Move Your sexy hips with me …. like this …____- ah”“Like this? …” You said, and started moving hips around. “Ye … s .. just like that … you are great …”. Taemin threw his head back, and you’re put your head on his shoulder and started to move faster. Taemin began to moan loudly, and his breathing became even faster. “Ah …. ____-ah.” “Yes Oppa?” “God … i don’t think i can stand your sexiness … when i saw you … ah in this dress .. ..and your body … your fucking body so wet and hot … then i knew what i need to cool down … ” You started to rub against him harder, causing his penis entering into you deeper with every next move. His hand was now on your chest. “I needed you too … needed you inside me .. so much ..”

After your words Taemin pushed you so hard that you fell forward. He grabbed you by the hips and began to fuck you with all his strength, and as fast as he could. Between the loud groans you heard as he spoke to you. “When you … are talking… to me like this … i want to … fuck you ..ah as hard as i can baby … Ah Yes ~~ !!!”

Taemin shouted, and after a while he came, and you along with him. He fell on you panting. Suddenly he was beside you. Your temperature dropped slightly. Both of you have felt a great relief and could break from the oppressive heat. “Hahaha ..” You heared Taemin’s laugh. “What is it? ”..“ Hmm … haha just that … ahh … we don’t need to repair the air conditioning … haha ” “What? What do you mean ?? ”..“ Umm … I .. I removed one thing and that’s why the whole system was blocked, when I put it back everything will work normally … ” Taemin said, and began to laugh again. “Yaaah !!” You hit him in the arm and when you wanted to do it again, Taemin grabbed your wrist and tenderly kissed you. “Don’t be mad baby … I love you … i wanted you for so long … i had no idea what could i do …” “Maybe just told me ….?” …… “Ye … right …. but i think this way was more enjoyable for both of us … don’t you think? ”… He said, and began to tickle you. When he finally gave you the rest, you hugged him and whispered into his ear. “I love you too” …..“____-ah.. You asked me before if it’s better when it’s too cold or too hot, right?”..“ Yes..?” “I like both…when too cold, i can warm you up with my body, and now it’s too hot so I can give vent to your lust..” ..“ Yes.. You might be right..” ..“Then … let’s do this everyday ….”

“ HELL NO ! ”

I hope You enjoyed it ~♥ it was such a fun writting this ^^ i was inspired by NONAGON - TAEYANG X CL and BOBBY X B.I i posted this short songs already..if they are songs… i don’t even know but it’s so cool …hahah

Love You~♥



Guiding Hand

Title: Guiding Hand
Fandom: SHINee
Pairing: JongTae
Wordcount: 16.5k
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: PWP, D/s relationship, daddy kink, size kink, praise kink, fisting, mild degradation, mild exhibitionism, subspace
Summary: In which Jonghyun learns to open up in his relationship.

Happy birthday, @myfortae. Ilysm and I hope this fic makes you even a fraction as happy as you make me~ <3

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O_o  I don’t remember this scene in Hello Baby…

Oh my…Onew seems really into it…and Taemin is like biting his pillow…I’m dying here…oh god help me….

I am nineteen years old yet there’s no way it’s okay for me to watch this video without adult supervision

One Shot

Strap this on for size…



Warnings:  het!ontae (Eunsook/Taemin), cross dressing, pegging, foul language/dirty talk 

Taemin entertains one of Eunsook’s kinks… (this is a pretty long one shot btw)

Taemin blushed at his reflection in the mirror, the white lacy panties barely covered up his junk.  The rest of the outfit planned for the night was spread out on the bed, sighing, he turned to finish getting ready.  It’s not that he didn’t want to do this…no…that wasn’t it at all but nerves were starting to build now, second guessing this whole idea.  

Is it too much?

Not enough?

What if he couldn’t stay in character and started laughing?

What if his girlfriend discovered she didn’t like the idea after all and was completely turned off?

Then he would be stuck standing there like a fool in drag, the night ruined.  

Taemin looked over his shoulder at his backside in the mirror, his ass didn’t look…bad.  He tried to shake away the negative thoughts.  No. It was going to be fine.   A lot of effort and planning went into this, he was going to pull it off, and Eunsook was going to love it.  

Ever since he had discovered months ago she had a thing for guys in skirts (one of those late night drunken confessions) he thought about surprising her with it.  Finally, he had worked up the balls to do it, the balls to let his girlfriend dominate him in bed while he was dressed like a girl.  

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anonymous asked:

Hello! Somebody did this reaction with bigbang nd it was very funny. So maybe you could give it a try. SHINee members catching you checking your butt in the mirror *intensly for like 5 minutes or smthg*...


*keeps staring*


*awkward dinosaur sounds*


*oh my… god~*


*i see what you did there~*


*sudden dirty thoughts*

(gifs are not mine)