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My personal top 10 anime for summer season so far!

10. Himouto! Umaru-chan

9. God Eater

8. Charlotte

7. Jitsu wa Watashi wa

6. Rokka no Yuusha 

5. Gate

4. Prison School

3. Shimoneta

2. Gangsta.

1. Gakkou Gurashi!

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Billy was one of the realest characters and I felt like he could've been from bmw unlike riley and lucas and etc. What he said when he admitted his jealousy at the end of his ep gave me chills

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So last night me and 5 friends go to Sonic for half priced shakes after 8. We all get out to go to the outdoor order stall next to the volleyball pit. We push the button. Nothing happens. We try a few times, but the thing is broken.

The Sonic is PACKED. There is hardly ever a single open spot to park and order. But just as one car leaves with their food, we get the idea to run over there and all order at once. 

The six of us stand in a loose ring and take turns ordering, all on one ticket to keep it from being confusing for the guy inside. We’re right by the windows. Obviously everyone inside can see 6 college kids standing where the car goes, but they don’t tell us to leave. 

We place our order, and then wait. We can’t leave the stall. The place is still insanely packed, so our order is gonna take a while. Many cars enter the parking lot and slowly drive by, looking for a parking spot to order from. Many drivers give us dirty looks for standing there.

Two of the guys have insanely good RBF (resting bitch face), and we make them stand facing the lot so they can stare down drivers who give us dirty looks. Two of our girls are petting and playing with the dogs in the car parked next to us. (Mason and Dixon, the dogs were cute but also HUGE).

One lady pulls up and stops just beside our stall. She’s staring at us. We stare back. She motions at us to move. I shake my head no. She makes eye contact and motions again. I hold up the tip money to show we’re paying customers waiting for our food. She shakes her head and starts rolling down her window, pointing to the order station in the volleyball pit. I shout over to her that it’s broken. She nods and drives on. I turn around and take a deep breath. That was intense.

We watch as she leaves Sonic a few minutes later, having parked and waited for one to open up for a while, but eventually pulling into the Braum’s across the street instead.

All in all, by the time we got our food/drinks, more than 25 cars had driven by and glared at us for standing there. If we could have all squeezed into a car to order, we might have done that. But nothing else was working, we saw the chance and we took it.

I need some new recipes for dinners but 1: good luck finding shit that’s not stupid fancy BS if you’re like me and just do super simple pasta+some kind of meat+some kind of flavoring or cheese and have no interest in dirtying six pans and four knives and three cutting boards just so you can make it thru til breakfast kthx, and 2: my head may literally explode from gritting my teeth every time I see the “total cost” recipe blogs list because that is some of the shittiest and most fucking disingenuous bullshit ever. You can’t buy one fucking cup of salsa for $0.88, and you damn well know it, you shitwaffle.

Like this Monterey chicken skillet recipe I’m looking at thinks the total cost is like 8 bucks. 2 cups of shredded rotisserie chicken is listed for $3.50, 2 cups chicken broth is listed for $0.30, 1/3 cup BBQ sauce is listed for $0.36, etc. I wanna see them go into the store and try to buy a third of a cup of BBQ sauce, I really do lol.

If I decide I want to make it, I actually have to buy the whole rotisserie chicken, which is by itself like 6 bucks, a whole bottle of BBQ sauce for $3, a whole carton of chicken broth for $4. I just. Absolutely loathe recipe bloggers who present that kind of broken down price because it conveys this whole smug attitude of “anyone can afford to eat healthy!” because who would balk at spending eight dollars for a family dinner, amirite? Except it’s closer to 15-20 dollars by the time all is said and done because normal people have to buy entire food items, not prorated portions thereof. And suddenly, unless you make the same meal several times in a row, your grocery cost is a lot higher than shitty recipe bloggers would lead you to expect.

Fuck that, and fuck you who do it.