dirty spite

I love so much that the first scene of RD involves the son of a crime boss, a guy who’s five minutes away from executing a dozen people, some old hamburger, a seasoned career criminal who has opened fire into a birthday party out of spite, a dirty cop/snitch and Quentin Tarantino all ganging up on one dude for not tipping his fucking waitress

Mr. Resetti on Sharing Art on Tumblr.


Hey, excuse me, mind if I bend yer ear for a bit? Won’t be a second.

Top o’ the mornin’ to ya. I’m with the Reset Surveillance Center. The name's Resetti. Mr. Resetti.

Now I know ya remembered to save last time, honest. I’m here to tell you kids about something different. A good ol’ public service announcement, if you will.

Lately, my brother Don’s been tryin’ to get me to use this newfangled internet thing called… uh…what was it, “Tumble”? “Tumbler”? Help me out here.

Wait, what’s that? It’s called “Tumblr”? What happened to the E? Aw whatever, don’t matter much right now, that’s another rant for another time.

See, here’s why I’m REALLY here. I’ve been hearin’ around the village that one of our fine citizens got his artwork put up on someone else’s blog without so much as a link back or even a mention. They took the poor sucker’s hard work and put it on their blog claimin’ it as their own, and it has 30,000 notes! 30,000! That’s a heck of a lot of people!

Now if there’s one thing I hate more than a cheater, IT’S A THIEF! Lousy good for nothin’ freeloaders stealin’ everyone else’s hard earned possessions! But it’s one thing to steal a possession, it’s ANOTHER to steal someone else’s HARD WORK! We on the same page here, kid?

When ya see a piece of art on a Tumblr blog that ya like and ya wanna share it with yer pals, ya gotta REBLOG IT, kid. DON’T REPOST IT! Ya hearin’ me, punk? That’s STEALIN’ and stealin’ other people’s hard work is the CHEATER’S way out.

Rebloggin’ on the other hand, it’s so easy. Just hit the little button with the swirly arrows and when the window comes up, hit submit! 

For cryin’ out loud, you can even just press the “CTRL” key while clickin’ the arrows and the window won’t even pop up! It does it automatically! Bada bing bada boom, DONE, it’s on your blog. It’s not like yer hackin’ the mainframe over here!

When you repost someone’s art, not only are YOU a dirty thief, but when 30,000 people reblog that post? You can take down yer original repost or edit it to include a credit all ya want, but ya can’t edit or delete other people’s reblogs. So when you repost someone else’s hard work and 30,000 people reblog it, ya just made 30,000 innocent people accomplices to yer crime! So it’s better to just get it from the artist himself or from another upstadin’ reblogger.

Now, like with anythin’, there’s a way to cheat THAT system too. I hear some people ARE rebloggin’ the art, like they should, but then they remove the artist’s comments and credit! What a cryin’ shame! That’s pretty much exactly the same as repostin’ it, because even if you COULD trace back to the artist, yer gonna have to wade through hundreds of notes to find it! It’ll take forever!


QUIT WHININ’!  Those artist comments ya keep removin’ were put there, BY THE ARTIST, as part of the display. You can’t just take that out! Ya gotta leave it in! It’s like takin’ the frame off the Mona Lisa! How would YOU like it if someone took the words outta YOUR mouth, punk?

Now let’s say the artist DOESN’T have a Tumblr and ya want their art to be shared amongst the Tumblers or whatever ya kids call yerselves. Or ya see some art on Tumblr that ya want to share with people on another website. There’s apparently a bit of an epidemic where art off of Tumblr is bein’ taken and posted on other websites like “Cheeseburger” or somethin’ called “Meem-base” with NO CREDIT. Let me tell ya kid, that just ain’t right. Not even a little bit.

If ya wanna avoid bein’ THAT guy, there are TWO things you can do.
The most obvious thing to do if ya HAVE to repost someone else’s art is GIVE THEM CREDIT AND LINK BACK TO THEM, especially when posting it on another website!
Another thing to do is ask the artist for permission to repost their art on your blog or another website. Chances are pretty good that if they say yes, they’ll want credit or a link back anyway.
Now of course, there’ll be an artist who DON’T want you to post their art, respect that. DON’T go repostin’ it anyway out of spite, ya dirty weasel!

Art ain’t like fruit, kid. Steal an apple and the farmer can just grow more (not saying ya can go and steal apples now, don’t start twistin’ my words), but artwork is the result of hours of hard work on the part of another person. It’s a labor of love and self-expression. It’s somethin’ someone put their all into, their heart and soul and all that other mushy talk.

So when ya steal someone’s art and take credit for it, yer hurtin’ the one who made the art in the first place. Yer not just stealin’ their good work, yer also takin’ away the glory and attention THAT person deserved as a result of all their effort. Is 30,000 notes REALLY worth hurtin’ another person? Think about it, kid.

So do ol’ Mr. Resetti a favor and don’t go takin’ credit for other people’s work. That don’t just go for art either! That goes for anything.

Oh, and one more thing.

Quit hidin’ behind the anonymous option when ya send hate mail ya dirty coward!

Got it? Good.



I went to go say “bye” to Dallas today because we are signing papers later tonight. This horse is the most quiet minded, genuinely nice and relaxed horses I have ever owned and been around. He’d never hurt a fly and with where he is now, it’s hard to imagine that he was ever able to race successfully. He’s the sweetest, calmest and most genuine horse. He never ever did anything dirty or out of spite with me or anyone else. He takes care of two little kids now and is safer than most lesson horses I’ve come across.

I’m so proud of him, so happy to have been able to work with him and bring him to where he is today. I’m so happy to say that he’s my boy and look at him with his kids and say that I’m the one who really got him started. He is a diamond, something I don’t think I will ever come across again in a horse. He is truly one of a kind and this is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.