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First Time With Them: GOT7 MARK

/ BamBam // Jackson // YuGyeom // YoungJae // JinYoung // JB // Mark /

/ B.A.P // BTS // KActor // KHH // SF9 // PENTAGON // WINNER // BtoB /

  • Wild;
  • I know it’s like… Jackson’s thing, but mARK;
  •      Ma boI! ;
  • Defo the wildest one yet jfc;
  • It’s the thing of the quiet ones, you see;
  • He’d make you feel so good you’d see stars;
  • You’d get to experience a bit of everything, tbh;
  • He’d deliberately ask you what turns you on in the most lewd manner;
  •      Just to see you with your red cheeks;
  • And he’d do those things;
  • Say there’s a mirror in his room;
  •      And he’s into the voyeuristic side;
  •           He’d fuck you in front of that mirror;
  •                While making you watch;
  • He’d also comment a lot;
  • So a lot of dirty speech;
  • “Look how wet you are for me” ;
  • “I guess you like to see yourself being fucked in front of that mirror, huh?” ;
  • Heck, he might even be into the daddy kink;
  • But on the other hand, he’s also a switch;
  •      No doubt about that;
  • So while he will assert dominance over you on your first night;
  •      Just know that you will always get a chance for revenge;
  • And as I said, he’s damn wild;
  •      Wild = kinky af;
  • He’d cover a lot of things you’d never imagined experiencing with you;
  • And the good thing was that he wasn’t ashamed;
  •      Which would be reassuring and confidence inducing;
  • However, after the night he would return back to his quiet self;
  • Cooking you breakfast, or lunch, most likely;
  • Feeding you;
  • Smirking at his handiwork on your neck and collar and chest;
  • Totally proud of what he’s done but would not boast.
voltron texting headcanons idk fight me

shiro: a true neutral texter. caps, sparing use of acronyms, enough punctuation to be understood. his only sin is that he leaves autocorrect on and sometimes it does him dirty. also often uses speech-to-text and you can tell because there’ll be a word in the middle of the message that makes no fucking sense. corrects typos immediately because he knows lance will make fun of him if he doesn’t.

lance: too lazy to turn off autocapitalize, so the beginnings of his sentences and his i’s are capitalized. no punctuation, a plethora of text speak (e.g. “v” for “very”). complex emoticons that he has saved as text shortcuts. spelling sucks. uses commas as ellipses. keymashes are chaotic and involve non-latin-alphabet characters somehow

keith: y’all are FOOLS acting like keith texts with proper capitalization and grammar…….he doesn’t have time for that……no caps, no punctuation, MANY typos, frequently shortens words to the first two letters and uses acronyms that he made up on the spot. nobody ever knows what the FUCK he’s talking about. instead of keymashing he’ll just repeat one letter for 4 lines.

hunk: proper capitalization and grammar. writes “haha” instead of “lol”. backwards smileys with noses. uses ten exclamation points to express excitement. always asking lance “OMG, how did you make that face?” impossible to tell if he’s being sarcastic/passive-aggressive or not. will send you a whole ass essay complete with works cited if you’re wrong about something.

pidge: the awkward texter. deadass responds to long posts with “lol” or “cool”. also many typos, but unlike the others she won’t correct them.  will use “u” and “you” in the same sentence. has a keymash saved as a shortcut so she doesn’t actually have to type it. pretty much the only person who can figure out keith’s texts other than shiro.

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By this point i just want produce 101 to finish as quick as possible. This show is too cruel, everything under mnet control. What is the use of “national producer” poll right now?
Btw look at the kids, their life ruin through the evil editing. It hurt watching this kids broke. I am so glad that daehwi looks so much better now but ahn hyungsoeb. They doing him dirty, cut his apology speech, make him look bad. Look at minki, i never see him this thin before, he looks sad, he doesnt shine as much as before. And jisung hate comments? Do he even deserve it? Also dont forget that hate comments that people throw toward hyunbin. Ugh.

First Time With Them: B.A.P YONGGUK

/ YongGuk // JongUp /

/ BTS // GOT7 // SF9 // PENTAGON // KHH // WINNER // BtoB // KActor /

  • Oh man……. ;
  • Idek dude;
  • He;’s a natural born leader;
  • His voice is low;
  • He’s hot;
  • This mix is like;
  • Oh man……. ;
  • Literally daddy material right there;
  •      And I’m not even this kink;
  • Teasing;
  •      Lots, and lots of teasing;
  •           Cause he can, that’s it;
  • You’ll have to remember, though, that he was the boss;
  •      So no switch for you;
  •           Well, maybe sometimes;
  •                When he’s in a super good mood;
  •                     Cause he finds it so hot when you ride him;
  • On the other hand, back to the first time, ey? ;
  • Slow and sensual;
  • A bit of dirty speech;
  •      But just when he thought that you were not loud enough;
  •           And besides, since his voice is low, only his voice alone could make you come, anyway;
  • He’d leave marks, too;
  • He’d love marking you;
  • Since he wanted the world to know that you were his;
  • And his alone;
  • As the night would progress, his hips would be snappy;
  • So instead of the slow and sensual;
  •      You’d get fast and clumsy;
  •           But loving;
  • You’d also get to see him being a complete mess;
  • Besides that, I don’t think Gukkie is very vocal;
  •      So soft growls and grunts.

Language is powerful, and the words we choose aren’t always harmless.

Hank explains the use/mention distinction, the difference between dirty words and hate speech, as well as thick concepts and metaphorical identification. 

Speaking. Independent Speaking Task

Hey everyone, hope you’re doing well.

So, Speaking! Here we go.

The first speaking task is the Independent Speaking Question.This question asks you express and defend a personal choice from a given category. For example, important people, places, events or activities and etc.  It’s my favorite question, because you can talk here about everything! Really. Any question (I mean any answer) you can connect to your favorite topics. How to do it - I’ll explain a bit later.

For now, let’s see how usually questions start:

- What do you think about…

- Talk about...

- Describe your favorite…

- What is your favorite…

By and large, they ask about a person, place, object, event which is familiar to you. And, I’ll repeat myself that you have only 15 seconds for preparation and 45 seconds for response. You don’t have time to write your answer. Use this time (15 sec) for creating a structure for your response. Let’s deep into it.

Answering this type of question you need to describe an object, an event or a person and explain why the event was important, the person is great, the object is interesting, etc. For a high score you want to provide 2-3 reasons in your answer. And, you have to provide details and examples. Here how I’d use my 15 sec of preparation:

The task: What is your favorite [insertanyobjecthere]? Describe it and explain why it is your favorite [yourobject].

My notes:

Object name. Description. Place I discovered it.

Reason 1 - it is interesting, because … An example.

Reason 2 - it is useful, because … A detail of how I used it.

Conclusion:  Reason 1 + Reason 2 = my favorite object.

This is just a structure for my answer for a Speaking question 1 or 2.  Depends on your language speed you can shape the answer. I mean, if you speak quickly - you have an advantage to add a Reason 3, or more details and examples, or make very strong conclusion. If you speak slowly - you can have only 2 reasons, and only 1 example and detail per each reason. You can even skip the conclusion. It’s nice to have it, but it won’t affect your score if you skip it but well elaborate all reasons and provide examples.

Common mistakes: 1) spending a lot of your time on the reason 1 and skipping the reason 2 and 3; 2) missing structure. You can talk about anything you want, but you must provide reasons and details; 3) skipping examples of real-life experience. It doesn’t matter how real it is, but you have to connect the object with your life; 4) missing description. You can name your favorite object as you want. However, if you say something like Mumuka, then you should clarify what it is: a name, a title, amulet, a street, a river, etc.

If you have a heavy accent, I’d suggest to speak slow and clear. Delivery is very important. Do not repeat your self. Do not swallow. The bad thing is that you don’t notice when you swallow the sounds or words. Practice with recording yourself. Your accent won’t affect your score. However a bad (dirty) speech delivery will.

I don’t know how I missed this.

When Crowley is in the confrontation with Hastur and bluffing about the squirt bottle having holy water in it, he says “Do you feel lucky?”  He’s quoting Dirty Harry.  Even Crowley’s speech about “This is the most efficient plant mister in the world, capable of turning even a Duke of hell into a puddle yadayadayada” mirrors Dirty Harry’s monologue about his gun in the “do you feel lucky” scene.

I can’t believe it.  Crowley’s stress response in life-threatening situations is to quote action movies.  This is honestly better than the James Bond bullet hole windshield transfer stickers.  Anthony J Crowley Serpent of Eden and Tempter of Mankind is a fuckin nerd pass it on

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sites to help my english?

These are some good guides I found through some pages I had bookmarked!

          “ I wonder what’s more of a cliché. The guy who gives the girl that dirty dominant sort of speech or the girl who has a hidden side who wants to be dominated and suddenly turns into that mumbling shy girl who dreams that his attention is only hers? " Noel can’t keep that comment for himself, why would he? It seems to be a boring way to find somebody for a sort of amusement or a ’good’ time. ” I mean, I always assumed having sex with somebody who says ‘yes’ and 'please’ to everything is rather boring. “ He rises his brows with a lazy smirk and empties his glass. “At least, I would be incredibly bored. “

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Can you do headcanons for being Steves wife?

Being Steve Rogers wife may include:

  • Him being overprotective of everything you do, even if it’s not that dangerous.
  • Him taking you on vintage style dance clubs every Saturday.
  • Your first anniversary was celebrated with a small but meaningful dinner filled with love, his presents and yours.
  • Being called Mrs. Rogers or often Captain America’s best girl.
  • Deciding names for your future kids
  • Everyone can notice the love and adoration in his eyes when he talks about you
  • Being wife and husband goals
  • Even your wedding was goals
  • Cute Eskimo kisses and forehead kisses
  • Hot sex
  • Dom/sub Steve
  • Vanilla sex
  • Rough sex
  • His dirty speech? Turn on
After Class - Sam Wilkinson

this was inspired by my smutty group chat and nashftjacob so everyone who isn’t following her, go show her blog some love c;

50 Shades of Sammy Wilk: After Class


“Where is our teacher? He’s so late to class!”

Class was supposed to start more than thirty minutes ago, and my teacher still had yet to make an appearance. I was transferred to his class, since I failed out of my first class. The teacher was simply too boring to me, and even when I tried my hardest to pay attention, I couldn’t. His lectures seemed to put me to sleep and I couldn’t deny that I daydreamed the class away more than half of the semester.

I hadn’t ever seen this new teacher, considering he would be a brand new face to me - but he was rumored to be not much older than the students and the most attractive teacher in the school.

Before too long, a tall, gorgeous figure came rushing through the doors. He was dressed in a crisp, blue button up and a pair of khaki slacks that hung rather lowly around his hips. His shirt was buttoned to the collar and he had a simple black tie around his neck. His smile was big and beautiful and his hazel eyes were bright. I had to admit, he was truly stunning.

“Sorry I’m late! I had car troubles this morning and the substitute for my class left a little too early,” he chuckled to himself, setting his briefcase on his desk. His eyes scanned the room and stopped at me, eyeing me up and down as a light smile played on his lips. “We have nearly twenty more minutes of class left. I suppose you all could consider this a free class!”

I smiled back at him as he sat down at his desk, eyes still glued to me. “I’m aware we’ve gotten a new student,” he smirked and raised his hand, gesturing me to where he was behind his desk.

I let out a sigh of nervousness and bit my lip, shuffling over to his desk silently. He grinned up at me, his eyes sparkling. “It’s y/n, correct?”

I nodded my head and watched as his fingers rapidly moved papers around. All I could think about was how big his hands were, and how long and slim his fingers were. I could just picture his fingers stroking up my thighs and dipping into my panties. I quickly attempted to push the thought to the back of my head and I nodded my head. “Yes, that’s my name.”

He nodded his head and chewed on his bottom lip, eyes scanning over a specific paper sent from the principal about my new arrivial in his class. “I’m Mr. Wilkinson,” he cleared his throat. I watched his lips as he spoke and desperately fantasized about pressing mine to his and kissing him. I bet he was a great kisser.

I blushed and tried not to think of anything I shouldn’t. He was probably in a relationship, married even, considering he was as breathtaking and intelligent as he was.

“I don’t want to take up too much of your class time right now,” he started, “You probably have a few things to work on, anyway. Would you mind staying after class?”

I gulped as his eyes devoured where my thighs and the hem of my pleated plaid skirt met. I knew exactly what he was thinking with the mischievous glint in his eyes. “To talk about my grades?”

Mr. Wilkinson nodded and smirked up at me, “Something along the lines of that, y/n.”

My eyes widened slightly and I bit my lip, trying to hide my anxious smile. “O-okay,” I replied, “I can stay after class.”

He smiled widely and folded his arms over his broad chest, “Fantastic.”

I turned on my heels, feeling his gaze still glued onto me. For effect, I swayed my hips as I walked away and sat back down at where I was supposed to be seated. I tried to contain myself as the girl seated next to me bumped my shoulder and nodded her head, a slight smirk on her face. “Looks like the teacher has his eyes on you,” she purred, wiggling her eyebrows.

I glanced back at Mr. Wilkinson to see that she was correct; his lip was between his teeth as he looked up at me. He slowly allowed his eyes to linger around the classroom before they fell back on me.

I blushed and tried not to let it get to my head. he was only asking for me to talk about my grades. He was my teacher, and that meant that I shouldn’t think of him the way I’d been. I squeezed my legs together tightly and bit my lip, shaking my head as I concentrated on the papers in front of me.

The end of class rolled by quickly, and as everyone was shuffling out of the classroom, I made my way down to the seat pulled up in front of Mr. Wilkinson’s desk. I watched as he circled around me once and stopped behind his desk. He loosened the tie around his neck and beamed down at me sexily, his hands on the surface of his desk.

“Y/n,” his voice rang through my ears so beautifully.

I looked down at my lap and played around with my fingers nervously, trying to get my mind away from anything inappropriate. “I’m afraid your grades are still gradually falling. You’re going to need to really aim for it to pass with as high as a B this semester.”

I frowned and bit down on my lip. I looked up at him with innocent eyes, “Exactly what would I have to do to bring my grades up?”

“You’d have to take home about five days worth of work every day for a few weeks,” he replied sympathetically. “Unfortunately, that is one of the only ways to bring your grade up.." 

His voice trailed off and he stared down at me, waiting for my reply. "Oh, Mr. Wilkinson,” I groaned in displeasure, “I can do better, don’t make me—”

He let out a loud groan and shook his head, “Fuck,” he cursed, “Don’t call me that.”

I raised a confused eyebrow and stood to my feet, unbuttoning one of the buttons of my crisp white shirt as the mood began to quickly shift. “But Mr. Wilkinson, I—”

Before I could comprehend it, I was slammed into the wall with his hot breath on my neck. I watched as his eyes changed a shade or two darker as he stared down at me, his hands securely pinning my hips to the wall behind us. “You’ve been a bad student, y/n.”

I raised my eyebrow to protest, but no form of words could fall from my mouth as I stared into his eyes, completely mesmerized by what had occurred moments earlier. He was like a whole new person after the bell had rang. I nervously stared back at him, “B-but I didn't—”

Mr. Wilkinson cut me off once more, only turning me on by his dirty speech. “You think you can walk around wearing this,” he tugged at the hem of my short skirt and ran his large hands up the inside of my skirt, “Without driving me fucking insane?” He paused and shook his head, chuckling darkly, “Fuck, baby. You’re such a naughty tease.”

His words boosted my confidence as I smirked back at him, “What are you gonna do about it, Mr. Wilkinson? Are you going to bend your naughty student over your knee?”

His eyes widened slightly and he smirked, beginning to nibble on the shell of my ear. I let out a shaky breath and licked my lips. “I’m going to help you raise your grade miraculously,” he replied, “Instead of giving you all those assignments.”

I let out a sigh of gratefulness, “Oh, Mr. Wilkinson,” I grinned innocently, “How can I make it up to you?”

He let out a mischievous chuckle and shook his head, “Y/n, baby, why don’t you go to the front of the classroom and strip for me.”

I nodded nervously and walked to the front of the room, watching as Mr. Wilkinson grabbed a ruler off of the desk. I would’ve never guessed having a new teacher would be so exciting, I could practically feel myself dripping through my panties. I pulled off my shirt as slowly as I could I turned around, bending down to expose my ass even more as I pulled off my pleated skirt.

He stared down at me with dark eyes and smirked, letting out a groan of approval. “I’m going to have to punish you for being such a naughty girl.” I opened my mouth to speak, but instead I was pushed into a desk, my bare ass in the air. “Now remember, the principal’s office is just down the hall. You’ve got to keep quiet, baby.”

The cool, metal ruler slapped against my ass roughly, causing me to yelp out in pain and pleasure. “M-Mr. Wilkinson,” I moaned out, squeezing onto the sides of the desk. He smacked me once again, causing me to jump at the cool, unfamiliar feeling. I’d never felt more kinky in my life.

“You’re doing so good for me, y/n.”

He turned me around and pressed his lips to mine, and just as I’d expected, he was an extremely skilled kisser. He lifted me onto the cool metal of his desk and after a few moments, I pulled away from the kiss and unbuttoned his shirt completely, revealing his toned chest. I ran my fingers slowly up his abdomen and gripped the black tie around his neck, pulling him roughly down to my level. “So, is it a natural thing for you to fuck your students, teacher?”

Mr. Wilkinson shook his head and let out a moan as left a trail of kisses down his neck and chest, stopping at his collarbones. I sucked harshly and blew out cool air onto the spot, causing him to let out a loud moan of pleasure. “F-fuck! I don’t fuck my students,” he replied, eyes fluttering shut as I reached my hand down and began to palm him through his extremely tight slacks.

I reached down and unbuckled his belt and popped the button on his pants, unzipping his zipper as I got down onto my knees. “What’s so special about me, Mr. Wilkinson?”

He shrugged his shoulders and stared down at me with hooded eyes, “Y-you’ve got the most gorgeous face and body I’ve ever seen,” he answered, watching me in awe as I pulled down his slacks, letting them pool around his ankles. “You know y/n, I never said this would help raise your grade.”

I nodded my head and smirked, pulling down his briefs, “I’m aware.” I stroked his stiff member in my hands and swirled my tongue around the tip, collecting the precum that had leaked from his slit. “You just look so tasty,” I smirked up at him.

Mr. Wilkinson let out a loud, breathy moan. “F-fuck. Don’t tease me.”

I shrugged my shoulders and took half of him in my mouth, running my tongue down his base like a pro. I hallowed my cheeks and continued to suck him as endless moans and profanities slipped from his slightly swollen lips.

“Y/n,” he whined, “S-stop. I want to be inside of you when I come!”

I pulled away immediately and licked my lips, smirking up at him as he stared back down at me with bright, lust-filled eyes. “Mmm, I can’t want to fuck you. I’m going to make you scream, baby. And I aim to please.”

I smirked back and giggled lightly, “Come and deliver,” I giggled, staring innocently up at him.

Mr. Wilkinson laid me down against his cool metal desk and lifted up one of my legs as he slammed himself into me. This was a completely new angle, and with his length filling me up the way I’d imagined since the beginning of class.

“Mr. Wilkinson,” I moaned, “F-faster, baby!”

He groaned and picked up his speed, pounding into me roughly, his fingers gripping the skin of my hips as his hand trailed down my thigh and applied pressure to my clit. I whimpered under his touch and squeezed my eyes shut at the feeling. “Beg for it, baby.”

I let out a loud whine, “P-please Mr. Wilkinson, fuck me!”

He smirked and complied my request, thrusting his hips rapidly, rolling them occasionally as his thumb rubbed circles into my clit. “Call me Sammy,” he hissed. I moaned out loudly and dug my fingertips into his bare back, screaming at how great he was making me feel. “I’m c-close,” I cried, bucking my hips to meet his thrusts.

Sammy let out a moan and leaned down, pressing his lips to mine hotly, “Come for me, y/n.”

Just his encouraging words pushed me over the edge and I came around him, a moaning mess as my body lay stiff underneath him. He smirked down at me and his thrusts became sloppier as he came. His eyes were squeezed shut and twitched slightly, his lips parted as he moaned words of appriciation.

After we’d both came down from our highs, he pulled out and tossed my panties over at me. “You’d better get dressed,” Sammy teased, a cocky smirk plastered on his lips, “Because I’m sure you were screaming so loud, the principal should be here any minute.”

I rolled my eyes and pulled my shirt over my head, beginning to button it up. I pulled my skirt over my legs and grabbed my books, turning on my heels to leave, shocked and slightly turned on at the thought of having just been fucked against the desk my teacher. “You’re such an ass,” I giggled.

“You have a nice ass,” Sammy mused. I rolled my eyes and continued to walk. “Oh, and y/n?”

I turned to him and raised an eyebrow, smirking softly. “Yes, Mr. Wilkinson?”

“Sammy,” he corrected, “And I’ll see you tomorrow after class, cutie.”


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hey as long as no glass rained down from the ceiling, everything is fine.

This happened offscreen, and no one can tell me different

The plane touches down in Starling at 11:43 pm, and Lyla is waiting for them on the stateside of customs.

Jetlagged as she is, Felicity manages a faint glow of enthusiasm when she hugs Lyla. “Dig told us the good news.”

“Congratulations,” Oliver says, with a genuine smile at Lyla’s pleasantly surprised expression.

“Thank you both,” Lyla says. Then her eyes slide sideways toward Dig, and a very different smile plays at the corners of her mouth. “Hey, Johnny.”

The rest of their greeting is completely nonverbal. Oliver and Felicity slip away to baggage claim to give them some space.

“I meant to ask,” Felicity says as Oliver lifts her suitcase off the carousel. “Where are you staying for now?”

“I’ve got a place. Lots of security. Extremely quiet.”

She looks at him over her glasses. “Extremely empty. You are not sleeping in our new lair.”

“It’s not a lair, and I don’t see why not.”

“Oliver. Sleep on my sofa. Just for tonight!” she says quickly when he opens his mouth to protest. “Tomorrow you can get yourself a cot or something.”

He holds her gaze a second longer than is quite comfortable. “Thank you.”

Dig and Lyla maintain carefully neutral expressions when they drop both Oliver and Felicity at her townhouse.

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Unusual Superpowers of the Signs

Leo: Can read people’s minds, but only the dirty thoughts

Pisces: Sonic Speech… like a sonic scream, but you can’t turn it off

Capricorn: Ability to control your own molecules to phase through things… inability to focus means you are perpetually leaving bits of yourself in doors and shit.

Aquarius: Flight enabled by rapid arm flapping

Aries: Can bend a spoon at 20 paces

Cancer: Produces anti-Drop Bear pheromones

Sagittarius: Able to channel any animal and their abilities, most frequently gets stuck on ‘cat’… criminals jut sort of tiptoe around where you nap in the sunlight.

Gemini: Uncontrollable Pyrokinesis at the worst possible times

Scorpio: Explosive diarrhea… no, literally. Criminals pa you to not give a shit about their activities… 

Virgo: Ability to locate small fluffy animals in the vicinity with your mind

Libra: Telepathic communication with sea creatures… in conjunction with a severe allergy to most seafood… make it a lesser-used ability in your arsenal.

Taurus: Can control the weather… but like, not in your own location.